Matigsalug Manobo Vernacular Lexicon

a pron. I; me pron_COMPL. I (with completive aspect)



a2 exclam. ah


abaka n. the hemp plant the harvested fibre

abakadda n. the alphabet

abas n. measles

abat vt. to break off something, e.g., corn (aheley), sugarcane (tirè), a raft pole (tarek) and remove the outer skin or leaves

abbas v. to pierce something vn. to go through something, and reach something else

abbet adj. strong (of something such as wind, or someone throwing) or loud (of a sound)

abbrud vt. to go abroad for some reason

abburudv Variant of abbrud vt. Variant of abbrud to go abroad for some reason

abbut n. a slender, short, white variety of rice

abel v. to weave something with something

abeleng v. to swallow something n. throat v. to keep on swallowing something

abelv Variant of habel n. woven material cloth v. to weave (cloth) n. a loom

aben 1. vt. to carry someone or something on their side 2. n. fragrant herbs covered with cloth, tucked into the waist of a woman's skirt 3. n. the crop of a chicken

abengv Variant of habeng n. fence

abetv Variant of habet n. a circular tube of material (used by women to carry children) vt. to wrap a blanket to wrap a blanket around a child so as to lift him up or carry him in it

abey v. to do again something for a reason v. to be repeated v. to happen again

abid vt. to copulate with a female for a reason v. to always want intercourse with someone else

abin 1. n. the part of an edible animal that a particular person always gets v. to request or claim a share or part of something for themselves to strongly request or claim a share or part of something v. to give a share to someone else for a reason 2. adj. possessive

abli vt. to open something (such as a book (diblu) or a can of fish (tinapa))

abraham n. abraham banana

Abril prop_n. April

abu n. the greyish white ash from a fire n. an (open) fireplace for cooking, or the room containing the fireplace v. to build or make a fireplace adj. grey, e.g., as if covered in ash

abuen n. black chinned fruit dove

abug1 vt. to round up animals

abug2 n. dust (usually dust which is found on the road)

abukadu n. a type of fruit tree with green, non-sweet fruit with a creamy texture

abulug adj. bald vt. to cut or shave the hair completely off someone using something

abungew n. pink mold v. to become mouldy for a reason

ad-ad 1. v. to plant cassava (binggala) or sugar cane (tirè) somewhere by poking a stick in the ground on a slight angle. This will then shoot and grow upward from several nodes 2. v. to crawl along under something low to escape detection

addat vt. to give respect to someone with something (reasons) adj. respectful

addis-addis n. a drug addict

àèìùò [Compulsory] v. Gloss – This record shows the order in which fields normally go in the dictionary. Comment (can follow any of the rx fields above)

agas n. a flow of liquid out of something (e.g., a faucet or pipe) v. to flow out of something (e.g., faucet or pipe)

agaw n. cousin

agbasv Variant of abbas v. to pierce something vn. to go through something, and reach something else

aggalen n. master

Aggiyu prop_n. the name of a good god

agila n. eagle

agkap adj. lightweight heavy adj. happy (lit. light-faced)

Agkey prop_n. a spirit which enters women and encourages them to chase menan unnatural practice v. to be possessed by the Agkey spirit which then encourages her to chase men

agkud n. rice wine

agpas vi. to do something quickly for a reason

agsam n. a black vine that grows along the ground; fern variety

agseb 1. v. to suspect something 2. v. to predict or prophesy a future event for a reason

agsik v. to be energetic for doing something for a reason v. to become energetic or vigorous for a reason v. to cause someone to become energetic, or to be the thing that causes someone to become energetic v. to need something (e.g., food or comfort) in order to become energetic v. to become energetic adj. vigorous; active

agsilv Variant of hagsil adj. cold or cool n. coldness vi. to feel cold because of something v. to cause someone to feel cold, or to be the thing which causes someone to feel cold vi. to expose something to air by putting it somewhere for a purpose

Agustu prop_n. August

agwa n. perfume

ah –.

