Matigsalug Manobo Vernacular Lexicon

lipatuwan adj. supreme; extreme n. supreme chieftain

lipay v. to be happy about something v. to make someone happy, or to be a thing which makes them happy adj. happy

lipereng 1. vi. to sleep somewhere (e.g., a house) vi. to be sleepy v. to pretend to sleep v. to sleep while waiting for someone or something 2. vi. to solidify

lipetuk n. a short big type of snake; venomous

lipew vt. to flow over something else v. to be flowed over by the water

lipi n. sheath (for knives) beltbinding vt. to place a knife in its sheath

lipit n. a clothes peg v. to tuck her skirt in between her legs vi. to get pinched between two objects

liplip vt. to smooth something, e.g., removing bamboo nodes

lippet adj. to close the open

lipulyu n. cabbage

lipuntu adj. die dead

liput v. to betray v. to be traitorous

lira n. flower variety

lireklirek n. bran (from milling grains such as corn or rice) chaff

lirew n. someone's eyes looking around

lirù n. debt n. a problem; money that must be given

liryu n. king of a flower

Lisanta prop_n.

lised adj. difficult; severe n. difficulty or hardship v. to have difficulties v. to experience diffuculty

liseè n. nit hair lousebody louse

lisel n. good result n. a food or drink which aids a woman in becoming pregnant v. to be given a medicine for pregnancy

lisele te mata See mata n. pupil (of the eye)

lisen n. part of a body

lis-en adj. close together adj. to be close together n. a fine-toothed file

lisenv Variant of lissen n. the calf of the leg adj. having big calves, i.e., having nice legs

lisey adj. ragged

lisibuv Variant of risibu n. a receipt

lisitav Variant of risita n. a doctor's prescription

lislis v. to chop the tops off sweet potato (kasilè) plants with a bolo (ugpit) or a weeding tool (puruk) because there is no more harvest of the root crop underneath

lispituv Variant of rispitu n. respect

lissen n. the calf of the leg adj. having big calves, i.e., having nice legs

lista n. a list v. to cause someone (or oneself) to be listed on a roll, e.g. members of a bariyu or enrolling at school. n. record-keeper secretary

listun n. shoelace

lisù v. to be out of line

Lita prop_n.

litab n. abaka's outer layer

litàg n. a snare whereby the animal or bird is caught by a noose around the neck v. to set a snare to catch something somewhere

litan vt. to care for a young baby n. the youngest in a family v. to give care at someone else n. caregiver

litas v. to be scaped from the hook when it caught

liting vi. to have eyes protrude in anger

litirasi n. literacy

litra n. a letter of the alphabet

litratu n. picture

litru n. a liter of something, particular coca-cola

litù n. a hanging curtain

lituk v. to pronounce the words v. to be able to pronounce the words well

liwan vt. to replace something e.g. to correct a mistake (by rubbing out and redoing) vi. to be replaced

liwang v. to do something to distract from pain or problems v. to ??? v. to be a comfort

liwaraanan v. half ripe

liwarè 1. n. half 2. v. to be in the middle or midst in the evening 3. n. middle; center v. to split in half; to divide into two equal portions v. to split in half; to divide into two equal portions n.

liwarè te marusilem See dusilem v. to be midnight

liwaswas vi. to dawn (around 5:30 am)

liwati n. earthworm

liwwaraan n. waist; hips

liyak vi. to take advantage of a situation

liyala v. to be born prematurely usually because the mother was sick or worked too hard

liyaliya n. a male insect, perhaps a cicada

liyambat v. to climb

liyang 1. n. a large back-basket (with a strap (sen-ung)) 2. n. basket

liyas fear adj. fearful or scared, e.g., someone who is very scared of spiders or mice or snakes afraid v. to become fearful or scareful v. to be scared v. to be scary adj. monstrous

liyem adj. toothless vi. to become toothless vi. to become senile

liyu1 n. the other side (eg. of an exterior wall or of a fence) v. to go to the other side of a wall v. to be able to get to the other side of a wall

liyu2 v. to come in

liyu3 n. overpower

liyu4 v. to live in a small hut

liyu5 v. to meddle

liyuan n. toilet (consisting of a pit in the ground) v. to make a toilet

liyud n. an awl

liyun n. a lion

liyupardu n. leopard

Lorena prop_n.

