Matigsalug Manobo Vernacular Lexicon

baad n. a division or part vt. to divide something into a small number of portions v. to divide something into many portions n. fraction vt. to divide something between two people adv. divided

baag n. a loincloth; g-string vi. to wear a loincloth

Bab prop_n.

baba vt. to carry something on their back n. a carrying strap

baba n. traps on the shoulder

babalakan n. a street corner or intersection – also applies to a river

babbat n. a metal ankle legbracelet

babè n. downriver upstream

babew 1. adj. shallow; low 2. adj. above; upward 3. n. the upper part (or surface) 4. n. the top; the upper floor of a house adj. above another number or level 5. v. to go up adj. shallow

babuy1 n. pig ticksow and piglet vi. to keep or raised domestic pigs

babuy2 vi. to have a fit or to convulse

badlis v. draw line

bagabaga n. this type of bee is often reached during slashing and has a painful bite

bagbag 1. vi. to crack in the middle in many places Ref.Gloss: Or for skin to flake off v. to break something (esp. bamboo) 2. vi. to be split lengthwise

bagget 1. n. excitement; encouragement 2. adj. full of excitement; very willing; industrious vi. to be excited about or looking forward to something vt. to cause someone to be excited or expectant, or to be the thing which causes someone to be excited or expectant adj. enthusiastic and energetic about a certain activity vi. to be excited about or interested in something 3. vt. to encourage someone else with their words vi. to encourage another person using something v. that can cause excitement at someone else, or to be the things which cause excitement 4. v. to show interest in something

bagging 1. v. to be attracted to someone or something v. to be strongly attracted to someone or something v. to attract a person or animal, or be the thing which attracts a person or animal adj. desirous 2. v. to pretend to someone else to be excited about something

baggiyang n. elephant ear plant

baggiyu 1. n. flood (for the water to become bigger) vi. to rise and overflow, flooding a place 2. vi. to be menstruating flooded area

bag-id n. a firesaw; any two objects rubbing together vi. to rub something v. to make a fire using wooden materials

bagkeleng vi. to rotate (along one's own axis) v. to always rotating

bagkes n. a bundle v. to tie something with something

baglis n. a hyphen v. to underline something

bagnel adj. effective as in medicine that causes a quick recovery adj. very effective

bagsak vi. to fail an examination pass

bagtad n. a crack in something as a bottle, jar, or waterpole, but not to the extent that it cannot be used vi. to crack

bagtek n. a (smooth climbing) type of bamboo

bagtì v. to fall down by the strong wind v. to break something (esp. branchesof any plants)

bagtik vi. to sympathise

bagting 1. n. a church bell v. to beat the bell 2. v. to express their angry

bag-u adj. new v. to make a difference v. to change its beauty

bagul n. coconut shell

bagwal v. to anger someone

bagwanan n. a type of shrub n. a stick handle for fish hook and for bird trap

bagwas v. to strip off the lower leaves (e.g of sugarcane)

bagyasan n. a large snail shell

bagyu n. a generic name for of all kinds of storms

baha1 n. (small) ember; the coals of a fire

Baha2 prop_n. the name of a star/constellation

bahal n. the cob of the corn adj. for corn to still be on the cob loose corn kernels

bahani n. a fierce warrior v. to pretend as a fierce warrior

bahas n. rattan for tying

bahè n. lungs

bahe-bè vi. to thunder but yet not to rain

bahed vi. to fall over v. to lay down on the floor

baheley1 n. a two-pronged spear for catching frogs (baka) or a small four-pronged spear for catching small fish (peit) fork

baheley2 vi. to grow bigger or to begin growing bigger

baheng n. a bat for hitting a ball

bahetv Variant of bagget 1. n. excitement; encouragement 2. adj. full of excitement; very willing; industrious vi. to be excited about or looking forward to something vt. to cause someone to be excited or expectant, or to be the thing which causes someone to be excited or expectant adj. enthusiastic and energetic about a certain activity vi. to be excited about or interested in something 3. vt. to encourage someone else with their words vi. to encourage another person using something v. that can cause excitement at someone else, or to be the things which cause excitement 4. v. to show interest in something

bahi-bì v. to beat someone else strongly with a stick

bahin v. to help in harvesting for asking share at someone else

bahu1 v. to request datù's assistance in solving a problem by giving a gifts

bahu2 n. a small tree, probably Fagraea racemosa, the fibre of which can be used for making thread suitable for fishing

bahubal v. to beat something like threshing corn, washing heavy clothes v. to make a sound by beating a log instrument

bahubì v. to hit someone esp. a child with a stick

bahu-bù n. black-faced coucal

bahulbul adj. disgruntled vi. to complain about something to the person who they believe caused that problem vi. to be complained to by someone who is not happy with them for some reason v. to be able to complain to someone about something

bahung v. to strike someone with a stick v. to be struck by a moving object v. to strike each other with sticks

