Matigsalug Manobo Vernacular Lexicon

uang vi. to get a breast abscess

ubab n. cup

ubabè 1. v. to refuse 2. v. to blaspheme

ubabèv Variant of hubabè vt. to disbelieve someone or something believe

ubag part. well...sorry part. a particle indicating pretense ??? v. to use the ubag particle in their speech to undervalue themselves or something of theirs

ubal 1. n. a generic name for all kinds of monkey 2. vi. to play-up; to fool around; to be naughty vt. to mess up something n. any toys (toy) n. used of a mischevious child 3. v. to perform a monkey dance

uban1 1. n. gray hair adj. gray haired v. to have a gray hair n. a proper name of a person 2. n. a sitio village of Tawas, Kitaotao, Bukidnon

Uban2 prop_n.

ubang n. splinters or fine chips of wood

ubat n. a falsehood adj. false; untrue v. to lie to someone adj. prone to lying

ubbas n. chewing tobacco (and can also be used for chewing gum) vt. to tuck betel nut or tobacco (or maybe chewing gum) between the teeth and lips

ubbus n. a shoot; a bud; new growth v. to produce new growth at the top

ubi n. yam

ubil v. to be irritated or frustrated

ubpèv Variant of ugpè 1. vi. to reside at a certain place v. to stay at home n. dwelling n. situation adj. habitable n. a dwelling v. to live with prospective parents-in-law prior to the wedding in order to get accustomed to each other 2. v. to live in something or someone 3. n. address v. stay in a specific place with something v. to keep on staying in a place 4. adj. situation

ubud n. the soft flesh of a fruit or tree or tree (bitter to eat)

ubus n. being under

ubùv Variant of hubù v. to ask fire at their neighbors

uddat vi. tobounce up and down, e.g., when riding a galloping horse, or in a car on a rough road

Udiyuv Variant of Hudiyu prop_n. Jew

udlut n. the young stalk or tip of a plant or vine, e.g., the tip of a banana plant, or a sayote vine

udtu n. noon

Udung prop_n.

uganget v. to wait someone or something patiently whatever happen

ugbus n. any tops wether vegetables or anything which have young tops leaves

Uggayan prop_n.

ugged adj. stingy

Uggenya prop_n.

ugpat adv. going to be

ugpè 1. vi. to reside at a certain place v. to stay at home n. dwelling n. situation adj. habitable n. a dwelling v. to live with prospective parents-in-law prior to the wedding in order to get accustomed to each other 2. v. to live in something or someone 3. n. address v. stay in a specific place with something v. to keep on staying in a place 4. adj. situation

ugpit n. a bolo, usually used by men for clearing fields, hacking down trees, and cutting timber when house-building handleside of the bladeattachment to the handle?bladebackpointinner curved edge on the blade v. to strip bagtek or balahen cane with a small knife, e.g. ilab, gepes, or a small bolo (ugpit)

ugpu te lalag n. affix

ugsal v. to reach the bottom of the heart through the veins v. to become reach by someone

ugseb 1. v. to become scorched (by the heat, cold, or water) 2. v. to penetrate or soak into something v. to push something down deeper

ugsi v. to ask someone something in order to find out if something heard is correct adj. clarifier; investigator; evaluator

ugsul v. to go up vt. to raise something up higher still

Ugtan prop_n.

ugtu vi. to rise to the center of the sky


ug-ug vt. to pour something non-liquid, e.g., rice, weeds, stones out of something into or onto something else

ugyab v. to shout for enjoying something (e.g., presentation or play)

uhab vi. to eat the first catch of a wild animal yourself – for future catches it must be shared eat first rice

uhaling n. a predicament?; suffering?; owner? adj. voluntary adj. private

uham n. to have a sore white tongue and the insides of the cheeks

uhat 1. n. tendon adj. fibrous 2. n. a blood vessel 3. n. nerve

uhingey n. a perennial grass of Sorghum family n. Sorghum cane – a cultivated cereal grass

uhis 1. n. albino (of animals and chickens only) n. a pink carabao 2. adj. pure; sinless

ukaba1 n. corn flour used for pig feed

ukaba2 n. chaff (from winnowing) v. to have chaff in it

ukalè v. to crow a place to crow

ukasa v. to remove (an animal from a trap)

ukasiyunv Variant of ukasyun n. not for bussiness vehicle v. to ride a vehicle for free, e.g. a sugar truck

ukasyun n. not for bussiness vehicle v. to ride a vehicle for free, e.g. a sugar truck

ukehung n. the hollow in the top of the back

ukembè v. to lean one's chest over onto something

uklav Variant of ukra n. okra

ukra n. okra

Uktubri prop_n. October

ukul adj. by chance

ula n. custom vi. to experience their destiny (most often negative) n. experience vi. lifestyle

