Matigsalug Manobo Vernacular Lexicon

-g -. -

gaan adj. quickly; fast; imminent v. to hurry at doing something

gaani 1. n. harvest n. harvested 2. n. harvest (of grain by breaking off the heads) 3. vt. to break off the heads (of standing grain) in the field

gaat 1. vt. to take care of something left behind 2. vi. to remain; to be left behind vi. to remain vi. to remain behind

gabà v. a misfurtune that hits someone usually as a result of speaking back to an older person

gabas n. a (carpentry) saw v. to saw a wood or iron with something

gabat v. to carry on a pole (between two persons)

gabè v. to get cut v. to punish someone else

Gabew prop_n.

gabii 1. adv. yesterday 2. adj. last

gabuel adj. for fruit (e.g. banana) or vegetables (e.g. sweet potato) to still be firm and chewy

gagmè vt. to hang their washing over a bush to dry

gagpunè v. morning through to the afternoon

gaha 1. vt. to pull something forcibly with an instrument (including the hands) because of something vi. to be forced ahead of time by something e.g., early childbirth, cooking burned on the bottom of the pot 2. v. to forcibly persuade someone else vi. to be forced to do something by a person's insistence 3. adj. pushy; always insisting on their own way (personal characteristic) 4. vt. to be inappropriate for a child, and so make them sick, or to be the thing which makes them sick 5. vi. to be able to survive something difficult

gahag n. something enlarge beyond the normal or the truth adj. a person to make lies into real for his words only (e.g outspoken )

gahew n. pity; caring v. to concentrate on something and thus be distracted from other things

gakal v. to begin eating?? v. to offer something to eat

gakap vi. to come out of the water, e.g. after swimming or crossing a river, onto the beach or bank v. to remove an animal (esp. a water buffalo) from the water

gakit n. a raft to raft v. to make a raft out of something

gakut n. tie/bundle

galab n. a short curved knife used to harvest rice (paley) vt. to cut off rice stalks (paley) or cogon grass (kalan) with a sharp knife or bolo and gather it into bundles

galang 1. n. the blade (of a knife) Ref.Gloss: bolo 2. n. a sharp edge (or point) 3. adj. sharp-edged adj. very sharp

galanggan n. a house wall made from flat boards tied on with rattan and no overlapping.

galè 1. vi. to be happy about something v. to make someone happy, or to be the thing which makes them happy v. to cause someone to be happy, by giving them something that they have brought for that person (e.g. a gift, or some food) n. happiness adj. happy adj. very happy 2. adj. delightful 3. vi. to greet each other happily vi. to cheer each other up

galeew n. the part of a fishtrap where the fish enter bubu

galing v. to grind corn v. to grind (as in a mill) v. to grind corn n. a grinder

galingkus v. to revolve (around something)

galis1 n. calf or lower leg

galis2 n. a narrow strip of land

galù v. to gesture

galun n. a (bamboo?) water container

galung vt. to control something or someone

galuyan n. bottlebrush tree

gamak n. a measure of a handful vt. to take a handful of something with the hand grasping downwards (not cupped upwards)

gamba v. overpower

gambis vt. to suddenly snatch something

gamit n. gear or equipment v. to use something v. to be used

gammew v. to dissolve something (e.g., salt)

Gammew gammew n. a male spirit who's incharge of waters and all fishes

gammewhammew n. gammewhammew rice

gampas v. all?

gampung v. to float adj. something lightweight n. a float for fish hook

gamu v. to tell that elders that he has violated a girl so that they will cause the couple to become married

ganad vi. to go slowly somewhere adj. mild adj. slowly; softly

ganè vi. to prophesy, often falsely or to perform sorcery

gangkal vi. to make a rumbling sound

gangken vt. to pull or drag something

gangu1 1. vi. to become dry 2. vi. to become dry or wilt vt. to let something dry dry in sun

gangu2 n. a type of tree

ganna adv. earlier today

gannat n. a spring

gansà n. goose

gansè n. a flaming torch made from dried luwey or layè canes v. to collect material for making torches

gansing v. to grab someone or something

gantang 1. n. a measure of volume equal to six salmun. 2. n. an intrument to measure

gantung1 v. to fill with wind, either from something eaten in which case one might burp with the smell of an egg, or else, in the case of a drowned body that eventually floats to feel gas pain

gantung2 v. to make a raft (gakit) with wood (especially langilan, indalunghung, and ul-ag) (rather than from bamboo)

ganuy vt. to pull something vi. to be dragged, e.g., if trying to hold the tether of a running horse

gapas n. cotton

gapew ?. the latter part of the night; early morning (still dark)

gapì n. a strip of something vt. to pull a strip off something e.g., to tear the leaves off a field of corn vi. to become torn off v. to be torn off Adam's side

gapù n. wood and weeds carried onto flooded land by the river v. to clean up somewhere for planting v. to attempt to spear fish which are hiding under the floating debris

gapun 1. n. cloud v. to be cloudy 2. n. fog adj. foggy; hazy

garabiv Variant of grabi adj. very

garaduv Variant of gradu n.

