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Def.: meyitenged te
MS: meyitenged te
If something is about a particular subject, that subject is the topic.
We are reading a book about insects.
Egbasa ki te libru ne meyitenged te me uled-uled.
prep, adv.

Def.: eggiphipanew diyè te nateil ne lugar
MS: eggiphipanew
If someone moves about a place, they move from point to point inside that place.
She walked about the school and visited some of the classes.
Miggip-hipanew sikandin diyè te iskuylaan [iskuyla͡an] wey migpanleuy te duma ne klasi.
prep, adv.

Def.: nenakatahù wey natalagtag diyè te sabeka ne lugar
MS: nenakatahù; natalagtag
If people or things are about a place, they are in different locations inside that place.
There were lots of books lying about the room.
Due masalig ne libru ne nenakatahù te sinabeng.

Def.: me (alahè ne seel)
MS: me
approximately, not exactly.
There were about two hundred people at the concert.
Due me daruwa ne gatus ne etew diyè te kunsirt.
Sem.Dom.: prepositions; adverbs; GSL0051-0075
Status: ready

Last updated: 12/Mar/2013