aha n. a wild small black skin tree with wide leaves.

ahad1 vt. to copulate with a female v. to not run away from a male animal thus allowing him to proceed with copulation v. to have sexual intercourse vi. to wait anybody or any rooster to have sex (e.g., usually animals)

ahad2 vi. to try to do something difficult to show off or impress people

ahad3 conj. although

ahad endeiv Variant of ahad_hendei pron. anywhere See hendei pron. everywhere

ahad hendei pron. anywhere See hendei pron. everywhere

ahad nekey pron. whatever

ahad pad adv. even if

ahak vt. to assist someone or something walking ahead for a reason v. to guide or lead someone or something 1. v. to lead her chicks or small children for their safety

ahalen n. master

ahan an v. landslide

ahasan n. an edible snail

ahel 1. vi. to become hoarse (from excessive use) v. that can hoarse at someone else or something 2. adj. advance in doing something

aheley n. (Indian) corn corn on the cobpopcorn n. cornfield

ahemu vi. to grunt disapproval to someone else v. to make someone else disagreeing something

aheranv Variant of haheran n. stairway step n. ladder v. to build a stairway n. escalator

ahesu v. to whimper for pain v. to always whimper for pain

ahet adj. excited or eager v. to excite someone or something (e.g., words or showing something) with something v. to be excited or energized by someone v. to give encouragement to one another v. to be able to make someone excited or energetic to do something, or to be a thing which can make someone excited or energetic adj. interested adj. very interested or energetic

ahew vt. to snatch or grab something (including someone else's property, spouse, or position) from someone v. to snatch back and forth from each other

ahew te nanga n. orchid variety

ahil v. to take or keep hold of something

ahipis n. a logfall trap (for deer)

ahul adj. thin-walled (of bamboo)(so that the hole is large) adj. hollow v. to follow a stream or river somewhere

ahung n. a brass gong

ahus n. garlic

ahuu 1. n. Agoho or wild pine tree pine tree (a wild pine tree which is similar to the cultivated one). 2. n. a variety of Matigsalug rice

akabala n. rent for a stall

akal 1. vt. to betray someone else you know for a reason n. a traitor v. unfaithful 2. vi. to lie to someone else

akamv Variant of hakam vi. to be selfish about something adj. selfish

akasiyav Variant of akasya n. a large white cultivated tree which has many branches and tiny leaves (there are various species)

akasya n. a large white cultivated tree which has many branches and tiny leaves (there are various species)

akat vt. to request someone to help with weeding, slashing or doing something vt. to employ others n. those hired for manual labor, such as clearing a field. The payment is food rather than money

akbang v. to run for office against an incumbent v. to be facing each other on either side of something

akeb v. to put on an apron or other clothing in order to cover their dirty clothes n. v. to place things on top of each other; stack up papers, books, plates, boards, etc; to wear lots of clothes on top of each other

akeb-akeb n. the fruit of balala rattan, brown berries, not pleasant tasting

akelup v. to embrace; to hug for a reason

aken vt. to get a share from a whole vi. to deal out a bigger portion for themselves

akew n. stilts

akey v. to place their arm on someone else's shoulder everywhere

aku vi. to be able to do something difficult (such as climb up a tree or pole) v. to force or suicide for doing something vi. to be worthy of something

akub v. to care for something to suicide to care something

akum n. an erect smooth-branched plant, which is eaten as a leafy vegetable

akung n. an edible leaf that grows close to the ground

akup n. both hands cupped together and full of something handful v. to get something using two hands (e.g., rice or beans) in order to get more

akupal n. a climbing vine which grows as a weed

akusv Variant of hakus n. the belt (for a knife sheath) Ref.Gloss: sheath

ala-ala v. to show affection to someone by wagging it tail, licking and being playful