garbu adj. proud

gardin v. to make a garden n. gardener

garing n. a wide earring traditionally worn by men v. to wear a traditonal wide earing

gas n. kerosene

gasè adj. thin (in girth) adj. somewhat slim vi. to become thin

gastadul n. a spendthrift

gastu v. pay n. a funeral or birthday feast

gasu? n. a small type of barbless spear

gasulina n. gasoline

gatas n. milk v. to get milk in her breasts v. to eat certain foods containing lots of sap, e.g., young papaya, in order for her breasts to produce milk

gatè vt. to cook something in coconut milk

gatew v. to appear on the surface of the earth by heavy rain and flood

gatus num. hundred num. one hundred num. one hundred

gatusan n. a very long banana eaten cooked

gawa-hawa v. to be seen clearly vi. to stand publicly v. to show something

gawan v. to clear weeds away from the base of a tree v. to clear weeds, e.g., from a gravesite

gawas1 adv. except

gawas2 n. the outside inside vi. to exit

gawed n. a type of cane

gawet v. to dawn

gawì v. to take back something from someone

Gawilan prop_n.

gayak v. to become loose fitting

gayul adj. becoming adj. to look good; fit v. to look good esp. wearing something v. to be attractive in wearing something adj. proper v. to be fit together

gebè vt. to destroy something (e.g., a house) using something (e.g., a digging bar or hammer) v. to be broken or destroy

gebu v. to bark or yap at something

gebù adj. for a rope to be weak v. to become weak or flimsy

gedded v. to get milk from woman or from a female animal such as a goat, water buffalo, cow, horse

geed1 n. round timber v. to collect round timber (e.g. for a house or fence)

geed2 v. to be steadfastly continuing

geem n. power adj. powerful

ge-gè vt. to boil something slowly in order to cook it

gelang v. to separate fighting animals

gelè v. to remove the branches from a felled tree so that they don't all stick out

geleb v. to feed from flowers kabukaran e.g., of the ulayan and lawaan trees

gelebek vi. to often be doing something always

geled vi. to be in folds

gelhel v. to be just about to happen e.g. for a baby to be about to be born v. to crave food when it is still a little way from the harvest

gelì vt. to score a line or pattern (i.e., not cutting all the way through) in wood e.g. to chop around a tree in such a way that it will fall in a strong wind

gelled adj. a single rough surface of something v. to have a rough surface v. to make something rough surface

gelluhè n. a type of a small tree which fruit is used for coloring food (Annatto tree)

gelun n. container usually used for liquid or grain

gelut v. to eat by sucking food (e.g. small seeds or powder) into their mouth (e.g. small seeds or powder for a human, or birds for a large snake) v. to be sucked in by a person or animal v. to always eat by sucking food into their mouth adj. easily sucked in (of food)

gemawan n. door way

gembil v. to shrivel up and wrinkle

gemen-gemen v. to grin adj. smiling

gemew v. to climb up to a peak

genal n. a title or nickname for a person v. to be nicknamed

genensiya n. profit

gen-gen vt. to hold onto something to request for someone's hold and care v. to hold something (esp. in walking slope area) in order to not slipped away

geng-ep? adj. gasping

geng-et v. to fit tightly v. to jam in tightly somewhere

gengu adj. to become weary

gepang v. to break something v. to become broken or shattered adj. breakable

gepas v. to hide in waiting for someone

gepes n. a small slender knife used by women v. to cut off all the ends having finished making a woven basket liyang or a woven mat ikam, a winnowing tray nihu or rice basket daluus.

gepes2 v. to go down (i.e., to reduce the swelling) after it has come to a head

gepet n. tie of a shield

gepì v.(which means the same but is more commonly used)

geppet n. shield part, middle top

gepù 1. vi. to be broken in half snap at end vt. to snap something stiff e.g., a piece of wood, a pencil, someone's arm 2. v. to crack a knuckle

geram 1. vt. to feel something because of something 2. vt. to try or test for something v. to have an effective sense of touching 3. vt. to be sick with something

gerapa n. charm medicine which is worn in a small bottle hanging around the neck to make one invincible to spears and other weapons

gerentiya n. guarantee v. to guarantee something to someone v. to be able to guarantee something

