Matigsalug Manobo Vernacular Lexicon

part. still; yet part. still; yet [incompletive particle]



paa 1. n. the leg or foot (of a human or animal) 2. n. leg (of furniture such as a chair) sole

paabelu vi. to look serious, usually because of being angry at someone

paahi n. way; means adj. way; method; strategy: system; idea v. to be find by someone's solution prep. by means of

paalitepung v. run

paan n. bread or cake

paayun vt. to cut or place something lengthwise

Pababaylan prop_n. the name of an invisible deity who is a leader of evil spirits (busew) but is under Meibulan

pababuy adj. to surrender; to give them the authority

paddel v. for a sore to be hurting

padpad v. to fall from the tree

paew n. a largish fish hook

pagging v. to bend over in order to hide ones genitals??

paggulv Variant of pagul n. a lock usually made by putting a wooden bar across the door Wood or metal that use to prevent/stop door to open. Purpose of paggul is to secure the house from thief. v. to lock up something

pagket v. to attach someone to something cause to attach to something

pagul n. a lock usually made by putting a wooden bar across the door Wood or metal that use to prevent/stop door to open. Purpose of paggul is to secure the house from thief. v. to lock up something

paha n. a shelf (inside a house particularly above a fire)

pahamayan adj. great, large body of water

pahang1 n. a chicken's comb (which is smaller on a hen (upa) than on a rooster (lumansad))

pahang2 n. limestone adj. limestone

pahehanè v. the one who make magic and to command someone to make something

pahen v. to hold tight

pahendak v. to be up-and-down

pahenget adj. effective action adj. constant or unchangeable action

pahetpet adj. active; energetic v. to make decision firmly; active ; energetic

pahibalu n. notice

pahimmulè adj. blessed or priviledged v. call someone else privileged or blessed

pahing adj. extremely hot (of the weather)

pahintuluy vi. to drop in and visit very briefly

pahin-upal v. to not continue; to give up asking for something because the person won't give

pahis n. ringworm v. covered in small white sores

pahun adj. foggy

pahun-ilis adv. to walk along the highway

pahunlibet v. to make an oath or promise about something to someone else

pahunsiling v. to copy or compare against something else

pahunwarè n. deny v. to deny someone or something

pahut hold v. to hold someone hold something

paka vi. to split apart


pakang v. for someone to put the axe on the wood to be able to put the axe on the wood

pakapangenew te bulbul adj. hideous

pakawan n. cup

pakebut v. to show their anger by the expression of their mouth to someone

pakeid vi. to be possessed by an evil spirit (busew) that causes them to do violent acts such as killing an innocent party v. to cause someone to be possessed by an evil spirit (busew) that causes them to do violent acts such as killing an innocent party

pakew 1. n. the stalk or stem of a (banana, coconut) leaf 2. n. the handle of a cup n. a cup with a handle cup n. a woven edge around a pikit, or winnowing basket; a frame around a scale

pakilaleey ne talaari ???. around 6:45 pm when it is too dark to recognise one's own siblings until they speak

pakkew n. handle n. cup

pakpak1 n. wing feather

pakpak2 vt. to drive something, e.g. a nail into a softer object, especially a wall vi. to become lodged in a softer object, especially a wall

pakulagweng vi. to run fast

pakuru n. common moorhen

pakyas adj. vain

pakyaw n. a contract price; fixed price

pala n. shovel

palabasan n. a small type of an edible water lizard with brown a brown color

Palabew prop_n.

palad1 n. palm of hand

palad2 adj. adventurous; fortunate

palagsik n. a small piece of bamboo used to trigger a sprung trap

palahè n. grasshopper

palakata n. a large tree, the wood of which is used for making matches

palakav Variant of plaka n. a record (such as for a gramophone) or a tape for a cassette recorder

palakpak1 vi. to clap hands in applause to someone to clap always with/out reason

palakpak2 n. a digging stick (with a clapper)

Palakpakan prop_n.

