Matigsalug Manobo Vernacular Lexicon

payyew n. looks like a gabi plant

part. [surprise] ij. oh! [exclamation]

pebilu n. a wick

peburut n. a balloon

peelay-helay v. relax

peen vt. to bait a hook (kawad) with bait

peendini See hendini adj. moving towards here

peendiyè See hen + diyè adj. moving towards there




peggasal 1. vi. to skite or show-off to someone 2. vi. to boast about or be proud of something they have done to someone




pegket 1. n. a drawing pin or a staple 2. n. handcuffs 3. vt. to stick some things together with something else (e.g., a paper clip or a safety pin) vi. to be stuck together


pegnel vt. to stop or control someone else from doing something







pehes vt. to force, convince or persuade something onto someone else vi. to be persuaded or forced by somebody

pehet v. to (speak) sternly

pehul1 adj. lazy vi. that cause laziness to someone v. vi. to be avoid work adj. very lazy

pehul2 n. a type of small tree

peinit n. morning tea; a snack

peit1 adj. bitter; salty

peit2 n. a silver-scaled type of small fish which live only in fresh water

peka 1. n. back spine 2. n. the underside of a leaf

pekak v. to cluck after laying an egg

pekal n. a type of (cooking) banana

pekas v. to unhook something (e.g. a basket hanging on a nail on the wall, a pot hanging from a rope, or a button on a shirt)


pekel v. to bite the neck of the animal it is fighting

pekpek vt. to chop down something tall, e.g. a tree or banana stalk at the base with a tool

pekù vi. to be bent over v. to bend over

pela v. to make someone or something tired vi. to become tired of doing or eating something v. to cause someone to become fed up for a reason

pelak n. hard palate n. the roof of the mouth vi. to stick to the roof of one's mouth

pelata n. a coin or piece of silver

pelatuv Variant of palatu n. plate platter

pelè n. an incantation said during hunting, and walking in order to catch something immediately and reach the destination immediately. v. to blink naturally v. to flash off and on

peled 1. v. to cut down something tall (especially a tree) v. to cut down something tall continously (especially a tree) vi. to fall over 2. v. to die or fall from favor adj. staggering

Peleeng n. peleeng falls

peleng vt. to strangle someone or something else vi. to be strangulated (e.g., an animal whose tether pulls tight around its neck)

pelenggana n. wash tub

peleputus vi. to fire in bursts

pelì n. a type of tree

pelinta n. the law; the ruling of a chieftain

pelis 1. v. to unhook something (e.g. a rope) which is caught from slipping over something else (e.g. a splinter in a post) 2. v. to descend having past its zenith

peliyà ne malayat n. ampalaya; bitter melon

peliya ne mallibusen n. bitter melon variety

pelpel vt. to knock the mud off their shoes vi. to fall down and land on something or someone

pelus vt. to remove something hooked up high e.g., a ring off one's finger ??? or a curtain off a hook

peluypeluy n. asian glossy starling

pemada n. pemada camote

penebanan n. store place of untreashing rice

pened 1. v. to hold on to their urine or faeces for example, if travelling on a bus 2. v. to control their sexual desires 3. n. the area around the anus of an eel (kasili) that is desired because it is fatty

penek ???. next; after that v. give up

peneng adj. greatest

penga v???. to be finished adj. afterwards


pentug v. to ride (a vehicle or animal)

pentut v. to oscillate between fast and slow

penù vi. to become full adj. fully v. to be full; level with the top v. to fill something to make it full

pepil n. paper

perè v. to make someone or something tired v. to be tired of waiting

perekul n. axe

perem 1. part. wishfully 2. part. for something to almost happen by accident [frustrative particle] 3. v. to use the perem particle in their speech

Pereman prop_n. the name of a constellation

Peren prop_n.

peres adj. astringent (taste); sour n. a stinging pain (e.g. when salt is put on a wound)

peri vt. to split something into (two or more) pieces with an axe n. a bar of something, such as soap adj. split n. a piece which is split off; to split something in pieces

perì v. to lose its appetite to eat

perubus n. roasted coffee beans n. talcum powder

pesè vi. to be broken vt. to be break something brittle, e.g., an egg.

