Matigsalug Manobo Vernacular Lexicon

bapur n. ship

bara n. a bar; a crowbar

baraha n. a brassiere

barang n. something which eaten causes an enlarged stomach and eventual death n. someone who curses others n. someone who curses others v. to poison or curse someone else

barangayv Variant of baranggay n. village

baranggay n. village

baras1 vt. to strike something

baras2 n. magic

baratu adj. cheap adj. cheap v. to become cheap or affordable

barengus n. nose

barì n. a large knife/sword with a fat curved blade often used for cleaning up split boards

bariyu n. a village or an outlying district (of an city or town)

barku n. ship

barkun n. porch

barubu n. a type of tree, the starchy seeds of which are edible

barugganan n. conscience

barut vt. to pull something out (e.g. harvesting peanuts by pulling them out of the ground, extract a tooth) (optionally) with a tool

basa v. to read something n. a document

basag1 vt. to give a gift to a chieftain (datù) in order to request his assistance in solving a problem

basag2 1. n. wood from the pula palm 2. adj. hard; hardy

basagbasag n. a smallish black type of ant with a painful bite that lives under stones

basak 1. n. mud v. to become muddy adj. muddy 2. adj. soiled 3. n. rice field v. to work in a ricefield 4. n. The name of a particular village in Sinuda, Kitaotao, Bukidnon.

basakan n. rice field

basal vt. to beat a gong (ahung) with a stick bound up with rubber or cloth n. an instrument v. to beat the gong continously

basbas v. to train someone else in performing something v. to practice or to learn something vi. to becomed practiced at something n. a disciple - one who learns or practices adj. studious v. to practice something for celebration

basen adj. polite

baskilita n. bicycle

baskit n. container made of ratan

baslay v. to pounded until it's very white

bassa v. to give respect to someone adj. courteous; respectful

basta conj. as long as

bastun n. narrow-legged trousers

bastun n. stick that support a person

bastus adj. immodest; rude

basu n. drinking glass adj. by the cupful

basuk v. to cultivate (land) or to farm (land) or to raise crops adj. diligent; industrious; hardworking (in an agricultural context such as weeding) adj. industrious

basulew? n. a measure from the fingertips to the opposite upper arm

basulì vi. to return

basung n. a slender vat made of bark for storing rice or made of bamboo which is for arrows

basura n. garbage n. garbage dumping site

basusey v. to decide

batang1 n. a felled or fallen tree, a log of wood adj. a woody place

batang2 n. the shank of a tampuling spear tip

batasan1 1. n. customs (regulating social life) adj. traditionally; usual; habitual; accustomed n. accustomed n. 2. v. to offer something to someone for asking help and solution for their problem

batasan2 v. to take food or a small animal to a datu in order to request his assistance

batè 1. n. child 2. adj. young; immature 3. n. a maid or a laborer n. children; young people n. childhood 4. v. adj. boyish adj. young; youthful

bateg n. a scar v. to form a scar

batek n. color adj. speckled; patterned; a type of design v. to color something

batengil v. to hit someone or something in their head in order to die using anykinds of a hard things

batiew n. a scout; to scout out danger

batikù n. curve

batiliv Variant of batiriya n. a battery

batiriya n. a battery

batsi vi. to bounce on the road

batsilur n. a bus (named after the Bachelor Express bus company) v. to ride a bus

battek n. various types of orchid

batu n. stone adj. stony adj. grains mix with tiny stone when it drying

batubalani n. a magnet

batug n. a fighting cock v. to get a horse or other goods in order to make a payment

batuk v. to return to the old ways; to restore health

batul n. a kind of wild animal trap (e.g., boar, mouse deer, or birds) which is only tied on a tree or any strong plants to be not removable when it caught vi. to be caught in a batul trap

batun vt. to pull someone or something up e.g., a basket on a rope up a tree, or for God to raise someone to heaven

batuung n. a feast marking the end of a period of mourning v. to celebrate the batuung feast to mark the end of a period of mourning a loved one after a period of 9 days for a male, or 8 days for a female, after which they decide what to do about the widow

