Matigsalug Manobo Vernacular Lexicon

layun adv. always

lebag 1. vi. to swell n. a swelling or tumor 2. v. to wants intercourse

leban n. a (small type of) basket n. a small basket, the bottom of which is tightly woven rattan and the top is bamboo

lebas vi. to go naked undress

lebbubuk n. a pool of greenish colored water

lebeg 1. vt. to muddy or stir up water vi. to become murky or cloudy (by being stirred up) clear 2. n. a name of a cloudy creek in traditional Matigsalug belief

Lebeng prop_n. a name of a place

lebeng 1. n. grave 2. n. cemetery 3. v. to inter or bury a placenta or dead person or animal 4. v. to sink into something, e.g., being stuck in mud

leb-eng n. depression in land vi. to form a ravine (e.g., through the action of water on the land) n. valley

lebleb v. to submerse something

lebud 1. adj. easy to break (e.g. a rope) adj. flabby as in flabby muscles 2. adj. the people living in this world

lebu ne luwey n. for a cluster of luwey cane to be dense when clearing a field with a bolo; a idiomatic phrase referring to hard work

lebuntud n. summit

lebus v. to have diarrhea adj. to have diarrhea

lebut 1. n. base of a tree 2. n. the stem end of a fruit 3. n. the buttocks of a person or animal 4. n. a polite term for the genitals of someone of the opposite sex n. rudder/stern 5. n. an obligation of male sides to be given at female sides especially at grandmother and granfather either it is money, things, or animal.

leddak n. frayed cloth or woven mat v. to become frayed

ledled vi. to move out of the way, e.g., into a corner vt. to put something into a corner n. edge (of room)

leeb1 n. a small shelter vi. to build a small shelter, e.g., for a shelter for pigs

leeb2 vt. to cook something by roasting it inside a tube of bamboo

leen v. to take off clothes

leew n. a wild animal or plant, e.g., leew ne sinkamas v. to return to the wild 1. n. leew abaka

legbit adj. incompact

leggù n. any vegetable used for flavoring a major dish including onions: sibuyas, lemon grass: tanglad, tomatoes: kalamantis, garlic: ahes ginger, luya, and tehiyà

legkì 1. v. to arch the part of the body esp. back 2. v. to bend something (e.g.,bolo or bow)

legleg v. to make the fire flame vi. to smoulder or to blaze v. to cause fire to smoulder, or to be a thing which causes smouldering adj. flammable

legpad v. to punish v. to be punished n. punishment

legpeng v. to close a door

legsad 1. n. the downward direction 2. v. to get off (a vehicle)

legsè v. to happen simultaneously

legtas v. to sever something (such as a piece of string or cane or rope)

legtud v. to walk stomach out and bent back v. to become bent back

legu adj. spicy

leg-un n. a year

lehadda n. chives; basil

lehas 1. v. to have the husks removed n. grit as might be found in milled rice 2. v. to be sore because something is stuck in it

leheb v. to distribute something or spread it around

lehed 1. adj. stingy; selfish 2. adj. to be a big eater vi. to feel like eating, e.g., after being sick

lehen 1. adj. difficult v. to find something difficult n. problem 2. v. to cause extended labor in childbirth for its mother

leheng 1. vt. to hug someone else vt. to be continuously embracing someone or something else 2. vt. to wrestle with someone v. to wrestle (each other) 3. vt. to grab a woman usually with malicious intent

lehes n. the sound of wind, water, rain or breathing vi. to produce a loud sound adj. noisy (of wind, water, rain or breathing)

lehet1 1. adj. true (to fact, logic or known truth); real v. to become true or real adj. truly; really 2. adj. right adj. rightful; v. to become right 3. v. to prove adj. to make sure v. to be sure to do something n. truth adj. absolute truth v. to bear evidence v. to confirm something adv. is that so 4. n. something to tell someone 5. v. to do something very intensely

lehet2 adj. eager v. to eager or to be encouraged to do something v. to cause someone to be eager, or to be the thing which causes someone to be eager