pes-ek 1. n. post (in the ground) v. to drive in posts to form the foundation of a new building v. to use a post to drive itself into the ground 2. v. a generic term for someone or some organization to begin building a house, church, or other structure v. to put a post in the ground n. Ref.Gloss: horizon (literally post of heaven). These are the invisible posts that are believed to support heaven.

pesel vt. to squeeze or press something e.g., someone's hand as a silent signal, or to squeeze a toothpaste tube, or to press a key on a piano

pesiddinti n. president

pesik v. to splatter a liquid or slurry

pesuk v. to pull something out of something else, e.g. a machete (ugpit) out of its handle, or lead sinkers out of the mold

peta vi. to come undone or open vt. to rip open something

petew vi. to startle or surprise someone (usually by their arrival) v. to be surprised of something v. that can surprise at someone else

petik v. to pulse or flick

petpet v. to chop a tree in order to cut it down

peyad n. narrow mat

peyi pron. a form of address for a girl or young woman

peyilem n. a magic to become invisible v. to become invisible

peyina vi. to do community service

piang v. to limp v. to have become lame; to have broken a bone internally adj. lame adj. limping

Pibliru prop_n. February

piddidus n. sawn timber

pididus n.

pidikab n. pedicab

pieg vi. to be unable to defecate because they noticed someone watching

piet n. a bow (for shooting an arrow), usually made with laak bamboo, or basag wood bowstringshoot with bowarrowarrow



pigè?? adj. certain

pig-et adj. severe; narrow

piggung n. unhealthy thin dog either male or female

pigkut v. to sit at the edge of a gathering




pigsaanan n. a wood used for pop something

pigsè v. to hatch (from an egg) v. to break something open vi. to become burst open

pihek n. a type of fish which seems like a milkfish that we found only in the fresh water

pihil v. to insist what they want or to ask forcely

pikat v. to pull down the cheek under your own eye as a sign of disrespect

piket v. to glue something with something

piket1 n. glue or sticky tape 1. v. to glue something with something

piket te niyug n. coconut shell

pikit n. a collection of meats gathered by the bride's side for a traditional wedding. This will be paid for at a high price by the groom's family

piku n. a pick

pikungan n. a corner

pila 1. pron. how many times 2. pron. how many 3. pron. how much 4. adj. few; not many adj. several ques.

pilak vt. to spear something with a sharp instrument without letting go of the handle

pilapil n. the dividing banks in a ricefield v. to make dividing banks

pilas n. a young monkey

pilè n. a very small, brown type of ant with a very painful bite n. a type of flying ant

pileen n. a large red-skinned wild fruit which grows on a bush

pilek 1. v. to close in a few second and open again 2. n. eyelash adj. twinkling adj. the action of twinkling 3. n. a type of weed

pileng vi. to close the eyes v. to often close their eyes v. to become closed eyes

pil-es v. to become hoarse (from excessive use)

pilì v.

piligpilig vi. to shake water or dirt off something e.g., to shake water off hands after washing, or to shake the water and mud off rice seedlings before planting

piligru adj. a critical situation

piliguruv Variant of piligru adj. a critical situation

pilimiruv Variant of pirmiru adj. first

Pilipinas n. the Philippines


pilit1 n. a small insect

pilit2 n. a sticky variety of rice rice porridge

pilitiv Variant of pliti n. a payment of rent or fare on a passenger vehicle

pillù n. leaves for wrapping food in (usually a class of taro or banana leaves)

pilpikv Variant of pirpik adj. perfect

pilpil vt. to pat something or someone with their hand

pilu1 vt. to crumble something between their fingers

pilu2 v. to have the hairs on the end darken

pilung v. to be curled or bent over

pimpung n. an explosive charge made from match heads which is bound in a small piece of plastic bag and then placed inside a piece of food such as sweet potato. If a wild pig bites that bait, the charge will explode; injuring the pig and alerting the people vi. to set an explosive charge in the bush in order to catch a wild pig

pinaagi conj. by means of

pinakatay v. cursive writing

pinalayan n. a shed built for shelter and grain storage when planting

Pinamantawan n. pinamantawan mountain

Pinanguglungan prop_n.

