Matigsalug Manobo Vernacular Lexicon


da part. [discouragement]

daag n. a narrow distant field away from the barrio v. to make a narrow distant field somewhere

daan adj. ancient; old adv. beforehand adj. v. to become old

daat v. to waste something (except money) vi. to be wasted v. to waste or ruin something (esp. money) adj. oh blow! blow it all

daav Variant of da part. [discouragement]

Dabaw prop_n.

dabek-dabek v. sound

dabi vt. to hit with the side of fist

dabu adj. for certain foods to be dry

dabuk n. the white inside wall of bamboo

dabul adj. powdery

dabung n. bamboo shoot

daddu vi. to plough a field

dag-es n. it's indicative that the person is suffering from pain

daggil n. knife

dagket vt. to move so as to touch something v. to be touched on something or at someone else v. touching e.g. a man touching a woman

dagmang vt. to get something by swooping down on it

dagpù adj. to not be a local v. to approach or migrate in other nation

dagsang 1. vi. to produce sound immediately, e.g. the crash when a kettle drops to the floor, or for lighting to be directly overhead. i.e., the thunder immediately follows the lightning v. to successive immediately sound (e.g thunder) 2. vi. to put down something on the floor which producing strong sound

dagsè 1. v. to be possessed by a spirit, e.g., Tahabikal or Mannalingan 2. v. to have twins e.g., both evil and good spirits

dagsel vt. to have a snack at someone's residence vi. to request a snack or to be eaten

dahabas vt. to be a part or connected with one thing v. to include or without excemption about something

dahang v. to barter or trade something with someone else (e.g., to trade bananas for salt, tinned fish, or clothing) v. to sell food (e.g. lahas nuts, banana, or meat or fish) to someone else wealthier for much more than the actual value

dahas 1. conj. at the same time; simultaneously, e.g., to kill two birds with the same stone conj. next, soon after 2. v. to continue to do something (mission, vission, goal, etc.) for having success 3. adj. survivor

dahat n. sea; ocean

dahayun v. to be continuous or always

daheb v. to sound when it beating

dahebdeb vi. to make footfalls

dahegsal vt. to crash down on the ground (usually producing loud sound or impact when it reach the ground)

daheneg adj. a loud sound v. to make a loud sound

dahengdeng n. (dorsal or ventral) fin (of a fish) pectoral fincaudal fin tail

dahesdes 1. v. to continue in someone adj. continuous; strong; severe (usually for sick) 2. n. hope

dahew v. to do something quickly v. to request someone to finish something immediately to go (somewhere) and return fairly shortly, e.g., go in the morning and return by lunch

dahing n. sound adj. loud; noisy (of sounds or voice) v. to sound because of something adj. the action of sounding v. to make a sound with something

dahubì v. to create sounds from falling down or beating v. to create strong sounds from falling down or beating

dahumey n. a rash in the groin or under the neck of a baby vi. to get a chill after swimming too long

dahupì v. pull down

dakatan n. a piece of wood or plastic for chopping meat and vegetable

dakdak v. to tap something on the ground or stone

dakel 1. adj. big; large v. to grow bigger in size 2. adj. many; much 3. adj. great. 4. v. to become many 5. v. to make bigger 6. adj. considerable 7. v. to grieve adj. size; amount adj. sizeable v. to get bigger by giving a lot amount of food v. to get bigger; to grow 8. v. to get somewhat bigger v. to have increased 9. v. to be love or value to give love, value ( beloved ) at someone else or something for a reason

dakel se bali See bali adj. expensive

dakel se geyinawa See geyinawa adv. to have a high regard

dakep vt. to capture or arrest somebody or something vi. to be caught or arrested

dakesel 1. vt. to hold and push down something on the ground or in a stiff area (so that it would not move) v. to used to pressed down with something n. a clipboard 2. vt. to accuse someone else or to force them into a difficult situation 3. v. to be very weak from sickness, often not able to get up or to eat n. hope

