Matigsalug Manobo Vernacular Lexicon

sina v. to be envious or jealous of one's material possessions. This may eventually lead to his killing you.

sinabeng n. bedroom

sinabung n. room

sinagkew vt. to reach up to get something

sinagwang n. a singlet v. to wear sleeveless

sinalab v. to burn off the hairs of an animal in the fire

sinale-sè n. a split bamboo wall v. to make split bamboo walling

sinalibulan n. a Muslim box worn on belt (to hold chew ingredients)

sinandihan n. sweet basil

sinangkabew n. a decorated knife, about two feet long with a single-edged blade. The handle end of the blade is often decorated with engraved flowers and the handle may be carved from carabbao horn. The tip has a large point and a smaller point. This knife is intended for use as a weapon

sinapang n. a gun (one medium-sized barrel, automatic firing)

Sinay n. Mount in middle east

sindut v. to dip something into water

sineeb n. betel chew container

sinehew vi. to cry (about something) laugh

sin-ek v. to cause someone to hiccough vi. to hiccough

Sineletan prop_n.

sinelibulan n. brass beetlenut

sinew vi. to shine 1. v. to shine

Siney n. a mountain

singay v. (for a child) to be carried on the shoulders

singayun v. to sit on one shoulder of another person (both legs on the same side of the neck)

singgalung n. a small wild feline animal about twice the size of a dog. It eats sweet potato (kasilè), wild pig (babuy), chickens (manuk), and rats (ambew)

singgul v. to brush against someone e.g., to signal to them that it's time to leave v. to be brushed against, e.g., by someone squeezing past

singka v. to yell in anger at someone

singkalahan n. sign; signal; symbol

singkalan n. a signal

singkamas n. a turnip-like rootstock

singkatul v. to go onto the next one

singku num. five

singkuwinta num. fifty

singyurita n. singyurita banana

sini n. a movie; a slide-show

siniket1 n. the rope or belt holding a bolo sheath onto someone's waist v. to tie something (especially a machete ugpit) around one's waist

siniket2 n. a decorative bolo

siniket3 v. for the head to form on corn

sinilas n. a type of footwear (held on by a strap around the toes)

sinsilyu n. coin; change

sinsiya Ref.Gloss: See pasinsiya

sinsus n. a census v. to take a census of the people

sintabus n. centavo

sintil n.

sintimitrus n. centimeter

sintimiturusv Variant of sintimitrus n. centimeter

sinturun n. belt v. to wear a belt

sintus num. hundred


Sinuda prop_n.

sinug-ung 1. vi. to chance to meet somebody else or accidentally meeting someone else on the trail v. to meet something or somebody else (accidentally) on the trail 2. v. to move against the force

sinulid n. thread

sinumag v. to push something

sinundul 1. v. to follow someone else 2. v. to have straight alignment or to be followed after one another v. to arrange something in a straight alignment

sinundul ne bulan See bulan n. next month

sinunggew n. a blunt-nosed curved bolo

sinyurita n. a daughter o a rich man

sipadda n. sword

sipalav Variant of sipalè v. to usurp or assume the authority of another

sipalè v. to usurp or assume the authority of another

sipè vt. to kick something vi. to kick in frenzy vi. to stumble

sipet v. (for a person or animal) to kick something stationary

sipilya n. a carpenter's plane

sipit n. tongs, pliers, clamps, or clothes pins, i.e., any tool or utensil that has two sides that press together vt. to clamp together something

sipsip v. to clear long grass with a curved bolo

sipuk 1. v. to flood an area adj. easily flooded (of a place) adj. flooded 2. v. to froth over 3. v. to be angry at someone else

sipukew v. to wake up

sipuru n. matches

sipuruv Variant of pispuru n. matches

sira adv. a word used to threaten dogs to go away

siradu v. to lock (up something)


sirbis n. a private car v. to ride or drive a private car

siril v. to search for high protein foods (e.g., fish, meat) so that another person (often a pregnant wife or sick child) is able to eat them to recover from sickness or childbirth, or because of breast-feeding a child


siritsirit n. a gun (one large barrel, fires lead)

sirul v. to push something (e.g., like a food in a plate as your share) to someone else

si-sì v. to pick off something like skin, cover, etc v. to dawn

sisim n. an artesian spring of salty water v. to drink at a natural salty spring somewhere

sising 1. n. a ring vi. to wear a ring 2. n. a spirit; an angel

sisingan n. ring finger

sisip n. flea (infesting fowl)

Sistimbri n. September

Sita prop_n.

sitaw n. string bean

sitinta num. seventy

sitintay n. seventy

sitiv Variant of siyiti num. seven

sitrus n. citrus

sityu n. village; barrio; sitio; more or less twenty household

siweddì v. to step aside or deviate

siya adj. easy?

