Matigsalug Manobo Vernacular Lexicon

ta pron. we (incl); by us (incl.) poss_pron. our (incl); of ours (incl)

taang n. rust vt. to corrode or rust something adj. rusty

tabak n. an answer vt. to answer someone else with an answer vi. to answer questions, e.g., in a classroom situation vi. to answer each other back vi. to answer each other back and forth, e.g., in a song

tabakù n. tobacco

tabang1 vt. to pick up something that has fallen v. to keep on picking up something fallen on the ground

tabang2 1. n. help vi. to give non-manual help to someone else v. to be helpful thing someone 2. v. to save 3. vi. to plead for help from someone else vi. to call for help from someone else

tabangew ???. to be uncertain v. to be uncertain what will be the result of a trip or activity

Tabangkak prop_n. an evil spirit who gives you problem and temptation n. temptation; problem

tabanguw n. a type of forest liana

tabanug n. a kite v. to fly a kite

tabaring adj. impotent v. to be bad or stupid

tabas n. a long-bladed sickle

tabè n. the fat of an animal v. to produce fat adj. having a lot of fat (of a person or animal)

tabed1 n. belt vi. to put girdle or belt around their waist v. to be entangled

tabed2 1. v. to pay someone to have someone else murdered 2. v. to round over something 3. v. to put a belt at someone else

tabek n. the arch of a foot

tabelak n. red-breasted sunbird

tabeleg n. poison vi. to become faint or dizzy

tabeng v. belly aching when dringking something

tabengan n. a large back basket

tabid adv. always

tabikes v. to always be interrupting someone else who is talking or working adj. used to describe a person who always interrupts

tabileng vi. to turn around and around vi. to be busy with many chores

tabirak n. a sweet potato cut into small pieces v. to cut something into small pieces (e.g. sweet potato - kasilè) and boil it

tabla n. sawn lumber n. split board v. to split timber from a log n. to split a tree into boards

tablitas n. a tablet

tablun n. heavy lumber such as 12" x 12"

tabtab v. to graze on something v. to pasture animals in a grassy v. to graze somewhere

tabù n. a market v. to sell at a market

tabubuleg n. carpenter bee

tabulug v. to cut the hair of a person or animal

tabundu vt. to put something, e.g., weeds into a pile vi. to be piled up

tabung n. tuna

taburuk n. a small, brown type of ant that lives in trees

tabuuwan1 n. vespa wasp

tabuuwan2 n. a swamp reed used for making mats

tabyew n. tabyew banana

taddari adj. almost (better???)

taddatadda n. a type of fruit tree

taddey n. a bunch of coconuts or betel nuts

tadtad 1. vt. to chop up meat into small pieces 2. vi. to be so angry when speaking that he can't swallow his own saliva

tag ???. each


tagbak n. a wild fruit

tagbew1 n. a fruit tree which has a small greenish edible fruit with a good flavor

tagbew2 vi. to be content or satsified e.g. with one's money vi. to satisfy someone

tagbis n. a generic name of all tiny birds

tagdey n. grain stem


taggal n. a pre-arranged time or date vi. to agree on a certain date or time for a meeting or other event

taggel 1. v. to prepare something v. to be prepared v. to be ready of doing something 2. v. to get ready for a walk v. to be ready v. to keep on getting ready

tagkas v. to clear a trail

tagkes v. to tie someone to something, e.g., a stake

tagkey n. a tiny worm forms during theres a dead body of animals and it is cause by flies

tagmè vi. to go down or to cover something (e.g., sun or moon)

tagnas 1. v. to shrivel up or to dry up and become sticky adj. something which is easy to dry 2. v. to salivate with a sticky

tagnè v. to prophesy n. a medium; a prophet

tagpes n. a bowstring, usually made with balahen cane

tagpì 1. vt. to spank or hit (with palm of hand) someone else 2. v. to thresh grain (by hitting the stalks on the ground) 3. v. to hit with (the palm or side of) the hand 4. v. to hit vertically (with a stick or other instrument)

tagsè adj. each; every

tagsè aldew See aldew adj. daily

tagseb adj. (for a person to be) wise

taha 1. n. schedule 2. v. to ask someone else to give a message to someone else v. to make a schedule about something v. to give advice to someone else about something 3. v. to inform someone else about something v. to make an information about something v. to be noticed or to know adj. noticeable n. a schedule n. understanding v. to make an appointment v. to be aware v. to find out and to know v. to order something 4. v. to farewell or leave final instructions with someone else to someone


Tahabawè prop_n.