dakupal adj. pile up vi. to become thick

dakurak vt. to peel something, e.g., sweet potato, yams boil it in lots of water, and then mash it. to plan to peel something, e.g., sweet potato, yams

dakutan n. clay

dalama 1. n. a particular kind of stone of which certain cliffs are made n. a cliff made of a particular type of stone n. having a lot of cliffs of dalama rock (of an area) n. the name of a particular place which has a lot of cliffs of dalama rock 2. n. evil spirits (busew) that dwell among cliffs of dalama rock

dalan n. path vi. to make a path or trail somewhere vi. to be on the road or path n. paths, roads

dalanag n. run-off from rain v. to have a slight run-off across the ground v. to have a heavy run-off across the ground

dalap vt. to toast something vi. to be scorched by fire

dalapak vi. to approach something

dalapdap v. to spread

dalapet v. to move towards something because they are attracted to it vi. to attract a person or flock of birds, or to be the thing which attracts a person or flock of birds v. to be able to approach something which they are attracted to (e.g., because they have enough strength, or because nobody is guarding the thing which they are attracted to) v. to approach a thing or things which they are attracted to

dalasek adj. forceful

dalawit vi. to weep or wail (as at a funeral)

dalayap1 1. v. to spread out somewhere 2. v. to transfer to someone else adj. contagious

dalayap2 n. cliff

daleet adj. stormy; tempestuous

daleket n. grass variety

dalem 1. adj. patient 2. adj. modest

dalem1 1. n. depth 2. adj. deep adj. deepest 3. n. the lower part (e.g., euphemism for the private parts of a human) 4. n. the underside 5. adj. downward 6. adj. profound (used of words and sayings) adj. downwards v. to submit to others adj. humble adj. innermost 7. n. a fine arrow used in a blow-gun

dalem2 n. a fine arrow used in a blow-gun

dalen-ug n. mole cricket

dalepè n. the world

dalew vi. to groan weakly (because the fever or pain is so bad that they are unable to talk)

dalid n. root v. to grow roots

dali-dì vi. to jeer at someone else

dalikamag n. a type of milkfish which we found only in Pulangi, Salug, and Sita river

dalimasù n. small blister-like sores on the tongue or back of the mouth

dal-in vi. to stain another object

dalingding n. a type of mahogany?; wall?

dalit1 n. a part of a bees nest that is edible honey beehoneyhoneycombbee larvae

dalit2 v. to offer something to someone else

daliyang n. a trapping pit v. to make a pit to catch criminals or edible animals in a place

dallut 1. vt. to dip a food (e.g., bread, biscuits, or sweet potato) into a liquid (e.g., tea, coffee, honey, soup) v. to be forcely dip on something 2. v. to be not intense or frequent (e.g.,doing something, like sleeping etc.)

dalu 1. n. sickness v. to be sick adj. ill adj. unhealthy adj. sickly to have a member got sick v. to cause sick 2. n. woman sick

dalung n. a dark area because of someone or something vi. to overshadow something

dalupè n. another term for world

dalupingan n. a small, and flat thin head fish which usually found only in Sita, and Salug river.

dalusung vt. to urge on someone else to work or move faster

daluus n. a rice storage basket

daluwit vt. to dip something into a sauce or soup

damag v. to participate in a wake (for the dead) n. funeral v.

damal n. a fret on a kuglung vi. to finger on the frets of a kuglung

damang n. a generic name of all types of spider

dampas 1. vt. to steal a domestic animal in order to pay a debt v. something stolen n. something stolen 2. vi. to do something secretly to someone

dampè v. to catch something (e.g., frog or grasshopper) v. to keep on catching something (e.g., frog or grasshopper)

dampè1 v. to catch a bird on the ground v. to be able to catch something v. to be catched

dampelak n. slug

dampil 1. v. to dry (in the sun) something somewhere 2. n. dried something

damuluhan n. a small black type of ground lizard with orange tail; edible

damuluwan n. a variety of bamboo

dan pron. they; (them) pron. they; (them) poss_pron. their; of theirs

danak v. to fall over and lose its shape

dangdang 1. vi. to line up themselves or something else 2. vi. to sit or stand beside someone or something else 3. v. to help others in clearing a field; place (self, somebody or something) adjacent (to somebody or something)???

