Matigsalug Manobo Vernacular Lexicon

ma part. [diminutive]




maa 1. link. both 2. ques. asking question

Maabang-abang prop_n. the uncle of Tulalang who was left behind and turned into a stone when God (Manama) lifted up his people to the sky. Instead of waiting for the rapture as he had been advised, Maabang-abang had decided to go fishing.

maak v. to look for food

maalas1 adj. corn is quick to get used up

maalas2 adj. hot taste

maama n. the male sibling or cousin of a female n. the male first cousin of a female

maan v. to recover his mind from deep sleeping in order to have awareness of something v. to be able to recover their minds, or to be a thing which causes them recover

Maangewhangew n. maangewhangew falls

mabatek adj. colorful

Magbebayè See bayè n. Lord; Son of God

magkukulam n. sorcerer witch craft devil advocate

mahabeung n. a type of tree

mahainaldawan adj. warm

mahal adj. expensive v. to not proceed with something because it is too expensive

mahalimuken n. a half-grown chicken (which is roughly the size of a limuken dove)

mahalimuken n. a kind of tree

mahaliyug n. a visitor from a long distance; an outsider v. to come to forclose

mahal ne batu n. a small shell used as a bead n. jewelry

mahamata v. to develop kernels on the cob

mahasalapuyan n. a chicken which is not yet fully grown (roughly the size of a salapuyan dove)

mahatungal n. a big type fruit tree; the fruit is red when unripe, and black when ripe, the size of hte fruit is about the size of an olive

mahatus n. mahatus banana

mahay v. to blame someone else or something for a reason v. to be disappointed at someone else or something for a reason

mahinged n. owner of the residence; native in the place; occupant

Mahumaney prop_n. a benevolent spirit incharge of flying animals

Mahuralu n. a lesser deity who was assigned by Manama to look after a pair of each type of animal. He built a large house and kept them in it. When the flood came and covered the plains, this house and the animals were saved.


makabadbad n. a type of tree

makabanlew n. a type of ginger

Makalagmeng n. makalagmeng mountain




makina n. apparatus

makinilya n. a typewriter v. to type

makupa 1. n. a short small type of a fruit tree which is cultivated (Malay tersana rose apple) 2. n. a type of fruit tree

malabuaya n. a type of weed

malahatas n. a small straight kind of tree which produces lots of white sap and has a thick leaf, the wood of which is good for making kuglung.

malahem v. to go pink

malaiyav Variant of malarya n. a kind of sickness which is contributed by the mosquitoes

malakabak n. a type of tree

Malala prop_n. the name of a constellation

malalab se lebut ne langew n. a fly variety that has a red back ends

malalan n. ten thousand; a million?

Malamba prop_n.

Malambahu prop_n. a mountain to the SE of Panganan

malangelis adj. rancid odor

malantip v. someone who is intelligent/broad thinker

malarya n. a kind of sickness which is contributed by the mosquitoes

malayapa n. a kind of tree which leaves are used for making charm or perfume

Malaybalay prop_n.

malayen n. a place; a paradise

maleha n. red skinned sweet potato - the flesh is white

maletey n. a weak person

maleyihang n. a type of fruit tree

Maligatung prop_n.

Malihè prop_n. the name of a constellation

Malingling prop_n. the name of a powerful being

malisen n. a unit; a piece

malit n. an enlarged spleen

malita n. a suitcase

malitan n. a woman or girl n. wife

malpilv Variant of marpil n. false teeth

malù1 adj. almost adj. quite adj. similar; like

malù2 n. a whitish sugarcane, grows very tall

maluag adj. wide

malumpayag adj. a plane no slope

malunay prop_n. Malunay

malung1 vt. to grab the breasts of a girl

malung2 n. a long wrap of material worn or used as a blanket

malungasuy v. looks lonely because of the problem

Maluntak n. Maluntak stream

malutù v. to cook all the portions of a wild pig together


mamahus n. a flowering ornamental shrub

mamè 1. n. betel palm and nut 2. v. to chew betel 3. n. betel chew

mameen1 n. a type of very short (40mm), rather round banana (that looks a similar size to betel nut)

mameen2 n. beetle-nut palm

mamekè n. a measure from the fingertips to the centre of the chest

mammalayen n. a powerful beautiful woman spirit

mammegkit n. a large terrifying kinds of snake with a green color; and the head of this snake is like a horse head; it is long and staying above the trees; it will feed people by swallowing them

mammiley n. a shiny black poisonous snake that live in a virgin forest; it is very long; venomous

mammiyak n. a small, wild bird

mammunpun n. it is a kind of crawling insects that has a hard shelter made from tiny woods and usually sticks in the leaves of any plants