alab vi. to guard or lookout something v. to be on lookout for an enemy

alabastru n. alabaster

alabat n. wall v. to put a wall v. to wall a house usually with split boards

alad n. a fence v. to erect a fence somewhere

alag1 n. a fruit of the aneket cane used in chewing

alag2 v. to dare

alagsi vi. to enter a house through cracks in the wall

alahas n. jewelry n. a small shell used as a bead

alahè v. to estimate something everywhere v. to be estimated by someone v. to be able to estimate something somehow

alak vt. to copy or join to the work of other somewhere v. to want to join the group and do what they are doing v. to be persuaded by a group to conform v. to encourage someone to join v. to insist theirselves to join something adj. fond of joining something, e.g., either it is good or bad character

al-al v. to throb with pain for something to eat v. that can be cause by throbing or groaning wound or something adj. produce throbe severely

alam1 vt. to choose something

alam2 adj. wise

alamat v. decide (on the answer); imagine

alambiv Variant of alambri n. non-electrical? wire; string of the salurey

alambri n. non-electrical? wire; string of the salurey

alang1 1. n. a traditional herbal medicine for treating someone who is no longer completely sane (busawen) v. to treat someone with herbal medicine (for curses or poisoning lambus) 2. v. to stop the rain by the use of incantation

alang2 prep. for

alangalang conj. lest

alap vt. to bring or carry a load somewhere bring; take

alas1 1. adj. spicy hot 2. adj. painful

alas2 prep. o'clock

alas3 n. the ace in a pack of cards

Alasig prop_n.

Alasiga prop_n.

alawat v. to get something from other place (e.g., seeds or plants)

aldew 1. n. (the mean solar) day (of 24 hours) adj. daytime advce. every day 2. n. sun v. to shine on someone or something for a reason (e.g., because there are no clouds, or because of the climate) v. to be bright or in the sunlight for a reason (e.g., because they are outside) v. to move themselves or something into the sun 3. n. hot season or sunny season v. to be the hot (or sunny) season v. to experience the hot season somewhere 4. n. weather 5. adj. warm (of water or some other liquid) 6. vi. to work for daily wages n. Ref.Gloss: last day of the montha week n. Ref.Gloss: the day of the dead (according to Matigsalug belief different weather when someone has just died)the day of the dead (November 1 & 2)

aldew te peg-andam n. the day of preparation

aldew te peggimeley n. the day to worship and to rest

alè v. to cheat by telling someone you have no food in order to get more

alemud v. making sound for not convinceable for something with a facial expression v. to be always showing uncontented facial expression

aleng v. to estimate something v. to be estimated by someone v. to be able to estimate something

alep vn. submerge someone

alew1 v. to drive something away (e.g., chickens) by the use of something

alew2 v. to be concerned about someone v. to have a try at something

aley vt. to delay someone by entertaining them, or offering other enjoyment somewhere for a purpose vi. to be delayed by being entertained by something v. to delay someone from doing something more important; to be the thing which delays someone from doing something more important v. to delay someone from doing something more important, or to be the thing which delays them. v. to entertain themself adj. entertainer

alì adj. industrious; obedient (about easy to ask something) adj. virtuous; obedient

alibed vi. to walk around the side of a hill somewhere v. to be surrounded by the mountain

alibed adj. indirect

alibeg v. to turn (to another direction)

alibehes n. a type of flying ant

alibuted n. a generic name of all kinds of grub either edible or inedible n. an edible grub which is found in coconut tree n. an edible grub which is found in palm tree n. unedible grub which is found in a dead tree

alibuted te niyug n. larva of the rhinoceros beetle rhinoceros beetle

aliddan n. v. to tell a slightly untrue story about something so that can be able to do something

alig1 1. vt. to desire someone of the opposite sex for a reason vt. to desire a relationship with one another and so spend time together v. to attract a man because of some quality that she has v. to fall in love at first sight but only for a short time vt. to desire someone of the opposite sex for a reason vt. to be attracted to one another 2. n. a flirtatious person; fornicator; adulterer

alig2 n. dimple

alig-it n. an ornamental shrub

alihu v. to by-pass somewhere

alik v. to lever out something

alik-ik n. a variety of wild plant with long slender leaves on long stalks which looks like the leaves of the banana

