Matigsalug Manobo Vernacular Lexicon

la part. [exclamatory]

laag1 v. to lose vi. to become (accidentally) lost (possession of something) v. to misdirect funds or to spend other's money v. to have no permanent home

laag2 1. adj. (for plants) to be barren; light (in color) 2. adj. reddish hair

laak n. a medium green variety of bamboo with large leaves

laang n. groin

lababu n. a washbasin

labag v. ran very fast; run away because of something

labakara n. face towel

labbi conj. but

labed n. a welt left in the skin usually from a beating v. to have an impression in it of where they were beaten

labeg adj. low voice; tenor voice n. certain strings of kuglung

labet1 v. to trade goods

labet2 n. vested interest or involvement v. to involve or include something v. to become involved or included

labew 1. adj. above; greater adj. greatness; high status adj. a leader; a prestigious person 2. adj. arrogant 3. n. middle finger or toe

labì vt. to cut down bamboo

labi1 adj. especially

labi2 adj. different

labid v. to tie flooring on with cane (balahen) or hemp (abaka) by tying over and under alternate boards

labirey adj. slim

labit v. to be wrinkled n. the flesh between first rib down and hip bone

lablab1 n. a male wild pig, used especially when referring to a wild boar sow

lablab2 vt. to singe or barbecue something on fire

labu adj. purple

labugbug adj. bass voice; a deep voice

labundus adj. easy; fast

labung vi. to eat the evening meal

labuntud n. a hill or mound v. to become hill (e.g. because of a flood, or people digging) 1. n. summit

labut n. root

lada n. doing

ladv Variant of la part. [exclamatory]

lagaraw n. a long, curved machete

laggew vi. to be worried or sad about something v. to be worried or sad about something v. to cause someone to worry about something with something n. sorrow adj. moody

lagkes v. to include include

lagkuy n. whistle v. to release a deep whistling for tiredness or problem v. to release a deep whistling because of consequences

laglag vt. to transport many things from one place to another n. baggage, possessions e.g. a hammer, a chair n. a storage container for clothes n. a (large) storage basket (with cover and strap for clothes) v. to transfer to another village v. to do househould chores such as to carry water or firewood

lagmit adj. common

lagnew adj. weak as in tea or coffee

lagnut v. to rip out something (by a quick action)

lagpù v. to happen simultaneously

lagsè n. a thousand

lagsem adj. tasteless; distasteful v. to become tasteless

lagsik adj. briskable v. to splatter in small fragments on something or someone

lagting adj. high pitched horrible noisedeep voice n. certain strings of salurey

lagundi n. a common flower used as medicine

laha 1. n. an unmarried girl 2. n. young female animal, e.g., a fowl, that has not yet borne any young

lahal n. red avadavat

lahami n. hay n. rice stalk

lahanglang adj. coarse adj. pitted; rough

lahas n. a type of nut from the Pangi tree

lahè1 adj. lonely

lahè2 n. to give something to settle the problem( an items either clothes, money or else animals )

lahebleb v. to immerse someone or something in water

lahelew adj. reddish adj. to be nearly ripe

lahem adj. a dark color vi. to go a dark color

laheng 1. n. voice 2. n. pitch of a song

lahet v. to chew tobacco

laheteng 1. adv. directly 2. adv. serious

lahetlet v. to get worse

lahev Variant of laha 1. n. an unmarried girl 2. n. young female animal, e.g., a fowl, that has not yet borne any young

lahit n. a fine-toothed saw

lahitan n. a steel bar used in the harvesting of abaka fibres install

lahiting adj. horrible sounding high-pitched

lahub n. to become blind vi. to cause someone else to be blind (still has eyes but can't see)

lahud vi. to come and spreading

lahuley n. a (small, black) type of bee that doesn't sting

lahuluy n. a type of screw pine.