dangeb 1. adj. another; other 2. n. the next; the second one 3. n. two-pronged

dangeleg n. a type of tree

dangep v. to request help for a problem

dangew n. a hand span (about 8 in.) foot, 12 inches v. hand span

danggut n. a fine-toothed comb for combing lice out of the hair comb vt. to comb the nits out of their hair with a fine-toothed comb

dangkey v. to rest with legs up on something

dangul v. to hit oneself on the floor

dani adj. near vi. to be near something or someone vi. to approach something or someone vi. to be closed; to be in the vicinity adj. to be close together vi. to be approaching

dantey v. to rest above something else

dantul v. to visit somewhere else out of town (for example to buy something)

dapa n. the span of both arms (stretched out)

dapal vi. to place their open hand on something

dapan v. to go together well

dapat v. to have no holes or gaps

dapè v. to be insufficiently sloped

dapenet adj. pure or holy v. to remain fixed in one place

dapet v. to approach something to feed e.g., fruit of manimpulun, luhimit and balitì trees

dapì vt. to dab something with something vt. to hold something on something

dapig 1. v. to put aside something somewhere v. to be able to put aside something n. a person who regularly sets aside things for other people (because that is their task) 2. v. to move things one by one from a place to another place until there are no more in the original place 3. v. to separate from the group deliberately 4. vt. to favor or side with someone else

dapil-dapil v. do good to someone for something

dapit lnk. on the other side

darab v. to peep or to watch out someone or something

darayibil n. a driver

dares v. to do or have something to excess

dari v. to surpass someone else

daru n. plow vi. to plow some land somewhere

daruwa num. two (counting) adj. two

daruwampulù num. twenty

daruwam pulù wey daruwav Variant of daruwa_ne_pulù_wey_daruwa num. twenty-two

daruwam pulù wey sabekav Variant of daruwa_ne_pulù_wey_sabeka num. twenty-one

daruwan n. a field

daruwa ne pulùv Variant of daruwampulù num. twenty

daruwa ne pulù wey daruwa num. twenty-two

daruwa ne pulù wey sabeka num. twenty-one

dasag n. a gift or payment vt. to give a gift or reward to someone else

dasdas v. to use all the vegetables all at once

dasè vt. to give bribe

dasek adj. dense; thick vt. to press down on something and keep adding more until it becomes compacted vi. to become compacted

dasen v. add to much

dasig 1. v. to encourage others (e.g. church members) v. to ak someone for encouragement v. to be encouraged by someone or something (e.g. a good situation) v. to encourage someone, or to be the thing which encourages them. n. encourager adj. having skills for encouraging people 2. v. to cheer themselves up

dateng v. to arrive; to stay inn

dateng1 v. to arrived in the bride's residence to marry vt. to give a gift to someone usually as a forerunner to making a bigger request from them

dateng2 vi. to have a fever

datu adj. impassive

datù 1. n. chieftain adj. dominant n. leader supreme chieftain adj. venerable; grand; majestic; noble adj. royal v. to be a spokesman of other side 2. adj. wealthy vi. to become a leader; to be wealthy n. wealth; anything of value

datul vi. to bounce v. to bounce something

daug v. to win a competation to have won

dawa n. sesame

dawat vt. to receive something

dawi v. to pounce and seize its smaller prey (e.g., a chicken, a mouse) v. to be able to catch a prey

dawit vt. to mention someone's name, i.e., to associate someone's name with an action vi. to be mentioned in connection with some action, e.g., when the children misbehave then others remember that the father never disciplined the children

dawunlud v. to transfer

day n.

