Matigsalug Manobo Vernacular Lexicon

ì adt. hey - a call to the spirits as part of a chant to invoke the spirits



ibatèv Variant of hibatè n. an adopted child; a disciple or apprentice; a follower; an apostle; a sub-ordinate of a datu

ibatv Variant of hibat vi. to lie down somewhere vi. to lie down on one's back v. to be forced to the ground when fighting vi. to rest n. bed or sleeping mat (lit. lying place)

ibav Variant of hiba1 vt. to hold someone or something Variant of hiba1 in (or on) their lap

ibav Variant of hiba2 adj. the nextborn

ibè n. star fruit

ibebanlew n. a shrub, probably Tabernae montana pandacaqui. The leaves are used as a medicine for skin ailments. The root is used for making handles for knives and bolos

Ibebasuk n. a good spirit; a benevolent deity responsible for rewarding hard workers (mabasuk)

ibeg n. appetite v. to feel like eating something

ibetv Variant of hibet vi. to confirm, swear, blaspheme, guarantee vi.

ibid n. a grey with yellow color lizard that live either in water or in a field (monitor lizard)

ibung 1. n. leprosy n. mange on dog adj. mangy 2. n. a tree, the black sap of which causes sores if it touches the skin

idadv Variant of iddad n. age year

iddad n. age year

iddeb vi. to keep saying something

iddus 1. n. the peak of a hill or mountain adj. steep 2. n. the point of something (e.g., a bolo ugpit, spear bangkew, ballpoint pen bulpin) v. to make a pointed end (e.g., a spear-tip) using an instrument v. to have a tip put on it adj. pointed n. a tool for making pointed tips (e.g., for spears)

id-uv Variant of hid-u n. compassion vi. to beg forgiveness adj. pitiful adj. kind; kindly v. to feel sorry for someone or something else n. a herbal concoction from the leaves or roots of a tree which is placed in the food of a potential lover or parent-in-law so as to cause affection towards the maker v. to place a herbal concoction in the food of someone else so that that person will be filled with affection towards the one who doctored the food ex

If there's a variantv Variant of àèìùò [Compulsory] v. Gloss – This record shows the order in which fields normally go in the dictionary. Comment (can follow any of the rx fields above)






iggira n. fig

iggù adj. to be hit by something







igmuk n. black ash from something that has burnt v. to be reduced to ashes

ignuranti adj. ignorant




igpalambeg te pinamula n. fertiliser






igsul n. bedbug

igtekv Variant of higtek n. mosquito v. to be bitten by insects

ihaw v. to kill a person or animal v. to slaughter

ihè v. to give the strong without worry

ihì 1. n. urine 2. n. urinary bladder n. kidney n. comfort room 3. vi. to urinate somewhere v. to urinate v. to urinate

ihi n. a pin or shaft on or with which a wheel revolves

ihu n. a shark

Ihun prop_n.

ihupv Variant of hihup vt. to sip a beverage or suck air out of something e.g., to drink soup out of a plate

ikA- prefix. (relative future days)

ikam n. a woven sleeping mat reed mat



iketv Variant of hiket1 n. a tether for an animal vt. to tether something with a rope v. to become accidentally tied somewhere

ike-v Variant of ikA- prefix. (relative future days)

ikkap n. a kind of snail

ikug n. tail

Ikuhan prop_n. a lesser deity who is in charge of fire

ikul 1. vi. to imitate or follow someone else (especially used of learning a skill from someone else) 2. vi. to follow a path or a line 3. v. to search someone or something else

ila 1. n. a freckle or black mark (but not a lump) on the body 2. vi. to be recognized of someone else vt. to recognize somebody or something in somebody e.g., to recognize that someone is pregnant, or angry, etc. 3. adj. afraid of humans (of an animal) v. to become afraid of human adj. notable

ilab n. a small slender knife, often used by men for stripping balahen

ilabetv Variant of hilabet 1. vt. to meddle with something, e.g., another person's possessions 2. v. to commit adultery with a woman