gerepun n. a cylinder

gerung n. a kind of tree which leaves are used for making charm or perfume

gesang vi. to become crispy v. to be crispy

ges-ew n. rafter; rafter of the roof; cross support

gesì v. to hurt

getab n. flash of light v. to flash

getad vt. to chop something into sections with something, e.g., a bolo (ugpit) or a knife (ilab or gepes) e.g., to chop up an eel ready to cook slice vi. to get chopped up

getas 1. v. to harvest rattan cane (balahen) by climbing a tree and cut the rattan cane and then pulling it down to the ground 2. v. to fetch something somewhere (e.g., medicine or seeds)

geteb vt. to cut something(e.g., sugarcane) with a bolo or something sharp

getek 1. n. abdomen v. to be full n. big stomach 2. n. the top of a leaf

getel n. a cross-piece of a house roof

geteng n. sane; straight living; stable; formal v. to move directly toward something else v. to move directly and continues to their destination v. to change; to correct something

getget v. to dig-in to the skin and thus be difficult to remove

getì vt. to pop a cereal like corn over a fire n. (for cereal like corn to be) popped (by heat)

gettekv Variant of getek 1. n. abdomen v. to be full n. big stomach 2. n. the top of a leaf

gettengv Variant of geteng n. sane; straight living; stable; formal v. to move directly toward something else v. to move directly and continues to their destination v. to change; to correct something

getting v. to harvest new rice; to weed a field for the first time after planting

getud v. to make a creaking sound as if about to snap off

geus adv. to do something accidentally when you shouldn't have

gewhew v. to disturb someone else or something v. to be disturbed by someone or something else

geyè adj. flimsy

geyek v. to insist doing or asking something

geyinawa 1. n. breath; life 2. v. to breathe v. to be able to breathe 3. n. feeling or opinion To regard highlyhope 4. v. to be cordial 5. v. to love

geyit n. to clear a firebreak to clear a firebreak

Gibang1 prop_n. the name of a star

gibang2 n. left side adj. left-handed v. to do everything using the left hand

gibat 1. v. to lie down 2. n. bedroom

gibet v. to be encouraged to return to good ways

gidda?? adj. fishy

giek v. to tread rice

gigkil vi. to stand with knees together or on tiptoes

gilang vt. to slaughter an animal by slitting its throat with a sharp knife often in order that someone else will recover from a sickness

gilawey v. to stay apart from each other

gilehas v. to pound rice (again) to get rid of remaining husks

gileng vi. for someone or something to be slashed open vt. for someone or something to slash someone or something with a back and forth action

giling n. ground corn

gilu n. poison v. poison adj. venomous

gilun n. a type of grass (with a soft centre)

giman n. the mechanism of a sprung trap n. a mousetrap which is made by rattan

gimasad v. to put on fresh clothes

gimmelat 1. v. to open their eyes from sleeping 2. v. to wake up

gimpit n. a hairclip

gimukud n. soul v. to ask the spirits for the soul of someone that they are very attached to so that they will become sick and die also and thus join the deceased person.

gimun v. to grin (with the lips tightly closed) adj. smirky

gin-ang n. split open

gindel n. heel tendon

ginemus n. a tiny kinds of fish which mix with salt; a salty fish; wet salty fish

ginetì ne ageley See aheley n. popcorn

ginganga 1. v. to open their mouth 2. v. to break apart

gingawa v. to want more of something which they have already been given

ginge adj. toothless

gingè vi. to become nicked, e.g. a tree that has been chopped at, or a knife that has grooves/teeth filed in it

ginged adj. a local inhabitant

gingit v. to pull someone's hair v. to have their hair pulled

gingita v. to summon another

gingitv Variant of ginit vt. to pull someone's hair vi. to have their hair pulled

ginidhid n. ginidhid corn

ginikanan n. parent

giniling n. ground corn

ginit vt. to pull someone's hair vi. to have their hair pulled

ginitv Variant of gingit v. to pull someone's hair v. to have their hair pulled

gintang n. gap

gintè v. to be cracked

gintelu v. for three people to pound rice together

ginting v. to injure animals by using sharp tools (e.g., knife or bolo)

gira n. war

giriguv Variant of Grigu prop_n. Greek

giripuv Variant of gripu n. a fawcet

gisa vt. to fry or to deep-fry something

gisè v. to press clothes with a lot of pressure to crush lice

gise v. to fry

giseyis n. a tree with a darkish trunk.

gisì n. a tear (as in clothing) vt. to tear something vi. to become torn

gitara 1. n. a guitar traditional two-stringed guitar 2. v. to play the guitar

gitè n. sap v. to ooze with sap

gitè te niyug n. coconut milk

grabi adj. very

gradu n.

