Matigsalug Manobo Vernacular Lexicon

se1 lnk. (linker between demonstrative and head noun

se2 det. (focus determiner)

se:pingv Variant of seping 1. n. twin v. to sprout double 2. v. to have twins v. to be twins

Sebadu prop_n. Saturday

sebat v. to touch food that he can't eat to avoid being cursed

sebbunv Variant of sebun n. soap vt. to soap up something

sebet vt. to form a leaf into the shape of a bowl so as to carry a liquid or to drink from

sebseb1 n. a spring (in the ground from which water can be obtained)

sebseb2 n. a sore in the lymph nodes below the ears or in non-fleshy parts of the legs or arms (i.e., in the bones)

sebu n. a tempered edge on a steel instrument

sebun n. soap vt. to soap up something

seb-ung v. something on the line of intersection at the top between the opposite slopes or sides of a roof

sedsed 1. n. a type of reed (for mats) 2. n. a thin weave mat made from reeds

seeg n. floor v. to make a floor with something v. to have made the floor

seek vi. to move up close to something

seel v. to count something

seeyè dem_det. that there at a distance from both speaker and hearer (focus) dem_pron. that there at a distance from both speaker and hearer (focus)

seg-ew n. a bush, the bark of which can be used as a poison for catching fish

segkel n. A tiny dark bird that calls during nighttime; and it calls 'tek, turrr'.

segkuv Variant of sengku v. to echo, e.g., inside a cave (sulung)

segseg vi. shuffle something or someone away vi. to be gradually pushed across the floor adj. pushy or persuasive

segyet v. to be self-fulfilling

sehang n. pelvis n. buttocks

sehè n. a small tree of which the leaves are mildy poison if scratched by them. The wood is very weak mahebù vt. to cause somebody to become itchy (as a result of touching the tree, especially the leaves) vi. to become itchy as a result of touching the sehè tree, especially the leaves

sehed n. the sting of a bee or wasp v. to sting someone

sehutung n. eggplant

sei dem.

seid n. the first offspring of a bitch

seika dem. that

seilang v. to peep through a crack at something v. to be seen in a distance v. to be a peeping Tom

seini dem_det. this (close to speaker) (focus) dem_pron. this (close to speaker) (focus)

seininv Variant of seini dem_det. this (close to speaker) (focus) dem_pron. this (close to speaker) (focus)

seinv Variant of seini dem_det. this (close to speaker) (focus) dem_pron. this (close to speaker) (focus)

seip v. to use something that someone else is no longer using v. to arrive at someone's place just after that person has left to go somewhere else

sekag vi. to choke on something; to cry so much as to be out of breath adj. easily runs out of breath

seked 1. n. measurement 2. n. tape measure adj. smooth - no ups and downs; equal height vt. to measure something with something

sekeg v. to lock up something v. to have locked something

sekel1 v. to jam tightly into a space v. to become tightly jammed into a space

sekel2 vi. to be jealous or envious of another person

seki n. an animal's foot, e.g. a pig trotter or the foot of a carabao, deer or goat (but not a horse)

seksek1 vi. to accidentally put one's foot underneath something like a ledge

seksek2 n. a measure from the fingertips to the armpit n. wisdom tooth

sekup v. to cause someone to cough v. to cough

selaan n. a very small basket (for holding small fish)

selag v. pass through

sel-ang vi. to be intermittent, e.g., for a woman's menstrual flow to pause for a time and then resume again

seled1 ???. for (a time)

seled2 1. n. inside n. passage n. passage vi. to enter something 2. v. to admit someone else in an organization 3. vi. to be in tune

selehiya n. woven bamboo walling v. to make woven walling with bamboo (often layè bamboo)

selekati n. a type of weed

selem 1. n. morning v. to be early in the morning adj. early in the morning 2. vi. to be early n. morning adj. early in the morning. e.g., around 6:30 am 3. adj. tomorrow