siyak n. place where a river splits into two v. to split into two separate streams

siyal v. to become caught by falling into a pit of sharpened sticks

siyam num. nine

siyam ne pulù num. ninety

siyampu n. shampoo

siyamv Variant of siyew 1. num. nine (counting) adj. nine (adjective) num. nine (limitation) 2. adj. ninth 3. adv. nine times 4. num. in groups of nine or nine each 5. adv. in nine days' time adv. nine days that have passed vi. to be in nine days' time 6. n. nine nights (and intervening days) in the future vi. to be going to spend nine days or nights somewhere n. nine nights (and intervening days) in the past 7. vi. to become nine in total or nine times in size 8. adv. in nine parts, or nine times vt. to be divided into three parts or to be done three times vi. to cause nine things to exist or to happen

siyapat adj. speedy; snappy

siyat v. to make a shot in basketball

siyatum n.

siyatung v. to run away while humming. The humming is to prevent them from breathing in while they are running.

Siyaw prop_n.

siyè v. to be intrinsically bad and want to do both wrong and right n. mankind

siyew 1. num. nine (counting) adj. nine (adjective) num. nine (limitation) 2. adj. ninth 3. adv. nine times 4. num. in groups of nine or nine each 5. adv. in nine days' time adv. nine days that have passed vi. to be in nine days' time 6. n. nine nights (and intervening days) in the future vi. to be going to spend nine days or nights somewhere n. nine nights (and intervening days) in the past 7. vi. to become nine in total or nine times in size 8. adv. in nine parts, or nine times vt. to be divided into three parts or to be done three times vi. to cause nine things to exist or to happen

siyew ne pulù num. Ref.Gloss: ninety

siyew ne pulùv Variant of siyam_ne_pulù num. ninety

siyewv Variant of siyam num. nine

siyiti num. seven

siyù n. a wave at the edge of the water vi. to form a wave which might catch something or someone when it is sitting close to the edge of the water n. wave v. to wave v. to cause the water to wave more time v. to cause the water to wave adj. wavy

siyudad n. city

siyulpanv Variant of shirpan n. short pants

su1 conj. because conj. so that conj. but instead

su2 conj. so; and so conj. and conj. so; so that conj. but instead

suan n. a small container with a lid

subal 1. v. to subtitute someone or something else (in a game, a job, or at work) v. to change places with each other, e.g., by passing each other going in different directions along the road 2. v. to move different directions

subba vt. to cook something usually by boiling it in a pot n. cook

subbuk v. to drop something into a pot of water or to put a pot into the fire

subè v. to use a pole (tarek) to push a raft (gakit) upstream (diraya) See ureyik

subeng n. handle (for a hammer or bolo) v. to make a handle for something

subid vi. to become wet vi. to get wet (esp. in the rain) vt. to make something wet

subing vi. to sprout from where it had been chopped off

subla 1. adj. very v. to excess adj. exceeding adj. excessive, plenty n. interest adj. v. to have in excess 2. v. to abuse doing something

sublì v. to review something

subping v. to bud or to shoot new leaves

subu n. a hardened edge of metal

subuk1 vt. to drop something, e.g., rice, vegetables into a pot of water or into a fire n. an expression used in the past when children didn't go to school for fear of the giants (eleggasi) cooking them in a large pot

subuk2 n. a smallish kind of fish found mostly in the river, a few small ones in the stream.

subul n. the regrowth of plants after harvest or after a fire n. growing season

subung vi. to become blocked up so that the water will no longer flow vt. to dam a river or stream

suddì vt. to annoy? someone else e.g. Jews to Jesus

sudsud n. the edge of a blade (of a puruk) vt. to level ground vt. to weed with the front edge of a puruk

su eyew conj. so that

sugalv Variant of baraha n. a brassiere

suggal n. playing cards vi. to play cards (usually to gamble)

sugkad n. a comb (used for neatening the hair) v. to comb the hair of somebody else somewhere v. to comb (one's own hair) v. to place a comb in one's hair as a decoration

sugkal v. to knock fruit with a long stick

sugkip 1. v. to tuck something underneath something else, e.g. the grass roof 2. v. to have their eyes to go the top of their head when suffering from a high fever 3. v. to hold something in the mouth under the top lip

sugnat v. to get a stomach ache from eating a lot when haven't eaten for a while

sugnu vt. to smoke something, especially lahas nuts on a shelf over a fire

sugpang 1. n. branch (of a tree) 2. n. bud or shoot (of a plant)

