Matigsalug Manobo Vernacular Lexicon

ha ij. really! wow!

habasv Variant of abas n. measles

habè v. to cut with a slicing action v. to cut something or someone with a slicing action

habel n. woven material cloth v. to weave (cloth) n. a loom

habelv Variant of abel v. to weave something with something

habeng n. fence

habet n. a circular tube of material (used by women to carry children) vt. to wrap a blanket to wrap a blanket around a child so as to lift him up or carry him in it

hagpè n. an uninhabited place

hagpi n. something placed under something else that protects what is underneath. For example, a thick blanket used to cover a horse's back so that heavy loads don't scrape off the skin; or a coaster placed under a cup. vt. to cover something with something (especially a cloth or blanket) for protection or for the comfort of the person who will sit on top cover

hagsil adj. cold or cool n. coldness vi. to feel cold because of something v. to cause someone to feel cold, or to be the thing which causes someone to feel cold vi. to expose something to air by putting it somewhere for a purpose

haheran n. stairway step n. ladder v. to build a stairway n. escalator

hakam vi. to be selfish about something adj. selfish

hakgak v. to be shaken by movements

hakus n. the belt (for a knife sheath) Ref.Gloss: sheath

halad v. sacrifice

halamhamv Variant of halamlam v. to guzzle something down

halamlam v. to guzzle something down

halammamv Variant of halamlam v. to guzzle something down

halangden adj. majestic; noble; reverent

halap v. to use just a little water in the bottom of a pot v. light going out (down to a flicker)

halas v. to use up something quickly v. to be quickly used up

halat2 adj. spaced apart

haldek vt. to scare someone with words or something else vi. to be afraid of something v. to be scary to someone else v. to ask somebody to scare someone else for a reason adj. fearsome adj. fearful adj. risky adj. savage; terrible adj. dangerous

halew 1. v. to play or joke with someone somewhere for some occassion, program or reason vi. to be willing to joke with another person for a reason (e.g., they are in a good mood) v. to play a game (e.g., cards, basketball) with a group somewhere for an occassion or reason 2. adj. playful (of a person or animal) 3. adj. very playful (of a person or animal) 4. adj. healthy (e.g., a baby)

halhal v. to get out its tongue for a reason

halì vi. suddenly

halimbawè n. for example

halin n. the money obtained by selling or trading something v. to transfer something somewhere adj. contagious adj. flighty adj. migratory adj. movable adj. changed; transferred adj. unsteady adj. changeable adj. variable v. to transplant; to translate v. to jump across (e.g. a flea)

halus adv. hardly

haluw adj. comical n. a comedian?; a joke?

hambug 1. vi. to boast to someone about something adj. proud; showy adj. haughty; pompous; vain 2. vi. to be courageous at someone else as a result of being drunk

hamit n. a skirt made by wrapping around a piece of material adj. (of a woman) wearing a skirt to the knees

handakan n. handakan rice

handum n. an item of remembrance

hanew v. to be uncertain n. consciousness n. awareness

haney v. to pull

hanganari v. to slow down

hanggat v. to challenge someone to compete

hangget n. mark??? v. mark???

hangken vt. to pull someone or something with something

hangtud conj. until

hangyù 1. vi. to bargain on a price 2. vi. to ask someone else to do something

hanlad v. move slowly

hantud conj. until

hapalasv Variant of haplas n. any medicine or solution that is rubbed into the skin

hapè? adj. having no more ready cash

hapes v. to whip an animal to urge it to move faster

hapit adv. almost to happen

haplas n. any medicine or solution that is rubbed into the skin

hapun n. afternoon n. afternoon adj. early in the afternoon

hapuy n. fire adj. fiery

harek1 v. to smell something smell bad

harek2 v. to kiss someone

Harì n. a king queen vi. to rule over others n. kingdom

hari n. younger sibling or cousin v. to be pregnant again pron. term of address for someone in the relationship of hari n. (for two persons to be in a) sibling relationship

harina n. flour

harpa n. harp

hasè n. grater vt. to grate something, especially cassava (binggala) and maize (aheley) on a grater

haseg 1. adj. large (in size) 2. adj. somewhat large

hated vt. to bring something at someone else v. to keep on delivering something v. to be given or accept delivery

hawag 1. adj. to not be nice to look at. e.g. a naked person v. to become unsightly 2. v. to not have brought anything

hawak 1. n. waist v. to stand with hands on hips v. to carve (on wood or stone) so that it will be formed as a waist 2. adj. beautiful woman; coca-cola body

hawì vt. to take back something from someone or something

hawid vt. to dissuade someone

hawud adj. expert

hayag v. to be about to rise in the west

he ij. hey!