lehey2 n. a cyst, wart, swollen gland or other growth

lehey?v Variant of lehuy n. the husband of a woman who is the first cousin of a male

lehulehu v. to make a noise. e.g. a squealing cassette tape, a corn grinder, or an aeroplane

lehuy n. the husband of a woman who is the first cousin of a male

lehuy1 n. the husband of a woman who is the first cousin of a male

leig1 vi. to be mocked or insulted by someone else v. to mock or insult someone else vi. to be taken advantage of vi. to be taken advantage of

leig2 vi. to be undercooked (usually on the fire)

lein n. other v. to be changeable or mixed

leing n. cultivated abaca n. an abaca plantation

lèing n. a variety of abaka that produce a hemp fibre

lekag v. to talk

lekat 1. v. to redeem something which has been pawned or mortgaged 2. v. to obtain a licence, residence certificate, or other official papers v. to be acquired or released 3. v. to dig the first of their sweet potato crop

lekè 1. vt. to (intentionally) let go or drop something v. to be dropped accidentally somewhere v. to released from a strong hold 2. v. (for an animal) to run away

lekeb 1. n. door; gate; shutter 2. n. shutter 3. v. to close something (such as a doorway gumawan) 4. v. (for a doorway) to be closed adj. shut

lekep v. a solar or lunar eclipse somewhere by something (e.g. another planet, the moon or the earth)

lekes v. to wrap something around something else v. to wrap around something else, e.g. a vine around a tree; a snake around a pig

lekig vi. to be stiff and to bend back

lekis v. to uncover something by lifting off whatever was covering it

leklek vi. to be strangulated (e.g., an animal whose tether pulls tight around its neck)

lelabawen n. A tiny dark bird; when it sings it's gradually changing from lower into higher.

lelakayan ne banug See lakey See banug n. Philippine hawk eagle

lelangub n. chicken coop

lelanteng n. a reddish black insect variety from the forest

lelapeng n. a hidden house or field far from one's usual home or a rice storage shed

lelappengv Variant of lelapeng n. a hidden house or field far from one's usual home or a rice storage shed

lelatey n. chestnut mannikin

Lelawag n. a benevolent spirit incharge of wild animals and to bless hunters

lelembungan n. A small black bird with black eyes; and also called as nightbird because it calls only during the nighttime.

lelenguan n. wrist (also pulse); elbow/knee/ankle joint

lemad n. fontanella

lem-ag vi. to eat breakfast

leman v. to be silent v. to rest; to stay at home adj. quiet; solemn; still; formal

lembas vi. to be completely covered or completely finished vt. to completely cover or finish something e.g., clearing a field vi. to complete cover an area

lembis vi. to fall apart

lemè v. to stop bleeding v. to stop throbbing v. to wait the pain to stop

lemet v. to jeer at someone else (to their face) adj. sarcastic adj. ridiculous adj. vile

lemey vi. to become weak with fear

lemid vi. to become bent

lemperilya n. lamp

lemu 1. adj. easy; simple v. to make something easily adj. easiness 2. v. to be lazy

lemuk n. green-winged ground dove

lemung vi. to dwell with someone else on a temporary, yet extended, basis vi. to sleep together vi. to dwell together

lendig n. side of the mountain 1. adj. slope

lending n. the eaves of a house

lenè 1. vi. to get off a nest or egg 2. vi. to get off or out of a vehicle 3. vi. to land somewhere v. to cause something to descend 4. v. to cause their (eaten) food, breathing or stressful emotions to settle down (or to experience their emotions settling down) by doing something or for a reason

leneb 1. vi. to be absorbed by something, e.g., a sponge or a pillow 2. v. to cause an evil spirit (busew) to enter someone else

lened vi. to drown (or sink if inanimate) vt. to drown something into the water vi. for the rain to come suddenly and then leave again suddenly

lenem n. goosebumps vi. to have the hairs on their arms stand on end

lenep 1. v. to dive into the water v. to submerse themselves in the water 2. v. to be pulled in towards the centre of the body v. to test the innocence of two men by holding their heads under water - the first one to surface is the guilty one