palalung adj. respectful

palaman n. the filling in bread

palambey adj. (of a woman) wearing a dress to the ankles

palaming n. a charm use for enemy in order that they can't move or weak and easy to defeat them

palaminit n. a photograph mounted on wood

palamutì v. beautify

palanaan n. bottle

palanan vi. to startle someone out of sleep by doing something startle v. to be surprised out of sleep by something and so not be fully awake

palanggè 1. adj. dear; valued as in a favored child adj. dear; valued as in a favored child v. to value or favor someone or something for a reason 2. n. a princess; a beautiful maiden

palansa n. flat iron v. to iron a garment v. to iron several garments

palanu 1. n. plan 2. adj. wise v. to scheme something; to think about something adj. visionary

palanuv Variant of planu v. to plan something 1. n. plan 2. adj. wise v. to scheme something; to think about something adj. visionary

palapala n. foot

palapalula n. shoulder blade

palaran adj. lucky

palasv Variant of plas -.

palasyu n. a palace or mansion

palat1 v. to dawn

palat2 n. a cross-piece of a house supporting the grass roof vi. to put in the cross pieces of a roof which support the grass

palatas v. to dawn

palatav Variant of pelata n. a coin or piece of silver

palatu n. plate platter

palatuv Variant of platu n. plate

palausig adj. always teasing someone. unfriendly

palawas v. to show themself; to be naked; visible at someone

palayud v. to graze their animals (ayam) somewhere

paleen v. to take off (clothes)

palees n. a field lizard with a short tail which can be up to a meter long and often lives in holes in stones or trees. They eat frogs, chickens, and may eat dead bodies

palemlem n. to plan something

palespes n. any tree that has a slender trunk

palesungan n. a type of mortar or pounding board

paley 1. n. the rice plant sticky glutinous ricerice stalk —rice headrice strawchaff —rice huskrice branrice shoot 2. n. unhusked grain (of rice ?and wheat, corn) rice porridgecooked rice —flattened toasted ricerice wine 3. n. granary rice vat

palì n. wound v. to get wound with something

palibatu n. anchor

paligkat conj. by means of

palikpik n. the tip of the short part of a bird wings

palimmakut v. seize an opportunity

palin 1. v. to change their character, forms, size, climate etc v. to fade vi. to keep on changing v. to change 2. v. to be almost gone (when they are dying)

palingki n. market

palingkutut vi. to sit atop a high place

palinneu 1. n. a mark or sign which is evidence of something else 2. n. level (of a liquid) 3. n. score (of a game) 4. n. marker (on a path) 5. n. position (of a celestial body) 6. v. (for a celestial body) to reach a certain position n. a full-stop n. a period; a full-stop

palintutuu 1. v. to obey something or someone 2. v. to believe something or someone n. belief; faith

pallahuy 1. vi. to run vi. to keep on running around 2. vi. to avoid doing something

pallateng v. to look forward hopefully to getting something

pallebag vi. to be on heat

pallubey v. to have her hair hanging long and untied tie up hair

palmira n. a tree having a mass of large leaves at its top

palpal n. (to use a rock) to pound (a post into the ground)

palpalahawey n. a kind of honey bee that has a painful bite and sticks their shelter on the leaves of any plants

palu n. a lower part of the feet

palù v. to beat something with a stick (andu) on a hard surface v. to play the bankakawan drum by pounding on it with a pestle

paluman v. to get a new breath - i.e., to be given a new strong body which can survive the tribulation v. to enter or possess someone to be ready for rapture v. to be entered by the spirit of God and ready to be raptured

palung n. trough for feeding hogs

palungpung n. a decorative headpiece such as a pompom or the decorative horse hair on a kuglung vi. to put a decorative headpiece on a horse

palusung vi. place where work done to help someone clear a field (egkamet), or to weed (eggilamun)

palusung te egkamet v. to buy good food to feed laborers who are working clearing one's field

paluwak n. a noose snare (for catching wild chickens by the feet) v. to make a trap

paluy adj. to have faeces remaining on one's bottom v. to get on somebody or their clothes

pamaak v. to feed a pig at a distance

pamadda n. men's deodorant or aftershave

pamakey v. to believe (and obey?) all (of God's commands) n. belief

pamalas1 v. to sacrifice in order to change bad fortune v. to bless a newly married couple by waving around a chicken and praying

pamalas2 v. to swim

pamalawag v. to have red clouds in the sky which are an omen to say not to continue a journey