lahunat vi. to pull away from someone holding you

lahuy v. to run around in play

lain adj. different adj. contrasting adj. various v. to choose another v. to have chosen another v. special adj. other adj. miscellaneous

lakag n. a thin cane like luwey

lakap n. a softish variety of bamboo without thorns

lakbang adj. a uniform size

lakey 1. n. crest (on a bird) 2. adj. crested Philippine hawk eagle

lakey te anit n. mayfly

lakiris vi. to go very swiftly

lakit v. to continue onto another job or subject

laku n. the furry Philippine palm civet cat which lives in the bush Malay civet

lakulak n. a tiny black, big stomach, poisonous frog; sticky n. one of the funny Matigsalug dance which is perform by a group v. to perform a lakulak dance

lakulas vt. to rub something onto something else


lala1 1. vt. to boil something, (e.g., leaves or just water) and put it on the body to treat a sore, or soak something in it n. boiled water 2. n. type of skin problem affecting fingers and toes v. to have a skin infection 3. v. to apply warm water to the skin of someone else or themselves, in order to treat skin problems (e.g., skin infection)

lala2 n. a caterpillar; a small black bug that causes itching if it bites (not as long as a worm) vt. to cause one to itch vi. to swell even without any cut when touched by certain kinds of caterpillar

lalab adj. a color in the range from orange through to violet - this includes orange, pink, red, crimson, purple, violet v. to become red adj. very red v. to heat on something adj. many numbers of red

lalab pad ne batè n. a baby

lalag n. word n. speech n. language v. to tell something to someone else v. to have an agreement vi. to speak to someone else face to face v. to converse v. to discuss together n. language; dialect n. languages adj. glib

Lalag te Manama n. Word of God

lalapeng n. seeds storage shelter

lalas 1. n. the venom of a snake adj. venomous; stinging 2. n. the hot taste of chili peppers (benisil) or similar foods

lalawen n. flower variety

lalew1 v. to promise (to himself) to not do something again (e.g., not to enter the house of someone else because he is offended by something). n. a promise (to himself)

lalew2 n. left in the field after the harvest, or that falls from the threshing machine v. to glean a crop such as rice or corn left in the field after the harvest, or that falls from the threshing machine

lalimma num. five (counting) adj. five (adjective)

lalimmampulù num. fifty

lalis 1. v. to threaten (to kill) someone adj. fiery 2. vi. to express a wish to buy something

lalud n. friendship name v. to make a friendship name v. to call each other by a friendship name

lalung1 vi. to hold her knees or hold a strap from the ceiling when delivering a baby

lalung2 vi. to become crazy or uncontrolled. They only want to play and won't help with the work

lalung3 adj. cheerful

lama n. front yard

lama ne egpamuhawangan n. a flat, cool area with long grasses

lama ne egpasiliran n. the cool part of the earth

lamanu vi. to shake hands with someone else

lamas n. a generic name for things such as onions, garlic, peppers and tomatoes that are fried first before adding vegetables

lamat v. to kill the livestock of the deceased to feed those who attend the wake

lambag 1. vi. to deviate from established customs 2. vi. to cross along the biggest way n. a crossing or sideroad 3. vi. to meet someone else vi. to unintentionally meet each other 4. v. to be suddenly occur in someone's minds and thinking

lambas 1. v. to go beyond their destination 2. v. to go through (e.g.,wall or wood)

lambeg adj. fat n. girth; fatness v. to be fat v. to become fat adj. plump

lamben v. to wrap something, e.g. a skirt or a towel around the chest, e.g., a woman pulling her skirt up high over her breasts when washing herself (i.e., she has removed her blouse)

lambened adj. slow at doing something, i.e., working or walking

lambened adj.

lambetug n. a mole or raised lump on the skin v. to become covered with raised lumps

lambid1 vi. to cross their legs (when sitting or standing) vi. to be intertwined or woven together, e.g., for two trees to grow into each other. They would then rub together in the wind. This causes a noise and the friction may start a fire. v. to be criss-crossed together. (This word is often used to describe heavy traffic.)

