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/thee; thə/
Def.: ka; te (egkahamit seini ke eglalag ka te amana nu egkamelmelehi ne butang wey ke me butang. Egkeyimu ne kasabeka rè wey ke nalalag nud seini dengan).
MS: ka; te
You use the when it is clear exactly which thing or things you are talking about. This can be because there is only one, or because you talked about it before.
Manila is the capital of the Philippines [there is only one capital].
Ka Manila ka kepital ne siyudad te Pilipinas [sabeka ka kepital].
There is a tree beside my house. The tree is dead. [Note the first time you use a].
Are you going to watch the basketball game on Saturday?

Def.: ka; te (egkahamit seini te kenè pad ka sabeka rè ne ngaran eyew te peglalag te langun ne grupu te seeyè ne me butang)
MS: ka; te
You use the before a singular noun to talk about the whole group of those things.
The cellphone is a very useful thing.
Ka silpun amana ne egpakabulig ne butang.

Def.: ka; te (egkahamit nu seini te kenè pad ka me lalag eyew te pegpanengneng meyitenged te grupu te me etew wey ke me butang ne iyan iya ka igpasabut te me lalag).
MS: ka; te
You use the before some adjectives to talk about the group of people or things which the adjective describes.
She promises to help the poor.
Migsaaad sikandin ne egbulig te pubri.
Sem.Dom.: determiners; GSL0001-0025
Status: ready

Last updated: 10/May/2012