bawal adv. prohibited

bawang n. garlic

bawed e ne suled See suled n. a distant relative

bawes n. the report of a loud noise, such as the firing of a gun, heard from a distance n. repeated sound; echo

bawì 1. n. medicine, including both liquids and tablets 2. v. to treat at someone else or something (medically) v. to be cured or healed v. to heal someone illnesess or sick with something v. to be able to treat or cure to someone or something 3. v. to comfort a person who has emotional problems such as anger and sorrow 4. v. to remedy or fix up something e.g., by explaining what you really meant to say 5. n. one who administers medicine

bawilit n. a type of orchid

bawing n. grand basilic; sweet basil

bawì te pahis See pahis n. frangipani

bawutismu v. to baptize

bawwìv Variant of bawì 1. n. medicine, including both liquids and tablets 2. v. to treat at someone else or something (medically) v. to be cured or healed v. to heal someone illnesess or sick with something v. to be able to treat or cure to someone or something 3. v. to comfort a person who has emotional problems such as anger and sorrow 4. v. to remedy or fix up something e.g., by explaining what you really meant to say 5. n. one who administers medicine

bayaba vi. to accidentally say something wrongly

bayad1 vt. to harshly treat someone else vi. to get treated harshly

bayad2 n. payment vt. to pay something to someone else n. a fine n. the debt which children owe their parents and choose to repay them in various ways, but can never be fully repaid.

bayaku 1. n. a generic name of all kinds of birds 2. n. Philippine bulbul 3. n. bayaku abaka

bayang vi. to have plenty of something

bayat 1. v. to make someone else laugh v. to laugh at something vi. to laugh at something vt. to cause someone to laugh, or to be the thing that causes them to laugh vi. to laugh a lot at something v. to cause someone to laugh vi. to make many people laugh 2. adj. joker

bayè 1. v. to pass through or travel a certain path somewhere v. to pass through n. pathway; road v. to keep on passing somewhere v. to keep on passing somewhere v. to be passed through something 2. v. happenings; experience v. to experience something 3. v. to expose someone else to something 4. adv. according to something

bayew adj. somewhat adj. quite

bayik n. bicycle v. to ride a bicycle

bayinti num. twenty

bayinti dus num. twenty-two

bayinti kuwatru num. twenty-four

bayinti nuwibi num. twenty-nine

bayinti sayis num. twenty-six

bayinti singku num. twenty-five

bayinti siti num. twenty-seven

bayinti tris num. twenty-three

bayinti unu num. twenty-one

bayinti utsu num. twenty-eight

bayli n. disco dancing but under bright lights

bayug n. a type of tree

bayung v. to accuse someone of something v. to be accused about something n. the person being accused of a misdeed

bayungbayung n. young people

bayungbung n. a short, very fat, yellow banana banana

bayyè v. to turn; to change direction

be adv. yes

be-baan n. the male cicada (ngeyngey) that makes a noise

bebalakan 1. n. a trail marker; an intersection 2. n. a name of a place in traditional Matigsalug belief

be-bè 1. n. mouth n. mouth of the hole 2. n. a kind of a basket

bebeg adj. to be misshapen, eg. a house that is wider at the top than at the bottom

bebelakan n. intersection

beday n. a thin gold bracelet

bedayi n. a metal wrist bracelet

bedbed v. to wrap something around something else v. to tangle or wrap around something n. the rewind button on a tape recorder v. to make a leg bracelet by wrapping a thin cane over and over a small round lope of the same cane

beeg v. to inform someone else

beg-ang n. molar tooth v. to grow their molar tooth

begbeg adj. effective (as in good medicine)

begkesa??? adj. footloose

begkul crooked; bend vi. to be crooked v. to crook or bend

begsey n. paddle vi. to row or paddle (a boat)

begsil n. gray wagtail

behang vi. to become sick or injured, e.g., a breastfed child whose mother eats the wrong foods, or someone who accidentally bashes themselves on something vi. to become sick by drinking bad mother's milk or by having its fingernails cut before about three months of age vi. to become stunted in growth because of calamity and people activities

