Matigsalug Manobo Texts

Examples of Anit


Proving Innocence I (When Accused of Theft)

Dreaming of being Rich

Cooking in Bamboo

Where I Went to School

Prophecy About Future

A Barrio Captain Introduces Himself (Egpataha te Ngaran)


Long Ago I

The Barrio Fiesta (Egsahakeen) and Castration

Requesting a Loan

Two carabaos fighting

Violence at Palakpakan Fiesta

What I'll do Tomorrow

Sacrificing to Avert Sickness

Preparing Ground Corn

Proving Innocence II (When Accused of Adultery)

A day's activities

Death of a Young Man

A Father Tells His Children about School

Datu Gawilan Rebels against the Government

Morning Darkness

Giving Thanks for Merienda

Aurelio's Marriage

Making Lead Sinkers