daya n. an upstream location

dayan 1. vt. to praise someone or something with words or actions 2. vi. to pretend to have or be something so that they will be praised 3. vi. to ignore correction or instruction because the style of correction doesn't fit, or is not strong enough for, the situation vt. to encourage a person or animal to ignore the correction, or to be the thing which encourages a person or animal to ignore the correction 4. v. to be outspoken and boastful about something 5. vt. to decorate something

dayi conj. if

dayirayi adj. for someone or something to be better

dayu n. foreigner 1. v. to go to another place

dayuwan n. a place inhabited by evil spirits (busew). Usually this is a rock face (dalama) or a large tree especially the balitì tree

part. just; only

debpakv Variant of degpak vt. to throw something overhand at something or someone

ded1 part. also

ded2 n.

ded3 part. for security

ded maa adv. then also

deeg1 v. to strike the ground v. to hit by someone

deeg2 v. to show contempt for or oppress someone v. to keep on oppressing someone else

deeg3 v. to win a competition or a game v. to be able to win or be victorious vi. to be defeated

deegv Variant of daug v. to win a competation to have won

deen n. certain strings of salurey

dees v. to eat raw meat from a carcass

deet 1. n. damage 2. adj. ugly adj. bad (unfavorable) 3. v. to become bad v. to become bad adj. bad (of someone's mood) v. to become bad or depressed v. to become badly or depressed adj. bad (immoral) adj. mean; wicked adj. indecent; vulgar; corrupt 4. v. to damage or destroy something for a reason v. to become broken v. to be able to destroy or run down something, or to be a thing to cause destruction of something 5. v. to waste something (e.g money or food) 6. v. to ruin something

deet se kulis See kulis adj. unfortunate

deet se nanam adj. bad tasting

degma part. also; too

degpak vt. to throw something overhand at something or someone

deg-uy vi. to wince with pain at something

deha v. to refuse to do something again because of the bad experience at first time v. to refuse; to turn down; to not want

deheng vi. to pant

dehes v. to itch

deig adj. burn log which were not consumed by the fire v. to be eaten by fire

deisek 1. adj. little (in size) v. to decrease or decline v. to divide into small pieces as a share 2. adj. few (in quantity) 3. n. last finger cheap, unexpensive adj. least v. to make smaller i.e to shorten with something

deisek ne pinggan n. saucer

deisek se bali See deisek adj. cheap

deisey adj. small; little

dekat v. to accompany each other

dekdek vt. to pound something (e.g. baluhu used for fishing) using hard materials

deket v. to strain something to something

dekket1 1. v. to stick to something else adj. touching or stuck together v. to stick 2. n. a type of grass

dekket2 v. to light a lamp or fire from another source of fire by using something to carry fire to the thing to be ignited

dekul n. a loud sound that someone makes v. to yell to express bad emotion

delag1 1. adv. rarely 2. adj. far apart (in distance) adj. far apart; infrequent

delag2 1. n. wilderness 2. n. field; farm

delas v. to flee in fear

deldeg1 n. a barbless spear barbed spear v. to spear someone or something

deldeg2 n. a part of a kuglung instrument.

deldel v. to drive away someone else

delem n. dark gloom

delemetan n. a traditional herbal medicine v. to fetch herbal medicines

delikadduv Variant of dilikaddu 1. adj. delicate 2. adj. dangerous

delikadu adj. dangerous

delikit n. type of airplane that carries bombs

delregv Variant of deldeg1 n. a barbless spear barbed spear v. to spear someone or something

delrelv Variant of deldel v. to drive away someone else

delug v. to put something to scare away rice birds (maya) (and maybe monkeys in the past) usually with strings and empty tin cans

demmug n. dew or moisture v. to be on plants v. to be wet with dew for a reason adj. having a lot of dew (plants)

dempal vi. to become bluntened

dempil n. on the other side

dengan 1. n. long ago adj. first 2. v. to do two things at once (synchronously), e.g., beating a drum adj. all together

dengdeng1 adj. stay for while

dengdeng2 n. a pointed thorn at the back of the fish especially tilapia

dengeg n. prestige; honor

denggew n. a flower used for medicine

densig 1. v. to adjust something 2. v. to give a space to someone or something 3. v. to move something somewhere

depa n. a measure of the span of both arms vi. to stretch out both arms, e.g., to catch someone who is running towards you n. measuring rod

depav Variant of dapa n. the span of both arms (stretched out)

dep-ug vi. to wash their own face v. to wash someone else's face

deraruwa v. to hold something using two hands

dereeg n. a kind of trap which used logs for catching wild animals or for killing person

desen1 v. they work for you and you feed them v. they work for you and you feed them

desen2 adj. hard (of a surface) or very strong (of something that has been tied) n. strength or power n. all powerful in heaven under God's command v. to firmly hold onto something

deu prop_n.