Lorinzu prop_n.

luag1 adj. wide; roomy n. width 1. v. to the make something wide

luag2 n. earwax

luas n. mouth ulcers

lubad1 vi. to beat a bankakew a drum wood by pounding with a sticks in between the four main rhythm makers

lubad2 vi. to run from one garment into another when they are washed

lubal n. (coffee or grated coconut) grounds

lubay n. legbracelet for a woman

Lubayinen prop_n.

lubè vi. to become discouraged

lubek vt. to finely pound something

lubi v. to roll in mud

lubid n. rope n. string v. to make rope or string (by rubbing the fibres between the hand and leg)

lubu n. wolf

lubug v. to wallow in a muddy pool v. to take an animal (esp. carabao) to a wallowing pool to rest n. a wallowing hole for a water buffalo

lubuk 1. vi. to enter a bad situation or do a dangerous thing even though they know the danger 2. v. to unexpectedly encounter something for a reason

lubung n. hunting hut v. building hunting hut

lud n. load

ludlud v. to be scraped

lued n. a misfortune that hits someone usually as a result of speaking back to an older person v. to be scared of what bad thing might happen as a result of not listening to sound advice

lueg vi. to cause body pain to someone

luep vi. to be uncircumcised

lugar n. place

lugbak n. the things (e.g., money, leg bracelets, eggs, betel nut, sweet potato) placed on the offering table

luggal n. free time; available space

lugkè v. to become loosened

luglug vt. to poke something into something soft like sand or ashes vi. to accidentally fall through something (e.g. a broken floor)

lugmut n. grassy

lugpat v. to run

lugpis v. to be left straggling behind on a walk

lugsek v. to trample on something v. to be trampled by someone or something

lugsing vi. to be bluntened, e.g., by hitting a rock or a piece of steel v. to clean teeth using pigs' hair tied around a cloth

lugsù 1. v. to fall on the ground v. to ignore the rain ( in working or walking outside) 2. v. to fall down

lugtem adj. a color that ranges from deep red to purple

lugwè prep. outside

luhadlad v. to want more space, e.g. when in a crowded room

luhal 1. adj. vacant v. to go feet first 2. vi. to slide down feet first 3. v. to push out a log climb down

luhat 1. v. to strive uselessly to achieve something vi. to realize that something was a waste of time and effort 2. v. to request something to someone else by commanding

luhaw n. brown

luhè v. to commit suicide in such a way that blood flows (e.g. with a knife or gun, but not by drinking poison)

luhem n. a kind of chicken which is black in folk tales, black people

luhew adj. close to (in color) adj. a light creamy-brown color like weak coffee

luhey adj. a long time adj. how long takes something adj. stay long v. to be a long time at doing something

luhib v. to cry easily for something reason adj. to be easily upset, and hence often crying

luhilem vi. for the sky (langit) or the moon (bulan) to be clouded over

luhimit n. a smaal type of tree which has a wide leaf and the fruit is eaten by the birds (the sap of which is used to treat boils)

luhud1 v. to rub something with something e.g., to rub clothes with a stone when washing them v. to rub (clothes or the body) with a stone (to remove dirt)

luhud2 v. to kneel down

luhung n. thunder v. to sound continuously

luib adj. traitorous

Luis prop_n.

lukag adj. (for rice) to be hard

lukalis v. to rub itself on something (e.g. a post or tree) v. to rub itself may times on something (e.g. a post or tree)

lukan v. to sleep deeply

lukas 1. adv. easily 2. adj. already

lukat 1. vt. to open something (such as a door) 2. v. (for a doorway) to be open 3. v. to be flat

lukbù v. fell because of something (e.g on the way)

lukè n. scab

lukes n. a male - a man or boy n. men n. husband

lukib n. a leaf of a book; a page

lukindab vi. to flare up

lukip v. to place underneath something

lukiyab n. the cavities formed along the edge of a stream when roots of the reeds (tibehew) overhang the bank and the water adj. there's a lot of overhanging roots in a specific river

lukluk v. to hollow out a bamboo by ramming a smaller stick down the centre

luktun n. young wingless locust locust

lukuluku adj. foolish (used of a chicken) v. to be disobedient or distrustful

lukung n. a barrel (for storing grain)

lukus n. squid

lukut1 v. to hurry along

lukut2 n. a piece of clothing

lulu v. to fall out, usually because of sickness v. to lose its hair, e.g., a duck to moult

lu-lù 1. vi. to wash yourself, especially the hands vt. to wash (something) 2. vt. to wash vt. to wash the hands or feet vt. to wash (plates or something else)

