Matigsalug Manobo Vernacular Lexicon

ij. oh! wow!

te1s lnk. (Genitive marker – specifier/quantity)

te1w lnk. (Genitive marker – part/whole)

te2 det. (Non-Focus II common clausal determiner)

te3 det. (Non-Focus III common clausal determiner)


te5 ???. [direct quote marker]


te7 lnk. (Temporal Location marker)

te8e lnk. (Oblique marker)

te8l lnk. (Oblique marker)

te8s lnk. (Oblique marker)


tebal v. to fall down from a height landslide adj. landslided

tebas vi. to be finished vt. to work to finish the harvest

tebbel v. to trill the tongue

tebbuwè n. a type of fruit tree

tebè vt. to cut down a banana tree fell tree

tebek n. fight

tebengenen n. people

tebesal n. squash

tebew adj. bad-luck

tebid v. to wring the juice out of sugarcane (tirè)

tebuan n. a type of screw pine

tebung n. ancient time

ted-em vi. to chant a fictional story unaccompanied. May hold a spear (deldeg) and shield (kalasag)

ted-emen n. story; fairy tale

tedted adj. effective (as in good medicine or a pastor in praying for the sick)

teen v. to trap or set anything 1. v. to set something

tees v. to request someone to not tell something

teew n. nighthawk

teg4 Variant of te4 lnk. (Question Link)

teg6 Variant of te6 lnk. when; while

teg9 Variant of te9 lnk.

tegteg n. a section of sugarcane about 1cm long

tegtek n. a small piecies of sugarcane

tehas n. a tree that has a very hard, heavy wood

teheb n. a type of tree

tehel vt. to do something even if not feeling well vi. to be forced do something even if not feeling well

tehen vt. to control something, e.g., a horse with something, e.g. the reigns

tehep n. a type of breadfruit tree n. marang tree

tehew n. a type of swallow

tehiyà n. a small bush, the leaves of which can be used as a herb (igleggù) to flavor vegetables such as egg-plant (sehuttung)

tehunggù n. an array of small gongs tied together in a wooden frame

tei n. dung

teil 1. v. to stop moving around or to cease being angry v. to stop moving around or to be still 2. v. to arrange a set of something v. to be in order or arrange v. to be able to arrange something in order 3. adj. constant

tei te batè See batè n. mangosteen

te kamulu pad conj. while

tekang v. dry lahas fruit

tekeb v. to bite on something hard, e.g., sugar cane or a bone

tekkeling n. an edible insect from the the forest

tekkew vi. to be shocked by something v. that can surprise someone

tektek1 n. a house gecko

tektek2 vi. to knock

tekuk adj. back head protrude

tekul v. to push a dent out of something v. to spread out?

telab n. burp vi. to burp

teldung v. to be folded over

teleb v. to have a heavy weight which directly sinking in the water v. to cause something (e.g., raft or ship) to sink in the water v. to be just submerged, i.e., to float just below the surface of the water

tel-eb 1. n. a cover 2. vt. to cover something (e.g., a pot with something (often a lid or cover) on top of something else vt. to cover something else e.g., for clouds to cover the sun 3. vt. to lay hands on someone else

telebusu n. town

telek n. purely native

telen v. to be still

teles 1. adj. beautiful; attractive; gorgeous; handsome; elegant; stately; graceful; nice; better; good; v. to become goood or nice v. to be happy about something (e.g. a particular horse winning a fight) n. wanted 2. n. beauty adj. very beautiful

teleu n. deposit

teling adj. excellent hearing Ref.Gloss: "radar ears" v. to connect their hearing somewhere (esp. in the middle of the night) v. to be able to heard something from deep sleeping

teltel v. to hide something in the a corner v. to be not displayed by the sight

telu 1. num. three (counting) num. three (counting) adj. three (adjective) num. three (limitation) 2. adj. third 3. adv. three times 4. num. in groups of three or three each 5. adv. in three days' time adv. three days that have passed vi. to be in three days' time 6. n. three nights (and intervening days) in the future vi. to be going to spend three days or nights somewhere n. three nights (and intervening days) in the past 7. vi. to become three in total or three times in size 8. adv. in three parts, or three times vt. to be divided into three parts or to be done three times vi. to cause three things to exist or to happen

teluk n. place above the fire v. to dry something above the fire (up above the flame)

telumpung n. binoculars

teluv Variant of tatelu 1. num. three (counting) adj. three (adjective) 2. adj. three-pronged

tembil vt. to place something beside something

tembukù n. a small insect that lives in the ground and tree stumps and comes out at night. It sheds its skin and becomes a cicada (ngeyngey).

tembulì n. horn of animal used as trumpet

tembuwambè n. a three-stringed zither v. to dance and play the three-stringed zither

temeg vi. to build and light a fire with sticks

temew1 vt. to drop something off at someone's house n. a portion of meat placed in a person's house by an evil spirit. If one eats the meat he is turned into a ghoul

temew2 vt. ambigious

temey v. to trade goods

teming n. a round shield

temmu v. to meet

Temmuhan n. Temmuhan river

tempag vi. to fall down from a height adj. landslided

temped n. the upper part of the kaingin

tempeg v. to cut with a bolo (knife)

