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Def.: egkuwa; egsipit
MS: egkuwa; egsipit
If you take something, you get it in your hands.
She took the pencil and started to write.
Migkuwa rin ka lapis wey migbunsud ne egsulat.

Def.: egkuwa te minsan nekey, minsan kenè ne keykew
If you take something, you cause it to become yours, even though it belongs to someone else.
I didn't give her the rice, she just came in and took it.
Warè ku ibehey kandin ka behas, ingkuwa rin due kayi.
He has been taking money from the office safe.

Def.: egkuen wey ke egdawaten ka minsan nekey ne igbehey te senge etew.
If you take something that someone gives you, you accept it.
I tried to give her money, but she wouldn't take it.
Iyas e ka egbehey kandin te seleppì, piru warè din kua.

Def.: eg-uyan; eg-alap
MS: eg-uyan; eg-alap
If you take something to a person or place, you go there carrying it with you.
We took our bolos when we went to the mountain.
Mig-uyan ney ka me ugpit te miggendiyè key te bubungan.

Def.: eggated; egpanulud
MS: eggated; egpanulud
If you take someone to a place, you cause them to go with you to that place.
My father took me to the hospital when I was sick.
Inhated a te amey ku diyè te uspital te migderalu a.

Def.: egpakaamin (te uras wey timpu)
MS: egpakaamin
If a thing takes time, it uses time.
It usually takes me an hour to wash the clothes.
Malasi ne egpakaamin te uras ku ka pegpami-pì ku te me kasangkapan ku.

Def.: egkeilangan
MS: egkeilangan
If a thing takes something (e.g., effort), it needs and uses that thing.
It takes a lot of work to build a house.
Egkeilangan te dakel ne himu ka egbebaley.
It takes patience to be a good teacher.

Def.: eg-inum wey ke egkeen te bawì
MS: eg-inum te bawì; egkeen te bawì
If you take medicine, you eat or drink it.
I need to take two tablets per day.
Irreg.  took, taken.
Sem.Dom.: GSL0051-0075
Status: ready

Last updated: 21/Sep/2012