lulud n. shin or front of lower leg

lulun vt. to roll up something vi. to become rolled up

lulunù vi. to easily become upset of a reason v. to easily become upset for a reason

lumad v. to cook rice in bamboo

lumahe adj. glorious

lumalew vi. to mourn

lumamey adj. gentle wind adj. very gentle wind v. to be gently

lumansad n. a male fowl hen

lumawig n. the waters surrounding a baby in the womb n. long white things like worms believed to follow the placenta out after a baby is born. It these are broken, then lots of blood will flow. The mother first feels them biting her, then after application of herbal medicine on the skin, they come out. This occurs rarely but is a relatively new sickness.

lumay n. something placed on one's lips so that someone else will love you vi. to put something on his lips so that a certain girl will fall in love with him

lumba n. a game

lumbà n. a contest; a race

lumbey n. sweet potato top

lumbiyaan n. sago palm

lumbrun n. types of screw pine

lumbuk v. to swim or wade without raising the arms above the water v. to swim or wade around in water, usually playfully v. to skim over the water

lumbuy n. black plum (java plum)

lumes v. to be lightened up

lumiruv Variant of numiru n. digit; number

Lumisun prop_n.

lumpang vi. to sit at floor or ground level with ones legs folded back underneath

lumpas n. a dwelling place v. to dwell a place

lumpat v. to run

lumpayag adj. flat (of a surface, especially stone)

lumping vi. to become chipped

lumpiyà n. minced vegetables

lumpiyak 1. v. to be muddy adj. wet and muddy (of a small, depressed area) v. to become muddy n. a small, low, muddy area 2. n. the troughs in water which has a swell

lumpiyu v. to clean up - sweep the floor, wash the dishes etc.

lumut1 n. a slimy, green water weed

lumut2 1. n. a tree variety 2. n. it grows in a shade area, in a tree trunk, at the base and sometimes in a stones.

lunangnang adj. for something to be medium

lunas adj. a virgin

lundis n. skin vt. to remove skin (laplap or luwit) off something, e.g., to pick off loose skin, or bark off a tree v. to remove the skin off something continuously vi. to suffer a (rope or pressure) burn

lundug n. to follow along the edge of a river (not crossing), or to walk along the edge of the road v. to sleep head to feet

lundus vi. to fall down v. to dismantle something (e.g., taking the walling off a house)

lunew n. landslide v. to experience a landslide small slip

luney n. a tree, probably Kingiodendron alternifolium 1. n. luney corn

lungag 1. n. hole v. to bore or punch a hole in something (e.g., cellophane, a balloon) with something sharp v. to become holed adj. having many holes 2. n. a dimple

lungag te talinga See talinga n. earhole

lungahen n. a white sugarcane, has a small hole in the centre

lungalung v. to be in contact with something else

lungdin adj. engaged

lunggaat v. to watch over things

lunggat v. to rattle or shake (e.g., a door or tree) v. to rattling shaking something continuously

Lungginey prop_n.

lunggun 1. n. immediate family 2. v. to become wanted copulation v. to start in heat

lungkesu 1. n. race 2. v. to race or sprint v. to run around; to jiggle a baby around to keep it from crying v. to gallop speedily

lungket v. to wrinkle or crease

lungkù vi. to grieve v. to grieve deeply over the loss of something or someone

lungkug vi. to be sick

lunglung v. to push someone or something down into the mud v. to be easily pushed down for a reason e.g., because it is soft and wet, or because something heavy is on it.

lungpung n. the tassels, frill on a datu's headgear (tangkulu)

lungsud n. town

lungsudv Variant of lunsud2 n. town

lungun n. a coffin v. to prepare a corpse for burial by placing into a coffin, or in times back by rolling up in a sleeping mat (ikam)