Bahuntetalè n. a morning star

bahusbus vi. to have diarrea, or to be bleeding after childbirth

baka n. a generic name for all types of a cow

bakaka n. river kingfisher

bakal1 n. the stomach

bakal2 vi. to not want visitors or to not be friendly with people e.g., in case they use up my food, especially in the case of unwanted gate-crashers

bakalag n. guard house, e.g., for chasing rice birds v. to build a guard house for watching

bakangbakang v. to hold someome (e.g child ) or something using two hands

bakasiyunv Variant of bakasyun n. vacation vi. to have a vacation

bakasyun n. vacation vi. to have a vacation

bakbak1 n. a generic name of all kinds of frog (edible or unedible) v. to dance with a bakbak dance

bakbak2 vi. to bow down with their elbows bent and face to the ground vi. to slip over because of something

Bakbakey n. a type of flying evil spirit (busew) that calls "bak" bak"bak"

bakè1 1. n. chin n. jaw 2. n. part of a bird trap

bakelew 1. n. a charm that's usually attach to someone's upper arms v. to put something (e.g., a charm) on their upper arm 2. n. upper arm n. a measure from the fingertips to the upper arm

bakeley vi. to avoid going near to the place of an enemy so as not to be tempted to revenge them

bakenawa n. dragon

bakesan n. banded python (poisonous), prized for eating

baketin n. young pig

bakeus vt. to carry something (usually a pig (babuy) or deer (usa)) wrapped in leaves (dewun) and tied up with cane (balahen)

bakkaka n. (any large species of ) kingfisher (with whitish underparts)

bakkè1 n. chin

bakkè2 vt. to kill the woman involved at the same time as the man

bakkèv Variant of bakè1 1. n. chin n. jaw 2. n. part of a bird trap

bakkulv Variant of bakul v. to plant a vegetable usually sweet potato (kasilè), but also tinangkung by first making a hole with a stick and then planting a stalk which will eventually root (egderalid) and then grow adj. planted stalk of potato

bakù vt. to tie up a person or animal with string, rope or wire vi. to trip over a cane, rope, or wire

bakukang n. rhinoceros beetle larval form of the coconut borer

bakukang1 n. ringworm n. a large skin sore; a tropical ulcer on leg

bakul v. to plant a vegetable usually sweet potato (kasilè), but also tinangkung by first making a hole with a stick and then planting a stalk which will eventually root (egderalid) and then grow adj. planted stalk of potato

bakus1 v. to delay or hinder

bakus2 n. a belt v. to wear a belt

bakutung v. to carry something

bala n. a bullet; as well as ammunition for a gun, bala also includes "ammunition" for a stapler and other similar devices v. to load the bullet on their gun

balaan n. fish bucket v. to collect catch fish or animals

balaas n. a type of grass (used as roofing for graves)

balabag 1. n. a railing of a fence or a cross-piece of a house 2. vt. to block something from proceeding, e.g., for a datù to stop a case from proceeding vi. to stop opinions of other vi. to block a path. e.g. a fallen tree 3. v. to be stranded 4. vi. to ride a horse or motorcycle with both legs on the same side 5. vt. to cut or place something crosswise 6. n. north and south

balabahan 1. n. north and south 2. v. to block the activities or plans v. to be stranded

balabak n. a reed used for the making of mats

balahad 1. adv. to be alright 2. v. to abandon or neglect somebody or something somewhere for a reason v. to be abandoned or neglected by someone for a reason v. to take someone's attention away from something else, or to be the thing which takes someone's attention away from something else v. to ask someone else to leave them alone or not to help them 3. v. to take the responsibility or take the consequences

balahen 1. n. any type of vine n. rattan v. to strip balahen vines in order to make flexible cane somewhere 2. n. the blade of a bolo near the handle n. the curved inner part of the blade (of a knife) bolo

balahil n. a dam across a river v. to dam a river with trees, usually as part of making a duheng v. to block the way

balak vi. to recite a traditional narrative with actions, no instruments

balakayu n. a type of erect thin-walled bamboo used for flutes, blowguns, and basketry