alimengew vi. to miss somebody; to feel the absence (of somebody) v. to cause someone to miss a person, or to be the thing which causes someone to miss a person

alimenseng vi. to cause someone to feel uncomfortable about something

alimetew v. to miss someone who is dead or whose whereabouts are unknown v. that appear which can make someone to miss or able by someone to recall

alimu n. a slave

Alimugkat prop_n. a female spirit that is in charge of rivers and water. She may cause people to drown. She is also in charge of all the fish 1. n. alimugkat camote

alimukew vi. to be startled from one's sleep

alimukew v. cause to be awaken

alimu-mù v. to kindly fondle or pinch a child's body (including. the genitals)

alimuwas v. the condition of a field after burning when the flames and smoke have died out, but the ground is still hot.

alin v. to put away?; to empty out

alindung v. to be blocked or covered by someone or something

alineknek vi. to be sleeping deeply sleep

alinepung n. dust (usually on a table)

alinguweg 1. n. a small, soft kinds of a tree which is usually grown in the Philippines specifically in Mindanao 2. prop_n. it is a name or nickname of a Datu who are not popular than the other Datus because accordingly, He is like an alinguweg tree which is not hard or useful. His attention only called when there is no more popular Datus to stand and settle the problem; Some Datu wanted to have this nickname because it is a symbol or an indication of being humble

alintuturù n. the index finger

alipagtang adj. disappeared

alipaspas v. to recover their senses or regain consciousness because of something e.g., after being drunk or very sick

aliskampù n. a mothball

alistu adj. vigorous 1. adj. lively; vivacious; zestful; vigorous adj. active; dynamic; zestful

aliwas n. a male big monkey monkey Ref.Gloss: female monkey

aliyabuk n. dust (usually on road)

alkilav Variant of arkila v. to rent a house or land with monthly payments

alkitaranv Variant of alkitran n. asphalt

alkitran n. asphalt

almindras n. a kind of tree

alpa n. harp

alpabitu n. alphabet

altar n. altar

alu1 v. to ladle something at the plate with something v. to serve or ladle out the food or distributed at someone else or something

alu2 n. a plateful

aluan n. a big grey fish with white abdomen that live in fresh water; predator; canivores; (mudfish)

alubiid n. a type of fruit tree

alugbati n. a leafy vine with edible cordate leaves

alukuy n. a friend vt. to befriend someone else adj. friendly friendly —cheery vi. or several people to be friendly to each other

alum n. a type of tree

alumama adj. friendly v. to welcome another v. to intertain adj. hospitable; friendly

alung n. a shadow; a reflection v. to cause a reflection or shadow n. a mirror vi. to use a mirror

alunggun n. married couple

alungut vi. to approach someone vi. to approach each other

alus v. to be caused to deviate

alut v. to cut someone's hair with something

alut-ut v. to wave a stick of embers (pupud) back and forth so that it will glow and light up the path

Amad prop_n.

Amadu prop_n.

amak n. large colored woven mat

amana 1. adv. very; exceedingly; extremely 2. v. to do something in excess, or to strain themselves doing something 3. v. to love or value something very much or too much v. to value something very much or too much adj. loving one thing a lot

ambag v. to interfere in something that is not their business v. to interfering in something e.g volunteer or something likes

ambak v. to climb up (something such as a ladder?, stairs? or a tree)

ambè v. to lean on or out a window

ambekang n. a type of salamander

ambew 1. n. common name of all kinds of rat mouse 2. n. common Philippine field rat

ambey n. the wife of one's son or nephew

ambit v. to know?; to understand?