seleppati n. Philippine turtle dove

seleppì 1. n. money adj. wealthy adj. materialistic v. to pay for v. to be paid for 2. n. silver

seleput n. a blowgun

selet v. to be opposite

sel-et v. to impale something onto something v. to be impaled on something e.g. a picket fence

selewsew n. toe

sel-ey 1. n. wattle (the flabby bit hanging down from the head or neck of a chicken or turkey, etc.) 2. n. a traditional necklace worn by women that spans from earlobe to earlobe, handing under the chin 3. v. to carry something hooked over one shoulder, i.e., one arm is through the strap

selib n. underneath a house; sometimes used of the downstairs v. to pass under something

selibatu n. the horn of a vehicle

selida n. a movie; a slide-show

seling v. to be distracted

sellat 1. n. medicine 2. v. to be alternated ( esp. giving birth with male and female ) by the use of medicine 3. v. to have time to do something

seluey v. to hold (in or between the fingers)

seluk vi. to go off into the bush; to stay out of sight vi. to go off to the bush that takes long time

selung v. to be stunted in growth or less development because it is shaded of some plants and there's a lack of sunlight

selut vi. to choke on something, usually food

seluyut1 n. a green vegetable (similar to okra)

seluyut2 n. a bee variety which its shelter formed as kemuyut bag and has a painful bite

semberiru n. a hat

sembig n. a cold sore at the side of the mouth

sempak v. a hit by an elbow

senal n. share

sendad vt. to serve food or drink to someone

sendawev Variant of sundawè n. a volcanic mountain (such as Mount Apu)

sendit v. to blame or be disappointed by someone or something else about something v. to regret or repent about something v. penitent

sendud v. to return a sick patient to another place

seneb 1. v. to dive in water v. to dip someone or something into the water 2. v. to dive in the water for fishing

senep v. to dry up

senga vi. to blow mucus out of the nose v. to blow out through it nose

senge adj. a; one

sengeg ???. also (in sympathy)

sengekakuwa adv. sometimes

sengekuan adj. different or other

sengel1 n. wooden earring

sengel2 1. v. to sit up straight 2. n. a chock to keep something from rolling; a block to raise something

senge seraan adj. used to describe a pig with wide ears

senget adj. stinky; foul

senge timan n. a single piece or head with reference to larger animals, as an eel, a pig, carabao, a horse

senggil 1. v. to touch something or warn someone by touching 2. v. to move someone or something else 3. v. to touch someone's feeling

sengì v. to sob or to weep (with tears but no noise)

sengig n. animal; insect v. to screw up a face

sengit n. no appetite

sengku v. to echo, e.g., inside a cave (sulung)

sengseng vt. to fill-in a hole; to block a hole with something vi. to become blocked with something

sengug n. a cricket

sengut v. to sniff up their runny nose

sening n. a small brightly decorated bag usually worn by a datu to hold money or betel chew and often worn by women to carry betel chew, or to hold seed when they're planting

sensè adj. mischievous???

sensen v. to use the hands to push a group of things to another place in order to separate them from other things v. to push something to another area using an instrument (e.g., their hands, a shovel)

sen-ung n. (carrying) strap (for a basket)

sepatus n. shoe

sepav Variant of seppa n. a small growing plants under the big one v. to have a little one growing

sepè vt. to chew something in order to swallow it e.g., bubble gum or chewing gum v. to keep on chewing

sepì n. a hand of bananas v. to divide a crop of bananas (ulid) into hands v. to break off

seping 1. n. twin v. to sprout double 2. v. to have twins v. to be twins

seppa n. a small growing plants under the big one v. to have a little one growing

seppingv Variant of seping 1. n. twin v. to sprout double 2. v. to have twins v. to be twins

seput n. a traditional but plain woman's blouse n. a patterned sheet

serè n. viand v. viand v. the staple to go with the viand

seremun See salmun 1. n. a large can of sardines 2. n. a measure using a tin can

serep 1. vi. to enter a place via a small holee.g. a thief entering a house, a lizard entering a trap 2. v. to roll up to the top (e.g., when very sick or dying)