deul n. a variety of pointed cooking banana

deut vi. to move to an area that has a lot of food

dew-ey v. to scold someone else for something that they have already done vt. to criticize someone or something else about something v. to be criticized by someone else about anything

dewsi n. a dozen

dewun 1. n. leaf v. to produce leaves 2. n. a share for food

deyew adj. good

deyipag n. the opposite bank of a river or stream

deyireyi v. reliable than others

deyrey 1. vt. to praise someone or something with words or actions vi. to feel encouraged to do something again because of the praise which they have received for doing it v. to cause someone to be encouraged, or to be the thing which encourages someone vi. to request praise by someone (perhaps because they are feeling discouraged) 2. vi. to ignore correction or instruction because the style of correction doesn't fit, or is not strong enough for, the situation vt. to encourage a person or animal to ignore the correction, or to be the thing which encourages a person or animal to ignore the correction

conj. but


diblu n. book

diddid vt. to strip the outer skin off sugarcane with an instrument such as a bolo or puruk weeding tool

diddìv Variant of didì n. breast or breastmilk vt. to drink the breastmilk of its mother vt. to breastfeed a baby with her breastmilk

didì n. breast or breastmilk vt. to drink the breastmilk of its mother vt. to breastfeed a baby with her breastmilk

diek 1. v. to thresh (by treading on the rice stalks); ???To tread (something such as rice stalks) v. to step on something 2. v. to abuse

Dihungan prop_n.

dihus 1. v. to sponge down someone or something with a little water (e.g. for a mother to bathe her children) 2. n. swimming pool

diip n. jeepney

diisv Variant of diyis num. ten

dikabla n. a pinch bar; a clasp and staple

dikamet? adj. independent

diken v. to cook

dikultu n. short pants

Dikuy prop_n.

dilè 1. n. tongue vt. to lick something 2. n. the trigger (of a gun)

dilikaddu 1. adj. delicate 2. adj. dangerous

Dilpin prop_n.

dilus v. to curse someone else

dimalas v. to tease or lure someone else ???

din pron. he; she; it; him; her pron. he; she; it; him; her poss_pron. his; her; its; of his; of hers Ref.Gloss: his; her; its

dineg 1. n. sense of hearing v. to hear or perceive sound v. to be heard v. to be able to hear or perceive something (e.g., sounds) 2. v. to inform to someone else v. to be given by authority to inform anybody

dinegan v. to go somewhere and warn someone about something that has happened v. to go somewhere to enquire about something from someone

dineg-ey vi. to neigh vi. to laugh shouting constantly

dingding vt. to intentionally block a person or thing with something (e.g., part of their body, a piece of paper) e.g., so that they cannot see or are protected from something v. to unintentionally block a person or thing, or to intentionally use something (e.g., part of their body, a piece of paper) to block a person or thing

dingil v. to move one's head to the side v. to bow one's head adj. slanting

dini loc_pron. here

dinuraddu n. a variety of upland rice

dipulyuv Variant of lipulyu n. cabbage

diritsu adv. directly

disè vt. to use something, usually a piece of wood to rub along the seam of a garment to crush the lice crush lice between thumbnails vi. to become crushed

disgarasiyav Variant of disgrasya v. to have an accident

disgrasya v. to have an accident

Disimbri n. December

disinuwibi num. nineteen

disiplina n. discipline v. to discipline someone else (often a child)

disirtu n. a place where

disisayis num. sixteen

disisiti num. seventeen

disiutsu num. eighteen

Dislana prop_n.