lenew vi. to be afraid of something dangerous (such as falling out of a tree), often the stomach will tighten in fear v. that someone feel fear ( esp. height )

leney vt. to dissolve or melt something in something (e.g., pot or frying pan) using something vi. to dissolve or melt adj. easy to melt

lenga n. sesame

leng-ag v. to look up or to raise one's eyes v. to be in a high level or a top adj. heavenly

lengak v. to raise one's head v. to become raise up

lenged n. direction v. to place alongside; to be a guarantee of a debt

lengen 1. v. to pause for a few minutes v. to wait for the rain to pause before doing something 2. n. the name of a creek 3. adj. slow in decision making but really good (of a person)

lengew n. a small fly which is attracted to the eyes

lengey vi. to shake the head from side to side

lenggaman n. a simple tool fashioned from bamboo and a tin can for picking rice

lenggew 1. adj. to be well after being sick 2. adj. conscious; still alive

lenggu vi. to be in the process of dying

lengguk v. to snore v. to snore pretending

leng-ig adj. an unpleasant smell like that of urine or rotting fish; rancid odor

lengkay v. to feel uninterested and uninvolved in what is happening around them v. to be uninterested and uninvolved in what is happening around them to always feel uninterested and uninvolved in what is happening around them adj. uninterested

lengleng n. rainy season v. to rain for a long time

leng-ug v. to become rancid and decay

lenlen n. the base of a slope

lentey vi. to cross a bridge

lenug adj. roaring adj. rumbling

lenus v. to run away from doing something

lep-ang v. to step over the top of something

lepeng adj. same height with the others v. to have the same height v. to level about something (e.g., height, ability or thinking) to other person or thing v. to be leveled or overpowered by someone or something

lepet 1. adj. low (thing) 2. adj. short

lepet se katuenan adj. ignorant

lepew vi. to appear; to arrive somewhere v. to appear all over v. to be intentionaly show up something

leplep v. to push down something into the water vi. to be covered with water

leppeng n. someone of the same age (either sex), height or position n. someone of the same age (either sex), height or position v. to be the same height, age or position

leppewv Variant of lepew vi. to appear; to arrive somewhere v. to appear all over v. to be intentionaly show up something

Lepù prop_n. the name of a star

lepu vi. to faint

lepù vi. to be broken

lepuk n. a rotten log vi. to rot

lepung v. to completely finish something, e.g., weeding a field, or cutting off all one's hair

leput vi. to protrude, as muscle from a deep wound.

lerab v. to be not straight in direction; went some direction

lerew adj. ordinary, for example an ordinary person (i.e., civilian)

leru adj. uneven adj. uneven

lerut n. to become worn out

les ahan n. les-ahan potato

les-ag vi. to sit or lie on the floor without a mat v. to be at ground level; to not be put away table level

lesek 1. n. a small type of snake which is colorful; venomous v. to be like a color as lesek snake 2. adj. hard to find 3. v. to put something inside (e.g., pocket or under something)

lesing a loud sound that someone makes (usually a child) vi. to squeal when hurt or to shriek in fright

lesu vt. to squeeze something like a pimple or boil for someone else vt. to keep on squeezing something like a pimple or boil vi. to burst open

lesung n. mortar pestle

lesut 1. v. to be born birth v. to giving birth 2. v. to bear grains

leteb v. to grow

letem vi. to build and light a fire with sticks

letes adj. pure, as in a pure color or pure cooking oil

letey adj. physically weak

letib n. a little share (asking a little)

letu vi. to jump up vi. to keep on jumping v. to suddenly jump or move to be surprised by something

let-ug n. pervert vi. to have an erection v. to cause an erection

letundan n. a (light yellow) type of banana

leug vi. to wander around with no specific destination v. to cause to move around n. a traveller; a sojourner

leung adj. having plenty of room

leus1 vi. to continue, e.g. to continue on home rather than staying overnight

leus2 v. to pierce somebody with a spear by mistake when just playing around

leus3 v. to be thrown forward (off a horse)