behas 1. n. fruit vi. to bear fruit (even if there is currently none) vi. to actually bear fruit in season adj. fruitful 2. n. husked rice chaff —bran 3. n. a derogatory term for the vagina

behat 1. adj. heavy vi. to make themself heavy, e.g., when sitting on the knee of someone else or to put something to another thing to make it heavy 2. n. an anchor (for a boat) or fishing sinker (made of any heavy material)

beheng 1. adj. fast-flowing (of water) adj. very fast-flowing 2. adj. flexible, but with quite strong resistance

behey 1. vt. to give something to someone else vt. to distribute something to a group of people v. to cause someone else to give something to a third person v. to be given to someone vi. to be able to give something to someone n. the act of giving vt. to voluntarily give each other something vt. to repeatedly give each other something vt. to repeatedly give each other something vt. to voluntarily give each other something 2. vt. to give permission for something

behung v. to hunt wild animals with something

behunlus n. a perfume made from garung, salapien, and malayapa tree subtances v. to apply perfume adj. perfumed

bei n. a woman who is very commanding and may be head of the household or community v. to take command over her husband

bekabeka 1. vi. to dry out and flake or split open vi. to be all parched 2. adj. dry (of food)

bekad v. to lift off or flip over something in order to peer under it

bekal v. to spread out; to flare out; to open up (e.g. mens' trousers, a mushroom still growing)

bekanti n. room for more

bekas1 n. a device for trapping mudfish which is a funnel-shaped basket, open at the top and bottom. This is repeatedly pushed wide end down through the water into the mud. If a fish is caught it is retrieved through the top open end v. (for a logfall trap or spring open or shut ) to be tripped (e.g. a trap for an animal)

bekas2 v. to undo buttons

bekbek v. to roast corn, pound it and mix with sugar n. roasted corn: pounded to a powder and mixed with a little sugar

bekbek te meni n. peanut butter

bekè vt. to force two things apart so as to be able to see between them

bekeg1 n. bone of a fish or bone of meat v. to be choked of something (e.g.,bone or rice) v. stuck in the throat adj. bony; full of bones

bekeg2 n. seed, for planting???

bekehan n. bekehan banana

bekkut adj. stooped

beku v. to be lazy or not want to do something because of something or for a reason v. to make someone dislike doing something else; or to be the thing that makes someone dislike doing something

belad 1. n. arm v. to decide to use their hands for eating or either to smash something their hands 2. n. the sleeve of a garment adj. (a woman) wearing a top with sleeves down to the elbow n. a traditional patterned woman's blouse 3. adj. Ref.Gloss: robber or thief

belak n. anahaw palm

belang 1. v. to be done to pass the time, because someone is not able to do something else for a certain reason v. to be done to pass the time, because someone is not able to do something else v. to do something to pass the time, because they are not able to do something else vt. to be able to spend a brief time doing something because they are not able to do something else at the moment 2. v. to be done together by two people of the opposite sex 3. v. to have sexual intercourse

belangay n. a banana variety which is very expensive

belat vt. to unfold or unroll something, especially a sleeping mat and lay it out on the floor unroll v. to request someone else to unfold a mat and place it on the floor

belè n. the term of address for any relative of one's son-in-law or daughter-in-law

belebed vt. to bind something by winding it around something vt. to wrap around another thing

beleg 1. vi. to be dizzy after a fall 2. n. poison

belegyè vt. to sell something (for money) v. to be a vendor of any products n. vendor

belekebek n. a chicken feather which composed of black, white, and red

belengew n. leg bracelet

belew n. a type of tree

beley v. to become tired out from working hard (e.g. clearing a field egkamet or walking eggipanew) v. to cause someone to be tired v. to cause someone to be tired v. tiresome adj. always tired

beli vt. to buy something somewhere n. items or products adj. saleable n. store

belig v. blessing

beligyàv Variant of belegyè vt. to sell something (for money) v. to be a vendor of any products n. vendor