pindit v. to pick using two fingers

pindut n. a pinch of some substance, as a pinch of salt, using the thumb and the fingers

pineilid n. a type of tree

pingag adj. a glass or bottle when it has a broke part on it (e.g.,marble) v. to have break or crack

pingew vi. to miss someone else

pinggan n. plate


piniet vi. to be in a difficult situation or time

pinipi n. flattened toasted (young) rice


pinisilin n. a kind of tablets

pinnuu 1. v. to sit (down) on the chair or somewhere 2. n. anything for sitting on v. to cause someone or something else to sit somewhere v. to sit down for a while v. to keep on sitting v. to sit and wait 3. v. to set something somewhere 4. n. a reason to stay and wait for something the moon is full

pinsil n. pencil

pintal n. paint v. to paint something

pintik n. slingshot

pintut n. gambling for something by throwing a dice v. to draw lots

pinutì n. a knife of similar size to a bolo (ugpit), about two feet long and intended for use for killing n. a type of knife or else a carved handle, said to resemble a carabao horn

pinuuv Variant of pinnuu 1. v. to sit (down) on the chair or somewhere 2. n. anything for sitting on v. to cause someone or something else to sit somewhere v. to sit down for a while v. to keep on sitting v. to sit and wait 3. v. to set something somewhere 4. n. a reason to stay and wait for something the moon is full

pinya n. pineapple

pi-pì vt. to wash a few clothes vt. to wash clothes n. the dirty laundry n. the clean laundry

pipiddew n. a propellor

pipinì n. a trap for rice birds

piriba n. confirmation that a story is true

pirinda v. to pawn or mortgage something

pirinsipalv Variant of prinsipal n. principal

pirisidintiv Variant of prisidinti n. president

pirisinsiyav Variant of prisinsiya n. presence

pirisuv Variant of prisu n. prisoner n. prisoner n. prison v. to become prisoner v. to be imprisoned v. to put someone else in prison

piritu vt. to fry something using oil (mentika) or fat in a pan (kalè)

pirlas n. pearl

pirma vi. to sign something

pirmiru adj. first

pirpik adj. perfect

piru conj. but

pisal v. to weigh something

pisang vt. to cut something with a back and forwards sawing action with a bolo or similar knife vi. to get cut

pisel v. to become trapped between something

pispis n. the young of all small animals that are still without hair or fur n. kitten

pispuru n. matches

pista n. fiesta v. to celebrate the fiesta

pisun n. a roller such as used for compacting the highway

pisus n. peso ???. a peso each

pitaka n. wallet

pitas v. to pull something apart (e.g husband and wife, pieces of an onion, a spear in a pig) v. to become separated apart

pitew 1. v. to look at somebody or something v. to show someone something v. to be good on the outside but not in secret (e.g., pretending) v. to look each other in the eyes 2. v. to look for something

pitpit vi. to wink at someone else

pitsa n. date

pitsay 1. n. Chinese cabbage 2. n. a variety Chinese cabbage

pitsil n. container for holding and pouring liquid

pitu 1. num. seven (counting) adj. seven (adjective) num. seven (limitation) 2. adj. seventh 3. adv. seven times 4. num. in groups of seven or seven each 5. adv. in seven days' time adv. seven days that have passed vi. to be in three days' time 6. n. seven nights (and intervening days) in the future vi. to be going to spend three days or nights somewhere n. seven nights (and intervening days) in the past 7. vi. to become seven in total or seven times in size 8. adv. in seven parts, or seven times vt. to be divided into seven parts or to be done seven times vi. to cause seven things to exist or to happen

pitumpulù num. seventy

pitu ne aldew n. seven days

pitu ne pulùv Variant of pitumpulù num. seventy

piul v. a something/someone lame

piyak n. a young bird (e.g. chicken or duckling) v. to act like a baby, i.e., to have a crying fit or to try to snatch something from the mother

piyal v. to be entrusted with a large responsibility v. to be trustworthy

piyansa n. a witness v. to mediate in obtaining a loan (guarantee payment) v. to aid or assist others

piyapis n. the tail part of a fish (caudal fin)

piyaras v. to rub together

piyetut v. to be overloaded or weighed down

piyus n. buttocks

piyut vi. to become smaller in the buttocks

plaka n. a record (such as for a gramophone) or a tape for a cassette recorder

planu v. to plan something 1. n. plan 2. adj. wise v. to scheme something; to think about something adj. visionary

plas -.