leuy 1. vt. to go and see something e.g., used of Otto coming to look at the timber 2. v. to survey and clear a small clearing before the main time of clearing fields, in order to see if the land is ready for clearing yet 3. v. to survey its nest for laying eggs

lev Variant of la part. [exclamatory]

lewad adj. undressed; naked

lew-ag n. the fat which rises to the top and sets after meat has been boiled in a pot v. to come out of boiling meat and rise to the top of the water v. to produce more fat and float on top of the water adj. fatty (of food, especially meat)

lewuat v. to fast from eating so that their body will become thin, causing the skin to wrinkle, and thus allowing room for the person to grow taller inside their skin

lewuk vi. to move from place to place

lewwad adj. naked

Leyagan prop_n.

ley-ang 1. v. to lie on one's back 2. vi. to fall backwards

ley-as v. to lie a body down facing upwards

leyì n. a custom or tradition

leyteyv Variant of lentey vi. to cross a bridge

liba v. to waste time instead of getting ready to go somewhere

libak v. to be envious or jealous of someone else

libang v. to help someone

libat vt. to pretend or trick someone else vi. to backtrack; make a mistake in speaking

libatu n. a lead anchor or sinker v. to anchor a boat or weigh down a fishing line with something (e.g., lead, a stone) v. to attach something as an anchor or sinker

libbes n. a mushroom

libed1 1. vi. to return v. to be not expected to return somewhere vt. to do something again and again 2. vi. to return back something

libed2 n. a material waistband tied in a knot (especially that which is part of the traditional Matigsalug dress for a woman) v. to wear a material waistband

libed3 v. the delivery of a baby

libeg 1. vi. to become confused or delirious for doing something vi. to cause confusing 2. v. to cause someone troubled 3. v. to cause someone crazy

libeng v. to circle around a fixed area

libi n. a place

libildiv Variant of ribildi v. to rebel

libiriv Variant of libri adj. free

Libita n. Levite

libri adj. free

libru n. book

libu num. thousand

libug vt. to commit adultery with a married woman v. to commit adultery together

libulung 1. vi. to meet somewhere for some reason vi. to gather together somewhere for some reason n. banquet n. to gather together; to meet together n. a meeting 2. vi. to accumulate something somewhere vi. to be accumulated somewhere 3. vi. to be contracted

libumba n. an air-rifle (with one trigger, fires lead)

libusen v. to make something round using a tool adj. round adj. very round v. to be shaped like a circle or ball

libut1 v. to circle around a fixed area

libut2 n. the world

libutut adj. stout or short

libuwan v. to sweat on the way to recovery from an illness

liddus 1. v. to sharpen the point of something (e.g., a spear) using an instrument vi. to become sharp adj. sharp-pointed n. tool for sharpening pointed tips 2. adj. steep

lieg n. neck

lig-en 1. adj. durable; tough vi. to be strengthened 2. n. document

liget v. to continue

lig-et adj. narrow adj. stern

liggid n. a wheel, tire

ligid n. wheel

ligkat 1. v. from (a person, source or starting point) vi. to start from somewhere 2. n. origin ancestor n. historical

ligkeg adj. resentful

ligneep n. consciousness

ligpeng vi. to be unable to hear clearly, e.g., after blowing their nose

ligsem adj. dirty; dingy v. to be dirtied

ligtù vi. to crack or split

ligtung n. a pool vi. to form into a pool

ligusyuv Variant of nigusyu n. business v. to have a business

ligwang 1. n. outside vi. to go outside 2. n. the way out of a dilemma

ligwè vi. to go outside (of a building) v. ousted

ligwis n. blue fantail

lihad 1. vi. to pass by something or somebody n. Someone or something that is passed by v. to be passed by 2. vi. to become past v. to pass by each other at midnight on December 31st.

lihal v. to mount a female dog that is on heat v. to be in heat together


lihawang n. the outside v. to go outside (of a building) v. to take out something

