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Def.: dakel; kabaluan wey eleg-eleg (meyitenged te kenè amana ne dakel)
MS: dakel; kabaluan wey eleg-eleg
You use much with an uncountable noun to talk about an amount. You often use it with 'not', to talk about a small amount.
I do not have much time.
Kabaluan naan ka uras ku.
I spend much of my time working.
I usually don't put much sugar in my coffee.

Def.: subla
MS: subla
You use much when you are comparing things, to say that they are very different.
He is much taller than his sister.
Subla ne malayat sikandin te atebey rin.
He is much more interested in maths than in history.

Def.: amana
MS: amana
You use much to show that something happens often, or is strong.
I like mangoes very much.
Amana a egkeupii te mangga.
I don't go to Quezon much.
Irreg.  more, most.
Sem.Dom.: GSL0076-0100

how much
Def.: kamenu karakel
MS: kamenu karakel
You use the question how much to ask about the amount of something.
How much rice do you want?
Kamenu karakel ka behas ne igkeupii nu?
Def.: kamenu karelag
MS: kamenu karelag
You use the question how much to ask about how often something happens.
How much do you go to Quezon?
Kamenu ka karelag ne eggendiyè te Kisun?
Sem.Dom.: determiners

too much
Def.: amana egkasublaan [egkasubla͡an]
MS: egkasublaan
You use too much if there is a problem because something is more than it should be.
He is fat because he eats too much food.
Malambeg sikandin su amana egkasublaan [egkasubla͡an] ka pegkeen din.
You will be unhealthy if you sit down too much.
Status: ready

Last updated: 14/Jan/2013