ulag v. to have painful knees - probably as a result of arthritis

ulahing v. to sing to sing without accompaniment n. an epic song n. a singer n. a singer

ulak n. gills

ulaluy v. to scream in pain

ulambak v. to lean on

ulamit v. to cause someone to hallucinate

ulang n. collar (on clothing)

ulangag v. to shout for pain v. to shout for a sudden pain received

ulangu n. a type of screw pine

ulas n. a traditional fire lighter consisting of flint, striker, and tinder

ulasig v. to encourage

ulat vi. to get sick again (having just recovered) v. to cause someone to get sick again vt. to assist the dying person to die quickly Using smoke from certain burning herbs to assist the death. v. to assist the dying person to die quickly

ulaula 1. n. face 2. n. form or shape

ulay n. a spinning top

ulayan n. a large strong type of tree

ulè1 v. to pour or to dispose something (e.g., garbage or rice) somewhere vi. to be spilled (from a container) adj. refer to a person who are wasteful

ulè2 n. a wedding present

uled 1. n. a generic name of all kinds of snake including the insects, and worms 2. n. a generic name of all kinds snake 3. n. (a slender, crawling or creeping) animal (without legs) pythoncobraearthworm 4. n. lice

uled te dahat See uled See dahat n. seaworm


ulepung n. the upper part of a tree including the leaves

ulesen n. a blanket or sheet - used as a covering for sleeping on a mat, and often used as a wrap in cold wrap or after bathing in the river

ulì1 1. vi. to return home v. to keep on go home 2. vt. to return (something) 3. v. to reconcile

ulì2 v. to recover (from sickness) for the reason v. to cure diseases effectively v. to almost recover from sick

ulì3 v. to ferment

uliben n. an edible seed n. a perennial grass of Sorghum family

ulibu n. an olive tree or its fruit n. a place which mostly olive trees grown

ulid n. bunch (of large fruit as bananas and coconuts)

ulig n. the stem that holds banana fruits

uling n. tree variety

ulingel v. to tease someone or something

ulit 1. vi. to repeat something over and over adj. keep on repeating saying something v. to keep on doing something 2. n. the growth of plants (e.g., rice) after harvested

ulitewu vi. to be a bachelor; to desire a wife v. to court someone

ulkid n. orchid

ulu 1. n. head 2. n. the headwaters of a river or creek 3. n. the bow (of a ship) 4. n. topic; title 5. n. fond of animal's head as share 6. n. a leader; a job; a position n. leader v. to lead the group or community

ulu te ubal n. ulu te ubal camote

ulug1 vi. to fall on the ground vt. to drop something down somewhere v. to be matured enough and falled

ulug2 v. to have to give or pay concerning a problem

ulug te lawa ???. the cost (often a horse) of getting someone a wife or of getting someone out of trouble

ul-ul n. brown shrike 1. n. ul-ul rice

ulun1 v. to begin at the same place (but going down opposite sides of the mountain)

ulun2 1. v. to lay their head somewhere when lying down n. pillow pillow case 2. n. the placenta

ulung1 n. a large log for firewood v. to store fire by allowing a large log to smoulder overnight

ulung2 v. to be cautious about doing something

ulu-ulu n. a variety of wild fruit

uluwan n. the theme or topic of a story

uluwew n. a fruit tree, probably of the genus Nephelium. It is said to differ from Nephelium mutabile only in that the fruit is black

uma 1. v. to arrive or reach somewhere 2. v. to reach or achieve something v. goals v. n. to be reached caught v. to be a harvest time of any plantation 3. v. to exist (e.g., insect pest or disease) 4. n. to happen in the future 5. v. to be entered or controlled by a spirit (tumanud) and thus to prophesy in a trance v. to be rarely entered and controlled by someone v. to be approaching to arrive soon in a place 6. v. to send a messge or information somewhere or to someone else

umalag vt. to let someone else first esp. the host (e.g., to eat or to give something) eat first

umaled n. no intention to go to a place

umambu v. to pile up something for something

umbaba vi. to put their head on someone else's shoulders

umbasey v. to swing a swinging place to someone with something

umbeg v. to be crazy; to be insane adj. used to describe a person who is always changing their mind v. to be inconsistent in obeying or believing

umbetut vi. to jump (a distance) v. to be shaken up and down

umbistigal v. to investigate

umel n. mouth disease adj. weak-kneed v. intently

umes vt. to suffocate someone else vi. to suffocate

umetung n. giant???

umew 1. v. to call someone or something else v. to request or ask someone else to call v. to keep on calling someone else 2. v. to call or pray to God

umil adj. for a child to still be physically slow at progressing; weak vi. for a child to still be physically slow at progressing; weak

Umilis prop_n.