sugpat1 1. v. to join something onto something 2. v. to explain e.g. Bible prophecy

sugpat2 n. a plant that can be crushed and held around a broken limb by a bandage to help reduce pain and speed healing of the bone

sugud v. to begin something

sugut v. to agree someone's decission or something v. to make someone agree, or to be a thing which make them agree

suhat v. to hit the target v. to hit the mark (e.g., in archery)

suhey vt. to be upset or disappointed at someone or something vi. to be upset about something e.g., dirty surroundings or sad faces of companies v. that can make someone to be upset or disappointed for a reason

suhù n. a command v. to command someone else n. a command n. assistant; worker; laborer; servant; messenger v. to give orders

suhung n. a container for honey made from a section of a large bagtek bamboo

suhut v. to agree or to concede to one's request

suhuyen n. white skinned sweet potato - the flesh is also white

sukà n. vinegar

sukab v. to leave their hair unbrushed or untidy v. not to brush or tidy their hair

sukal n. sugar

sukalv Variant of asukal n. sugar sugar cane v. to put sugar into something, e.g., coffee or food being prepared

sukeung vt. to (intentionally) bang into someone else while walking along vi. to be struck or knocked down by something moving, e.g., a horse or a jeep

sukib v. to get the stitch, usually by walking fast soon after eating

suksuk v. to place or hide something under something else

sukub2 1. n. pair; partner v. to pair something v. to match 2. v. to fight together

sukud v. to measure length or mark out a boundary using measurement v. to be measurable

sukug v. to dance whilst holding a shield and a deldeg spear

sukul vi. to fight back?; to speak back?; to rebel against someone else

sukut v. to request (re)payment of a monetary or moral debt

sulad vi. to lean or slant vi. to be on a lean or slant

suladlad vi. to lean on something lean

sulat n. a letter vt. to write something to someone else vi. to to be written down n. writing v. writing together something for the class (seminar)

sulay n. trial

sulbad v. to be able to solve n. meaning

suled 1. n. a sibling or cousin 2. n. a close relative v. to call cousin at someone else n. either first, second, etc. cousin 3. n. the form of address for a male to a stranger of his age or older

suleddu vi. to covertly pass through somewhere

sulen v. to play another dog v. to pretend to fight alone v. to pretend to bite when playing

sulew 1. vi. to look out something through hole or window 2. prop_n. name of a river in traditional Matigsalug belief

suley1 n. a brace vt. to brace a house or falling tree with a stick or board v. to catch their chin with their open palm v. to hold the chin in the hands

suley2 vt. to divide something (especially a pig or chicken) with a bolo (ugpit) or axe (wasey)

suli n. common taro

sulì v. to revenge someone else

sulindab v. to deviate from what was expected, e.g., to give a red herring, or even to walk in a zigzag pattern

sulindilv Variant of surindil v. to surrender

suling v. to mimic what another person said usually in order to make them angry imitate

sulip v. to return

sulla vi. to not hatch the eggs if watched too closely

sulsul v. stoke fire

sulu 1. n. a finger or toe nail, including those of animals 2. n. nail cutter 3. vi. to cut nails

sulù n. a hard substance from the Salumayag, Buldung, Lawaan, and Dangeleg trees used for lamp of an ancient people n. a lamp

sulub n. a iron mongery

sulud n. a fine-toothed comb for combing lice out of the hair comb vt. to comb the nits out of their hair with a fine-toothed comb

sulug adj. many; much; plenty n. quantity n. many; most vi. to increase

sul-ug v. (for a pipe) to convey (a liquid such as water)

suluhù ?.

suluhuanen n. servant

suluhuen n. helper

suluk 1. v. to go before the scheduled date of someone else promised 2. v. to continue something without fear (e.g., fighting)

sulukan n. large bowl (for serving food)

sulun v. to place something (e.g., banana leaves, or plastic cellophane) before putting something (e.g., banana or rice) for a particular purposes

sulunan te ubal n. a type of epiphyte

sulung1 n. a cave n. a piece built onto the end of a house

sulung2 v. to creep up on someone

sulutan n. sultan

sumalè conj. according to; as it was said

sumalem n. a hard rock

Sumalili n. sumalili mountain at Sinuda, Kitaotao, Bukidnon

suman1 1. v. to think something vi. to remember something 2. n. discernment adj. starry-eyed adj. wise n. assumption n. mind v. to think something

suman2 n. rice cake

Sumandang prop_n.