ilad v. to swindle someone else usually by selling fake gold

ilag v. to allow sight or allow the passage or light, as in goggles, or as in something translucent or transparent adj. n. an extra burrow made by a rat so that if a snake entered his nest, he can leave by the alternative route. Usually this escape route is not fully made, but the lid is thin enough that the rat can push through in an emergency

ilak adj. sparkling adj. spectacular v. to be resplendent

ilamunv Variant of hilamun 1. n. (any type of) grass adj. the grass for weeding 2. vi. to weed (e.g. a field) vi. to weed (e.g. a field) v. to be good or enough for wedding

ilaw adj. timid

Ilayew prop_n.

ileb n. spittle saliva v. to spit into the thin can (e.g., chewing betel nut) n. vomit v. to feel like vomiting v. to be spat out v. to vomit

ileg vt. to snatch something

ilek n. armpit

ilelamè n. a type of shrub (producing a red dye)

ilem1 adj. a color which ranges from green through to blue

ilem2 vi. to begin growing

ilesungv Variant of hilesung v. to visit to try to see someone or something

ilew adj. measly

ilid v. to walk while holding onto something (eg. a wall)

ilikuptilv Variant of hilikuptir n. helicopter

ilikuptirv Variant of hilikuptir n. helicopter

iling 1. adj. alike; similar; same; like; equivalent v. to be the same v. identical or similar adj. identical; uniform adj. similarity 2. v. to be as if ex like this —like that v. to imitate or to be like someone else 3. n. pattern 4. v. to have their speech and actions to be different (hypocritical)

iling ded degma conj. likewise

iling kayi See iling adv. like this

iling kuntee See iling adv. like now

iling sika See iling adv. like that

ilipanti n. elephant

ilis1 1. n. edge; side 2. n. shore (of sea) or bank (of river) vi. to go along the edge of a river or to follow the coast 3. v. to move or put aside something from one place to another 4. v. to change their clothes

ilis2 v. to change their clothes for others

Ilisabit prop_n.

Ilisardi prop_n.

ilisv Variant of hilis vi. to cause someone to have diarrhea

iliyan n. hillside near the base

ilù adj. spendthrift vi. for someone to run out of something, e.g., food, money, ideas adj. something which are rare or seldom

ilu1 vi. to wipe their bottom with something, e.g., toilet paper, a dry corn cob, or a piece of wood e.g., after defecating v. to wipe the bottom of other

ilu2 n. a person whose parents are deceased v. to have deceased parents

ilud vt. to move something (such as a piece of furniture) vi. to walk on hands and feet with bottom down (i.e., one's hands behinds one's back)

iluk v. to surrender; to submit to the will of another person

ilus1 v. to taper something vi. to become tapered - thick at one end and narrow at the other

ilus2 vt. to rub a lotion into sore muscle

ilusv Variant of hilus v. Variant of hilus to rub oil into sore muscles

ilutuv Variant of hilutù vt. to cook something into the pot for the intransitive form vi. to become cooked v. to cause something to be cooked


imalùv Variant of himalù v. to be disappointed because something they expected did not happen or was not true

iman vt. to hope for something

imasad adj. stylish; dressy; sporty

imasadv Variant of himasad v. to beautify someone

imatav Variant of himata1 1. vi. Variant of himata1 to open one's eyes vi. Variant of himata1 to wake up v. to become awake 2. vi. Variant of himata1 to melt again (after solidifying) 3. v. to be adopted or accustomed to someone else

imatav Variant of himata2 v. to follow tradition, customs or habits adj. habitual

imateyv Variant of himatey vt. to kill someone or something else using deadly weapons or anything v. to be killing each other adj. killer; murderer n. killer; murderer

imbis part. something that was planned but didn't pan out

imelatv Variant of himelat vi. to open their eyes

imeleyv Variant of himeley vi. to stop working and in a shady area vi. to rest, e.g., in the rainy season vi. to rest after hard labor; to catch one's breath adj. resting place; relaxation place