beligyèv Variant of belegyè vt. to sell something (for money) v. to be a vendor of any products n. vendor

bel-is n. a hardwood tree n. a bamboo knife used for cutting the umbilical cord of a new-born baby

bel-is2 adj. stingy; greedy

belita n. news; a story

bellè n. yellow skinned sweet potato - the flesh is also yellowish

belù1 n. to give

belù2 1. vi. to be angry at someone else vi. to make someone angry somehow (either intentionally or unintentionally) v. to provoke someone else to anger adj. furious 2. vi. to be able to give us back something

belun n. a well v. to dig a well

belungen n. a drinking vessel

belungun n. pomelo

belunserìv Variant of balunsarì n. a grass spread out with a thorny stem grass

beluntuv Variant of baluntu 1. n. rainbow vi. to appear because the sun is shining through light rain (egpasilak-silak) 2. vi. to be arch in structure

belut v. to comes out or to blow out from something v. to be gradually and successively come out from something

belutan n. a flour sack or the material which they are made of

Bendet prop_n.

bendiggaddu n. a large enamel plate

bendila 1. n. a flag v. to use a flag (national or other) in a country to communicate a particular message 2. n. a windsock

bendira n. the traditional trousers worn by males vi. to wear traditional colored trousers 1. n. a variety of rice that is small

bened v. to go numb v. to cause some parts of the body dead

benek n. goiter v. to have a goiter

beneng n. cheek

benes v. to cover a place adj. overgrown with weeds (e.g., of a wilderness) v. to become grassy

benga vi. to be uncertain about something v. that can make someone to be troubled

bengag n. an edible, yellow bean in a pod

bengat vt. to pull/beat up something

bengel1 adj. deaf v. to deaf someone else (shouting or something) vi. to become deaf v. to be capable of deafening someone

bengel2 n. bottom (as a part, end, edge or surface) v. to go under something v. to place something underneath something else

bengen adj. wrinkled

benget n. pubic hair adj. hairy, as of the face having sideburns

bengit n. A small black bird which calls at night with a sound like the meowing of a cat.

bengkag v. to plow a field for the first time v. to be able to break something v. to be scattered

benì n. seed, for planting v. to prepare seeds for planting

benig v. to develop breasts

benisil 1. n. pepper 2. n. a long type of pepper 3. n. a small, red chili pepper (used in seasoning food)

benkè v. to do something in someone's absence

bennal 1. v. to accept a proposal or idea; to consent to a price v. that can satisfy to someone vi. to become sold out for the ideas by someone 2. v. to be a guilty for some crime committed v. to be safe and not guilty to the crime committed vi. to accept something wrong he has done v. to have complain at someone else for a reason

bentaan v. to plan to make a future journey v. to plan a journey

bentè vt. to threaten to kill someone else

benteg v. to punish someone for an offense (such as saying their name - a form of disrespect)

bentulà n. a bamboo sounder to scare off wild pigs from the crops; a bell

bentung n. a tall, straight and smooth yellow variety of thickwalled bamboo without thorns used for furniture making

benut n. the fine fibre of the baleisan palm used to start fires

beratu adj. somewhat cheap

beratuv Variant of baratu adj. cheap adj. cheap v. to become cheap or affordable

beres vi. to conceive or become pregnant vi. to get pregnant out of marriage vi. to impregnate a female v. to be the illegitimate child of someone else

bes part. oh! (surprise)

besì v. to stand with legs apart

besik v. to splatter someone or something vi. to be splattered, e.g., when a truck passes on a muddy road adj. splattery

Besinti prop_n.

bestida n. a long skirt

besut v. to squirt out v. to be able to squirt out n. squirtable

betad n. given away from man to woman's family (dote) v. to give something to the bride's parents

Betey prop_n.