ambul vi. to go into the water to place into water v. v. to wear or throw something into the water

amè n. daddy; father (used as a term of address)

ameki n. a small green type of poisonous frog which is scaly skin

ameluk v. to swallow something whole

amelukv Variant of ameluk v. to swallow something whole

amelung n. an ornamental vine with large oviate leaves split like fingers

amenggey n. a wailing chant sung by men in chorus. It is characterized by a rising crescendo and a falling diminuendo, and it forms the identifying song of the (WBM) keligaan ceremony. (A sacrificial ceremony in which one or another of the spirit deities is honored)

amey n. father n. parent n. God the Father v. to be a subsitute father (not a real father)

amin1 vt. to use up something vi. to become used up v. to go together somewhere for a reason

amin2 ij. amen v. to take the hand of an elder or other respected person and hold it to one's forehead as a sign of requesting that person's blessing

Amirika prop_n.

ammahal n. a shiny dark lizard that usually staying along the pathways; it feed frogs and insects treegroundwaterwater

ampak vt. to mate from behind with a female (beyan) v. v. to be always ready to copulate female pig

ampal n. a large cockroach

ampew 1. n. the top (as a part, end, edge or surface) v. to put something on top of something v. to distribute viand over one's share 2. vi. to have sexual intercourse (usually person or animal) (idiomatic)

amping vt. to take care at someone else

ampit n. a new skirt

ampù 1. vi. to pray at someone else for a reason 2. adj. earnest 3. n. the action of praying; prayer

ampuan v. to cling to a floating object

amù n. someone's boss or supervisor in paid employment

amuk adj. used to being handled by people (of a baby domestic animal such as a chicken, horse or water buffalo) v. to give special attention to an animal (or a person) so that it becomes used to people

amul1 v. to suck on something such as a candy

amul2 v. to join-together

amung v. to assist someone in their work such as eg-eeti and eg-erek. v. to keep on assisting work

amut n. to add something at something n. a semi-mandatory collection (eg. rice given for a community celebration) v. to add or contribute something v. to put together (something) in a pile

amutag n. a large fruit tree with small round edible berries

amutè v. to contribute a small amount


ana adj. hasty v. someone to be hurry adj. fleeting v. to want to get going

anad v. to adapt something (e.g., environment)

anag n. a type of cooking pot v. to cook rice until tender v. to let rice stand in the pot (after the fire is out so that it would fully cook)

anak 1. n. an offspring of a person or animal 2. v. to bear a child; (to conceive or be pregnant ) eldest child v. to cause a woman to become pregnant v. to be pregant without being married v. to able to become pregnant v. to assist giving birth 3. n. nephew; niece 4. n. one parent and at least one of their children 5. n. family n. nephew; niece 6. n. the womb 7. v. to reproduce new growth 8. v. to still bearing empty seeds 9. v. to separate the outside and inside part of a bamboo 10. n. baby toy 11. v. to bear interest

anaken n. nephew; niece v. to adopt (e.g for something)

Anak ne Manama See Manama n. God the Son

anak te aldew n. prickly heat rash

anak te dalan See anak See dalan n. a child born out of wedlock

anak te gawas n. an illegitimate child

anam v. to come gradually or to disappear gradually

anamag n. mould, e.g., on walls

anama ne batè adj. youngest

an-an vi. to be carried away by a landslide or by a river

anaping n. lower cheek

andalv Variant of andar vt. to start some machine

andam adj. ready vt. to prepare something at someone else somewhere v. to secure things (before going away)

andana n. storey

andang prep. beside vi. to stay beside someone else moving or walking somewhere

andar vt. to start some machine

andey n. sister-in-law of a female by virtue of one marriage, i.e., either her husband's sisters, or her brothers' wives (but not her husband's brothers' wives)

andil v. to lean against something adj. leaned against something adj. two or more people depending something

andilung v. to shelter in a shadow of something ( esp.trees )

andu n. pestle mortar

aneket n. a type of cane

aney1 n. various types of termite

aney2 adj. first (in time) adj. formerly; previously n. eldest child

angal v. to give up doing something because it is too difficult

ang-ang n. notch ladder/stairway v. to make a notch on something with something (e.g.,ax or sharp bolo)

angas vi. to be very red vi. to become red

angat v. to hunt something with a bow and arrow

angay adj. mutual

angelit n. small pot

anges vi. to pump the bellows to blow air onto the charcoal

angey 1. vt. to bring or fetch something somewhere vi. to be carried along accidentally with something else 2. vt. to understand something which is taught to them vi. to be acquired from

anggad v. to check with someone else before taking action

anggam n. uncle

anggè n. something which holds one back vi. to be held up or delayed by something or someone v. to be a rough eater and spill lots on the floor; to not look after their family or animals