Lihawasan n. a place beyond the edge of the sky and the earth

lihawenan n. fishing tackle (line, hook, sinker, etc.)

lihè adj. haughty v. to be showy; to pretend; to flirt to someone for the reason (e.g.,enlove or wants)

liheng v. to make up a tune

lihenney n. to be beautiful looking v. to become beautiful looking

lihet vi. to continue doing something 1. conj. while (simultaneous events)

lihew v. to cause ripples in water v. to become rippled

lihi n. a belief or custom of the people, e.g., that placing a broken piece of a sleeping mat hikam under a sleeping baby will cause it to stop wetting the bed at night at a younger age than otherwise n. a belief or custom

lihì vi. to cry intermittently

lihis vi. to be run over by a vehicle vt. to run over something or someone

lii 1. n. a certain medicine to avoid misfurtune or incantation 2. v. to conform to tradition by not doing certain things, e.g., for a pregnant woman to not eat anything red (the color of blood) v. to have something unfortunate happen because of going against the traditions, e.g., not being able to catch any more wild pigs because gave away meat from the very first catch. v. to confirm to certain beliefs, e.g., to not eat bananas from a plant which was blown down by the wind

likab n. a flat thing v. to weave a flat platform with bagtek bamboo for roasting nuts on

likalik n. an insect, perhaps a cicada

likansu n. a porch or balcony v. to rest


likay v. to keep away from something or someone

likeb v. to cross over (a ridge or mountain pass)

likes1 v. to wrap itself around something else

likes2 1. adj. the correct size; a good match v. to be a good match 2. v. to measure someone's leg, hands, or waist

likeung n. bowl-shaped


li-key adj. clever

likì v. to be crack e.g split

liklamuv Variant of riklamu n. complaint v. to complain about something to someone

likù v. to meander

likul adj. difficult; severe

likuliku vi. to zigzag

likus v. to become overburdened

lilid v. to roll down a slope v. to roll over adj. rolling

liling vi. to begin a journey v. to give visitors a gift as they are about to leave

Lilingayen prop_n.

lilingey 1. v. to look behind at something 2. n. a name of a place of a traditional Matigsalug belief

lilis v. to transfer a sick person to another house

lilliyungan n. the ridge of a house roof

lilliyunganv Variant of lingliyung n. roof ridge; beam n. the crosspiece at the apex of a roof

lilù vi. to whirl around

limanda v. to charge (in court)

limang n. the other side (of something), or the other one of a pair (especially footwear) v. to use the other side of something

limas n. broom v. to sweep

limatek n. land leech n. river leech

limbas n. file

limbey v. to tease someone else e.g., a child taking a toy, a man flirting with a girl

limbung vt. to cheat or deceive someone else vi. to be cheated adj. cunning; dishonest

limbutung n. a long sleeved shirt

limeng v. to fill a hole with something

limensitu n. a small type of citrus fruit

limerang v. to be tickled v. to be tickled (by someone or something) v. to be tickled v. to be scared adj. ticklish

limerek n. rice flour

limma 1. num. five (counting) num. five (counting) adj. five (adjective) num. five (limitation) 2. adj. fifth 3. adv. five times 4. num. in groups of five or five each 5. adv. in five days' time adv. five days that have passed vi. to be in five days' time 6. n. five nights (and intervening days) in the future vi. to be going to spend five days or nights somewhere n. five nights (and intervening days) in the past 7. vi. to become five in total or five times in size 8. adv. in five parts, or five times vt. to be divided into five parts or to be done five times vi. to cause five things to exist or to happen

limmakut v. take adavantage/grab the oppurtunity

limmav Variant of lalimma num. five (counting) adj. five (adjective)

limmew n. an orange

limpas vi. to deviate from something e.g., eglimpas te balaud, "disobey", eglimpas te uras, "fail to arrive on time", eglimpas te dalan, "get lost", eglimpas te taha, eglimpas te saad, "break promise"

limpid adj. no circle

limpiyu 1. adj. clean; smooth vt. to clean something with something (e.g. water or a cloth) 2. adj. monochrome; having one color 3. adj. virtuous