betey adj. cliff

betì n. vagina

betiwad n. mosquito larva or small worms (that wriggle around a lot) 1. n. leeches which are products of mosquitoes

betu v. cracked; split vi. to shoot or explode v. to shoot a weapon or cause something to explode

betutung n. drum

beug1 1. adj. conserve food (e.g rice) 2. v. cause to stack

beug2 n. dried left-over rice or dried cassava v. to become dried or presserved (e.g.,cassave or rice) v. to be good for dried or presserved food (e.g.,cassave or rice) v. to make something dried or presserved (e.g.,cassava or rice)

beuhan n. a creek

beuhu n. a newly married couple (e.g. three days to about a month) or a couple without children

beung n. a glass which is made of coconut shell

beungun n. king of fruit

beut adj. always smelly, even if washed

beuu n. land turtle

bewù n. shreds of the pula palm tree which is used as tinder

bewu1 v. to take provisions (usually food or money) for a journey v. to eat one's provisions

bewu2 v. (for food) to become stale or cool

bewug vi. to get wet vt. to wet something else, usually food

bewuk n. a white wood from the pula palm that is dried and used for fire-lighting

bewutismu baptize v. to baptize another v. to request baptism at someone else

beyabas n. a guava

beyan n. a female animal (e.g., a horse or goat) male animal

beyawà n. a tree, probably Kingiodendron alternifolium

Beybayan prop_n. name a person

beye-beyè 1. v. to controll something which you have no rights to control 2. v. to estimate in order to minimize something 3. v. to make decision which you have no rights to decide 4. v. to have the rights to decide, controll, and to estimate about something 5. v. to have authority over others or to something 6. v. to decide to marry their children without courting nor relationship

beyi n. a term of direct address meaning woman or girl n. an unmarried girl n. a girl around the age of puberty (e.g. 13 years old); a young girl (not yet marriageable) pron. a form of address for a youngish girl

Beyibayan prop_n. the name of a good god, whom some liken to Jesus

beyintiv Variant of bayinti num. twenty

bibi n. a smaller sized duck, mostly white, which can't fly but is a good layer

bibì adj. glib

bibid? v. to sow up the top of a vat

bibig 1. n. the lip (of a human) 2. n. crater 3. n. snout (of animals) 4. v. to be sad and blame to someone

bibilunv Variant of bibirun n. a baby's bottle

bibirun n. a baby's bottle

Bibliya n. The Bible

bidbid v. to have a twisted back

bige-bigè n. a colorful large thin eel predator of man

bigka n. Sulu hornbill

bigkaten n. a taro shoot

biglè v. to use or give the entire amount of something, e.g., corn seed or money

bignit vt. to pinch something and pull it e.g., to grab someone's skin or hair

bigtawan n. a variety of corn

bigtew 1. vi. to be broken vi. to break a rope 2. v. to be faint with sickness or distress to the point of having difficulty breathing and possibly near death v. to be dying; to be losing breath

bigtusv Variant of bugtus vi. to snap or break vt. to snap or break something

bihudbihud vi. to be bent over under a heavy load

biid v. to stretch oneself

biit v. to lead in singing by conducting with their hand

bikku n. a type of cake made from sticky rice

bi-ku v. a hopping game (played mostly by girls)

bikug v. for muscles (e.g arms or calves) to be stiff

bilang v. to count something

bilas n. a tear or sleep in the eye v. to wipe one's eyes

bilat n. groin

bilbil v. to be mentally deranged, perhaps from an evil spirit (busew)

bildu n. broken glass (esp. bottle)

bileg n. a small fresh-water eel

bilibili n. a sheep

bilisbilis n. drizzle vi. to drizzle

biliya n. a smooth cane which climbs up trees. The bark can be scraped off and then the cane is beaten and the sap used as soap.