heb-un n. mould vi. to become mouldy

heg-ut v. to extract the white fibres from the hemp plant with something

hehet1 vt. to draw a rope tight around something vi. to become tight

hehet2 v. to increase or strengthen one's knowledge; to confirm

hekad vt. to untie a knot on something vi. to come untied

helen v. to make an advance payment on an animal that is not yet born

heles v. to physically hide oneself somewhere v. to keep something v. to hide a fact or activity adj. private; confidential adj. veiled adj. lost

helew-helew v. to be blurred in a distance

helung vi. to shelter from the sun or the rain somewhere adj. shady adj. very shade n. a shelter adj. available or suitable for shelter (of a place or thing, e.g. a tree)

helut v. to eat by sucking food (e.g. small seeds or powder) into their mouth (e.g. small seeds or powder for a human, or birds for a large snake) or nose vi. to be sucked in by a person or animal v. to always eat by sucking food into their mouth adj. accidentally sucked in (of food) adj. easily sucked in (of food)

hemba n. large

hemen adj. loud (of a voice or sound) or strong (of the wind, or a physical action) adj. very loud v. to do something strongly or intensely n. strength measurement adj. the speed

hemey n. firm cooked rice ???or corn rice porridgeflattened toasted ricerice particles dropped from the plate Ref.Gloss: overcooked rice

hemut adj. fragrant n. perfume

henat 1. vt. to pick up or lift up something to move it (optionally) with something (e.g., rope or stick) v. to keep on lifting up something 2. v. to distribute the plates at meal time 3. v. to lift up and down (this being a typical symptom of pneumonia)

hendei pron. where

hendini See dini vi. to come here v. to be able to be come to by someone

hendiyè See diyè 1. vi. to go there v. to go through to v. to be able to go somewhere 2. v. to send something to a particular person or group 3. v. to become another thing or forming another thing

hendue1 part. similar; somewhat; seems

hendue2 v. to go there

henduen v.

henduenv Variant of hendue1 part. similar; somewhat; seems

hendutu See hendutu v. to go there

hendutun v. to go there

hen-em 1. num. six (counting) adj. six (adective) num. six (limitation) 2. adj. sixth (in place or time) 3. adv. six times 4. num. in groups of six or six each 5. adv. in six days' time adv. six days that have passed vi. to be in six days' time 6. n. six nights (and intervening days) in the future vi. to be going to spend six days or nights somewhere n. six nights (and intervening days) in the past 7. vi. to become six in total or six times in size 8. adv. in six parts, or six times vt. to be divided into six parts or to be done six times vi. to cause six things to exist or to happen

hen-em ne pulù num. sixty

henendue 1. v. to do something like this 2. v. to become hurt at someone else (esp. doing bad)

heneng v. to stop somewhere

hengkayi See kayi vi. to come at someone else

henikis v. sound of dry leaf, or bone

hentew pron. who

hep-at 1. num. four (counting) adj. four (adjective) num. four (limitation) 2. adj. fourth 3. adv. four times 4. num. in groups of four or four each 5. adv. in four days' time adv. four days ago vi. to be in four days' time 6. n. four nights (and intervening days) in the future vi. to be going to spend four days or nights somewhere n. four nights (and intervening days) in the past 7. vi. to become three in total or four times in size 8. adv. in four parts, or four times vt. to be divided into four parts or to be done four times vi. to cause four things to exist or to happen

hep-at ne pulù num. forty

herem v. to be not bright because it needs more kerosene v. to not be bright v. to be dark

herus 1. v. to say that someone is almost in an accident vi. to almost have something happen 2. adj. for the firewood which is easily consume by the fire

hesi v. sound from dry leaf

hespital n. hospital

heun1 vt. to get out the pot from the fireplace v. to serve food from the pot onto plates

heun2 n. payment made to atone for false accusation

hey ij. hey

hey-am n. yawn v. to yawn v. to yawn pretending

heyang v. to reveal something

?. hey

hiba1 vt. to hold someone or something in (or on) their lap

hiba2 adj. the nextborn

hibat vi. to lie down somewhere vi. to lie down on one's back v. to be forced to the ground when fighting vi. to rest n. bed or sleeping mat (lit. lying place)

hibatè n. an adopted child; a disciple or apprentice; a follower; an apostle; a sub-ordinate of a datu

hibebes n. a challenge

hibet vi. to confirm, swear, blaspheme, guarantee vi.

