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/with; with/
Def.: duma te
MS: duma te
If someone or something is with someone or something else, they are together.
I like gabi tops with rice.
Egkeupian a te tubed duma te hemey.

Def.: ne; ne due
MS: ne; ne due
A person or thing with something has that thing.
Look at the man with a broken leg.
Pitawa nu ka etew ne nahepuan te paa.
Look at the man with a red shirt.
Pitawa nu ka etew ne nakamalalab te kumabalè.

Def.: gamit ka
MS: gamit ka
If you do something with a tool or instrument, you use that tool or instrument to do that action.
I ate my meal with a fork.
Miggamit a te tinidur te pegkeen ku.

Def.: meyitenged te; tenged te; puun te (meyitenged te aliddanan)
MS: meyitenged te; tenged te; puun te
If you are doing something with a particular feeling, you are doing it because of the feeling.
She was crying with pain.
Migsinehew sikandin tenged te masakit.
Sem.Dom.: prepositions; GSL0001-0025
Status: ready

Last updated: 10/May/2012