dispiras n. the day before a fiesta

distritu n. district

disul 1. vt. to burn a person or animal 2. vt. to be given to somebody

ditdit v. to wear a skirt

diwal vi. to come out

Diwata1 prop_n. powerful deities

diwata2 n. a spirit (associated with certain places esp trees)

diyab adj. savage

diyakit n. jacket

diyakitv Variant of diyakit n. jacket

diyamanti n. a diamond

diyan adv. there

diyav Variant of diyè loc_pron. there (far away, not specific or out of sight)

diyè loc_pron. there (far away, not specific or out of sight)

diyesnen adj. devout

diyet contraction. there at

diyè te det. [LocF Marker]

diyetv Variant of diyè_te det. [LocF Marker]

diyis num. ten

diyù 1. adj. far adj. far apart 2. v. to go a distance 3. n. distance 4. n. distance in time

diyulinv Variant of dyulin n. a (glass) marble

diyus n. statue; any graven images to pleased and worship n. goddess

drama n.

drayir n. cemented area for drying corn, rice etc

du conj. than

duampulu n. twenty

duan 1. n. the purpose or reason for something 2. v. to be affected by something they do

dubli adj. double

duda v. dought

dudsun v. to come in (of a woman who has just given birth)



duen1 Variant of due1 psd_v. there exists

duen2 Variant of due2 loc_pron. there (within reach of hearer) dem_pron. that; of that (non-focus)

due-rue adv. suddenly

due te det. [LocF Marker]

dugdug 1. v. to be greedy v. to become greedy 2. v. to shatter something v. to become shattered

dugkayep v. to become dark (e.g, at night, or with fog)

dugmè v. to have a convulsion; epilepsy

dugmun v. to create a shelter for itself in the forest

dugpù v. to approach someone else

dugsù 1. v. to hit someone or something with a sharp thing 2. vi. to fall over; to slip over

duhang v. to add or increase the amount or number of something (share) by adding something

duhayas n. a small waterfall

duheng n. a large fish trap anchored in the river vt. to fish in a river using a fish trap

duhi n. thorn n. thorny ground

duhù vt. to disappoint somebody who already has a problem vi. who already has a problem to be disappointed by something

duhung v. to stoop in order to walk in a low place for a reason (because the place is low or in respect to elders)

duhuy v. to call a dog for a reason

dukap n. a small tool used for weeding n. a blunt-nosed bolo

dukduk 1. vt. to thump or bash (someone) with the bottom of a closed fist 2. v. to (engage in) boxing (with somebody)

dukilemv Variant of dusilem 1. n. night or evening midnight vi. to get dark, (because night or a storm is approaching) v. to go dark, e.g., a dark overcast day with heavy black clouds adj. dark (of the sky) adj. very dark 2. vi. to wait for it to be dark before doing something 3. vi. to leave something outside during the night

duktulv Variant of duktur n. a doctor

duktur n. a doctor

dukturv Variant of duktul See duktur n. Ref.Gloss: doctor

dula v. to butt someone or something with their head

dulan n. storage area on a raft or other vehicle v. to send cargo v. to carry cargo for someone else

dulas v. to miss (e.g., a person walking, or hitting a nail with a hammer) because it's slippery v. to slip; to slide; to skid

duldul n. a type of big tree which is thorny skin and the fruit is used for pillow

dulem n. dusk

dulepu n. cobra

dulihis 1. vt. to unjustifiably treat others as guilty by association (e.g., to be angry at a whole family for the misdeeds of one) 2. v. to request something from others even if there's no chance of getting it

dulis v. to catch fish by putting or throwing something poisonous bark or fruit vi. to catch fish by throwing a poisonous bark or fruit (e.g., from the tilla tree or seg-ew bush), or DDT into the river

duliyan n. durian

dullit v. to ignite

dullug n. floor joist

dulug 1. v. to go near; to accompany; to be together with someone or something for a purpose 2. v. to put something close to one another or putting something together