Mampangendey prop_n.

mamun n. a kind of bread; soft bread


Man ulasen n. man-ulasen river

managkisan n. a red bee variety that can't bite

Manalingan prop_n. a spirit to kill

manalinganv Variant of Mandalangan1 prop_n.

Manama prop_n. God; the supreme deity adj. about thing related to Almighty

manama n. a god supreme Godfalse god

mananap n. animal domesticated animal

manangkè pad te mahaliyug adj. for a woman to be in the early stages of pregnancy, say two to three months pregnant

Man-apen prop_n.

mandalahit n. hawk

Mandalangan1 prop_n.

mandalangan2 n. a red type of banana

mandalanganv Variant of Mannalingan prop_n. a evil spirit that replaces the good thoughts of people with bad and is likely to lead them into killing others v. to be possessed by the blood-thirsty Mannalingan spirit which then encourages them to kill so that blood will be split

mandù v. to instruct or teach someone (such as his children) n. ruler

manduyyawen n. a large fly variety that usually leads by the evil spirit, and it calls peingkeng ka means where are you going.

manè n. attitude; culture; tradition

man-e 1. part. again 2. adv. also (as in "He did this and he also did something else.")

maneba n. a large plants which like a fern

maneilew n. a type of tree (used in house-building and making rope)

manenempug n. an ant variety that usually small back ends and has a painful bite

maneul n. Brahminy kite

mangalaglag vi. to evacuate

mangaluwag adj. refering to a cat or dog that catches a lot of prey

mangatelug te manuk adj. early morning - approximately 8:00 am to 10:00 am

mangelkel n. a small plants like a tree

mangga n. mango

manggad n. cloth; material

manggianak n. a mother who has children

manggi-anak ne babuy See babuy n. mother pig

Mangguwalis prop_n.

mangguwapuy n. A small dark bird with black eyes, and it calls during the afternoon and sometimes in the rainy days.

mangguwawa n. thread-waisted wasp

mangingilut v. to check for broken bones?; to file the teeth?

mangita te kulis adj. just after dark - around 6:30 pm

mangngabang n. unedible insect from the forest

mangngapeng n. stinging plants which have a wide leaves

mangngawag n. A large type of flightless bird which used cut wood for building its nest.

mangngayew n. a person with intent to kill another person, often for revenge of a perceived crime v. to target someone else (or sometimes any individual in a target family or group) for killing, possibly for revenge of a perceived crime

mangngesè n. Philippine falconet

mangngunteen v. to not know something

mangnguwed adj. unripe n. young coconut

mangnguwud ne gusuk n. the first rib which is soft

manì ques. why ques. why

manika 1. n. betel pepper 2. n. betel leaf 3. n. a small kinds of a tree which the leaves are like a betel leaves and very useful (e.g.,good for firewood, fences, etc.)

Manila prop_n.

manila tundan n. manila tundan banana

manimbulan n. manimbulan rice

mannaat n. a measure from the fingertips to the lower arm or elbow of the other arm

Mannalingan prop_n. a evil spirit that replaces the good thoughts of people with bad and is likely to lead them into killing others v. to be possessed by the blood-thirsty Mannalingan spirit which then encourages them to kill so that blood will be split

mannawe n. child

mannikep n. yellow bittern black bittern (female)

mansa n. stain (in clothes) vi. to become stained

mansanas n. apple

Mansihew prop_n. a man who lived in ancient times who became a leader of evil spirit

mansu v. to become trained

Mantayù prop_n. a man who lived in ancient times as wild chicken hunter who became an evil spirit

mantayu n. a person possessed by spirits living in the forest

mantulewuk n. a small type of ground lizard

mantungè n. patani

manubila n. handlebar

manuk 1. n. chicken chick v. to raise chickens 2. n. (a wild or domesticated) bird 3. n. bird