Lunis prop_n. Monday

lunsen vt. to roll up their trouser leg or sleeve on shirt or blouse

lunsud1 v. to abandon their home e.g., to move in with another family or to build a new house

lunsud2 n. town

lunsudv Variant of lungsud n. town

luntag v. for the womb to exit from the body

luntey n. the tassel of a corn cob

lunù vi. to feel compassion

lunus vi. to escape from something by going away or even by committing suicide

lupang 1. n. a blister or callus 2. n. athletes' foot 3. vt. to blister someone

lupesang adj. difficult to swallow vi. to find something difficult to swallow because it's sharp, e.g., rice with the husk still on it

lupet vt. to shatter or crumble something vi. for something to shatter or disintegrate

lupì 1. vt. to fold something spread out vi. to become folded 2. v. multiply

lupig v. to take advantage of someone e.g., to take something of theirs knowing that they won't stop you vi. to be taken advantage of adj. oppressed v. to not interject when someone is speaking in public

lupu v. to make the rope round when making it

lupù vt. to pull dried corn kernels off the cob n. corn kernels which have been removed from the cob corn on the cob

lupug v. to chase something or someone for some reason

lupunan n. a princess

lupung n. bunch (of small fruit such as grapes and lansones)

lureg n. slippy part of the sea creatures

lurek adj. slippery; slimy; greasy v. to become slippery

lurug n. to follow along the edge of a river (not crossing), or to walk along the edge of the road

lurung adj. smooth; shiny

lurus vi. to climb down something

luruy vi. to accidentally slide or slip over (e.g. on ice or on a highly polished floor) vi. to slide down a slope

lusal 1. v. to push down something in a slope area (e.g., usually log) in order to be easy to transport 2. n. the lower part of the waterfalls

lusew 1. v. to stir or to make water cloudy by moving water 2. v. to vent their anger by killing someone else who was not even involved for example, to have an argument with one's wife and as a result to go and kill the next door neighbor

lusì n. a derogatory term for the penis vi. to masturbate

lusigsig adj. radiant like the edge of the sun

luslus v. to fall down

luspad v. to go white in the face

lusud v. to invade or attack someone else

lusuk 1. v. to hold something (e.g. a bottle or a new born baby) upside-down in order to drain out the fluid 2. n. a kind of birds when it sleep their head's down

lusukey n. nuthatch

lusung n. flu (influenza) v. to have a fever

lusut vi. to burrow in the ground

lutas 1. v. to wean (a baby or animal) v. to wean a child v. to be weaned 2. n. a weaned animal

lutel v. to have an enlarged breast from excess milk

luti n. a lot; a piece of land

lutiya n. yautia n. a yam

lutù vi. to become cooked the transitive form

lutus vt. to persecute someone else

lutuy v. to be weak adj. weak staring to become weak staring

luuhat ???. please

luung vt. to remove a piece of clothing (optional) from someone else dress v. to undress completely

luwak n. trap a trap for animals usually for birds and chickens and wild animals. v. to put a trap for animals even people somewhere

luwak1 v. to go through

luwak2 n. a wave of water – usually a breaker

luwal vt. fall down

luwan 1. adj. for a house to be spacious or roomy 2. adj. for a rafting trip to be good because it wasn't difficult to get through the rapids

luwang v. to drain something (e.g., dam or pond) v. to flow out

luwas1 1. v. to be scalded by hot water or burnt by fire v. to be able to scald someone 2. v. to shed its exoskeleton 3. n. the shed exoskeleton (of an insect)

luwas2 v. to explain the meaning of something vi. to be explained or translated n. meaning v. to be able to understand and translate

luwas3 vt. to save someone else v. to be saved n. salvation n. savior

luwè1 vt. to spit out something vi. to get spat out somewhere

luwè2 n. tear (in eye) vi. to have tears in the eyes adj. tearful v. to be tearful

luweg v. to be hard?; to be stiff?

luwew n. a wild vegetable

luwey n. a wild cane vi. to be wavy (like the form of the luwey flower)

luwit n. the outer layer of a plant, tree, egg, fruit, or vegetable skin of animal v. to peel the skin off something (especially a fruit or vegetable) with a knife

luwit te atelug See atelug n. egg shell

luya1 v. to give a gift, especially a pig, to a datù in order to request his assistance in solving a problem, usually for him to sacrifice in order to get rid of something bad the person has done

luya2 adj. weak v. to become weak; to become exhausted adj. moody; morbid; morose vi. weary

luya3 n. ginger

luyang 1. v. to stomp in mud vt. to make a slurry e.g., by stomping around in mud, 2. to knead bread

luyeg n. weak

luyluy n. a trap n. a noose snare (for catching wild chickens by the neck) v. to set a snare to catch something somewhere v. to make a trap somewhere

luyud v. to walk beside someone (person or animal) for a reason (e.g., sexual wants or friendship) v. to find or request someone else to accompany for any purpose n. squad

luyung n. a high, thin tree root which is exposed because it sits up above the ground