plastik n. a man made chemical can be formed any

platu n. plate

plawta n. flute

pliti n. a payment of rent or fare on a passenger vehicle

pradyik n. project

prindav Variant of pirinda v. to pawn or mortgage something

prinsipal n. principal

prinsisa n. princess

prisidinti n. president

prisinsiya n. presence

prisu n. prisoner n. prisoner n. prison v. to become prisoner v. to be imprisoned v. to put someone else in prison

prubinsya n. province

prublima n. problem v. to have a problem

prupita n. prophet

prutas n. fruit

puasa vi. to fast from eating food

publi adj. poor

puet vi. to have a cold with firm mucuous runny mucous

puggung v. to drive away something or to try to dissuade someone of something v. to keep away; to resist

pugpug adj. missing finger tip

puhad v. to beat the evil spirits busew out of a house with a stick while shouting "Wow" on the night after the burial of a person who died in that house.

puhawang vt. to think about something v. to make plans adj. resourceful; creative; thinker

puhewù v. to be tired from waiting someone

puhù v. to have contracted a fatal illness

puhù n. quail

puil n. an empty, burned field v. to become cleared of trees by burning

pukan 1. v. to fall out of a tree 2. v. to have no power (as in a tree without any branches) v. to return from a journey because the sound of a falling tree signalled bad fate

pukapuk n. crimson-breasted barbet which lives in dead wood

pukew vt. to awaken someone or some creature vi. to be awake

pukpuk v. to hit something


pukut n. a long fishing net

pula n. a type of palm

pulan 1. v. to stay awake; to be sleepless v. to be disturbed in one's sleep vi. to cause someone to stay awake all night 2. n. an obligation of male sides to be given at female sides especially to the grandmother and granfather either it is money, things, or animal. This kind of dowry is for the payment of being sleepless during the babyhood stage of the female.

Pulangi1 n. Pulangi river

pulangi2 n. a large red ant with a very painful bite

pulapul v. to beat a bangkakew drum by pounding (egbinayu) with long sticks

pulendag n. a long flute, usually made of balakayu bamboo vi. to play a pulendag flute

pules vi. to pull their blanket up over their head (to keep out the light, noise, or mosquitoes) vt. to pull the blanket up over someone's head (to keep out the light, noise, or mosquitoes)

Pulew n. long-tailed nightjar

pulgada n. a unit of length equal to 1/36 yard

puli n. subtitute

pulid v. to drop somthing by pulling and pushing v. the father of the girl gives to the father of the boy about P100 as a token payment for a horse at their wedding

pulilung n. a shade made for a traditional resin lamp (sulù), so that the holder of the lamp is not dazzled by the light when searching for something by the light of the lamp

pulipusan n. the tip of a piece of stick grasped in the hand, i.e., the piece of stick sticking out beyond the hand.

pulis n. police

pulit vt. to wipe something (especially mud) onto someone else v. to be accidentally stained by squeezing past something else

puliti n. a variety of cane

pulitu n. matchhead

pulmalv Variant of purmal adj. formal

pulmuniyav Variant of pulmunya n. a kind sick that feel colds and have caugh

pulmunya n. a kind sick that feel colds and have caugh

pulpul? n. stern

pulù1 num. tens

pulù2 n. the top of the skull

pulù3 1. n. island 2. n. archipelago n. an island

pulun 1. n. a share; a part of a whole 2. v. to be contracted v. to contract their muscles 3. v. to gather on the branch

pulung n???. for someone or a family to eat something all by themselves, usually because they caught some game and no-one else was around to share it with

pulungan n. one's activity

pulus n. usefulness adj. valuable v. to be valuable

pulutan n. cage

punas 1. n. a rag; dishtowel; washcloth n. rag vt. to wipe something, e.g., the floor with something, e.g. a rag v. to dry something (e.g., table or body) using towel or cloth 2. n. an obligation of male sides to be given at female sides especially at grandmother and granfather either it is money, things, or animal. This kind of dowry is for the payment of being tired of wiping drops during the babyhood stage of the female.