manuksuk n. yellow-backed sunbird

manuk te anit n. a largish red dragonfly which skims over the top of water

manuk te kalan n. See manuk yellow-vented bulbul

manunubbuk n. a tiny fly variety that named after its character mannubuk that is fond of entering the eyes

manunungkul n. a small insect (which bites the eye)

manv Variant of ma part. [diminutive]

mapa n. a map


mara 1. adj. dry moist —wet v. to dry something v. to become dry v. to dry off (e.g. after getting wet in the rain) cloth or body 2. vi. to become thirsty

marang n. cultivated fruit tree

marani ne suled See suled n. a close relative

Marawing prop_n.

Marewnay prop_n.

mari?v Variant of kumpari? n. co-father

mariwana n. maruana; a plant used as a stimulant

Mariya prop_n.

marpil n. false teeth

Marsu prop_n. March

martilyuv Variant of mertilyu n. a hammer

Martis prop_n. Tuesday

masa vt. to rub flour between one's hands as in making bread

masalangit adj. taste

Masaluut n. masaluut mountain

Masamalang prop_n. a mountain to the west of Panganan


masu n. a sledge hammer

Masulug prop_n.

masulug ne etew n. group

Masuwi prop_n.

mata 1. n. eye pupileyelid adj. sure about something v. to form an opening 2. n. the blade (of a cutting implement)

matalarug vi. to be screwed up, e.g., after getting up in the morning after a sleepless night

mata te peit n. a skin disease

mateggù n. White-breasted Mannikin bird

matehù n. dried pangi nuts (lahas)


Matigsalug prop_n. the name of this tribe, literally "those who live by the Salug river", Salug being their name for the upper reaches of the Davao river

matikang ne etew n. king

Matimbes n. Matimbes river

mating-ew ne eglalag See ting-ew See lalag adj. fluent and have a clear voice

maung n. demin trousers; jeans

v Variant of manì ques. why ques. why

mawus n. mouse

maya n. chesnut munia white-bellied munia v. to go one by one

Mayu n. May

mayulv Variant of mayur n. mayor

mayur n. mayor

me1 part. -s (pluraliser)

me2 part. about; approximately

meddag adj. expression to ridicule someone/something

meemen v. to speak out loudly







Mehes prop_n.

Meibulan See ?ibul n. a servant of all souls

meilem n. a color wether it is blue or green.

meilem ne langew n. a green fly variety which are very sensitive smell

meireb n. a small and pointed work bolo

meistarav Variant of meistra n. a female teacher

meistra n. a female teacher

meistru n. a male teacher

meisturev Variant of meistru n. a male teacher

meisturuv Variant of meistru n. a male teacher

mekaamung n. son-in-law

mekag n. a kind of tadpole which is a product of edible frog


mekinaa pron. why

melat v. to have their eyelids drop as they try not to fall asleep v. to flash on and off; to blink

meleg vt. to look intently at something or (less often) to listen carefully to something vi. to be seen clearly vi. to be able to distinguish

Meleyun prop_n.

melikanu prop_n.

membel vi. to cling to its mother

memv Variant of ma part. [diminutive]

menà v. to hold on cultural belief or tradition

menebe n. Manobo tribe n. Manobo clothes


menge adj. [plural marker]

menge2 adj. about; approximately

mengeanak term_of_address. nephew

mengeatebey term_of_address. niece

mengebay1 n. an unmarried girl vi. to grown into a young woman

mengebay2 n. yellow skinned sweet potato - the flesh is also yellowish

mengkig n. a type of an edible lizard which is thorny tail

mengngak n. Philippine banded crake

menì n. peanut n. a kinds of plant which seems as peanut plant but it can produce edible fruits

mentika n. oil (vegetable)

Mentiyanak n. a type of evil spirit (busew) that crying like a baby when attack to someone

mentiyè n. a charm belt which when worn makes one insusceptible to being killed or injured by spears and other weapons

menu1 ques. how ques. how; why v. to have happened; what happened ques. what relationship ques. how is something (e.g work)

menu2 tag question

menu3 ???. ???