balakbakan 1. n. a long big type of tree 2. n. a name of a village located at barangay Tawas, Kitaotao, Bukidnon 3. n. balakbakan corn

balakburudv Variant of blakburd n. blackboard

balakes v. to pick something together v. to be picked together with no intension

balakuhu n. a kind of land snail (the shell of which is used for making lime)

balala 1. n. a medium-sized variety of rattan (balahen) 2. n. a kind of evil spirit busew that calls "balala' balala' during nighttime

balanak1 n. a type of large fish

balanak2 n. a variety of rice

balan-ew 1. n. swamp (e.g., more in water) 2. v. to be covered in water (perhaps up to the ankles)

balang 1. vt. to ruin something vi. to become ruined 2. vi. to have been handicapped since birth

balangas n. a small type of a wild fruit tree with a tiny leaves; spiny fruit

balangbangan adj. black and white colored (e.g. for a dog, cat or pig)

balangetì n. a type of soft small wild tree that grows anywhere; It has wide leaves which was used by ancient people as cap to protect them from heat and for the rain

balangey n. boat

balangey ne ruen e katig n. an outrigger canoe

balangkew n. a thin brown type of frog with a long leg and usually found in the leaves of bananas and trees.

balangulus n. a type of fruit tree (with a small yellow fleshy fruit of a good flavor)

balansahan1 1. n. crimson-backed woodpecker 2. n. sooty woodpecker

balansahan2 n. (an erect smooth-branched) leafy vegetable

balansi v. to calculate a total or balance an account

balansì n. loud, sudden thunder v. to sound loudly and suddenly v. to sound often v. to sound very loudly and suddenly

balansiye v. to balance accounts

balarè n. tethering post (for a fighting cock)

balarew n. a type of knife (with a double-edged blade)

balaring vt. to toss something with a sideways motion of the hand to someone else

balatey v. to fall down ( lay down )

balatibat v. to cause someone's misspeak vi. to accidentally say something wrongly

Balatik prop_n. the name of the Pleiades constellation

balatik 1. n. a spear trap 2. v. to set a spear trap in the forest for a wild animals

balatinew n. a blackish sugarcane

balatung n. green beans

balaud n. law v. to be warned by someone else

Balbal 1. n. a type of spirit that leads people to be greedy and eat uncooked meat 2. v. to cause someone to become greedy (because of the balbal spirit) v. to be greedy; to eat something all by yourself n. gluttonous

Balbalanen prop_n. a good spirit; a benevolent deity responsible for justice

baldi n. bucket

balè n. it is a group of ancient materials such as tooth of animal, bones, and other thing which is not existing today v. to pray with the thing and ask the possible happenings in the future v. to divine an answer using a spear

bale-bè n. a (wide weave) mat (made from the leaves of the screw pine)

baled n. a sprung nooselike trap (for a lizard, rat or bird) v. to set a baled trap

baleey vi. when the person has stomach pain, lying down, and crying out loud with pain

balei n. the relationship between the two sets of parents of a married couple n. the relationship between the immediate families of a married couple, ie. parents and siblings

baleisan n. a short palm

balen n. a mat or burlap sack laid on a carabao to protect its back when tying on a load

balerek vt. to throw something thin (like a plate) with an overarm sideways motion of the hand to someone else

bales1 v. to revenge at someone else v. to answer the letter or email to someone else

bales2 vi. to move in time with music, e.g., to beat or sway one's head

baletak vi. to break up when pounded because it was dried too much

baletik1 vi. to have labor pains

baletik2 vt. to stir something being cooked e.g., rice, porridge

baleug n. a female wild pig boar

baleuhan n. a piece of wood or bamboo used to tie brace a raft

balew1 vt. to renew something vi. to be renewed v. to be able to renewed

balew2 n. striker for sounding a gong (ahung) v. to strike (a gong)

baley1 n. house v. to build a house adj. fond of building houses

baley2 1. v. to play somewhere with toys v. to disobey someone else e.g., to make them funny v. to blaspheme someone else 2. v. to live from house to house, i.e., an immoral woman 3. v. to be not respected by others 4. v. to have fun with something (e.g., a toy) somewhere for a reason v. to be funny in order to entertain other people 5. n. toy 6. v. to flirt with someone else for a reason v. to be able to flirt with anyone

baley-baley v. to pretend as in playing with a toy n. a toy house

baley te kalamag n. like a moss that sticks in a branches of the trees wich is dry