punda n. pillowcase

pundil v. to be used up. e.g. a flat battery or a burnt out bulb

pundu v. to make a down payment on something v. to manage? (the money)

punduk n. a group v. to group people v. to group together to sit in groups. e.g. the Panganan people all together in one place and the Digungan people together in another group v. to divide a slaughtered animal into portions (by size not by weight) adj. one group v. to request or ask people to group together

puneng n. smallpox

punges 1. n. dirt stuck to the face 2. v. to tie up an animal's mouth

punget n. muzzle vt. to muzzle a horse

punggey n. the tree used to obtain the black dye traditionally used to dye teeth. The wood is burnt on a metal plate over a fire and the liquid residue is applied (ipareket) to the teeth. This is a semi-permanent stain temporary stain

punggis v. drop because of something/someone v. someone cause to remove something

pungguk n. a generic name of all types of snails

pungkù n. a lame person (due to a twisted leg) vi. to become paralyzed

pungkul adj. lame due to loss of leg

pungpung n. cluster

pungu n. seed, for planting n. a head of rice

pungyal n. a hunting knife

punius v. to have departed already

punpun 1. vt. to gather up something v. to keep on gathering or collecting something vi. to be collected together 2. vt. to organize something v. to be able to organized by someone

Punsu prop_n.

puntil n. a carrying bag

puntuk n. group

puntul n. peak of mountain

puntus adj. expressive

punù n. a record player

punung n. a cooperative or a project

pupkung adj. desperate

pupu vt. to pick something by breaking it off (with the fingers - a small fruit or vegetable from a plant) vi. to fall off n. a place or container to put things when they are picked

pu-pù vi. to become tired from holding something

pupud1 n. carried fire

pupud2 n. rice seed payment

pupul n. the end or tip of something long n. top or upper part of something adj. to have a sharpened tip vt. to sharpen something sharpen

pupural adj. original

pupus vi. for someone loss of cool

purduy adj. to go broke or bankrupt

purenges1 1. n. adj. ugly 2. adj. cute; beautiful

purenges2 n. short nose; flat nose

purisu conj. therefore

purmal adj. formal

purubinsiyav Variant of prubinsya n. province

purublimav Variant of prublima n. problem v. to have a problem

puruk1 n. a small tool with a rounded metal blade used by women for weeding

puruk2 n. a hut

purupitav Variant of prupita n. prophet

purut vt. to pick up something with the fingers to hold it n. a measurement which is the amount which can be held between all the fingers

pusakè n. something or someone too precious to give up

pusas n. handcaff

pused 1. n. navel n. the umbilical cord 2. n. the hard section right at the inner end of a corn or rice kernel, and various fruits such as papaya.

pusil n. gun v. to shoot something

puspus n. a switch; a cane

pusta n. a bet v. to bet; to wager; to gamble

pustisu n. a denture

pusù n. a banana blossom

pusung 1. n. the anatomical heart 2. n. the seat of the emotions

pusù te sahing n. banana blossom

putek v. to add water when cooking rice porridge (binulalu)

putew n. iron


putu n. a grate food like a cake

Putulen prop_n.

putus n. a wig of long hair used by older women to clip on and supplement their own hair n. a hair tie v. to tie up their hair wear hair lose

putut v. to collect fruit off a tree when there's hardly any left anyway

puukpuuk vi. to gather together

puun prep. from; since vi. to come from somewhere n. reason

puwag v. to smoke out bees

puwalas n. forest v. to clear a forested area in order to make a kaingin or field in the forest n. kaingiroes

puwas 1. vt. to open something (e.g. a bottle of Coke, a pot of vegetables) by removing the lid vi. to become uncovered adj. open v. to rip off a toenail 2. adj. to a battery to be flat

puwidi v. to be possible

puyungut n. a sack or bag woven of sedge or pandanus; a small piece of cloth or clothing used to wrap a few possessions

puyus n. a blade of spear

puyut n. a cloth hammock (for rocking a baby to sleep) n. a hammock for a child