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Var. an
Def.: ka
MS: ka
You use a before a word which starts with a consonant. You use an before a word which starts with a vowel.

Def.: Egkahamit ka seini ne litra ke eglalag ka te sabeka ne kasangkapan te an-anayan.
You use a when you talk about one thing the first time.
There is a tree beside my house. The tree is dead. [Note: the second time you say the tree].
Due kayu diyè te kilid te baley ku. Ka kayu migpatey e.

Def.: Egkahamit ka seini ne litra te pegpahunsiling te minsan nekey wey egpangguhud ke nekey klasiya te butang ka minsan nekey.
You use a to describe something, or say what kind of thing something is.
My sister is a good teacher.
Ka atebey ku su meupiya iya ne meistra.

Def.: tagsè kasangkapan wey ke kentidad
MS: tagsè
each, for every.
The peanuts are 60 pesos a kilo.
Ka menì su hen-em ne pulu tagsè kilu.
Sem.Dom.: determiners; GSL0001-0025
Status: ready

Last updated: 26/Sep/2012

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