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Def.: eyew (meyitenged te pegpangabang); para
MS: eyew; para
If you do something for someone, you do it to help or benefit them in some way.
I carried the heavy bag for my mother.
Mig-uyan a te mabehat ne baag [ba͡ag] para te iney ku.

Def.: eyew (meyitenged te egbehayan wey eggamit); para
MS: eyew; para
If something is for someone, they are going to receive it or use it.
This bread is for you.
Seini se paan su para keykew.
This book is for children.
Seini ne libru egkahamit te me batè.

Def.: seled te (pila ne aldew)
MS: seled te
If something happens for a period of time, that is how long it takes.
I've been studying English for five years.
Mig-iskuyla a te Inglish te seled te lalimman tuig.

Def.: eyew (meyitenged te kapabulusan)
MS: eyew
You use for to talk about why someone does something.
I go walking every day for exercise.
Eggipgipanew a tagsè aldew eyew te pegweil te me lawa ku.
I paid 30 pesos for the rice.
Egbayad a te tatelun pulu eyew te hemey.
I'm preparing for fiesta.
Egtahaha a eyew te pista ne egginguma

Def.: diyè te (egpangguhud ke nekey ka egguhuren)
MS: diyè te
You use for to say who you are talking about.
Last year was a very difficult year for my family.
Ka miglihad ne leg-un ka amana ne malised ne leg-un diyè te pamilya ku.

Def.: su
MS: su
because (used in formal language).
He lived with his uncle, for both of his parents were dead.
Mig-ugpè sikandin diyè te anggam din, su ka ginikanan impamatey e.
Sem.Dom.: prepositions; GSL0001-0025
Status: ready

Last updated: 03/Apr/2013