baley te kalawe-lawè See kalawe-lawè n. cobweb

baley te pulangi n. ants variety

bali n. price

balibad v. to quarrel; to dispute; to disagree with someone v. to be capable by someone to decline v. to be able to refuse

balieg n. necklace v. to use or wear necklace to be wrapped around one's neck

balig v. to cross-pollinate with another v. to change their language/dialect/vocabulary/accent

baligsuung vi. to stand on one's head or somersault over v. to invert something

balihuwè vi. to retch with food especially if one is sick, or is forced to eat something they don't like

balii? v. for people to be cursed i.e., to get sick or die because of not following traditional ritual

balikid v. to rotate something left and right direction v. to become inverted

balikuwat n. a chicken with upside-down feathers

balingas vi. to throw a tantrum

balingged n. pervert adj.

balingkuru v. to bend both the arms and knees

balingù vi. to become twisted

balintuad v. to go upside down; (for a bird) to swoop down somewhere

balisa adj. anxious

balisusù n. whirlwind v. to imitate or move like a whirlwind (e.g. when dancing)

balitan n. a small sharpening stone which is used like a file

balitang n. anus (of animals or humans)

balitek adj. effective as in medicine that causes a quick recovery

baliteken 1. n. back of the knee 2. n. hock

balitì 1. n. a large, high type of a tree which usually dwelling place of anykind birds (strangler fig) 2. n. a tree in traditional Matigsalug belief 3. n. evil spirits (busew) that dwell in balitì trees

baliw-as v. to be swapped in position with each other

baliyung v. to turn around v. to oppose someone else (e.g., to lay or in decision) v. to come back where they come from v. to be mixed up; to be reversed v. to be inverted

baliyut n. lust adj. sexually immoral

balkunv Variant of barkun n. porch

balkuv Variant of barku n. ship

ballas n. husked rice chaff —bran

ballew n. a type of tree

balsaan n. sledge

balsamal v. to embalm v. to give an authority to embalm someone

balsamarv Variant of balsamal v. to embalm v. to give an authority to embalm someone

balu n. a widow or widower n. the repayment of the bride-price - a sum repaid when a widow(er) marries someone who is not a relative of the deceased spouse v. to request a repayment of the bride-price v. to purchase (a horse) v. to marry the surviving spouse of their deceased sibling

balù1 adj. almost adj. almost adj. similar; like

balù2 v. to wonder about or be astonished by something v. to cause someone to be astonished, or to be the thing that causes someone to be astonished.

balù3 n. the border of a field that is cut after planting to keep the pigs out

balud n. wave

baluhu1 n. a type of gawed cane - used in the old days for making soap

baluhu2 1. vt. to rub or wipe something, e.g., oil into their hair 2. prop_n. name of a river in traditional Matigsalug belief

balukag n. the mane of a pig, especially a wild pig, which used to be used by Matigsalugs to make a toothbrush (sihi) horse's mane

balukan adj. aloud vi. to shout at someone else or informing that there's something bad happen for a reason v. to shout constantly at someone else for a reason v. to yelling or shouting to informing that there's something bad happen for a reason

balukingking n. a white wide eye owl

balulew n. a tree which has a white bark and is considered to be a sign of good land

balulew? n. a type of vine

balungbalung n. shelter

balunsarì n. a grass spread out with a thorny stem grass

balunserì n. a kind of thorny plant

baluntu 1. n. rainbow vi. to appear because the sun is shining through light rain (egpasilak-silak) 2. vi. to be arch in structure

balusbus v. all grains of rice goes out

balusigsig v. to shine brightly, to glare, e.g., an electric arc welder

baluw n. a drumstick

baluy1 v. to transform (e.g. of a tadpole becoming a frog) v. to become something; to change v. to be able to transform v. to make something change into something else

baluy2 n. any of various types of screw pine n. a flax leaf used for making sleeping mats (ikam). This grows about two metres high and has thorns

bamil n.

