Matigsalug Manobo Vernacular Lexicon


yabi n. key

yabyab 1. v. to hunt for something (e.g. water) v. to hunt 2. vi. to collapse (e.g. an unnailed wall)

yadyad v. to lean

yahung n. bowl

yahung-yahung n. indian hydocotyle

yaman adj. rich

yamyam v. to say an evil prayer to someone else that the (bad) event(s) that happened were a result of their own (evil) deeds

yangyang v. to tease or jeer at someone else v. to be insincere to someone

yansan adj. mature v. to become mature (e.g., ready for married or for fighting for the roaster) adj. someone who is old but has not been married

yantas n. spokes–small radiating bars inserted in the hub

yayeg vi. to be done bit by bit

yayung n. v. to carry someone or something with a stretcher a stretcher

yekyek 1. n. whooping cough 2. v. to cause someone to have a whooping caugh

yenget 1. adj. crisis point of situation 2. adj. complicated; complex

yewyew vi. to waggle their tongue at someone or something

yuggu n. a yoke (for harness) v. to put a yoke to carabao

yuhuv Variant of yuggu n. a yoke (for harness) v. to put a yoke to carabao