Imemelù1 n. a type of evil spirit (busew) that calls during nighttime

Imemelù2 prop_n. Matigsalug ancestor who never touched slam

imenewv Variant of himenew n. compassion; sympathy adj. compassionate; generous; merciful adj. miserable; pitiful v. to sympathize or show compassion to someone else v. to plead; to forgive; to feel sorry for someone v. to bargain

imenewv Variant of himunew v. to request pity v. to feel compassion

imma 1. vi. to covet or to desire other people's possessions vt. to cause someone to be envious, or to be the thing which causes someone to be envious adj. envious 2. v. to brag or show off to somebody about something to make that person envious v. to brag or show off to somebody about something to make that person envious


immù n. a nickname

immu-immù v. to comfort another person especially a crying child vt. to be used to comfort someone, or to be the thing which is used to comfort someone adj. comforting (a personal characteristic) vi. to request comfort from another person (in the form of words, a hug, etc)




impalemì n. impalemi house form



impang-impang v. to limp, i.e., stepping only very lightly on one foot as if it is sore



impas v. to make the final payment on something


impew-impew vi. to limp as if one leg is shorter than the other

impii prop_n.

impilnuv Variant of impirnu n. inferno

impiradur n. emperor

impirnu n. inferno

impultantiv Variant of impurtanti adj. important

impurtanti adj. important

impus v. to be finished adj. afterwards conj. having finished

imsi n. master of ceremonies

imù v. to completely remove something (eg. crumbs from a plate)

imu-imùv Variant of immu-immù v. to comfort another person especially a crying child vt. to be used to comfort someone, or to be the thing which is used to comfort someone adj. comforting (a personal characteristic) vi. to request comfort from another person (in the form of words, a hug, etc)

imul v. to scrape up the last remaining pieces, e.g. getting salt out of a jar

imulungv Variant of himulung v. to be quiet, e.g., to read silently v. to turn the speed to be slowly adj. light; slowly adj. mild; softly

imuv Variant of himu 1. n. work; action v. to do; to work; to make something somewhere v. for someone to be capable to create something v. to cause something or another thing to exist v. for someone to make something v. to ask or request favor someone else adj. creative; industrious 2. v. to transform v. to become something 3. adv. made of adv. product of; product by n. maker 4. v. to make alibi or any false reason or to manufacture reasons








inagkud 1. n. rice wine 2. n. a (red) sugarcane wine 3. n. nipa palm wine

inahak v. to lead her chicks or small children for their safety

inalatv Variant of hinalat vt. to threaten or blackmail someone else into doing something 1. v. to be terrified of something adj. terrifying

inaldekv Variant of hinaldek vt. to frighten someone else startle


inaranan n. nation; country; world

inarangv Variant of hinarang vi. to warm by fire

inasè n. a cooked mash made from Manobo corn

inat adj. ductile

inayen n. aunt

inay-inay n. insect variety

indakel v. to be teased by someone who will not give or does not follow out what they said

indalawi n. the indalawi plant

indalehew n. mulberry

indaluhung n. a small soft type of tree which is good for firewood and small leaves

indangv Variant of hindang n. a small particle found on bamboo and weeds that cause itchy to skin n. a tree with small spikes on its trunk, branches and leaves

Inday prop_n.

indes 1. v. to defecate somewhere 2. v. to have diarrhea

indig v. for someone's speech and actions to be different (hypocritical)

indiksiyunv Variant of indiksyun n. injection

indiksyun n. injection

indrul v. to enroll at a school

induk v. to nod the head or to approve v. to permit; to allow; to nod (the head)

indurulv Variant of indrul v. to enroll at a school

inè n. mummy; mother (used as a form of address) v. to call mummy

inehedv Variant of hinehed v. to hold their breath and push internally, as for a woman delivering a baby or a person having trouble urinating or defecating, to push it out v. to repeatedly hold their breath and push internally, as for a woman delivering a baby or a person having trouble defecating, to push it out