Anggeem prop_n.

angget pron. a form of address for a young man

anggid v. to be similar to something else v. to be similar

anggihising n. the hair which grows down in front of the ear

Angguling prop_n.

anggut ?. the name to call a young boy

angin 1. conj. "it would have been good if" 2. prep. only then

angkag 1. adj. white (usually color of something or skin) black 2. adj. light (in color) adj. very white 3. v. to become white v. to whiten

Angkal n. a type of evil spirit (busew) that lives in graves or old houses

angkat v. to account money (e.g., at the bank)

angken 1. v. to receive or take something adj. possessive 2. v. to admit, acknowledge, or claim something

angkuwav Variant of kangkuwa adv. later today

angtudv Variant of hangtud conj. until

angus vt. to bite corn off the cob or sugarcane somewhere vi. to get a mouthful of dirt if they fall over

angyùv Variant of hangyù 1. vi. to bargain on a price 2. vi. to ask someone else to do something

aningal v. to not be able to sleep because of the noise

Anis n. a woman's name

Anit prop_n. a deity n. a taboo v. to not laugh with animals v. to break the anit taboo

anitap n. a type of tree

Anitu prop_n. the leader of the evil spirits (busew)

anlas vi. to be carried away by the current

anluwag n. vi. to rock or seesaw, e.g., on a log across another log

annuwag vi. to bounce up and down, e.g., on a trampoline

ansag vi. to become overcooked

ansap v. to raise one or both hands above their heads, e.g., as in school when indicating that you have the answer to a question

Ansarew prop_n.

ansili v.

antag vi. to tap something to vibrate or wobble it somewhere vt. to be vibrated by movements

antak v. to play a game of dice i a plain stone

antayap v. to watch or to witness a place v. to be seen clearly v. to be able someone to see something around

antew vi. to float on water float adj. to float well

anti1 v. to cast lots v. to decide something by chance

anti2 n. two days before the fiesta

antig n. a tiny brownish type of water frog; and poisonous

antipara n. spectacles; diving goggles

antis n. a preparation for coloring the eyebrows

antiyuhus n. spectacles

antudv Variant of hantud conj. until

antug vt. to gently throw something underhand to something or someone throw overarmcatch v. to be thrown away accidentally

antuk adj. hidden; unknown vi. to be able to guess, or answer a knowledge question

antus v. to suffer or bear something difficult e.g., the hot sun when working

antuwal n. vi. to rock or seesaw, e.g., on a log across another log

anuhang n. the term of reference for a parent-in-law n. a prospective parent-in-law v. to work for his father-in-law after the wedding as a part of the bride price

anun vi. to make a "hoy" noise when someone is leaving

anunang 1. n. a wild big dirty white skin tree that grows anywhere, and it has small leaves 2. vi. to be corpse the dead body move around

anunen n. a hairy type of rice (paley) that is not so well liked by the wild pigs (babuy) and the rice birds (maya)

anupul n. a small type a wild tree which is usually used as a roud timber for a house

anutung n. fern

anuy vi. to swim down-river with the current

aparadur n. cabinet

apas v. to follow with something

apengag 1. n. the area beside the cheek on the side of the face or jaw. 2. adv. no good manners; fool

aperu 1. n. bile n. gallbladder 2. n. the seat of the emotions 3. adv. no good manners; fool

apil adj. including vi. to include something v. to participate in some activity

apiliduv Variant of aplidu n. surname; family name

apir v. to give five to someone

apiyew 1. n. hail v. to fall together 2. n. The name of a lake somewhere in Bukidnon