Tahabikal prop_n. the spirit which enters someones mind, allowing them to play the two-stringed zither (kuglung), the five-stringed zither (salurey), and to sing the traditional style (eg-ulahing and eg-eggung).

tahad vi. to be waited v. to keep on waiting someone or something v. to be waited before deciding something v. to be able to wait v. to waste their time in waiting n. a place where people waiting for vehicles to ride

tahahè ???. in order that; so that v. to prepare something for someone

tahak vi. dropped out of something, e.g. a bag or pocket

tahakan n. a (small, round, shallow) storage basket

tahal n. smoked food vt. to smoke food (especially fishand edible frog) (for preservation)

Tahalawan n. Tahalawan river


Tahalisew prop_n. an evil spirit who destruct your good plans or idea

taham1 1. adj. docile; domestic 2. adj. domesticated

taham2 vi. to go carefully v. to prepare

tahamaya adj???. few people

tahana 1. v. to prepare something to someone else 2. v. to be allert (e.g., attacking someone)

tahapeil n. animal that has defect

taharapew n. Philippine trogon

tahasalug n. a large variety of rice that can be white or red skinned

Tahawili prop_n.

taheed adv. while adv. to relieve someone temporarily in a job; to stay temporarily in someone else's home v. to relieve someone temporarily in a job; to stay temporarily in someone else's home n. a borrowed house n. spending leisure time by an enjoyable activity v. which replace temporarily v. in a moment n. a (type of) traditional contraceptive (to delay childbirth) taken in conjunction with a spiritual invocation

taheinep n. dream adj. dreamy

tahek v. to force or insist what they want to someone

tahik v. to set (bone) fractures by massage

tahikul v. to let; to allow; to permit something

tahimtim adj. sour

tahingting v. to produce a loud sound ( esp. bell and coins )

tahi-tì n. a plant, the stalks of which are used for making brooms v. to gather tahi-tì stems in order to make soft brooms

tahitu adj. gradual

tahù 1. n. contents vt. to put something somewhere n. container 2. n. decoration; adornment

tahud v. to give respect; to obey someone; to consider someone adj. highly respected person (e.g., like a king, president or someone who is in a higher position)

tahungtung n. a bamboo sounder to scare off wild pigs from the crops

takas v. to leave after something is over (eg. class, meeting)

takbà n. a chest

takerang vi. to stamp their feet vt. to stomp on or kick out at someone else

takereg vi. to climb a slope or a mountain adj. upward-sloping (of land)

takes vt. to measure out something

takes vt. to measure something like grain or bulk groceries (salt, sugar, cooking oil) with something n. a measuring implement for grain or salt, etc., e.g., a can or woven basket

takew v. to steal n. thief adj. stolen goods

takewan n. a person who can never hit a mark that he is shooting or throwing at

takibul v. to join in with someone else

takin v. to die in childbirth or in lanslide

taklubu n. bracelet

taktak v. to throw the long fishing net in water

takubung n. a very large rodent with hair like a cat, that lives in the forests rodent

takuseng adj. to become disorderly



talaari te amey n. siblings with a common father but different mothers

talababa n. a measure from the fingertips to the top of the shoulder

talabagsè n. a small kind of bat live in a broken bamboo

talabu v. to meet together

talabugtè n. a spirit beneath the earth which the caretaker of earth breeze

talabutabu n. a small white and edible insects that lives in the forest

talabuteng n. a fighter male horse

talad v. to deal out (e.g. playing cards); to distribute amongst others v. to have a share v. to divide into portions for each other



talagsa adj. incomparable adj. rare

talagtag vt. to spread out something (such as corn or rice) to dry in the sun on something (such as a mat) vi. to become spread out

talahen vi. to be held up from doing something, e.g., by visitors arriving

talak n. portion

talakadtakad? v. to squat with one foot slightly behind the other

talaken n. a cross-piece supporting the floor

talam vi. to sleep talk

talanayè adj. slow at doing something, i.e., working or walking

talanga v. to cause from delaying someone or something's work v. to have not done something (e.g. because distracted by something else or because confused)

talangas n. a locust young locust

talangtalang n. a type of tree which used to be used to obtain oil for lamps

talangtang n. a length of rattan put in the end of a dog leash nearest the dog to prevent him from biting the leash in two; a tie used to help a young plant climb a tree

talaptap v. to spread out (e.g., for a column of smoke to disperse)