lambid2 v. to miss the mark

lambid3 n. a large type of tree gecko

lambu n. string

lambù 1. adj. fatty v. to be fat v. to be come fat n. stoutness n. fat v. to taste something that they feel fat and oily adj. one of the highest mountain of Sinuda which is located at Salumay Davao city 2. adj. lush (of vegetation)

lambulambu n. lambulambu banana

lambunus adj. fast v. to become fast v. to hurry their work

lambus n. a foodstuff which has been cursed and causes sickness and then death if eaten; a second class can be used to make the potential parents-in-law attracted to the young man v. to poison someone else n. one who prepares cursed food n. one who prepares cursed food

lambuyug n. slingshot

lameg1 v. to not wash or bathe properly because of a shortage of water vi. to be not properly washed because there wasn't enough water available v. to become shortage

lameg2 v. to mix the food of pet animals with viand

lametik n. a largish black type of ant with a very painful bite

lamiket adj. sticky; gooey (e.g., of a thick liquid) adj. very sticky; very gooey vi. to become sticky masking tapescotch tape

laming vi. to wake suddenly in the night and to sense a foreboding spiritual presence in the room

Lamintew prop_n.

lamisa 1. n. table 2. n. desk 3. n. a flat board used as part of the apparatus for harvesting cane fibres

lamismis adj. sour

lamit adj. to be still, i.e., the flow is weakened by the depth adj. to be weakened adj. very weak

lamiyak adj. wet, runny (of a substance such as soil or excrement) adj. runny v. to become runny

lampas 1. n. a flail (for knocking down grass to facilitate cutting) 2. v. to knock down tall grass with a flail

lampasu n. half of a coconut husk used for polishing the floor v. to polish the floor by rubbing it with a coconut husk half

lampehak n. a thin kind of bird which has a very sharp-pointed beak that usually catching fishes for food; it has a long neck and red or white in color

lampes n. club vt. to strike or beat something with a stick or other instrument vi. to randomly or keep on strike at things with a purpose vi. to hit yourself on something

lampey v. to cross over the peak of a mountain i.e., to have begun their descent v. to be able to crossed

lampin n. diaper vi. to put diapers on a child

lampus vi. to succeed in something adj. successful adj. success

lamu 1. vi. to work slowly something 2. v. to waste time for working 3. v. to be lazy in working 4. adj. unconscious v. that didn't know what to do because of something

lana n. coconut oil v. to get oil from coconut adj. oily adj. very oily

lanab1 vi. to feel weak or unwell v. to feel bad for doing or eating something

lanab2 v. to float on the surface of water

lanab3 v. to have a terrible look

lanalana n. a very small red type of ant

lanang 1. adj. oily; greasy; shiny v. to become oily 2. adj. smooth; silky v. to become smooth

lanawes n. a very large type of swift v. to hear voice from near to far

landang n. ingredient

landeg n. a type of tree (the trunk of which us used to treat boils)

landeng v. to stare constantly

landig n. foothill

landing v. to land somewhere n. an airstrip

laneg n. a flood v. to flood adj. prone to flooding

lanek n. fine sand n. grains of sand v. to fill a well

lanes vi. to become wilted, e.g., if severed at the stem v. to cause something else to dry

lanew 1. n. lake lake with water flowing out v. to form a lake adj. a shallow lake 2. n. a subtribe of our Muslim brothers 3. n. a type of ancient sugarcane

langag n. a featherless chicken

langan 1. v. to be delayed by something v. to delay someone, or to be a thing which delays them v. to delay someone else by entertaining or occupying them with something (e.g., coffee, singing, work) 2. v. to fill-in time; to fiddle n. pastime n. an enjoyable or easy activity (or one that is not really work) v. to spend time doing an enjoyable or easy activity (or one that is not really work) 3. v. to go strolling somewhere perhaps because they are bored or lonely 4. adj. slow (in relation to movement or work) 5. adj. imitation 6. adj. unnecessary

langas 1. v. to look around for or at something somewhere for a reason e.g., to search for something, or to look at the view v. to look around for or at something somewhere for a reason e.g., to search for something, or to look at the view 2. adj. careless (because of not paying attention while looking around) n. carelessness

langè adj. bereaved adj. depressed adj. unhappy v. to be sad about something adj. tragic adj. tragic v. to take something from a relative, e.g. one's father. Although they notice and although it may be valuable, they will not usually make any comment

langeg vi. to act crazy

langelis adj. to smell like blood or urine, e.g., after a woman has had a child v. to be rancid or bloody smell 1. adj. rancid odor

