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det, pron.
Def.: seini (meyitenged te sabeka ne kasangkapan ne marani rè keykew)
MS: seini
You use this to talk about something which is close to you.
This seat here is for you.
Seini ne pinuuwan para keykew.
A: This is my sister, Sarah. B: Pleased to meet you, Sarah.
det, pron.

Def.: seini (meyitenged te minsan nekey ne sasangan pad ne egkeyitabù)
You use this to talk about something which is happening now.
This is a great concert.
Mateles amana ka seini ne kunsirtu.
pron, det.

Def.: seini; seika (meyitenged te peglalag te minsan nekey ne miglalag e wey ke eglalahen pad)
MS: seini; seika
You use this to talk about something which you've just said, or something which you are going to say.
There is a typhoon in Luzon, and this is the reason for the rainy weather here.
Due bagyu diyè te Lusun, wey seika ka aliddanan mania te eg-uran-uran degma kayi.
This is my idea: let's go to the river to swim.
Seini ka sumamsuman ku: kuwa kid egpamanihus ki diyè te dakel ne weyig.

Def.: seini; kayi
MS: seini; kayi
You use this to talk about a time (before or after now) that is in the same day, or week, or year as now.
I finished the book this morning [part of today].
Neimpusan kud ka libru te seini ne kaseleman.
I will go there this August [part of the same year as now].
Eggendiya a kayi te Agustu.
Pl. these
Sem.Dom.: determiners; pronouns; GSL0001-0025
Status: ready

Last updated: 03/Oct/2012