banaba n. (an ornamental and medicinal) tree

banag n. thorny vine

banalan n. banalan stream

banasal v. to urge someone else to action

banda n. a woven necklace necklace

bandey v. to cut off a rice stalk at ground level

bandil v. to coordinate actions and sound v. to be coordinated together or fit together

baneew n. an ornamental shrub

baney n. a section between two nodes or joints of finger/sugarcane/bamboo (buku) v. to form a section

bangà n. a water jar

bangal v. to build the floor of a house

bangalug n. a gully v. to have a gully

bangan n. a reddish (but sometimes white) colored flint stone v. to have a flint stone (e.g., in their house)

bangat n. an enemy

bangbang n. a cut in a tree v. to make cuts in a tree (e.g., a coconut tree) using an axe or bolo

bangè vt. to hold something between its teeth, e.g., a dog stealing a shoe v. to carry something through their mouth somewhere vi. to ride into one's backside crevice

bangel n. a lengthwise support of a house or seat

banggà v. to hit someone or something by the body v. to hit together the heads of their vehicles for their personal wants or interest

Banggaan prop_n.

banggat n. a type of weed

banggew vt. to delay; to interrupt; to disturb someone v. to be disturbed by someone or something

banggiitan adj. well-known

banggud n. a grater vt. to grate something, especially cassava (binggala) and maize (aheley) on a grater

banggut v. tie around

bangi n. left over (burnt food on the pot)

bangkà n. a canoe v. to ride a boat (transportation)

bangkakew1 n. a long musical drum (made from a hollowed log) v. to pound a rhythm on a sounding board made from a log suspended at each end by ropes with a short stick (approx. one foot long)

bangkakew2 n. A small dark bird with red eyes. It is called a star bird because it calls during the nighttime when the stars are visible.

bangkalew3 1. n. a thin rotating object, e.g., a frisbee 2. n. bicycle

bangkil n. canine tooth

bangkù 1. n. bench 2. n. chair 3. n. stool

bangkung n. a type of sword

bangul v. to cut someone's hair

bangun1 1. v. to raise up 2. v. to improve

bangun2 v. to uphold (a rule or law)

bangus n. milkfish

banlew 1. v. to revive someone 2. v. to wash again the clothes from washing machine

banley vi. to move in time with music by swaying their heads and bodies side by side vi. to stagger adj. fond of swinging (e.g a person or tree hurasan) characteristics

banlig v. to transform into someone or something else

banlus n. hungry v. to experience hunger

bansa n. honor n. dishonor v. to request payment from someone who has made a false accusation n. payment for remarrying v. to request payment for being improperly touched

bansad v. to hit one object by the other object (e.g.,child games using corn stems)

bansag 1. v. to speech loudly with anger 2. n. a flower vegetable plants which is violet in color and has a pointed thorn

bansahen n. a edible flower that has a black tiny seeds

bansamal v. to embalm v. to give an authority to embalm someone

bansey 1. adj. fluent; expert; good 2. v. to be fluent v. to practice or to teach someone else about something

bansil n. a gold tooth v. to get a gold tooth v. to be a gold tooth fitter (i.e., to fit many people with gold teeth) adj. fully get a gold teeth

bansumang v. to become angry when accused (egbayungan) of a crime, e.g. stealing. The accused becomes very angry at the accuser which is often taken to mean that he is trying to cover his guilt and so is interpreted as a sign of guilt

bansuwit 1. n. a whistle 2. v. to blow a whistle

bantak vi. to plan an activity, e.g., to murder someone

bantal n. worry; doubt v. to cause someone else to be unconfident in doing something v. to be anxious v. to be worry or feel uncomfortable about something else v. that can make someone to be uncomfortable

bantal2 n. a bridge, platform, or shelf v. to make a bridge, platform, or shelf across a gap usually with wood or logs

bantè vi. to plan an activity, e.g., to murder someone

bantek n. the backwards pointing toe of a chicken (particularly a rooster)

bantey 1. vt. to guard something 2. vt. to take care of someone or something adj. careful adj. watchman

bantug 1. adj. famous; well-known; prominent; great n. fame; prestige; honor; renown v. to speak well about someone or something v. to be famous or great for a reason v. to speak well of someone or something to many people in order to make that person popular or famous v. to honor someone in order to make them famous v. to make them popular or famous, or to be the thing which makes them popular or famous v. to make them popular or famous, or to be the things which make them popular or famous 2. v. to boast

bantulang 1. v. to drop a load to the ground which they had been carrying 2. v. to show disappointment by dropping any part of their body on the floor

bantut n. homosexual; gay v. to become effeminate

banug n. eagle n. (toy) airplane n. a woodpecker; a large bird n. a particular tradtitional Matigsalug dance v. to dance ( babanug dance )

banug n. banug rice

banug te inged n. Philippine monkey-eating eagle

banuwaley n. a type of tree, the wood is often used to make the two-stringed zither (kuglung)

bapulv Variant of bapur n. ship