talatal v. to bark

talaud adj. reverent; dignified; venerable

talawan adj. coward

talaweng n. egret

talawinwin v. to be left behind

talè1 adj. talkative

talè2 vi. to go through a field

talegkes n. tarictic hornbill

talegpì n. a mousetrap

talehen v. to put aside their work v. to pester someone n. a hindrance adj. burdensome

taleinged n. a place

talektek n. grave marker; gravestone

talenes v. to warn someone else against doing something

talengteng v. to do what is the right ways or things adj. just; true; refers to a person who always making right way or thing

taleseb vi. to ridicule someone in their absence vi. to ridicule someone in their absence

talesew n. something that going somewhere

taleu v. to leave something in safekeeping with someone else ???. portion???


tali vi. to swing something back and forth vi. to divine by presenting a request to a stick hanging from their hands by a piece of string and then observing whether or not the stick sways back and forth

talibubù v. an area that remains unweeded in the midst of an area currently being weeded; water weeds in the middle of a lake

taligbè vi. to wander around

taligtig n. a generic name of all tiny flowerpecker

taligtig ne lusuken n. philippine flowerpecker

taligtig ne sahitsitan n. pygmy flowerpecker

talihebè n. a narrow field

talihewus v. to grab the opportunity

talihubay n. a love charm

talihuma v. to see someone off on a journey

talikud v. to be suspicious or jealous that their spouse may have another lover v. to be jealous of someone else about something adj. jealous

talinga 1. n. ear n. pectoral fin (of a fish) n. Ref.Gloss: earhole 2. vi. hot

talinga te ubal n. a red and edible fungus that grown in a dead log

talingting n. a sapling of a forest tree

talintek adj. sparingly v. to divide something into small parts

talipag n. the opposite side of a river or valley v. to be on opposite sides from each other

talipun v. to take the wife of a deceased relative balu) to be his own wife (whether or not he already has a wife) v. to look after someone else's possessions in their absence by packing them up v. to go and live with someone else

talisek vi. to squeeze between something


tali-tì 1. n. a drop (of liquid) 2. v. to drip a single drop 3. v. to drip

taliwarè prep. center

taliya v. to swing

taliyutù vt. to divide something up into small portions, e.g., drying rice a small amount at a time

talleng adj. genial; right


talù n. a lie v. to lie to someone

talu1 v. to become stuck inside, e.g., dirt in a fingernail, a thorn in a finger v. to stick to something

talu2 1. vi. to lose or be defeated 2. vi. to win adj. victory

taluangi n. various types of ground orchid

talubahi n. a large kind of house spider

talubi v. to roll in mud

talugsù n. a type of basket

taluheram v. to test if something is cooked yet v. for a woman in labor to be checked to see if the baby is ready to be born

taluktuk v. to cluck, especially when calling its chicks

talukun vt. to chase or run after someone or something chase

talumbù n. a bamboo tube consisting of one section of bamboo with a node forming the base, but the top open

talumtum 1. n. mildew v. to become mildewy 2. n. skin cancer

Talumu prop_n. the Talumu area. The people there speak a different dialect

talun1 1. v. to live in the forest for a long time adj. dwelling in the forest (of a person or animal) n. an animal dwelling in the wilderness, often a boar 2. n. an uninhabited part of the forest

talun2 n. wild betel pepper

talungtung v. to drink something from a container (not a cup)

talupakan 1. n. a type of tree with wide leaves n. a bamboo digging stick for planting rice which has a bamboo clapper at the top 2. n. a tree in traditional Matigsalug belief

taluwad n. a plant sucker

tama n. yellowed material stuck long-term to one's teeth food stuck in between teeth

taman adv. as far as adv. and then; after that vi. to be finished n. end adj. finally v. to reach the limit v. to give full strength of doing something v. to give worse punishment or give strong sound n. the end of a line; the last; the youngest adj. destiny n. limit vi. greatly

tamba n. birdlime v. to hunt birds by setting a trap with a sticky substance somewhere v. tha can catch or sticks ( esp. birds )

tambad vt. to put something on top of something like a shelf, but most often it's on something fairly high ground level

tambag v. to to give advice or encouragement to someone else to change their mind

tambalè n. a bamboo pole with a bowl tied to one end used to offer betel nut

tambalingan n. a squirrel-like animal

tambalu n. the end of a spear

tamban n. a silver type of fish with black back; people make it into dried fish

tambanug n. kite v. to play and enjoy kite

tambed 1. v. to wait in the east before appearing over the hills 2. v. to put on a headband (salakay), but wrapping it around their head