Tempilù prop_n. a god and wife of Panayangan

tempug vt. to cut a piece of something that is long and thin. eg. wire, tree, banana, umbilical cord, long hair off someone or something using something vi. to snap off

temu 1. vt. to meet someone else v. to unintentionally meet togther somewhere (usually in a house) v. to meet togther somewhere (usually in a house) 2. v. to join on to another piece n. the crack between two boards in the wall of a house

tenayan n. a black variety of rice

teneb n. honey

tenes adj. dense or compressed vt. to compact something vi. to be compacted

tengè v. to divide something v. to divide something between two people; to meet halfway v. to become divided adj. half

tenged1 conj. because of

tenged2 n. authority

tengel 1. n. nape 2. n. the back of a knife Ref.Gloss: bolo

tenges v. to wrap up cooked food in a (banana or taro) leaf n. a portion of rice cooked in a folded banana leaf

teng-ew 1. v. to illuminate a scene with a light source, e.g., a flashlight 2. v. to hunt (especially for fish and frogs) at night with a lamp

tenggak vi. to raise their head

tengteng vt. to look at (somebody or something) v. to have hope placed on them/it v. to stare for an extended period of time at something or someone

tengul v. to cut off the branches of a tree which is still standing

tenseb n. vapor

tensiya v. to judge someone else

tenten 1. v. to treat a baby with green faeces with 14 leaves or other herbal medicine 2. v. to be soothed by rocking or some other soothing action 3. v. to releive pain or something ( esp. aching ) 4. n. a payment so that another will close his eyes to an action

tepak v. to go to the water's edge

tepeng vi. to equal something else

tepes v. to chew something but not intending to swallow it

tepik n. fragment vt. to break something apart

teppu n. a piece of dropping

tepu v. to cause bad luck for someone

tepung v. to brush or beat (not wipe) something (e.g., a table) in order to clean it and remove dust with a cloth in order to remove dust

terak 1. n. truck 2. n. car

teres vt. to crush lice from someone's hair between the thumbnails crush lice in seam v. to crush something like lice, pimples and the like

teriyas n. hectare; a unit of land measurement

terumpu n. top

terung n. a head covering made by tying a shirt or something over one's head, or by holding a banana leaf or similar over one's head vt. to put something on or over someone else's head vi. to cover their head with something v. to be sheltered from the rain by a banana leaf or similar

terusu n. a board or piece of timber

tesan 1. adj. grown up 2. adj. (for fruit or nuts) to be firm (and full when almost ripe) v. (for fruit or nuts) to ripen 3. adj. (for leaves) to be tough (when old)

tesan se ulaula adj. mature

tesì v. to feel hungry and have a stomach ache

te-tè n. dried-out luwey cane

te-teuwa adj. lie; untrue; not real words; theory

teu adv. good; skilled vi. to know (a skill) to do something adj. skillful

teud v. to respect?

teul v. to howl because its lonely or communicating others

teunu v. believe

teuteu v. to be a deliberate lie

teu-teu adj. suddenly v. to be immediate surprised about something

tev Variant of ta pron. we (incl); by us (incl.) poss_pron. our (incl); of ours (incl)

te warè pad See warè conj. before

tewra? v. to honor

tewud n. backward pointing toe

tewuri n. beans

tewv Variant of pitew 1. v. to look at somebody or something v. to show someone something v. to be good on the outside but not in secret (e.g., pretending) v. to look each other in the eyes 2. v. to look for something

tey-ew v. to stop runnign and bark from lost (esp. dog)

teyeyey n. a black type of cicada with white markings and it calls "teyeyey"

teyì v. to sew (on a machine?)

teytey n. bridge vt. to bridge across a river or chasm using something e.g., wood

teyul v. to set properly adj. still

ij. oh! [surprise or disbelief]

tiad vi. to become bent backwards

tiang v. to carry something on the shoulder v. to carry lots on the shoulder n. to request everyone to carry firewood v. to carry something

tibasv Variant of tibbas vt. for someone to cut with a knife (with one stroke) e.g., a sapling or small tree

tibbal adj. naked to the sight; visible part. presumptuous v. to hide something that hopefully out of sight but still visible for someone else

tibbas vt. for someone to cut with a knife (with one stroke) e.g., a sapling or small tree

tibbas te Meuy v. to be paralysed on one side

tibebè v. to be planned by anybody

tibehew n. a tall grass with sharp edged leaves

tibelawan n. A tiny type of a bird tagbis

tibelus n. sugarcane flower

tibil vi. to walk or sit on the edge of something like a cliff vi. to roll near the edge of something like a cliff

tibtib v. to stay on the other side of something

tibu adj. foul

tibud n. an ancient jar which is expensive

tibuek adj. intact

tibuli n. tribe

tibungul vt. to boil bamboo shoots or corn on the corn

tibus adj. somewhat less adj. somewhat v. to be close together in time

tibuuk adj. over all

tibuwas v. to clear away

tiddulas vi. to slip with their foot vi. to just nick something vi. to just say something in a less direct way

tiel v.

