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Def.: ke (meyitenged te minsan nekey ne kenè ne klaru wey ke malehet)
MS: ke
You use if to talk about something that is not sure or not real.
Maybe I will go to Davao tomorrow. If I go, I will visit my friend.
Kema ke egpekeendiyè [egpeke͡enndiyè] a te Dabaw kaaselem. Ke egpekeendiyè a, egleuy a te alukuy ku.
If I knew the answer, I would tell you (but I don't know the answer).

Def.: ke (insè ne uya wey kenè ka tabak)
MS: ke
You use if to talk about questions which have a 'yes' or 'no' answer.
She asked me if I wanted to stay.
Mig-insè sikandin keddì ke egkeupian a ne egpalunggehaat [egpalunggeha͡at].
I don't know if he knows.
Sem.Dom.: conjunctions

if only
Def.: perem ke; emun perem ke
MS: perem ke; emun perem ke
You use if only to talk about something now or in the past that you are not happy with, and that you wish were different.
If only I hadn't missed the bus (but I missed it).
Emun perem ke wara a neengkeri te terak (sikan ma iya se neengkeran e ma).
If only I could play the guitar (but I can't).
Sem.Dom.: GSL0026-0050
Status: ready

Last updated: 18/Sep/2012