langesa n. blood v. to bleed vi. to menstruate; to have a monthly period v. to offer the blood of animals (e.g., creator or spirit)

langesa te manuk n. a red sugarcane

langet 1. n. anger; wrath vi. to be angry for a reason v. to become angry for a reason v. to cause someone to be angry v. to become angry for a reason 2. adj. ill-natured adj. very angry

langew n. (a two-winged) fly (with a stout body) v. to be perched and fed by the flies adj. many flies place n. one of Matigslug dance which was imitated from flies moves v. to perform a lelangew dance

langey n. a large reddish grub with many legs

langganasi n. a type small tree; good for firewood

langgew adj. unhappy

Langguyuren n. langguyuren mountain

Langilan1 prop_n.

langilan2 n. a type of tree with a fragrant flower

langis vt. to lift someone's shirt or skirt revealing their skin lift trouser legs/roll up sleeve vi. to become lifted thus exposing the person's skin v. to keep on lifting woman's skirt

langit1 1. n. sky 2. n. heaven v. to be in heaven, because it is clean v. to send a person to heaven

langit2 vi. to become angry at someone else and insult them by speaking in a raised voice adj. loud and/or angry

langkà n. jackfruit

langkad 1. vt. to step over something low vi. to be skipped over v. to step over the top of someone or something 2. n. a payment (usually cash) paid by the bridegroom to the older unmarried sisters of the bride for skipping over them and marrying the younger sister

langkap n. a storage vat (made from bulu)

langkeb 1. vi. to lie on one's stomach vi. to roll over onto its stomach 2. vi. to slip over and fall prostrate 3. vi. to get down

langkew adj. tall v. to become taller

langkus n. a headband made by wrapping a cloth of some sort around the head v. to wear a headband

langkuwab vi. to get tipped over accidentally v. to tip over something

langu v. to feel very sad

langulang adj. coarse

langulangu v. to look around or survey v. to keep on looking around or survey

langun 1. adj. all; entire n. everything 2. adj. purely

langut adj. groggy; angry

lanipew n. a type of tree

lanisi n. manila palm

lanit n. a tasteless, odorless type of poison

lanlan v. to miscarry (a pregnancy) v. to cause miscarry

lansang n. metal nail v. to hammer in a nail something v. to crucify v. to keep on hammering in a nail v. to be capable of hammering in a nail

lansi n. the smell of hair, feathers, or flesh being burned, fried or roasted vi. to smell when being burned or roasted adj. something that produces strange smell when burned or roasted esp. animals

lantang v. to attend a funeral

lantarè n. wandering everywhere

Lantawan n. lantawan mountain

lantawan n. a raised platform which can be used for sitting or sleeping on v. to build a sleeping plaform

lantew v. to see ahead

lanting 1. v. to start moving their raft (or boat) across water 2. adj. fast-flowing (of a river) fast-flowing

lantus adj. (jump) high n. range

lantuy n. a type of short flute which is made of bamboo v. to play a flute

lanù vi. to become fed up or tired of doing something

lanut n. hemp fibre

lapas vi. to cross something such as a path or river somewhere v. to cross the river

lapè vt. to butcher a large animal like a carabao somewhere

lapek n. litter; scraps; junk v. to produce scraps

lapew 1. v. to live and party in a newly built house for the first time 2. v. to go to the house of the bride to go with the groom (for wedding) 3. v. to become higher or bigger than something

lapey 1. v. to be flooded; to be covered by water adj. flooded 2. v. for something (especially plants) to be flattened by high waters 3. v. to overflow a boundary v. to destroy plantation

lapì n. flat v. to flat something such as cogon grass, rice plants in order to pass for a purpose v.

lapig 1. n. a close companion n. a relative 2. v. to favor or side with someone else for a reason 3. v. to separate things to a certain place

lapinig 1. n. a wasp which stings 2. v. to set out immediately to revenge a death (just like the lapinig wasp attacks immediately if the nest is threatened)

lapis1 v. to double their clothes v. to wear lots of clothes on top of each other or to put something on the top of other things v. to go out of view; to disappear

lapis2 n. a pencil

laplap 1. n. skin 2. v. to cut corn kernels off the cob

laplap te mata See mata n. eyelid

lapù1 n. to be from out of the area v. to migrate

lapù2 vi. to all do something together

lapug n. a big fire v. to make a big fire

lapunan n. hot water coming out of the ground

lapung 1. v. to grow healthily v. to fertilize a plant with fertilizer adj. luxuriant or high-yielding (of plant growth) 2. adj. thick and bushy (of hair or a beard, a broom, etc.)