seseleben n. the point in the centre of the chest at the bottom of the rib cage the diaphram, i.e., the area between the chest and stomach

seulì v. to visit somewhere for a morning and afternoon but not to stay overnight

seup adj. next; again v. to repeat something

seut v. to dance with a spear in one hand and a shield in the other

sewug n. ingredient; flavor v. to flavor something with onions etc. v. to mix together different objects; to scramble up v. to mix up (of cards); to shuffle v. to become mixed together v. to be mixed with another group v. to join with other group adj. dilute adj. mixed

seyseyv Variant of saysay v. to explain or interpret something

seyyup n. an error; a mistake vi. to accidentally make a mistake

shirpan n. short pants

shupun n. a pacifier for a baby

si det. Focus personal singular clausal determiner

siaken pron. as for me

siakenv Variant of sikeddiey pron. as for me

siakv Variant of siaken pron. as for me

siakv Variant of sikeddiey pron. as for me

sibada n. barley

sibew n. a wooden toy made with a stick and bamboo v. to play with a certain wooden toy made with stick and bamboo

sibid vt. to copulate with a female


sibù 1. n. overflow 2. v. to cause overflowing something 3. v. to be overflowed something 4. v. to cause the water to wave v. to wave

sibu1 n. a multi-colored variety of corn

Sibu2 prop_n.

sibul n. a shoot; a bud; new growth

sibuyas n. an onion

sida n. silk

sidar n. a cedar tree

siddula n. a residence certificate issued by the government

sidduley n. red skinned sweet potato - the flesh is white

sidsid n. the seam of a garment, especially refering to the edges of the sleeves of a shirt of the legs of trousers

sig-ang n. large stones used to rest a cooking pot on v. to make a platform for placing a cooking pot in the fireplace using stones vi. to be placed together to form an even shape

siggun conj. depends on

sigguradu adj. for sure

sigguru adv. sure v. to make sure that something gets done adj. sure adj. to do hard to make sure something adj. unfair

sigkulu n. bleeding-heart pigeon

sigunda n. second gear

sigundu adj. second

siha n. light v. to give light somewhere adj. shiny n. light

sihi n. a traditional toothbrush made from a pig's mane (balukag)

sihup n. a cigarette vi. to smoke a cigarette

sihuru v. assurance

siì n. a kind of lake snail

siin n. a galvanized iron sheet v. to roof using galvanized iron

siiniv Variant of seini dem_det. this (close to speaker) (focus) dem_pron. this (close to speaker) (focus)

siit n. a hair curler

sika 1. dem_det. that (close to hearer) (focus) dem_det. that (close to hearer) (focus) 2. adv. that's why; therefore

sikà adv. a word used to threaten cats to go away

sikad vi. to work something (e.g., a bike or sewing machine) by means of a treadle or peddle action n. a pedal or treadle

sikadkad vt. to push something or someone with one's feet vi. to kick repeatedly (like a baby learning to use its feet)

sikal n. a stride vi. to take a step forward, to stand flat-footed. i.e., both heels and toes on the ground

sikanami pron. we (excl) poss_pron. our (excl) pron. as for us (excl)

sikandan pron. they; them pron. as for them

sikan ded adv. the same

sikandin pron. he; she; it; him; her pron. as for him/her/it

sikaniyu pron. you (plural) pron. as for you

sikanta pron. as for us

sikantev Variant of sikanta pron. as for us

sikanv Variant of sika 1. dem_det. that (close to hearer) (focus) dem_det. that (close to hearer) (focus) 2. adv. that's why; therefore

sikat adj. common, e.g., denim jeans are common trousers

sikeddì pron. as for me

sikeddiey pron. as for me

sikeddieyv Variant of siaken pron. as for me

sikep vt. to extract something out of a small hole vi. to use a fine net to fish for small fish in water