dul-ug vi. to crawl on something

duluk v. to make a fire very hot

dulundulun v. to go along with v. to be worth of descrimination

dulung vt. to carry something somewhere

duma 1. adj. other n. other 2. n. companion vt. to accompany or escort someone else v. to request escort or companion v. to keep on accompanying v. to be able to accompany v. to accompany each other v. to be brought together v. to become a member of a group 3. adj. obedient adj. agreeable v. to be obedient to another v. to go along with or submit to someone else 4. n. leader 5. n. (distant) relative 6. n. fellowman (of the same tribe) or associate adj. relative; company; member 7. n. mixed; combine v. to combine together something or to mix together something 8. v. to be able to attend something (e.g.,meeting or gathering)

dumahat n. a multi-colored variety of corn

dumalè v. to manage company or a place v. to be able to manage or to lead something n. the action of managing something

Dumalegdeg prop_n.

dumaney n. tribe

dumelappew n. the relatives and friends of the groom who attend the wedding

dumelayang n. a small, long, green type of snake that can fly; venomous

dumeraal n. a small, dark, and long kinds of snake with a red tail; venomous

Duming prop_n.

Duminggu prop_n. Sunday

dumut v. to hate someone else with a reason

dungdung1 n. a flea

dungdung2 n. It is a materials (esp. wood stick) that is used to protect the plants from animals (plant guard). v. to make a plant guard with something

dungè vi. nod their head vi. nod their head repeatedly

dunggab v. to knife someone or to attack someone with knife

dunggu vi. to dock somewhere

dungke vi. nod their head vi. nod their head repeatedly

dungkuk vi. to feed each other a handful of rice and then to touch foreheads as part of the traditional Matigsalug wedding service

dungus vi. to bend over

dunsul n. hammer

dupak v. to help someone v. to be able to help v. to assist someone in their work such as egkamet clearing a field, eg-eeti and eg-erek etc.

duput v. to appeal a case to another authority

durabli n. a common term used for fruit trees

durisu adj. Check GU dictionary?? v. to be prompt

duritsuv Variant of diritsu adv. directly

duriyan n. a type of cultivated fruit tree; spiny fruit; has a unique odor

dus num. two

dusa 1. vt. to punish or to judge someone else 2. n. a curse v. to curse someone else

dusi num. twelve

dusilem 1. n. night or evening midnight vi. to get dark, (because night or a storm is approaching) v. to go dark, e.g., a dark overcast day with heavy black clouds adj. dark (of the sky) adj. very dark 2. vi. to wait for it to be dark before doing something 3. vi. to leave something outside during the night

duslak vt. to stab someone else

dusù v. to push (someone)?

dutdut vt. to pluck out something such as hairs from the head or beard, or weeds from the ground vi. to fall out

dutu loc_pron. there (beyond reach but within sight)

dutun dem. that over there

dutunv Variant of dutu loc_pron. there (beyond reach but within sight)

duu v. to rise rapidly, as from a cascade of water from a heavy rainfall further upstream

duwa 1. num. two (counting) num. two (counting) adj. two (adjective) 2. adj. second or next adj. second or next 3. adv. twice 4. num. in groups of two or two each 5. num. two 6. n. the day after tomorrow n. the day before yesterday n. two days before or after 7. n. two nights (and intervening days) in the future n. two nights (and intervening days) in the past 8. adj. double v. to become twice as much vt. to multiply a number or quantity by two 9. vi. to have doubts vi. to be unsure of doing something

duwad v. to dispose of something (e.g. to sell a horse) v. to give a gift to make amends for a misdeed v. to sell or dispose of something v. to exhange gifts

duwa ka ulaula adj. two-faced

duwav Variant of daruwa num. two (counting) adj. two

duwey vt. to take another wife n. the secondary wife or wives n. the wives of a single husband

duyan n. hammock

duyè v. to curse another person

duyug v. to be in tune

duyun adj. to make a discrimination for his own (e.g.) abiding his old style and let the personality being discriminable v. to let someone to be discriminated against

dyapan n. dyapan rice

dyulin n. a (glass) marble