sumbag v. to punch someone else v. to punch up someone v. to punch each other

sumbalak adj. cross each other

sumbaley n. a neighbor

sumbayat v. to tease someone else e.g., by taking a toy away from him

sumbew vi. to meet and then pass by each other in the sky

sumbung vt. to report something bad to someone else (expecting some consequent action)

sumek v. to pierce; to wound

sumpal v. to become dull

sumpalit v. to insult or ridicule someone adj. mocking

sumpangil n. adj. adult; old; having beard

sumpè n. facial hair, especially the beard v. to pluck out whiskers

sumpey n. food stuck to the face close to the mouth of a person, or a pig, after eating.

sumpit adj. very (usually with a negative connotation)

sumpul v. to link something with something

sumpung n. a house located on the outskirts of a village, for instance a house built by a refugee

sundalu n. soldier

sundang n. a smooth white two-edged sword vt. to stab someone or something with a pointed weapon

sundawè n. a volcanic mountain (such as Mount Apu)

sundug vi. to be upset; to sulk v. to be upset by the actions of others

sundul 1. v. to follow behind someone or something 2. v. to obey v. to walk in a pathway v. to walk following someone else

sungey 1. n. horn of an animal 2. n. the claw of a hammer 3. v. to make a hole

sunggu vi. to bleed

sunggud vt. to feed an animal (especially a pig) or a young child v. food (of an animal)

sungguk n. a dark or unused corner corner

sungì n. a harelip vi. to have a harelip

sungit vt. to feed someone else by placing food in their mouth (with their hands or a spoon)

sungkaleg n. a main support post (of a house); a cornerpost; the handle of an umbrella; the leg of a table or chair

sungkaluban n. deep part of stream

sungkiyè v. to change direction or destinaton v. to be accidentally change direction or destination


sungkul v. to hit oneself on something

Sungkulan prop_n.

sungsung vt. to sniff the rear (lebut) of another dog vi. to sniff out a trail

sungu n. the first in a row. e.g. the first house when one is approaching a village

sunlud n. a skirt (made with abaka)

suntuk v. to punch someone v. to be punched

sunud 1. adj. next adj. arrangement; alignment 2. n. step-parent

sunung v. to work out in the the rain ???. the name for the February rains which come at a time when people are busy clearing fields, and thus they keep on working in the rain

supak v. to disallow (for something); to be unlawful v. to deny; to refuse; to follow v. to be able to violate something (e.g., rules or policy) adj. contrary

supak te balaud See balaud adj. illegal; illegitimate

supas n. crackers; cookie


supè n. lid; cap vt. to put the lid onto a container

supil adj. contrary

supladdu adj. overbearing

suppu v. to be like someone else in appearance

supsup 1. vt. to suck something v. to be able to suck in something else 2. vt. to absorb water v. to be able to absorb liquid 3. n. a drinking straw

supu v. to be like someone else (in appearance or behavior)

surigaw n. surigaw camote

surindil v. to surrender

surku v. to plough between the rows of a crop

surù vt. push

suruk v. to become high or rise to be angry at someone else v. to cause by someone to get angry

surukuv Variant of surku v. to plough between the rows of a crop

susi v. to check out a story v. to be checked by someone v. to be able to check or detect something adj. curious

sustansiy n. nutrient


susu n. breast or udder vi. to nurse at the breast or bottle v. to nurse a baby v. to drink from its mother v. to suck one's thumb or finger

su-sù vi. to skin something (e.g., a tree or log) v. to keep on removing skin of something (e.g., tree or log)

Susu ni Puyayè n. susu ni puyaye mountain

susung1 v?. join together

susung2 n. a chisel

suub n. a pointed cover for something vt. to protect a hen and its young chickens by placing an inverted liyang basket over the top of them

suuk n. chalk

suuk1 vi. to go upstream up a small tributary go upstream —go downstream

suul n. a wage v. to give something as payment

suung 1. vi. n. dirt of lips e.g., especially in eating wet and sticky food v. to have dirt on their lips 2. to bend over with their head down

suungen v. to have a messy face from eating

suut v. to be like someone else (in behavior)

suwag n. the horn of an animal vt. to pierce something or someone with his horns

suwak v. to boil over or froth over the edge of the pot

suwal v. to root up the ground (esp. a sweet potato patch (kasilaan)) v. to root up the ground many times

suwang v. Hold off! Don't do it!

suwè v. to reimburse n. a payment for medicine

suwey 1. v. to step aside or deviate 2. v. to abuse as not following instruction 3. v. to branch off (from the main road) 4. v. to go in different directions; for a husband and wife to separate v. to separate (something) v. to be separated by grouping v. to separate intentionally 5. vi. to accidentally deviate from the (correct) way

suwildu n. pay; salary

suyà n. a pointed variety of banana that is green when ripe

suyak n. elongated banana

suysuy v. to tease someone

suyud n. a tool for preparing a rice paddy