Umising prop_n.

ummew n. for a person to be unable to speak v. to become speechless

umpak 1. n. shirt v. to put on a shirt 2. adj. wearing an upper garment

umul 1. n. life 2. v. to create something v. to create anything

umung vi. abundant

una num. one (but only used for time as in ala una = 1 pm)

unag n. a prize for a race or competition vt. to give a gift or reward to someone else

unas v. to rub/scrape (e.g., rust off a bolo)

unayan n. a house which is out of the barrio close to the fields

undav Variant of hunda n. motorcycle

unduk 1. vi. to bow one's head 2. v. to bend for bearing fleshy grains

undul vi. to stoke a fire with dry sticks v. to keep on stoking up wood on a fire that is already burning under a pot

uney1 vi. to say a word which is understood but doesn't sound right

uney2 vi. to feed and look after oneself v. to fight within the group adj. personal; between family

ungel adj. foolish adj. cranky v. to become stupid adj. sometimes good and sometimes stupid v. to be stupid

ungew v. to be given a vision

ungkag n. a nipple or teat vi. to have her nipples protruding

ungkey adj. for a bunch of Matigsalug corn to be tied up adj. for a bunch of Matigsalug corn to be tied up

Ungkitin prop_n. a person of the Bagobo or Obo tribe

ungud adj. slow to learn

ungut n. a very small fish

unipulmiv Variant of unipurmi n. uniform - this may refer to a school uniform, or to the revised traditional Manobo dress

unipurmi n. uniform - this may refer to a school uniform, or to the revised traditional Manobo dress

unsad n. the low point in a field on a hillside

unsi num. eleven

untud1 1. v. to stand or sit on the top (of a large rock) or to put something on the top of another thing v. to rise to the zenith n. the peak 2. v. to offer something to a spirit by placing it on a stone or on a ledge high in the house

untud2 v. to mount or ride (a vehicle or animal) n. a vehicle v. to ride something

unu num. one

unug adj. a term of address used in anger towards someone, such as a child who has misbehaved or someone who wants to borrow money. adj. loyal

unung n. a person's possessions which are buried with him; to die along with someone v. to not want to live without another person (For example a husband who has not wish to keep living after the death of his wife, or two friends who would not want to live without the other) n. a funeral feast n. aid (usually financial)

unus n. drawer

unusv Variant of hunus n. drawer (of a desk or cabinet)

upa n. female chicken rooster

upal vi. to not sure for something vi. to be boast even not sure to do things

upalan n. a large kind of an edible frog which live in forest; creek

upè n. the remaining after grinding and chewing the bettle nut

upe te balu n. handsome bird

upè te balu n. Rufous paradise flycatcher

upew adj. bald vi. to become bald vi. to cause baldness

upì1 1. adj. desirable 2. v. to want someone or something

upì2 n. a rattan carrier for the game cock and for the snare for wild chickens

upian 1. v. to want someone or something 2. n. well-being

upisina n. office

upisiyalv Variant of upisyal n. official

upisyal n. official

upisyalisv Variant of upisyal n. official

upiya 1. v. to be more good v. that can improve or to be able to improve someone or something 2. adj. good; excellent; dignified 3. adj. good; moral 4. adj. satisfactory 5. adj. clean 6. adj. pretty; attractive 7. adj. happy; peaceful 8. adj. convenient; orderly; polite 9. adj. expert; fluent 10. adj. fit; effective adj. well, a feeling 11. ???. hello 12. n. good 13. adj. desirous adj. lovely; loyal; well v. to become good or fine v. to do good 14. adv. thank you adj. most beautiful adj. most beautiful 15. adj. advantage

upiya se geyinawa adj. happy

upiya se kulis See kulis adj. fortunate

upiya se lawa adj. healthy

uppav Variant of upa n. female chicken rooster

upù n. white squash

upul 1. v. to become annoyed adj. easy to get angry v. to annoy someone 2. adj. need; necessity; requirement 3. n. a deep hole made by a rat so that he can hide if someone is trying to smoke him out

upung 1. n. an upper long hair of the horse neck mane 2. adj. a shield decoration above which is made of horse hair 3. v. to ran fastest

upus adv. in advance adv. to think ahead; to plan ahead; to do ahead v. to advance preparing something

ural v. to have all that they want/need v. to be abundant

uran 1. n. rain vi. to rain on someone or something vi. to keep on raining adj. rainy season 2. n. wildflower variety

uranda n. a story chanted without accompaniment vi. for a person to chant a story without musical accompaniment

urarang n. a shrimp

uras1 v. to greet by calling out when approaching a house to someone

uras2 1. n. hour 2. n. time 3. n. wristwatch 4. n. clock v. to time someone or something else v. to be paid by the hour

urdina v. to ordain someone with a responsibility or a role v. to have power or rights to ordain someone to be qualified for become 1. adj. an act of ordaining