tambelek v. to wave a spear in one's hand v. not to be fluent

tambeng v. to be not able to speak for giving ideas to the ideas or problem presented to them (e.g., either it is excellent or very difficult)

tambing n. to work together

tambù vt. to put something, e.g., weeds into a pile vi. to be piled up

tambunawey prop_n. Matigsalug ancestor who was converted into slam

tambung vi. to attend a meeting, seminar, or a ceremony such as a school graduation or a wedding

tambur n. a percussion instrument sounded by strucking hands or sticks

tamburin n. a round intrument played by striking or beating

tambutsu n. exhaust pipe

tameing n. a type of honeybee 1. n. a variety of rice that is small

tamenag n. a type of softwood tree

tameneng vi. to become irritated at someone's behaviour

tameng v. to guard or watch over something v. to guard or watch over something oftenly n. a guard

tamengki n. mumps

tameng te ulu v. to be possessed by a spirit

tamì 1. n. flat basket 2. v. to be flattened, especially with one's feet

tamiluk n. it is a product of bees honey

tamisak v. to make a slurry for something v. to stamping around the mud with something

tammisakv Variant of tamisak v. to make a slurry for something v. to stamping around the mud with something

tampak v. to attach a handle to a spear tip n. spear handle

tampalasè adj. harsh;obscene

tampaling v. to slap someone else (especially on the face)

tamped n. a portion of something, such as a soap bar v. to cut something into two or more pieces; to chop down a tree; to break off; to pick something (e.g. flowers) v. to cut off or terminated n. a cut wood

tampelè vt. to insult or ridicule someone adj. cruel

tampil v. to place viand on the top of the food

tampu v. to be included in an activity

tampuk vt. to hit something very hard

tampuling 1. n. a metal spear tip used for fishing. The tip fits into a wooden handle but pulls out from the handle when successfully lodged in a fish, although it is attached, of course, by a line 2. v. to have sexual intercourse with someone else

tampus ???. result of doing something (wrong???)

tampuwaran n. vagina

tamsi n. fine nylon fishing line

tamu ???. one's own

tamuk n. acquired wealth; possessions v. to trade, run a business or acquire possessions v. to foreclose on the debt on an animal; to obtain an animal for the purpose of eating it

tamundu n. a termite nest made of soil v. to mound up soil

tamusan n. a small, black type of bee


tanangew n. a small stinky flying insect; odorous; an insect that eats plants and its urine stinks

tanas1 v. to be left behind (particularly after the rapture (batun)) adj. diabolic; fiendish

tanas2 n. Satan

tandan n. payment for work done v. to pay someone else for work they did

tandeg v. to spray

tandek v. to point something or someone

tandep 1. v. to focus someone or something (e.g., God or sound) 2. v. to be detected

tandì v. for someone's speech and actions to be different (hypocritical)

tandug 1. v. to touch our feelings 2. v. to disturb someone else or something v. to be disturb

tandung n. a crest on a bird or chicken's head adj. crested

Tanduway prop_n. an alcoholic drink

tanè 1. n. soil adj. soiled 2. n. land v. to buy or work land

taneb1 adj. in the middle of the night

taneb2 v. to live somewhere where it is not easy to reach them v. to be away or uder something else

tanek v. to steam rice that is not completely ripe prior to drying in the sun

taneng1 n. an inedible yellow fruit used as a traditional medicine for toothache

taneng2 v. unable to speak or move with fear or amazement v. that make us unable to speak

tangag v. kidnap someone

tangantangan n. castor oil plant

tangen1 adj. lots; many adj. too many to count

tangen2 v. to attach something n. the cane (balahen) used to form the mouth of a fishing net

tanggad v. to depend on someone else

tanggap vt. to receive something (e.g. food that is set in front of him)

tanggili n. a softwood tree (used for carving and furniture-making)

tanggiyayun n. watermelon

tanggu vt. to look after something or someone place for something with something n. treasurer n. the person who cares for something or someone

tanggung vi. to be stranded somewhere

tanggungen n. tanggungen abaka

tangkalang adj. the height

tangkawal adj. tall

tangkayang v. to hold something e.g., a sword or a pen

tangkè n. front n. in front v. to be in front of something or someone vi. to face the front vi. to face each other

tangked v. to have menopause, to no longer have children because of menopause adj. the youngest in a family

tangki n. a tank (often for collecting water)

tangkis v. to push away or hold off something e.g., in self-defence

tangkulu n. the traditional head-piece (of a leader)

