Matigsalug Manobo Vernacular Lexicon

raav Variant of da part. [discouragement]

rabbit n. a rabbit

rabit n. kind of animal

radiyuv Variant of radyu n. radio

radyu n. radio

rambuv Variant of lambu n. string

ranv Variant of dan pron. they; (them) pron. they; (them) poss_pron. their; of theirs

rasun n. reason

rav Variant of da part. [discouragement]

rayinav Variant of rayna n. a queen king

rayna n. a queen king

rayus n. thin metal rods (spokes) attaching the rim of a wheel to the central hub







red part. it indicates again and again

red maav Variant of ded_maa adv. then also

redv Variant of ded1 part. also

redv Variant of ded2 n.

v Variant of part. just; only

ribildi v. to rebel

rihistru vi. to become registered

riklamu n. complaint v. to complain about something to someone

rikurd v. to record something

rilasyun n. a relation

rilihiyun n. a denomination or another religion

rilu n. clock; wrist-watch

rini pron. here

rinv Variant of din pron. he; she; it; him; her pron. he; she; it; him; her poss_pron. his; her; its; of his; of hers Ref.Gloss: his; her; its

ripan n. refund

risibu n. a receipt

risita n. a doctor's prescription

rispitu n. respect

riyetv Variant of diyet contraction. there at

rue adv. that

ruma n. other

ruska n. a screw or a bolt

rutu adv. there