inenggey n. a wailing chant sung by women in chorus. It is characterized by a rising crescendo and a falling diminuendo, and it forms the identifying song of the (WBM) keligaan ceremony. (A sacrificial ceremony in which one or another of the spirit deities is honored)

iney n. mother

ineyrinan n. mother

ingangav Variant of hinganga vi. to open its mouth v. to ask her child to open up their mouth

inged 1. n. a generic name for any place 2. n. a village 3. n. the world v. to be a dwelling place of a group of people with the same tribe, culture, tradition, etc. n. a place where the Langilan tribe lived

ingel n. a generic term for insect pests that damage plants

inges adj. skilled at doing something, especially something like catching game such as deer, fish, or wild pig

inggat adj. provocative

inggatv Variant of hinggat 1. vt. to call someone else over at mealtime v. to ask call to meal 2. v. to encourage someone to come


ingkaku v. limp

ingkantu n. they are spirit that pretending they are good but definitely they are bad spirit




ingkù adj. limping

ingpit adj. perfect

ingumav Variant of hinguma 1. vi. to arrive at a place appear v. result v. to be reached 2. vi. to be imminent; impending v. next; the following adj. to be impending

ingutuv Variant of hingutu v. to collect or to get head lice (kutu)

inihelv Variant of hinihel v. Variant of hinihel to growl at someone else or something

Iniru n. January

init1 1. adj. hot in temperature v. to feel hot vt. to heat up something in something n. temperature adj. very hot adj. lukewarm (e.g., of water) 2. adj. feverish 3. n. snacks

init2 adj. strict or violent or very strong emotionally


Inliben prop_n. the name of a god living on the mountain

inniyat v. for someone to strongly desire to do something but to be unable to do it, and so be disappointed vt. to be desirable to someone, or to be the thing which someone desires (even though they can't do or have it)

inniyug 1. v. to turn one's back on something prep. behind 2. v. to be at the back v. (for two people) to have their backs facing each other 3. v. to repent

iN-rdpCV- + item adj. (for someone to be) wearing (a certain item of clothing)

Insan prop_n.

insè n. question v. to ask someone something v. to interrogate or investigate someone adj. inquisitive

insinsu n. incense

Insit n. the yellow race

instrumintu n. instrument; a tool for music

intirisadduv Variant of intrisaddu adj.

intirnit n. internet v. to manipulate internet

intirtin v. to entertain; to welcome

intiru 1. adj. all 2. adj. purely

intrisaddu adj.

inu vi. to be astonished at something v. to astonish someone, or to be the thing which astonishes someone v. to express amazement about something n. a miracle or other astonishing event or thing adj. amazing

inulanday n. squares

inulun n. the placenta or afterbirth

inum 1. v. to drink (any beverage) 2. v. to drink (an alcoholic beverage) v. to drink together (e.g, hard liquor) 3. v. to be thirsty 4. n. beverage n. a drink

inumay n. inumay rice

inungdanv Variant of hinungdan n. reason

inut v. to give little by little


ipag n. a sibling-in-law of the opposite sex by virtue of one marriage, i.e., one's spouse's siblings of the opposite sex, or the spouses' of one's siblings of the same sex brother-in-law of male






ipanewv Variant of hipanew a journey; walk vi. to go; to travel; to walk anywhere n. trip; journey vi. to walk on the floor vi. to go somewhere vi. to go their separate ways (usually without telling)



iparuma se geyinawa See geyinawa ???. hope

ipat v. to watch someone or something discretely e.g., for a young man (or in times past, his father) to spy out a prospective bride to see if she is pleasant and industrious adj. furtive

ipeng v. to worry about someone else or something v. to make someone to be worry about adj. cynical


ipes n. cockroach

ipil-ipil n. a type small hard tree which have tiny leaves (used for reforestration and medicinal purposes)

ippi vi. to miss the mark, e.g., defecating into a squat toilet, or putting something into a bowl