gramu n. a measure of weight equal to 1/1000 of a kilogram

granada n. a kind of trees

Grigu prop_n. Greek

gripu n. a fawcet

Grisya prop_n. Greece

grupu n. group

guad n. an instrument used for planting corn v. to plant corn somewhere using a guad

gubat n. war

gubbus v. to pull out (something)

gubilnedulv Variant of gubirnadur n. governor

gubilnuv Variant of gubirnu Variant of gubirnu n. government

gubilnuv Variant of gubirnu Variant of gubirnu n. government

gubirnadur n. governor

gubirnu n. government

gubù v. to request

gubus v. to draw out

gubut n. disturbance disturbance v. to disturb something (e.g., ants or a flock of animals) v. troublesome

gues n. a knot used to tie a piece of cane midway vt. to tie up bamboo (e.g. laak, damuluwan, kawayan) in order to make a raft (gakit)

gug-ang vi. to remove wood from the fire to cool it down once the food is cooked in the pot

guhi n. a division; a portion

guhud 1. n. story 2. v. to tell 3. v. to converse 4. v. to tell stories to one another 5. v. to tell v. to story together

guhus vt. to dismantle or demolish something (e.g. a house) vi. to collapse vi. to get screwed up, e.g., when tasting something bitter

guk-al adj. untidy or jagged, e.g., a backpack with a piece that jutted out and got caught in trees alongside the trail

gukum v. to judge others

gulabung n. a drought v. to be a drought

gul-an adj. cheerless

gulanap vi. to do something together

gulay n. vegetable vt. to use something as a vegetable vi. to fetch vegetables

gulè vt. to exterminate a group of people vi. to be exterminated or to be all ill together

gulehud n. value adj. useless slave or child

gulemek vt. to screw-up or crumple something, e.g, a rag or piece of paper

gulesè vi. to make a cracking sound when crushed

guley vt. to split (something such as firewood) into small pieces n. a break log into small pieces ready for fuel

gulhul v. to trap fish in shallow water

gulibid1 vt. to screw up something with a twisting action vi. to become twisted

gulibid2 n. a type of snail

gulikid vi. to be very busy

gulingan n. work; action

gulinggala v. to be scattered or spread out over an area

gulipis v. to wring the water out of something

gulub adj. noisy (of sounds or voice or talkative) v. to make noise n. noise or commotion

gulun v. to collectively feed on something, e.g., a rotting rat

gulung n. a piece of wood ( a cut of wood )

gumà n. rubber; a rubber band

gumamila n. a large red flower

gumawan n. doorway or gateway; opening

gumbuw n. the top rail of a fence

gumgum vt. to press the chest of someone causing them to cough and be out of breath, and one side of the chest to be inflamed

gumì vt. to strike, kick, beat, punch, stone, torment or torture someone else

Gumitan prop_n.

gumpas v. to beat a drum, often made from an empty cooking oil drum

gumut v. to have something on

guna adv. lazy

gun-a 1. v. to go ahead to someone else 2. v. to lead something (e.g., a group)

gunak v. to destroy animal's shelter (esp. ants)

gungkal adj. hard to finish

gun-gun v. (for children) to be all the same sex

gungut1 n. male v. to tell stories about something n. a folk-tale; an epic story; a drama

gungut2 n. a wild man who lives out of the mainstream and survives on wild fruit, perhaps just wearing a loin cloth

gunsan vi. to be hit by being shot at

gunting1 v. to circumcise someone to be circumcised

gunting2 n. scissors vt. to cut something with scissors

Gupaku n. Gupaku river

gupal n. a piece of something that has been chopped up n. pieces of something that has been chopped up v. to chop up (into small pieces) n. a large portion

gupit 1. n. scissors 2. v. to cut something with scissors

gurupuv Variant of grupu n. group

guseng vt. to make something disorganized vi. to be disorganized vi. to be disorderly or untidy

gusgus v. to pour poisonous plants in the river

gusì vt. to split something

gussen adj. unkempt

gusuk1 n. rib

gusuk2 adj. rough v. to have been roughened

gutas n. hunger v. to be hungry

gutus 1. n. stomach adj. have a big stomach 2. vi. to cause the eater to get stomach wind

guub v. to give someone a herbal steam bath under a blanket.

guwag n. bamboo orchid

guwak vi. to become unfolded or spread out vt. to unfold or spread out something e.g., to remove wood from the fire so that it gets smaller or goes out

guyè 1. adj. weak; listless v. to be weak from something reason v. to cause weakness of someone or something else 2. adj. decrepit; old 3. adj. vulnerable

guyud vi. to be dragged along v. to use someone or something to drag