tiem vi. to close their mouth n. plants medicine or incantation


tigbassee tibbas

tiggib n. chisel


tigkan v. to be sudden or unexpected v. to put off paying something until a later time v. to resume or carry on with something

tigkanay adj. first in time

tigkawang vi. to stand up unsupported

tigkel vt. to control one's emotions or actions

tigkew adj. sudden adv. suddenly

tigkey n. a bug (uled) that makes holes in the back teeth thus causing them to decay and fall out v. to have a tooth-ache

tigkus v. to recede v. to wait for water to recede

tiglingey vi. to have your mind on something else


tigpek v. to stop bleeding v. to wait that the clot stop bleeding

tigpes v. to stack up pieces of firewood in a back basket

tigpù vi. to snap off at the end snap in half

tigri n. cat family

tigsen v. to dry up v. to become dry

Tigwa prop_n. the Tigwa river

tihas adj. strong-willed

tihì 1. v. to prove one's innocence or guilt n. justice 2. v. to kill the suspect or the relatives of the suspect

tihis a very small, round quantity of liquid 1. n. a small stream (of liquid) v. to flow in a small stream onto something v. to drip 2. v. to sprinkle blood

tiip n. cassette tape

tiis vt. to suffer or tolerate something adj. patient

tikal v. to turn (rice or ground corn) over (to see if it is cooked)

tikang adj. (for something to be) high or tall adj. very high adj. the highest vi. for the price of something to go up; to become more expensive; to be higher

tikeba n. a vertical bank, usually formed where the river has cut into its banks, or by a landslide in the hills

tikeg n. the part of the stem (between the top leaf and the head of grain) n. an ear of rice n. a stick broom made with sharp wooden needles from the stem of coconut leaves

tikehew n. collarbone

tikes n. leg bracelet vi. to wear a leg bracelet

tikin-tikin v. to squat with both feet together

tikling n. a large type of flightless bird, which eats corn, palay, and insects (Barred Rail)

tiklup v. to close something (e.g., an umbrella)

tiktik1 n. cornmeal

Tiktik2 n. a type of evil spirit (busew) that flies and usually calls "tik" tik"tik

tikù vi. to turn back to a similar direction that one came from vi. to zigzag

tilad n. small type of rodent that live in the house

tilalam v. to always be asking for things from other people because they have a desirable trait v. to expect; to have a precedent; to want more and more

tilandduk adj. used to describe a person who is always changing their mind

tilanduk n. deer

tilapiya n. tilapia fish (cultivated type of fish)

tildang v. to pierce the ears or nose of a person or animal with a small knife (ilab)

tileng1 v. to turn something (just once) v. to repeatedly turn something to spin adj. spinning v. to spin or rotate

tileng2 n. a young locust (talangas)

tilew v. to check a trap

tilistilis vi. to stagger

tilla n. a tree, the bark and fruit of which can be pounded and used as a poison for catching fish 1. v. to put poison on water

tilrang v. make a hole in ears

tilrangv Variant of tildang v. to pierce the ears or nose of a person or animal with a small knife (ilab)

tilulu v. (for a plant) to remain small

timbabukag n. a variety of rodent that lives in trees

timbak vt. to shoot somebody or something with a gun

Timbalung prop_n. a benevolent deity responsible for blessing hunters (egbelig te egpanganup)

timbang 1. v. to weigh something (eg. corn, rice) usually when it is being sold n. hook and scales 2. v. to balance something (e.g., in a shoulder or in head) 3. v. to make a decision after doing something 4. v. to analyze something

timbè n. bucket or dipper vt. to draw water from a well

timbebakal n. thumb; big toe

timbeg n. a small type of the tree htat produces white and yellow sap which is used to cure skin deseases

timbesut n. a spear-gun made simply from a barbed wire arrow and propelled by a length of rubber strip.

timbis adj. hit in a little a little bit

timehè n. lead n. a lead sinker

timelew 1. adj. a whole part of something v. to prepare something without chopping ( esp. edible animal ) 2. v. to eat uncook animals without chopping ( e.g swallowing )

timet v. to eat up something like food or crumbs

timman1 n. a unit; a piece

timman2 vi. to be full

timpa vi. to rise higher than something else v. to be a thing which another person or thing is higher or taller than

timpad vt. to complete the number, size or amount vi. to become completed in number or size or amount

timpel vi. to become full up or complete, e.g., for a child to get all their teeth, for a garden to be all planted, for a roof to be complete covered over vt. to complete a job on something e.g., to finish roofing or flooring a house

timpla v. to prepare something (such as coffee, medicine etc.) for someone v. to request with a serve by someone with something

timplu n. temple

timpu n. time

timpug n. any animal without a tail of a species which normally has a tail

timpuluv Variant of timplu n. temple

timpung n. an explosive device used to catch wild pigs

timud 1. v. to cheat by telling someone you have no food in order to get more or to steal when you are already wealthy 2. v. to increase one wealth

timul vt. to add something to something v. to add two numbers or to mix something together v. to request additional for their share n. additional n. profit

timulè vi. to lick their lips

timul te langesa n. vitamin; mineral

timun n. cucumber