limù1 v. to request someone to please change their mind (and not continue with their bad course of action) v. to forgive v. to forgive

limù2 v. to have something to remember you by

limud 1. v. to gather up something with something to fixed 2. v. together with; accompanied by

limuken 1. n. white-eared brown fruit dove; an omen bird 2. v. to call to someone to give an omen

limulan1 n. the berry of tubu cane

limulan2 adj. chicken color v. a black color mix with white chicken feathers

limunsitu n. calamondin

limus n. a donation towards funeral expenses v. to give alms to someone with something

limuseng n. sweat vi. to work by someone to be sweat or to cause them to be sweat v. to work in order to be sweat

linala te hemey n. rice water

linas 1. n. a tree bark (used for walling houses) 2. v. to skin a log with something

linaw n. peace

linayun n. a dress vi. to put on a dress

lindig vi. to walk along whilst holding onto the wall for balance

lindit adj. dirty v. to dirty something

lineb 1. vi. to set 2. n. west v. to go out of sight over the hills

lineknek v. fall asleep

lineubud n. a type of tree

linew1 n. a deep body of water, e.g. a lake with a stream flowing out v. to form a lake adj. a shallow lake

linew te hapuy n. hell; a lake of fire

linga v. to pay attention to what someone says to them v. to be attended to for a reason adj. obedient; attentive to what people tell one

lingab vt. to knock someone's tooth out somewhere with an instrument vi. to lose one or more teeth toothless

lingan adj. satanic

lingeg adj. hardheaded (never mind something) v. to not paying attention to something or obey it

lingen vi. to be calm for a short time and then blow again v. to wait for the wind to be calm before doing something

lingen-ngen v. a shortish span of time (ten minutes to half an hour)

lingew vt. to (intentionally) forget someone or something vt. to (unintentionally) forget something remember

Linggan prop_n.

Linggawayan prop_n.

Linggu prop_n. Sunday

lingì vi. to turn their head at their sides vi. to shake the head from side to side


lingkesuv Variant of lungkesu 1. n. race 2. v. to race or sprint v. to run around; to jiggle a baby around to keep it from crying v. to gallop speedily

lingkus 1. v. to circle around someone or something for a purpose 2. v. to surround something, e.g. when trying to catch a wild pig

lingkus v. to go around at someone else or something somewhere 1. v. to cause something to circle around v. to be not reach or gone v. to be able to go around something for a reason 2. v. to circle around someone or something for a purpose 3. v. to surround something, e.g. when trying to catch a wild pig

lingkut n. ricemeal

lingkuud v. to kneel down

lingliyung n. roof ridge; beam n. the crosspiece at the apex of a roof

lingu v. to switch identical items v. to marry a close relative v. to marry each other

lingut 1. v. to surround something v. to keep on on walking or moving around something v. to be surrounded by someone or something else 2. v. to able to go somewhere

lingya n. line (drawn or formed by things in a row or column) vi. to line up in a row

linis adj. clean; clear; organised adj. peaceful vt. to clean something with something v. to be cleaned v. to be able to clean something, or to be a thing which is able to clean something

linsa v. to line up (something)

linseg v. to roll past another round object, e.g., two pieces of bamboo scraping past each other in the wind, a vein (uhat) flicking over to the other side of the bone when pressed

lintak n. a generic name of all types of leeches

lintek 1. adj. fine (in texture); small (when there is many) vt. to divide something, e.g., food or work into small parts 2. vt. to budget something (e.g.,food or viand) in order to minimize the amount to be consumed 3. adj. uniform 4. v. to be constantly happening

linu n. cloth made of flax

linug n. earthquake vi. to shake or tremble vi. to shake continuously

linuhud v. to frighten someone somewhere v. to frighten someone (e.g., you can see images or they throw you something) somewhere v. to scare or frighten someone (e.g., you can see images or they throw you something)

linya n. to draw a line

linyav Variant of lingya n. line (drawn or formed by things in a row or column) vi. to line up in a row