hibì v. to cry quietly for a reason v. to make someone to cry quietly

Hibru prop_n. the Hebrew language

hidalig v. to show at someone else something like over acting

hid-u n. compassion vi. to beg forgiveness adj. pitiful adj. kind; kindly v. to feel sorry for someone or something else n. a herbal concoction from the leaves or roots of a tree which is placed in the food of a potential lover or parent-in-law so as to cause affection towards the maker v. to place a herbal concoction in the food of someone else so that that person will be filled with affection towards the one who doctored the food ex

higtek n. mosquito v. to be bitten by insects

hihup vt. to sip a beverage or suck air out of something e.g., to drink soup out of a plate

hiket1 n. a tether for an animal vt. to tether something with a rope v. to become accidentally tied somewhere

hiket2 vt. to take a slice of the ear of a pig or a toenail of a chicken and then place it on the forehead of a child and pray so as to avert constant sickness of the child

hilabet 1. vt. to meddle with something, e.g., another person's possessions 2. v. to commit adultery with a woman

hilam n. a large insect like a mosquito which bites n. a mattress or a sleeping place cushioned in some fashion

hilamun 1. n. (any type of) grass adj. the grass for weeding 2. vi. to weed (e.g. a field) vi. to weed (e.g. a field) v. to be good or enough for wedding

hilesung v. to visit to try to see someone or something

hilew1 1. adj. (for a plant product such as rattan) to be immature 2. v. to vent their anger by killing someone else who was not even involved

hilew2 1. n. shame vi. to be shy, embarrassed or ashamed about something for a reason v. to be embarrassed at someone else v. to make someone embarrassed or ashamed for a reason 2. adj. embarrassed 3. adj. bashful 4. adj. shameful; scandalous 5. n. cause to shame

hilig-et 1. v. to become very difficult, especially due to people fighting each other, stealing wives, etc. 2. v. to narrow something

hilikuptir n. helicopter

hilis vi. to cause someone to have diarrhea

hilmit n. a helmet or safety hat vi. to wear a helmet or hard hat

hilud vi. to look sad with mouth down at edges

hilus v. to rub oil into sore muscles

hilut1 n. a loop of cane used to snare a wild chicken

hilut2 adj. in the habit of doing something; doing something often

hilutù vt. to cook something into the pot for the intransitive form vi. to become cooked v. to cause something to be cooked

himalù v. to be disappointed because something they expected did not happen or was not true

himan n. tools, instruments or utensils used for a specific task such as a hammer for a carpenter, or pots and pans in the kitchen

himasad v. to beautify someone

himata1 1. vi. to open one's eyes vi. to wake up v. to become awake 2. vi. to melt again (after solidifying) 3. v. to be adopted or accustomed to someone else

himata2 v. to follow tradition, customs or habits adj. habitual

himatey vt. to kill someone or something else using deadly weapons or anything v. to be killing each other adj. killer; murderer n. killer; murderer

himbagkes n. a knot

himelat vi. to open their eyes

himeley vi. to stop working and in a shady area vi. to rest, e.g., in the rainy season vi. to rest after hard labor; to catch one's breath adj. resting place; relaxation place

himenew n. compassion; sympathy adj. compassionate; generous; merciful adj. miserable; pitiful v. to sympathize or show compassion to someone else v. to plead; to forgive; to feel sorry for someone v. to bargain


himu 1. n. work; action v. to do; to work; to make something somewhere v. for someone to be capable to create something v. to cause something or another thing to exist v. for someone to make something v. to ask or request favor someone else adj. creative; industrious 2. v. to transform v. to become something 3. adv. made of adv. product of; product by n. maker 4. v. to make alibi or any false reason or to manufacture reasons

himulung v. to be quiet, e.g., to read silently v. to turn the speed to be slowly adj. light; slowly adj. mild; softly

himulus v. to be opportunistic about something

himumav Variant of hinguma 1. vi. to arrive at a place appear v. result v. to be reached 2. vi. to be imminent; impending v. next; the following adj. to be impending

himunew v. to request pity v. to feel compassion

hinalat vt. to threaten or blackmail someone else into doing something 1. v. to be terrified of something adj. terrifying

hinaldek vt. to frighten someone else startle

hinalig vt. to tempt or entice someone else

hinani v. to plan to take something

hinarang vi. to warm by fire

hindang n. a small particle found on bamboo and weeds that cause itchy to skin n. a tree with small spikes on its trunk, branches and leaves

hinehed v. to hold their breath and push internally, as for a woman delivering a baby or a person having trouble urinating or defecating, to push it out v. to repeatedly hold their breath and push internally, as for a woman delivering a baby or a person having trouble defecating, to push it out

hinganga vi. to open its mouth v. to ask her child to open up their mouth

hingani vi. to confess or confess a wrongdoing

hinges v. a breath

hinggat 1. vt. to call someone else over at mealtime v. to ask call to meal 2. v. to encourage someone to come

hinguma 1. vi. to arrive at a place appear v. result v. to be reached 2. vi. to be imminent; impending v. next; the following adj. to be impending

hingutu v. to collect or to get head lice (kutu)