bilnisv Variant of biyirnis n. a day before saturday and after thursday

bilsikuluv Variant of birsikulu n. verse

bilu n. a layer of grime on a person's face or skin adj. dirty v. to get dirty

bilug n. a variety of thin cane from the balahen family

Binakiling n. binakiling stream

binalabag n. a type of fish trap

binalahad adj. helpless

binalang n. a floor joist on a house

binalanga n. a wild, edible root which is a long variety of yam

binangay n. a type of small, yellow type of banana

binanusu n. dried tobacco vt. to dry tobacco

binanuwa n. an old-style roof v. to make an old style roof for their shelter

binat vt. to stretch back something e.g., pulling back a bow or slingshot, lifting the foreskin so as to slip a knife underneath in circumcision

binayu vt. to pound something, especially rice paley, uliben, dawa, lenga, linaplap ne aheley, kepi ne eggimuwen ne pulbus with a pestle (andu) in a mortar (lesung)

bindas vt. to tear something vi. to become torn

binebey n. a type of large basket which is square on the bottom and round at the top

binekad n. the traditional jacket worn by males vi. to wear a traditional colored jacket v. to wear a traditional colored jacket

binelaran n. Matigsalug woman dress v. to wear Matigsalug dress

Bingawen prop_n.

bingbing vt. to pull the ears of someone else v. to be fond of pulling ears of someone else

bingew n. a nick in a blade v. to be missing teeth v. to came to stage of missing tooth for changing

binggala n. cassava adj. cassava plantation

bingkug vi. to be bent v. to bend something

binilug n. a small, round nugget of gold

binlud n. dirt in the male organ

bintanà n. window

bintang1 v. to suspect at someone else v. to suspect someone else without clear evidence

bintang2 n. a type of squash

bintedulv Variant of bintedur n. fire cracker

bintedur n. fire cracker

binteng vt. to grab something to pull it apart vi. to become stretched

bintitunè n. stork-billed kingfisher

bintiv Variant of bayinti num. twenty

bintu n. a physical peculiarity which is believed to be the mark of special powers, of non-humans as well as humans

binu n. wine, beer, or other alcoholic drinks

binugtung n. binugtung banana

binukul n. a kind of bracelet

biripv Variant of brip n. men's underpants or briefs

Birnis prop_n. Friday

birsikulu n. verse

bisagra n. an opening or hollow place that forms a holder for something

bisayan n. bisayan abaka

bisbis v. to water plants

Biseyè 1. n. a Visayan; a lowlander n. Cebuano; the Visiyan language 2. n. a variety of rice that is small

Bisinti prop_n.

bisita n. a visitor v. to visit someone in another location v. to court a woman

bisleg n. eye

bislig n. a type of vine trimmed carefully and used for kuglung strings long ago

bistira n. a Western style blouse or dress

bita-bita v. to be confuse what to do (due to being busy) v. that can make busy at someone else

bitala n. a sago yielding plant

bitamina n. vitamin

bitaya 1. n. a long hairy root on a sweet potato or cassava 2. n. bird trap which is usually place in giant taro when the fruit is ripe v. to use the bitaya as a bait to catch birds (especially kaliyawa, kayametan, talegkes, salapuyan, tugkeling, limuken, tiyulew) somewhere

bitbit vt. to carry something dangling from the fingers or hand v. to carry a lot of things

bitey vt. to hang something somewhere using rope

bitik n. a spear-gun (used for catching small fish) vt. to shoot someone or something else with a stretched rubber band vi. to be hit by someone releasing a stretched rubber band something (e.g. string) to use to mark a straight line, e.g. on a piece of timber about to be cut

bitil vi. to have no food to have plenty

bitin vt. to hang something or someone from somewhere with a rope e.g., to hang food from the ceiling so as not to be eaten by rats n. gallows n. hang up

bitiranu n. a war veteran

bitsin n. monosodium glutomate (MSG) used for a flavoring

bitu n. hole in the ground

bituen 1. n. constellation 2. v. to appear in the sky 3. v. to observe the stars adj. star observer

bituen ne peit n. starfish

bitug n. the flap of skin under the tongue

bituk n. intestinal worm

bituka1 n. intestines of a person or animal v. to clean intestines of slaughtered animals using bolo or bladed bamboos v. to become intestine out

bituka2 n. a type of bird with an interesting song which goes up the scale

biyal v. up and down

biyalè n. fish net

biyaley n. green lima bean

Biyalung1 prop_n.

biyalung2 n. a type of hardwood tree

biyangan n. betel leaf pepper

biyat ???. please

biyirnis n. a day before saturday and after thursday