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Def.: napenù
MS: napenù
If a container is full of something, there is no more space in it.
The glass is full of water.
The jeepney could not take any more passengers because it was already full.
See fill

Def.: due masalig
MS: due masalig
If something is full of something, it has a lot of it.
This mango is full of fruit.
This apple is full of worms.
She is full of energy.

Def.: warè nalaahi; due langun; langun-langun; kumplitu
MS: warè nalaahi; due langun; langun-langun; kumplitu
something full is complete, and includes all of it (e.g., full name).
I don't know the full details of the story.
Wara a nakataha te langun-langun pangasak te guhuren.
Please write your full name here, including your mother's maiden name.
Palihug isulat nu ka kumplitu ne ngaran nu, apil ka aplidu te iney nu te mengebay pad.
I paid a deposit today, and will pay the full amount next week.
Egpewun-a e kuntee egbayad, wey kayi te seup ne simana egbayaran ku ka langun-langun.
He threw the ball the full length of the basketball court.

Def.: nabulung
MS: nabulung
If you are full, you don't want to eat any more, because you have eaten enough.
Sem.Dom.: GSL0326-0350
Status: ready

Last updated: 18/Jan/2012