sikeung 1. adj. concave, of a surface 2. n. bowl

sikeykew pron. you(sg) pron. as for you

sikeykew1 pron. you (sg)

sikeykewv Variant of sikuna pron. you (sg) pron. you (sg)


sikrit adj. confidential

sikritari n. secretary record-keeper

siksikan vi. to experience something for the first time

siku n. elbow v. to hit someone else by their elbow n. a measure from the fingertips to the elbow

sikuna pron. you (sg) pron. you (sg)

sikunav Variant of sikeykew pron. you(sg) pron. as for you

sikuwè n. a type of squash

sikuwey vi. to sit with legs stretched out in front, sometimes by a fire vi. to land with their legs stretched out in front vi. to sit with legs stretched out in front vi. to sit with legs stretched out in front

silab v. to burn (?something) v. to burn all (of something or an area) vi. to be burned v. to be completely burned adj. singed (e.g. a pig to remove the hairs)

siladdu v. to lock-up

silag v. to hurt someone's feelings

silak 1. n. shininess adj. shiny, like gold v. to produce a shiny or dazzling reflection 2. v. to have sunlight and shower rain 3. v. to shine something using varnish or any yellowish color

silang vi. to be blinded by light from something

sil-ap v. to glance at something v. to glance around

silapan adj. cursory

silbisv Variant of sirbis n. a private car v. to ride or drive a private car

silè v. to rise in the east n. the direction where the sun rises (i.e., east)

silek vi. to become stuck in the throat, sometimes causing vomiting vi. to get something stuck in their throat, often causing gagging or vomiting

silengleng vi. to walk in the rain to work something v. to walk or playing always in the rain

silep v. to be saturated of water

sil-ew adj. bright or shiny; dazzling vi. to sparkle

sili vi. to move to get off the path (e.g. if a horse is coming) vt. to move something out of the way

silib v. to be spy or watchful (e.g. if things are going missing from your house) with out others being aware; to notice or to overhear v. to be aware of something

siliksilik n. a small thin bearded fish which we found only in fresh water

siling adj. cross-eyed v. to stare like cross eyed to someon or something

sil-ip 1. vt. to watch someone or something without making themselves seen vi. to playfully make their eyes go to the top of their head v. to roll up to the top, e.g., when very sick or dying 2. vi. to die that their eyes go to the top of their head

silir n. sheller

sillewv Variant of sil-ew adj. bright or shiny; dazzling vi. to sparkle

silpun n. cellular phone

silsil vi. in a pot or something similar

silù vi. to be humiliated

silung vi. to be next in command

silupin n. a plastic bag

silut1 n. shoulder blade

silut2 1. n. spoon teaspoon 2. vi. to be rounded like a spoon

silut ne deisek See silut n. teaspoon

simag 1. adj. one day and one night v. to do something every alternate day v. to reach the next day? 2. adj. always (e.g., doing something)

simana n. a week adj. weekly

simat 1. n. needle 2. v. to sprout earring hole

simba v. to worship someone or something n. a church v. to worship regularly

simbasimba n. eurasian tree sparrow

simbelat vi. to brighten up, e.g., a break in the clouds

simbulu n. symbol

simbung n. head covering for the bride

simè 1. n. saliva containing betel nut juice adj. a kind of betel nut that produces a lot of red juice 2. v. to be brownish in color

simelun n. green pigeon

simè te laha n. narcissus flycatcher

simi blayin n. simi blayin house form

similya 1. n. a seed (for planting) 2. n. a seedling (esp for transplantation)

simintiryu n. cemetery

simintu n. cement

simpuel v. a test of strength in which one man stands with his legs apart and his opponent runs from behind him and kicks him in the calf of the leg with his shin in an attempt to knock him over. They then change places and continue until one is clearly defeated or gives up because of the pain v. to play someone else by kicking them on their calf

Simud prop_n. the river which runs through the Sinuda barangay. As a result, many Matigsalugs call the barangay by this name.