ippù vt. to take a slice of the ear of a pig or a toenail of a chicken and then place it on the forehead of a child and pray so as to avert constant sickness of the child

iran vt. to talk about someone in their absence

iras n. a sibling-in-law (of either sex) by virtue of two marriages, i.e., the spouses of two siblings (or first cousins)

ireb n. the front point of a bolo ugpit or tampuling spear tip v. to peel (a vegetable)

irehèv Variant of hirehè 1. vi. to stay (overnight) somewhere n. lodge; space for accommodation 2. v. to hunting wild animal in the forest land

iren adj. hostile

iresenv Variant of hiresen v. to secure a door or to tight something adj. fixed; attached; nailed up

irisilv Variant of irisir n. eraser

irisir n. eraser

irung 1. n. nose 2. v. to have flesh of the grains 3. n. the point of a knife Ref.Gloss: bolo

irung te ugpit n. the end of a bolo blade

iruwing v. to draw (a picture)

isdà n. a generic name of all edible fish both in fresh water and sea

isig adj. other

isip 1. n. thoughts or plans n. the mind v. to think about or consider something v. to think something in many times n. intelligence adj. conscientious 2. adv. as; like

iskuyla vi. to attend school 1. n. a school

isla n. a peace of land surrounded by water

ismiralda n. emerald a kind of stone(precious stone)

ispaltu n. asphalt vt. to asphalt a road

ispat n. a flashlight v. to shine a flashlight on something

ispiritu n. spirit adj. spiritual

ispultantiv Variant of impurtanti adj. important

ispungha n. a sponge

ispurtanti adj. important; vital

ispurtantiv Variant of impurtanti adj. important

ispuruv Variant of pispuru Variant of pispuru n. matches

ispuruv Variant of pispuru Variant of pispuru n. matches

Israil prop_n. Israel

issùv Variant of isù n. a type of fragrant-smelling tree, the leaves of which are often used to wipe the bottom of children

istak vi. to get stuck and be unable to continue the journey

istapan v. to stop

istudiyantiv Variant of istudyanti n. student

istudyanti n. student

isturiyav Variant of isturya v. to tell a story

isturya v. to tell a story

isù n. a type of fragrant-smelling tree, the leaves of which are often used to wipe the bottom of children

isù v. mismatching from the right

isues v. to step back

item adj. black or brown as in brown skin white v. to become black adj. tan

iteng n. a small black type of ant n. a generic name for all kinds of ants

itis vt. to pour out a liquid onto something

itit n. orphaned chick v. to tame a chick vi. to lose its mother

it-it n. A small blue bird with a white head. It eats insects, and calls 'it-it'.

itù n. a young dog

itul n. a narration or record of one's descendants v. to narrate one's known ancestry through the generations

iwad vi. to bend over for a short time, for example a child to have his bottom wiped vi. to bend over for a longer time, or for two or more people to bend over.

iwal v. to not be able to sleep at night because of having something on your mind or being itchy v. to have not slept at night

iwas v. finished

iwil n. tiny banana

iya part. indeed, really

Iyakan prop_n. the benevolent spirit in charge of wild pigs

iyal adj. fast adj. swift; violent vi. to move quickly v. to be urgent

iyam adj. new; fresh; modern adj. modern adj. unaccustomed

iyan 1. dem. that 2. adv. how much more

iyan ded adv. the same

iyas1 n. a type of insect that eats at rotten things. This could include a decaying animal, or in a skin sore. This is probably a maggot but may also include other similar larvae. v. to become maggot infested

iyas2 ???. for someone to have repeated asked for something (egbuyù).

iyug 1. n. the time period after someone else has left v. to all go away 2. v. to sing as a signal to someone for a reason

Iyuhan prop_n.

iyupv Variant of hiyup vt. Variant of hiyup to blow something especially fire when trying to get it started n. an instrument use for blowing fire

Iyurupa prop_n. Europe

iyut vt. to copulate with a female