aplidu n. surname; family name

apruba v. approved

apù 1. n. grandchild 2. n. grandparent 3. n. descendant 4. n. ancestor great grandchild; great grandparentgreat great grandchild; great great grandparentgreat great great grandchild; great great great grandparent

apù2 n. chickenpox

apù3 1. n. a bacteria culture used to start the rice fermentation process used to created tinapey n. a bacteria culture used to start the rice fermentation process used to created tinapey 2. n. a bird used for trap in order to catch others

apù4 n. last name

apuan n. a wild chicken that has been tamed

apug n. lime v. to offer bettle nut n. a bettle nut which is ready to chew

apul v. to verbally refuse something or someone adj. debator adj. has an ability to debate v. to contend with someone v. to debate or discuss with each other v. to argue with each other

apurubav Variant of apruba v. approved

apusew n. a vegetable which grows along the river bank

apustulis n. apostle

apustulv Variant of apustulis n. apostle

aput vi. to flee somewhere (e.g.,a place or relatives) because of something (e.g., famine or someone)

apù te buel See apù n. great grandchild

apù te mata See apù 1. n. great, great grandchild 2. n. great, great grandparent

apù te talinga See apù 1. n. great, great, great grandchild 2. n. great, great, great grandparent

apuyv Variant of hapuy n. fire adj. fiery

aran v. to stay a place somewhere on a journey v. to be able to reach on a journey somewhere and stayed overnight

arang n. a traditional comb made from wood (kayu), bamboo, or the horn of a water buffalo (sungey te kalabew)

araru v. to plow with something

arinav Variant of harina n. flour

arindu v. to make a payment to rent a piece of land for an agreed period of time

ariri n. this kind of bird has a white breast and a blue back

arìv Variant of Harì n. a king queen vi. to rule over others n. kingdom

ariyus n. a modern earing v. to wear a modern earing

arka n. ark

arkila v. to rent a house or land with monthly payments

asal conj. at least

asal naa ???. whatever

as-as v. to regrind or repound the still coarse grain (rice or corn) n. the portion of grain which needs pounding further adj. coarse

asawa n. spouse v. to marry a woman v. to become marriaged vi. to marry each other n. wedding n. husband or wife n. a prospective spouse n. marriage relationship n. bride price which is requested by the mother of the bride n. a married person v. to someone letting someone or to give to be wife or husband adj. husband and wife

asayin v. to assign someone else somewhere

asek vt. to don't give chance to someone else or press in v. to don't have enough time

asemud 1. v. to dislike someone's ideas and opinions for a reason v. to cause someone to show disapproval on their face; to be the cause of someone showing disapproval on their face 2. vi. to show disapproval of someone or something with their facial expressions or for a reason v. to show their disapproval of something or someone by their facial expressions

asengulv Variant of usengul 1. vi. to lie their head down or to lean their head/forehead on something 2. v. to lean on someone else

asikasu v. to manage/supervise something/someone

asin n. salt vi. to salt something, especially vegetables v. to be enough amount to mixed something adj. salty

asiru n. spring steel (which is commonly used for making bolos)

asis n. assessor

aslew adj. brightly colored; beautiful; outstanding adj. sharp-eyed

asnu n. donkey

asta conj. even; although

asu 1. n. dog v. to raise dog 2. adj. fond of caring dogs for hunting

asukal n. sugar sugar cane v. to put sugar into something, e.g., coffee or food being prepared

asukalv Variant of sukal n. sugar

asungul vi. to lie their head down on something

asunting n. herbal plant

asusina n. asusina rice

atag vi. to become match or pair v. to have a matching partner or pair

atal n. red coloring (put on the cheeks)

Atalya n. Attalia

atang 1. v. to lie in wait for someone or something

atatat n. a tiny black frog with a white abdomen; poisonous

ate prop_n.