Pamalawan n. pamalawan falls

pamalay v. to find out the bride-price ig-asawa required for marrying a girl

pamalè vi. to divine by tossing coins


pamanayen n. (the top of the) shoulder

pamanayun v. to massage

pamaneug v. to climb down (something such as a ladder, stairs or a tree)

pamaneyik 1. v. to climb up (something such as a ladder, stairs or a tree) 2. v. to increase

pamangan v. to do his duty

pamangeit v. to eat the bones

pamanihus v. to bathe v. to keep on bathing v. to bathe

pamarè v. asking permission; consent

pamatè n. a small weir which causes fish to land on a bamboo floor

pambi n. a brightly colored flying insect (almost luminescent)

pamenus n. pimple

pamibig vi. to gripe about someone else

pamilya n. family

paminalayan v. to have one leg lying across the opposite knee while sitting or lying

paminegv Variant of pammineg vt. to listen to something v. to keep on listening

pammaley n. a variety of cane

pammelat v. to open wide the eyes sometimes using fingers to open it for teasing somebody or a sign for disapproval

pammereng vi. to close the eyes and then open them again at someone else

pammineg vt. to listen to something v. to keep on listening

pammiyed v. a facial expression using nose and lips for not agreeing something

pammiyung v. to whistle at something

pammubung v. to cross over the top of a mountain (bubungan)

pammued vt. to chase and bite a running animal, e.g., a pig

pammula1 vt. to plant something somewhere n. garden n. plants; crops n. garden; planted field

Pammula2 n. a benevolent spirit incharge of planting to care it and be productive

pamulav Variant of pammula1 vt. to plant something somewhere n. garden n. plants; crops n. garden; planted field

Pamulingan1 prop_n. the spirit who is in charge to add

pamulingan2 v. to go walking at night v. to use magic to make things appear

Pamulunan prop_n.

pamuntalan n. the side of the shoulder

pamunu n???. temptation

pamusenga vi. to spit when aroused

pamusitsit vi. to hiss (in order to call somebody's attention)

pamutì n. a white patch (on the skin) v. to have white patches on their skin


panabas n. the fringe of hair over the forehead

panabel v. to fish for small fish (peit) with a fine net at a time when the river is high (egbaggiyu)

panabit v. to ask for a share of the harvest

panabuk v. to give payment. e.g. a horse given to the parents of one's son in law in compensation for the death of the son-in-law. i.e., his parents lose a daughter-in-law. If payment is made, the woman is free to remarry.

panaggana v. to prepare

panagyawan vi. to shout to inform that they have killed someone for revenge

panahaal vi. to clear their throat, e.g., before speaking

panahasu v. to raise dogs in order to hunt with them

panaheulì v. to fetch sweet potato

panahun n. time

panahuntun n. a remembrance

panalakayè v. to have an excuse about something

panalangin n. blessing v. to bless someone else

panalliya v. to avoid something or someone v. to be able to escape v. to alert someone else 1. v. to keep away from others, e.g., a young girl who doesn't want to be talked into getting married v. to avoid (meeting others) adj. timid

panalu v. victory

Panamin prop_n.

panamung n. bride price

pananap vi. to creep

panas vt. to strike through something

Panayangan prop_n. a deity who was given responsibility by the supreme God Manama to make the bees such as patiyukan, tameing, tamusan, palpalahawey, lapinid, sabungan, bahabaha, tabuuwan, mangguwawa because Manama had too much to look after

panayew 1. n. the eye teeth or incisors 2. n. a canine tooth 3. n. an animal's fang(s)

pandalaha v. to court someone

pandayv Variant of pandey2 n. a carpenter

Panderawa prop_n. the name of Orion constellation

pandey1 adj. creative; able; capable; skillful n. a style or idea n. a style or idea

pandey2 n. a carpenter

panduy adj. amazing; incredible

panè vt. to shoot something with an arrow either using a bow or a rubber slingshot (underwater)

paney vi. to think, do, plan, prepare and to instruct ahead of time at someone else or something v. to have been prepared vi. to be born with a physical disability vi. to have had a habit since they were small

panga n. horn

pangabang vi. to help someone else vi. to defend n. saviour; helper

pangaddì v. a person make a charm a person to be done with charm n. a charm

pangahapkap vi. to use hands and knees to climb something

Pangaku n. Redeemer

pangalalin n. to be just (less than three months) pregnant v. to crave; wants to eat something

pangalambiyat vi. to climb something

pangalang n. to prepare a defense against something, e.g. an immunization or taking of vitamin so as not to get sick

pangalikud v. to suspect or falsely accuse another

pangalimbaseg v. to do something for the sake of the reward at the end (for example Christians who believe for the sake of an anticipated reward in the future life, those who plant crops because they don't want to starve in the future)

