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very; exceedingly; extremely
Wrd.Gloss: very
Eng. very; very much; exceedingly; extremely; highly; greatly; intensely
Ceb. kaayo
WBM: utew
Online dict status: -
Usage level: G

for someone (eg-am-amana, mig-am-amana/in-am-amana, agent, eg><ø-rdpCVC-) to do something (eg-am-amanaan, eg-am-amana:n, mig-am-amanaan, mig-am-amana:n/in-am-amanaan, in-am-amana:n/pig-am-amanaan, pig-am-amana:n, location, eg><an-rdpCVC-) in excess, or to strain themselves doing something
Eg-am-amana ne egkanta si Nilda minsan se egmanlepew e se uhat te lieg.
Nilda is singing excessively even though the fibres in her neck are standing out.
Eng. excess; excessively; overly; devoted; indulgent; love, excess; desire, excess
DDP: Enjoy doing something (, Romantic love (
Online dict status: -
Usage level: R

for someone (egkaamanaan, egkaamana:n, naamanaan, naamana:n, experiencer, egkA><an-) to love or value something (igkaamaneyi/ingkaamaneyi, ikaamaneyi, instrument, igkA–i) very much or too much
Egkaamanaan buwad iya te seleppì si Idgar su migpallahuy e kan uyan dutu.
It seems that Edgar really loves money because he ran away with some.
Eng. love a lot; love in excess; value a lot; value in excess; overly; excessive
DDP: Romantic love (
Online dict status: -
Usage level: M
for someone (egkaam-amanaan, egkaam-amana:n, naam-amanaan, naam-amana:n, experiencer, egkA><an-rdpCVC-) to value something (igkaam-amaneyi, ingkaam-amaneyi, ikaam-amaneyi, reason, ig><i-rdpCVC-) very much or too much
Egkaam-amanaan sikandin te asu rin ne mahasè su buutan amana.
He really values his pet dog even though it is thin, because it's good-natured.
Igkaam-amaneyi ku ka asawa ku su amana ne mapalanggeen keddì.
The reason that I really value my wife it is because she is lovable.
Egkaam-amanaan sikandin te alukuy rin, su kenè egkaaldek sikandin te asawa rin, minsan warè sikandin diyè te baley ran.
He values his friends too much, so he is not afraid of his wife, sometimes he doesn't even stay at home.
Gramm. The reduplicated form indicates a stronger feeling.
Eng. value; love; love a lot; love in excess; value a lot; value in excess; overly; excessive; devoted, be; favour; favouritism, show; indulge; overindulge; overcaring, be; value, excess; love, excess; desire, excess
OCM: Drivers and Emotions (152)
DDP: Like, love (, Enjoy doing something (, Romantic love (
Online dict status: -
Usage level: R
(maam-amana, mA1-rdpCV-) loving one thing a lot
Eng. loving a lot; valuing a lot; obsessed
Online dict status: -
Usage level: R

Last updated: 19/Dec/2014

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