Menugpal prop_n.

menunuppu n. praying mantis

mertilyu n. a hammer

mesì conj. as long as

metmet v. to stare at someone or something vi. to keep on staring at someone with blinking

Meuy prop_n. an evil spirit that gives paralysis

mewù n. rot adj. rotten vi. to rot or decay v. to cause plant material to be rotten to decay somewhere (e.g., box)

Mewulanya prop_n.

meyana n. a fragrant weed used for treating phlegm

meyì conj. if

meyi hentew pron. whoever

meyitenged conj. concerning

mibuung n. contusion

midisina n. a spray such as a fungicide or insectide

Miditiranyu n. Mediteranean

midiyasv Variant of midyas n. socks

midiyav Variant of midya adj. half; middle

midya adj. half; middle

midyas n. socks




migkalutan ne weyig n. well










Migsalurayan prop_n. Migsalurayan stream

Migsubal prop_n.

mihi vi. to bleat

miket ???. xXXXXXXXXXXXXXx

miki n. a kind of viand

mil num. thousand

milagru n. miracle

milimitrus n. millimeter

milimiturusv Variant of milimitrus n. millimeter

miliyunv Variant of milyun num. million

milkadduv Variant of mirkaddu n. market

Miluwayan n. miluwayan falls

milyun num. million

mimesa n. a weed with leaves that close when touched

mi-mì v. to squash something v. to become squashed

mimurayis v.

mimuri n. memory

Minandang prop_n.

Minangal n. minangal mountain

minatey n. a dead body

Mindanaw prop_n.

mingaw adj. desolate

minsan conj. although

minsan hendei adj. everywhere See hendei pron. anywhere

minsan hentew pron. whoever

minsan nekey See nekey pron. whatever

minsan pad conj. even if

minsan pila ???. however many

minted n. the base of a doorway

minul n. a type of tree, the small green sour berries of which are eaten by children

minuldi v. printing

mirkaddu n. market

Mirkulis prop_n. Wednesday

misiyas n. messiah

mismu ?. one's own

mitrus n. meter

miturusv Variant of mitrus n. meter

Miulayan n. miulayan mountain

miyasung n. a small type of citrus tree

miyed v. to express disagreeing someone's decision

miyew n. cat kitten —civet cat v. to pretend to be a cat to immitate a cat; to play a game of cat and mouse

mugga n. hand woven cotton cloth

muhè? n. to have red eyes v. to have a sore eyes

Muhù prop_n. a person of the Bagobo or Obo tribe vi. to speak in their dialect

mukat adj. newly awake and get out from the bed

mukkù vt. to screw up something, especially clothing

mula n. offspring of a male donkey and a female horse

muladdu n. a type of banana

muladu n. muladu banana

mulas n. genital mucus

mulè part. [contrast]

muled n. a type small type of fish that seems like a mudfish, it lives in fresh water under stones

mulengew adj. lonely

mul-ey n. a curse

muli v. to be able to distinguish sounds v. to be distinguished by someone v. to distinguish sound

mulikiki v. to be heavily loaded, i.e., having a backpack, carrying something, and a basket in front and something on the head also

muliteg v. to stare blankly, as having heard something he didn't understand v. to cause to stare blankly

multa v. to impose a fine on someone

mulug1 n. a female pig

mulug2 n. deep sleeper

Muluk n. kind of false god

mulukus vt. to screw up something, especially clothing

mummu n. dropped food particles

munehù n. pigeon

Mungan prop_n. name of a person

munisipie n. municipality

muntiyè n. an object such as a stone or a pig's tusk which is considered to have supernatural power and is kept as a fetish or charm

muntus n. sperm

munumintu n. a monument

munusiyè n. just a human being; a person

murel n. a type of tree the sticky sap of various trees and of the rattan palm

muri 1. v. to follow behind 2. n. back (as location)

museng n. charcoal v. to make charcoal

mustasa n. mustard plant

muted1 n. a largish black fish found in the fresh water

muted2 n. a long pointed banana. Bitter if still green, but liked for it's taste when ripe.

muteg vi. to say something quietly that others can just hear but cannot understand whisper

muti n. a type of green, leafy vegetable

mutulv Variant of mutur n. motorcycle v. motor biking

mutur n. motorcycle v. motor biking

muwè adj. a full mouth