lapuwè vt. to sterilize something with hot water

laras vi. to travel downstream

larasan n. downstream

larawan n. an idol or icon as might be found in a Roman Catholic church

larey v. to work the entire day

lari v. to walk around (inside)

lasak n. a swamp (e.g., more in mud) v. to become muddy

lasaklasak n. mud

lasan n. a wild chicken

lasang n. a twig or dried-up branch. It may or may not have fallen to the ground n. walking stick insect

lasembul v. to make a (big) splash landing in water or mud v. to jump or throwing something in the water to make a big splash sound adj. something produces big splash sound when landed in water or mud

lasey v. to make life difficult for someone else by soomething specially in working v. to be difficult by doing something v. to suffer difficulties adj. difficult v. to be difficult v. to exert effort in doing something adj. haggard

lasi adv. often; constant; continuous v. to be often doing something

lasing adj. drunk

laslas v. to remove everything which is sticking to something. This includes rice husks when pounding rice, or cleaning pots and plates by scouring them with sand

lasù 1. n. penis (of man or animal) 2. pron. used to address a young boy

lasud vi. to enter somewhere

lata n. a measure of volume that equals of seven gantang.

latabì v. to produce noise when fell down

latekuk v. to produce sound when it hit by someone or something (e.g.,pipe or head)

latid n. Barangay

latipak v. to throw something (e.g.,head or gallon) and produces a loud sound

latù v. to be very hard, either as the result of being dried out in the sun or of not being properly cooked

latun vi. to perch on something (usually on something high in the late afternoon) vi. to fly from a flint stone and land on the material to be lit

laum v. to hope someone or something

lawa 1. n. the body of a person or animal n. health 2. n. the trunk of a tree or the stalk of a plant; the (permanent) path of a river v. to produce luxuriant foliage (but little tubers)

lawaan 1. n. a type of tree (producing inexpensive lumber) 2. n. a type of tree (producing inexpensive lumber)

Lawale n. lawale river

lawan adj. ripe

lawang v. to raft downstream on a river a raft

lawed1 1. adj. to have no living relatives v. to free some trees from cutting 2. n. a poison which used to be used on the tip of spears

lawed2 v. clear yard for planting

lawes adj. a quick sound from fast movement (e.g., bullet or birds fly)

lawet n. a type of poison

lawi n. a long tail of a rooster

lawwav Variant of lawa 1. n. the body of a person or animal n. health 2. n. the trunk of a tree or the stalk of a plant; the (permanent) path of a river v. to produce luxuriant foliage (but little tubers)

layab 1. v. to not be fulfilled 2. v. to glow

layag n. light adj. bright or shining v. to shine or glow on something v. to light something adj. sunny

layam vt. to tame something, especially a bird or animal somewhere vi. to become used to something v. to adjust theirselves to be accustomed (e.g., climate) v. to be familiar with; to be accustomed to adj. traditional

layang vi. to fly

layanglayang n. a swallow

layap 1. v. to be carried by the wind for a reason (e.g., that the wind is strong, or the thing is not firmly attached to something else) adj. light; easily carried by wind 2. v. to be mixed with something that is carried by the wind (e.g cut hair, dust) 3. v. to winnow grain by putting a large basket of grain on the head and slowly pouring it onto a mat, allowing the wind to carry away some of the empty rice hulls 4. v. to fly through the air

layas v. to do something very often

layat 1. adj. to be long or tall (of a person, a tree, a nose, a piece of string, etc.) adj. standard measurement (of how long) 2. adj. superior adj. supreme adj. proud; overbearing???; to cause to become long?

layat ne timpù ?. a long time

layè n. a variety of thornless bamboo that doesn't grow to a very big diameter

Laysun prop_n.