ureyik vi. to go upstream n. upstream

uripen 1. n. a slave; a maid vt. to enslave someone else v. to slave someone else v. to colonize other country 2. n. a kind of Matigsalug dance which relates a life of being slave vt. to perform a slave dance

uru n. a gold tooth

uruk 1. v. to assist in childbirth by squeezing the abdomen of the woman in labor 2. v. to call the attention of chicken for feeding

urunal v. to work for wages

usa n. spotted Sambar deer

usak v. to get wound by struck/stabbed all over

usal v. to waste their money v. to be wasted by someone v. to keep on wasting money

usang n. the fine stalk holding a rice or uliben grain onto the main stalk v. to remove or separate the rice grains from the stalk by treading on it v. to sift (grain) through the fingers (removing it from the stem) adj. stalky rice; failure; few bearing of grains

usarey n. a swing v. to swing (back and forth)

useddu v. to jump (in place) v. to jump for a sudden startling v. to keep on jumping

usembep adj. sad v. to be troubled for thinking or worried about something ( esp. problem ) v. to make someone sad; or to be the thing that makes someone sad

useng vi. to bow their body vi. to lie their head down on something

usengul 1. vi. to lie their head down or to lean their head/forehead on something 2. v. to lean on someone else

usì n. an affectionate name used between two men friends

usig1 n. a foe or enemy vi. to tease someone else adj. annoying

usig2 adj. fond

ustrits n. a large bird

usu n. bear

usug v. for someone or something to flow or walking following something (e.g., pipe or river) n. a specific way to cross

us-us1 n. a needle (used to sew up a vat)

us-us2 n. a small mushroom

utabli n. soldier

utang n. a debt

utas 1. vt. to say something completely vt. to clarify something completely 2. vt. to finish doing a task e.g., cutting something through with a knife, or to finish telling a story adj. no doubts for saying something

utek 1. n. brain adj. intelligent; crafty; creative; ingenous 2. n. bone marrow

utel 1. vt. to hunt for and catch something (e.g., animal) vi. to be caught v. to be able to catch 2. v. to be able to afford something

uteng v. to cut something cleanly

utsinta num. eighty

utsu num. eight

utù pron. a form of address for a youngish boy

utu v. pile up

utuk 1. vt. to carry someone or something else (e.g., a child) on the head (including somebody riding on the shoulders) 2. n. the upper part of the waterfalls where the water start to fall 3. adj. intelligent

utun v. to place something on top of the other thing to hold it in place v. to be placed on the top of something

Ut-ut1 prop_n. the name of a spirit (busew)

ut-ut2 n. a tiny big stomach poisonous frog that live in the virgin forest

ut-ut3 adj. to have lost one's riches

utu-utu v. to be very full ( esp. basket ) v. to make something very full

uud 1. n. the tip of something (esp. a tree) furtherest from the base 2. n. the end of a fruit opposite the stem

uuluwan1 n. honey-comb

uuluwan2 n. beeswax as made by patiyukan and tameing

uung n. a large edible white mushroom

uus v. to bite and chew on sugarcane n. the waste material after chewing sugarcane

uwa n. a hammock for a young child made by suspending a cloth from a bamboo

uwak n. a crow 1. n. a variety of rice that is small

uwakè n. a small, black type of ant

uwang 1. n. steam v. to give off steam 2. v. to clear out

uwas vi. to run from one garment into another when they are washed

uwat vt. to leave her chicks since they are now big enough to fend for themselves n. a chicken which has been left by its mother

uwey v. to breath shallowly when close to death v. to rest, to feel well after being sick

uwisv Variant of huwis n. judge

uya 1. adv. yes 2. v. to assent

uyab n. sweetheart or fiancèe

uyag 1. v. to be alive and live again v. to take care someone or something 2. n. food supply v. to provide for so as to keep others (esp. their children) alive v. to recover from an illness and then get sick again n. the man who make the dead to live again n. action of making the dead to live again

uyamu1 v. to to watch over a process (such as something cooking) v. to assist in childbirth n. a midwife

uyamu2 v. to be loaded by someone v. taut; tight, e.g. used in respect to a bow string

uyan1 1. vt. to bring something somewhere v. to keep on bringing something v. to request or ask someone to load something somewhere 2. vt. to be carried along by someone or something else 3. vt. to be convince or dominated someone's ideas or opinion or without self decision.

uyan2 v. to govern something v. to govern

uyang n. a brother-in-law of a male by virtue of one marriage, i.e., either his wife's brothers, or his sisters' husbands (but not his wife's sisters' husbands)

uyun1 n. unsufficient supply of food

uyun2 1. vi. to agree decision adj. obedient v. to be decided by the majority 2. adj. to all be parallel