atebey n. female sibling or cousin of a male v. to call sister or cousin at someone else term_of_address. term of address for someone in the relationship of atebey term_of_address. term of address for someone in the relationship of atebey if that person is also a first cousin

atedv Variant of hated vt. to bring something at someone else v. to keep on delivering something v. to be given or accept delivery

atehan v. to cause constipation

atelug 1. n. an egg egg whiteegg yolkegg shell n. egg of the frog vi. to lay an egg somewhere v. to enable chickens (or other birds) to produce eggs (i.e., by providing them with the conditions and food that they need) 2. n. a euphemism for testicle n. a derogatory term for the scrotum

atep n. a roof v. to roof a house with some material (e.g., cogon plants or galvanize iron) v. to keep on roofing a house with some material (e.g., cogon plants or galvanize iron) usually cogon grass, wooden slats, or galvanized iron (G.I.)

atey n. liver

atey-atey n. a fragrant weed used for treating phlegm

ati prop_n.

atiman v. to care for someone or something with something (e.g., food) v. to be able to care v. to let or request someone else to care v. to be caring v. to be cared v. to have been cared v. to both contributes care v. to give care of one another v. to be able give care one another v. to both showing their caring to each other

atip v. to hide theirselves on something

atisè n. a sneeze v. to sneeze v. to be sneeze

atsal n. green pepper

atu vi. to respond when provoked by another to fight

atubang v. standing before council

atuk v. to guess adj. prophetic

atul1 n. a dam v. to dam a small stream usually with stones and mud

atul2 v. to distribute something to distribute v. to be enough to go around

atung n. a round form like a necklace which for a dog made of rattan

atuweyv Variant of etuwey ij. wow

awa? v. to have the hands on the hips

awang1 1. adj. clear e.g., of a grassy area when the grass is cut, or of the sky when there are no clouds v. to be clear with weeds or anything disturbance of sight; clear sky 2. n. the clear sky (when there are no clouds); the space between earth and heaven

awang2 v. to do something to an outsider

awang3 vi. to do something unthinkingly or blindly

aw-awanganv Variant of kankanawan1 n. the clear sky (when there are no clouds); the space between earth and heaven

awè 1. vi. to leave or depart vt. to remove something from another thing v. to be taken away v. to remove something from another thing v. to drive away or release an animal v. to leave (something) behind 2. vi. to leave or migrate vi. to escape 3. vt. to remove many things 4. v. to miscarry

aweg v. to chase away an animal (especially rice birds) from a crop

awes v. to want or desire something better for some reason v. to want or desire something better adj. desirous

awì v. taken; gotten

awis n. a browny black flying insect

awtu n. a car

awutuv Variant of awtu n. a car

awwis n. a red colar and edible insect from the forest

aya n. mummy

ayad 1. v. to do something carefully 2. v. to fix up something v. to make or put himself for a comfortable way 3. adj. neat; beautiful 4. n. a person who repair something

ayag n. sieve usually to separate coarse and fine bits v. to sieve out the coarse bits of something (e.g. flour, ground coffee) from the fine

Ayahan prop_n.

ayam n. a domesticated animal; a pet vt. to domesticate an animal

ayat vt. to distract someone else with something vi. to become distracted

ayatanan n. reason

ayè n. the term of address for an aunt

ayew n. bad omen in the weather n. bad omen in the weather v. to show an ill omen, such as rain, lightning and thunder, wind or a rainbow v. to be bad because of a particular action

ayis n. water becomes solid

Ayit prop_n.

ayù adj. sarcastic adj. oppressed adj. poor

ayu1 part. any chance; sorry

ayu2 v. to be ridiculed adj. destitute

ayu3 1. v. to wish that something hadn't happened 2. v. to be false or unimportant

ayu4 adj. becoming

ayun1 1. vi. to be possible or allowable vi. to be a possibility n. opportunity n. consumption v. to be possible 2. v. to follow straight ahead a certain passage

ayun2 1. vi. to fit something or to try 2. vi. to get ready 3. vi. to die vi. to set-off on a trip v. to have already left 4. vi. to lay down on the floor not vertically on the design

ayut-ut v. gradually disappear