Panganan prop_n.

panganduy n. dream; wish

panganey n. eldest child

panganiban n. a weapon - includes items such as a bolo, spear, etc.

panganup v. to hunt wild animals with dogs n. hunter; a person that fond of hunting wild animals

pangasak vi. to speak or discuss an issue with someone

pangayepkep vi. to have the arms folded

pangayew v. to attack someone by killing them for they are guilty of the crime

pangeteb n. the tattoo around the waist of a woman v. to tattoo someone else

pangeyilen n. a wild fruit

Panggenay prop_n.

pangi n. a tree with a large edible fruit called lahas and when dried matehù

pangilala v. to identify or to recognize someone else or something

pangiles vi. to have a mild fever

pangilumhilum vi. to be darkish at night but still light enough to barely recognize people

panginginsè v. to ask permission of the family of the female to marry

Pangiyan prop_n.

pangiyew v. to offer something (usually cooked food) to a datu or other leader in order to enlist his help to solve a problem

pangkag vt. heated (e.g., exposed in the sunlight.)

pangkul n. hips adj. skinny

pangkus v. to result in n. to be certain; to finish a task; to follow something through to the end

pangngalaten n. a variety of cane

pangngibien n. a weed with leaves that close when touched

pangpangiles v. for a sickness to be coming on; for a two limuken birds to sound a warning - one in front and one behind indicating that the hearer will become sick.

pangulu n. a leader v. to lead or be in charge of a group or facility

pangul-ul vi. to eat the meat off a bone

pangulusen n. various spp. of fern

pangusip vi. to make a noise by sucking air in the lips

pangusu v. to rub into the skin with the hands

pangutkut n. a gray cat

panibi v. to swell (e.g. in the groin, armpit, or neck)

panihees vi. to say goodbye

paniid vi. to monitor something

panikel v. to spin cotton (gapas)

paniki n. Russet flying fox

panil n. one load of a truck

panilda vi. to sit in the sun so that the heat from the sun will drive away a fever, or else to warm up after swimming

Panisingan te Manama See Manama n. God; the Holy Spirit


panitingen v. to hunt (wild animals) n. hunter; a person who's fond of hunting

paniudtu n. lunch vi. to eat lunch

panlas n. landslide v. to carry away something or to be the thing which carries away something adj. susceptible to landslides

panleng n. a part of a plough

panluya v. to take a small animal to the datu in a time of trouble and to slaughter it and feed it to him, as a way of seriously requesting his help

pannali vi. to sit with legs dangling down in front and swinging them backwards and forwards

panningkig n. the area just above the ankle

panningting n. the area just above the ankle

pannuley vi. to lean one's chin or face on one's hand

panpan n. road v. to make a road

pansal n. a metal nail (for building)

panseb v. to be apprehensive or doubt about things in the future v. to think or speculate vi. to be apprehensive about something (e.g. if cannot overhear a conversation and wonder what is being said) v. to be strange that someone expect something negative

pansil v. to hiss

pansit n. a kind of viand

pantad n. coarse sand adj. sandy adj. it refers to the rivers, creeks, and other bodies of water that produces more sands

pantek adj. straight-forward; direct vi. to go the direct route

pantew v. to look at from a distance to look out constantly to a distance v. to be overlooking

panti 1. n. panties 2. n. underpants

Pantibug ne Karang prop_n. a lesser deity to whom Manama gave responsibility for the plants and weeds

pantig v. for the father of the girl to give a head band and trousers at a wedding

pantun n. a brideprice asked for by the father of a girl

panuen n. a slender fruit

panugtul 1. v. to tell about something which happened 2. v. to charge (in court) n. a story

