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Def.: duma; lein; esa
MS: duma; lein; esa
You use else to talk about another, different person, thing or place.
I ran, but everybody else walked.
Migpallahuy a, piru ka me duma nangipanew .
My house was destroyed, so I needed to find somewhere else to live.
Nahuhus e ka baley ku, purisu keilangan ne egpamitew a te lein ne egkeugpaan ku.
I only told my sister about it, nobody else.
Bread, salt, eggs ... anything else?
Sem.Dom.: adverbs; GSL0576-0600
or else
Def.: ke kenè
MS: ke kenè
You use or else to say what the result will be if something does not happen.
Take this jacket or else you will get cold.
Ku-a nu seini se diyakit ke kenè egkaagsilan [egka͡agsilan] ka.
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Last updated: 04/Apr/2013