hinihel v. to growl at someone else or something

hintaang v. to crack something because of something

hinug vi. to become ripe adj. ripe

hinungdan n. reason

hinungud n. not a payment but gift from working and requiring something

hipagv Variant of ipag n. a sibling-in-law of the opposite sex by virtue of one marriage, i.e., one's spouse's siblings of the opposite sex, or the spouses' of one's siblings of the same sex brother-in-law of male

hipanew a journey; walk vi. to go; to travel; to walk anywhere n. trip; journey vi. to walk on the floor vi. to go somewhere vi. to go their separate ways (usually without telling)

hirap v. to cause someone else to have an agony with some activities 1. adj. difficult 2. adj. miserable 3. v. to have no provisions

hirbabuwina n. marsh mint

hirehè 1. vi. to stay (overnight) somewhere n. lodge; space for accommodation 2. v. to hunting wild animal in the forest land

hiresen v. to secure a door or to tight something adj. fixed; attached; nailed up

Hirudis prop_n.

Hisu Kristu prop_n. Jesus Christ

Hisus prop_n.

hitabù v. to happen to anyone or anything; misfortune or fortune

hithit vt. to smoke mariyuana

hiyup vt. to blow something especially fire when trying to get it started n. an instrument use for blowing fire

hu-ag n. tree variety

hubabè vt. to disbelieve someone or something believe

hubù v. to ask fire at their neighbors

hubug adj. drunk; groggy vi. to get drunk n. a drunkard vi. to be intoxicating

hubung adj. white-skinned (used of a person only) white (animal)white

hubus v. to pull out or to draw out something (e.g., bolo) from a case

Hudiyu prop_n. Jew

hug-ang 1. v. to clear out the ember from a cooked food 2. v. to remain thin and unwell after childbirth

hugmas vi. to be consumed by fire

hugmì v. to fall over together, either from wind or because they have died

huhab v. to catch something for the first time e.g. a dog going hunting or a fisherman with a new net.

huhas vi. to wash their genitals wash

hukag n. stir or to be disturbed by noise or some other problem vi. to become stirred up

huklap n. a (not very good) small type of spear

hukum vt. to judge or to pass sentence on someone n. council

hulabusv Variant of hulabut v. to remove a knife from its sheath sheath 1. v. to remove a knife from its sheath sheath

hulabut v. to remove a knife from its sheath sheath 1. v. to remove a knife from its sheath sheath

huladhulad v. to roll

hulep vi. to fall asleep, or to be sleepy sleep v. to be sound asleep adj. easily fall asleep

huli v. to move in and push around someone or something

hulid vt. to lie down with someone who is lying down (usually in bed) v. to sleep in the same bed

hulisek v. to compact in a corner

huliyang vi. in trouble

hulma vt. to form something/someone

hulù v. to persuade someone else

huluku n. A small black bird with white wing tips. It eat insects, and calls during the nighttime

hulus vt. to be squeezed in order to force out its contents v. to stretch out a rope vi. to slip through one's hands, or for someone to slip down a rope they were climbing or to fall off a horse when it raises its front legs

Hulyu prop_n. July

human conj. and then

humaney adj. magical


humel1 adj. soft v. to become soft v. to be soften or rotten v. to become soft adj. loose-fitting adj. softish, e.g., for the sun to shine but not be really hot.

humel2 n. gum (of mouth)

hun-a 1. adj. first (in time or position) adj. first of all 2. v. to go first; to lead; to precede adj. going first v. firstly adj. foremost n. to be ahead of others v. to walk along a small distance in front on the rest of the group v. to decide something without asking someone else v. to go ahead with someone else

hunak v. collapse

hunas v. to wash clothes

hunda n. motorcycle

hungguk v. to sink into their head

hungkal adj. uncomfortable

hunhun v. to make someting or someone pull

hunsuy n. a smoking pipe

huntelas v. flee

hunus n. drawer (of a desk or cabinet)

Hunyu prop_n. June

hural vi. to raise hands in self-defence

hurasan n. a small, long kind of tree which is swinging even a little wind to blow

huri 1. adj. later 2. v. to be last adj. tardy

husey v. to resolve a case usually by specifying the payment of a peace offering v. to be able settle some cases v. to be settled or resolved n. a peace offering n. venue or place wher the cases resolve or settle n. go-between

huspital n. hospital

husu v. to wipe with a towel; to rub medicine into the skin v. to wipe onto the skin

husud vt. to pull out something e.g., pulling a rope, pull washing off the line, lifting the foreskin so as to slip a knife underneath in circumcision stretch back

hutuk adj. very or exceedingly adj. very sick vi. to rebound upon them

Huwan prop_n.

huwas v. to recover from something

Huwibis prop_n. Thursday


huwis n. judge

huyut vi. to become uncomfortable