panuhut vi. to have (lit.) wind enter the veins and cause sickness

panulù 1. v. to teach someone 2. n. teaching

panulud 1. v. to escort someone somewhere, especially a bus or jeepney terminal (often for them to catch a ride somewhere) but returning immediately v. to request to someone to scort or to accompany going home 2. v. to get rid of the head lies using fine-tooth comb which is made of bamboo

panumbaley v. to visit someone else

panumbilang vi. to sit with legs folded in front

panumpà n. swear v. to swear about something

panun v. a group of people n. group

panungan n. multitude; a group

panunggiling ?. ?. example v. to leave behind

panungkilat v. to raise the eyebrows at someone else

panuntun v. to sit on a chair or bench with legs dangling down (but still)

panunud v. to inherit something

Panyaris prop_n.

panyù n. a handkerchief n. a cloth draped over the shoulder (in order to wipe off sweat or simply to look good)

papas v. to atone (or pay for) a sin by sacrificing something


papilis n. title to land

para1 conj. so that

para2 v. stop

parada n. parade v. to parade n. parade

parang v. to compete in an election

paras1 n. the tail of a pig. This is often cut off and dried in the sun, and then placed on a bracelet as a charm tail

paras2 n. grapevine

paraya n. a storage rack (for plates)

parè ij. farewell saying goodbye

pari?v Variant of kumpari? n. co-father

parid vi. to form two long lines (men and women) and then parade together

paris n. partner; an individual opponent

pasangasanga v. to travel when they have an urgent errand, even though they don't really feel well enough

pasar vi. to pass an examination fail

pasaylu n. forgiveness for doing something wrong vt. to forgive or pardon someone else for doing something wrong v. pardonable

pasayu v. to take the opportunity

Pasebit n. pasebit stream

pasilaksilak adj. to rain while sunny v. to rain while the sun is shining

pasili v. to separate already-husked grain from grain which has not yet been husked and other small particles (e.g., stones) v. to be able to be separated adj. habitually separating grains (of a person)

pasinsiya n. forgiveness for not being able to meet a person's request adj. forgiving

pasiyù v. to walk around with a short distance i.e., to stay within the barrio. v. to walk around with a short distance i.e., to stay within the barrio.

Pasku n. Christmas

pasmu n. hunger; undernourishment v. to be hungry or undernourished v. to be late for a meal (lunch?)

paspas n. a kind of rat that can fly when it is old

pastul n. pastor

pasusud v. to beat the evil spirits (busew) with a stick basag that have come to lick where the corpse lying after burried it.

pasyun n. passion fruit

patag n. a plain v. to make a surface flat using something (e.g. a woodplane or a tamper) adj. level; flat n. a structural cross-piece of a house?

patalisik ???. xxx

patè v. to wait for someone to arrive or something to happen vi. to pass

pated n. a stalk

patew n. a sign or distinguishing mark, e.g., if the grass on a trail is pointing in one direction it shows that people have passed in that direction.

patewu v. to be isolated

patey v. to die v. to kill someone else v. to be died n. death adj. dead adj. dead adj. flickering n. a corpse immortality n. death adj. venomous

patibtib vi. to peep at something

patil n. to be built high up on a tree. The tree has been chopped off up high - i.e., it has no upper branches or leaves. n. a tripod

patintiru n. a Pilipino game

patiralan v. to stay on the path

patiyukan n. a type of honeybee Thread-waisted waspVespa wasp adj. speckled/spotted (similar to the body of a honey bee)

patuk 1. n. a generic term for duck 2. n. a large duck with long wings. It is mostly black. This variety is not a good layer

patundiyang n. an oval winnowing basket

pawè vi. to dawn (around 5:30 am) vi. to go all night

pawikan n. sea turtle

pawing vi. to be uneven (one big and one small)

payahengyeng adj. for something (esp. a motor vehicle) to travel very fast

Payan n. name of a person

payanpayan adj. visible

payatpat vi. to become scattered

payè n. a empty coconut shell, often used to make a ladle (bulalu)

payew n. A type of wild taro The leaves are used for wrapping food up in such as when making fermented rice. 1. n. payew camote

payilunà v. to ensure that something is good

paylut n.

payung n. umbrella