tangkung n. a type of leafy vegetable

tanglad n. lemon grass; ginger grass; sweet rush

tangtang v. to place in front of (something or somebody)

tanguleg n. a slippery, black, edible fungus which grows on dead trees

tanil n. dug

tanlad n. lemon grass, used in flavoring meat and as a poultice

tanled v. to have a heavy weight which directly sinking in the water v. to cause something (e.g., raft or ship) to sink in the water v. to sink

tansiv Variant of tamsi n. fine nylon fishing line

tantu adj. original or actual

tanud1 1. v. to be careful to remember to guard against something happening adj. thoughtful 2. v. to remember 3. v. to keep on remembering

tanud2 n. thread

Tanug prop_n.

Tapak prop_n.

tapal ???. to make up for a previous loss

tapas v. to harvest a field (especially sugar cane tirè) by chopping off at the ground

tapayè 1. v. to open out their hand often to hold it out to receive something 2. v. to catch something

tapayyèv Variant of tapayè 1. v. to open out their hand often to hold it out to receive something 2. v. to catch something

tapek v. to work the entire day

tapey1 1. adj. old; ancient 2. adv. beforehand 3. n. the first wife 4. n. fermented rice

tapey2 v. to stop breathing because of the sudden happenings

tapid1 v. to arrange something tidily somewhere (such as food on the table or books in a shelf)

tapid2 adj. regular or permanent

tapid te panabas v. to give a second wife to make up for an offence

tapik v. to be included in something, e.g., to grab the tether of a running animal and end up running along as well v. to carry a child whilst doing a chore

tapil 1. n. a birthmark 2. v. to put viand over a share food 3. v. to die in childbirth

tapilak n. a venomous biting type of centipede

taping n. dirt on the face (usually on the cheeks of the children) adj. dirty face

tapis v. to cover someone to give a woman's younger sister as a second wife (duwey) to a man in compensation for the woman committing adultery

taptap v. to strike lightly (making a slight sound)

tapuk v. to warn

tapulun vi. to tumble over together

tapus n. death; end adj. end of period, or time

tapusew vi. to paddle water more times and takes long times with their limbs, especially their feet vi. to paddle water with their limbs, especially their feet

tarabahuv Variant of trabahu v. to work somewhere v. to have a job

tarapal n. ???

tarapalv Variant of trapal n. a tarpulin such as on the back of a truck

tarapu n. an old cloth or sack used as a doormat

tarapuv Variant of trapu n. cleaning rag

taratuv Variant of tratu adj. for a man and woman to be engaged to be married v. for a man and woman to become engaged to each other

tarek n. a (boat or raft) pole vi. to guide a raft with a pole

tareng adj. perfect; holy; upright; righteous n. righteousness n. an argument, case, evidence, or reason as in a court

tarì n. artificial spur of a fighting cock; to place such a spur on a cock; also by metanymy, used of a person when some long sharp object is accidently driven into his leg to wound in the above manner

tarin n. lost; stolen; strayed v. to lose; to have stolen v. to (accidentally) lose (possession of something)


tarsan n. chewing gum

taru n. honeycomb made by patiyukan and tameing bees 1. n. a variety of rice that is small

tarutaru v. to be teased by someone who won't give something, or who did do what they said they would

taruwey v. to pass or hand over something

tasì v. to split hemp fibres (with the point of a knife)

tastas n. tear

tatè v. to criticize the bad features of a person or thing

tatek n. a small pointed stake

tatelu 1. num. three (counting) adj. three (adjective) 2. adj. three-pronged

tatelumpulù num. thirty

tatelu ne pulùv Variant of tatelumpulù num. thirty

tatù n. a boy (before marriageable age) pron. a form of address for a youngish boy

tawag v. to call someone

tawalang vi. to rear up on its back legs at someone or something

tawan-tawan vi. to stand alone and thus be clearly visible

tawatawa n. snake weed; cat's hair

tawed n. harpoon strap

taweles vi. to seem angry

tawilek adj. tall and slim

tawud v. to respect; to honor somebody

tawurì n. beans variety

taya vt. to catch something flowing down, e.g., water from a hole in the roof, or rice from a threshing floor in something else, e.g., a bucket or tray adj. open palm or something to catch n. a tray or saucer to catch something

taybak n. thin plastic rope

tayewtew v. to be teased by someone who won't give something, or who did do what they said they would

tayibakv Variant of taybak n. thin plastic rope

tayip v. to tape-record