Matigsalug Manobo Vernacular Lexicon

tina n. coloring

tinabas n. material for making clothes

tinabirak n. sweet-potato (kasilè) peeled and boiled in a sugary syrup


tinangeb n. a stoutish basket with a narrowish neck and usually having a lid

tinapa n. canned fish; sardines

tinapey n. rice which has been fermented

tinawè v. to reach out their hands to retrieve something often something from a height

tinayad vi. to be used to something ;to be put off from doing something by a previous bad response, e.g., not lending money because the person did not pay back the loan last time.

tinda 1. v. to operate a store 2. n. store

tindel vi. to getting tired legs from standing adj. always wanders around and never sits down

tindilav Variant of tindira n. a sale's woman

tindira n. a sale's woman

tindiriisek n. a little finger

tinduk vt. to touch something with the end of one's finger

tinekkak n. the Philippine tarsier

tines vt. to pack away things

tinew-ad v. to reach something above

tinga n. a piece of food stuck between the teeth yellowed food stuck to teeth vi. to become stuck between one's teeth n. toothpick

tingangag v. to take something secretly when no-one is looking, e.g., a dog stealing food, someone taking money or clothing, a boy persuading a girl to elope v. to elope in order to marry against her parents' wishes

ting-ew 1. v. to become clear adj. clear (of a liquid, especially water) murky adj. very clear (of a liquid, especially water) 2. adj. evident

tinggà n. a chemical element

tinggasew n. a largish brown ant with a stinging urine that lives in coconut trees and under stones

tinggew n. plain swamphen white-breasted white-breasted swamp-hen

tinggew ne wekwek n. white-breasted swamphen

tingkalusan n. mouse n. Philippine chestnut house mouse n. a medium-sized rodent which live in the forest

tingkeb adj. a pool with a big rocks formed

tingkemed vi. to be startled by an unexpected sound or event v. to deliberately startle someone else for a reason frighten v. that can make surprised or disturbed by someone or something

tingkì v. to strike with the back of a bolo

tingkik n. a piece of metal used to strike a flint v. to light a fire with a traditional flint

tingkul v. to start hurting again because it got knocked

tingkulit n. a big type of rodent live in the forest and usually make their hole at the base of the trees

tingkulud vi. to kneel down

tingkulung vi. to squat with knees touching the ground

tingting n. the side of a knife?; blade Ref.Gloss: bolo n. the handle end of a bolo blade or a tampuling spear tipthe piece which is embedded in the wooden handle

tingyas v. to make signs to someone else

tiniggid n. a variety of soft corn

tinigib n. tinigib corn

tinlelabew n. middle finger

tinlelalung n. ring finger

tinsiya v. to judge or make a judgement over someone

tinta n. ink

tintal v. to test or tempt somebody

tinugpù v. to jump down (from a high place) v. to dive (into or under water)

tinuhul n. bracelet variety a finished product (bracelet)

tinurù1 1. v. to point at something 2. v. to show 3. n. index finger

tinurù2 n. finger toe

tipak n. a cut piece vt. to cut some thing with a bolo v. to break loose n. an obligation of male sides to be given at female sides especially at grandmother and granfather either it is money, things, or animal. This kind of dowry is for the payment of being restlesssness of caring during the babyhood stage of the female.

tipaka n. unhusked rice

tipak and egtipakan n. a chip to cut or knock off chips from something, as off a stone, a log of wood, etc.

tiparay n. unhusked rice

tipasì n. chaff

tipè1 v. to trim flooring to fit around a post

tipè2 n. an insect like a grasshopper

tipey n. button v. to do up buttons

tipil n. clip (for holding things together) vt. to squeeze something to between the arm and body vi. to hold their legs tightly together, e.g., so as not to urinate vi. to become jammed between two objects

tipu v. to dissuade someone else v. persuade someone else

tipulu n. a tree of the genus Palaquium of which there are at least two species known locally, i.e., belew and serewsew. The sap is the source of gutta percha and it is used locally to cement the blades of knives and bolos into their handles

tipuuk n. for big smoke to go up v. to goes up (e.g., smoke or fire)

tira vt. to shoot something

tirè n. sugarcane

tirew v. to test something e.g., the depth of a river or the loyalty of another person v. to be testable or measurable

tiribuv Variant of tribu n. tribe

tirigguv Variant of trigu n. wheat

tiriisiv Variant of trisi num. thirteen

tiris n. a tiny brown bird, which have a colorful eggs; It calls 'tiris' 'tiris' 'tiris'

tirisv Variant of tris num. three

tis v. to give an examination at someone else

tisà n. a fruit tree (with a small smooth red fruit)

tisa n. hard block of bakes clay soil

tisan v.

tistiggus vi. to testify or give evidence in a case

tistis n. drip or drop off something wet v. to dry something vi. to be dried v. to let themselves to dry from swimming

titib n. the yellowish part of the teeth

titilu n. title

titiwi n. river cerith snail

titu n. a name of a man

titulu n. title to land

tiulug v. to falling down

tiwan n. a type of tree

tiwas v. to finish the work

tiyek n. a falsehood

tiyuk 1. n. a pierced hole 2. v. to skewer (pieces of meat) n. an earring hole (pierced by a needle)

tiyulew n. black-naped oriole


trabahanti n. workers; laborer

trabahu v. to work somewhere v. to have a job

trapal n. a tarpulin such as on the back of a truck

trapu n. cleaning rag

trapuv Variant of trapu Variant of trapu n. cleaning rag

trapuv Variant of trapu Variant of trapu n. cleaning rag

tratu adj. for a man and woman to be engaged to be married v. for a man and woman to become engaged to each other

trayinta num. thirty

tribu n. tribe

trigu n. wheat

trintav Variant of trayinta num. thirty

tris num. three

trisi num. thirteen

trumpita n. a trumpet

trunu n. throne

tsuk n. chalk

tua vi. to develop a dry crust

tualya n. towel

tuba n. a vine or tree of the genus Derris. The roots in decoction are used as a fish poison. The poison is also drunk as a means of suicide

tubà n. coconut wine

tubad vi. to sacrifice by killing a bird or animal often for the sake of a sick person vi. to pray intensely n. a prayer n. an altar; a spirit house; the thing sacrificed n. a specific place where the ritual performed n. a prayer

tuba-tuba n. tree variety

tubbà n. coconut wine

tubbu n. a pipe (to convey liquid)

tubed n. The young taro leaves and usually eaten by the people as vegetables.

tubì v. rain to fall

tubil n. a refill of something; a film (in a camera) vt. to fill up something with something consumable, e.g., fuel

tubpa 1. v. to begin to form fruit on the flower stalk 2. v. to descend somewhere 3. v. to transfer the leading spirit to another person

tubpalè adj. strong falls of water

tubu n. a variety of cane which has kettes leaves and limulan berries

tubù1 n. bud or shoot (of a plant) vi. to sprout vi. to grow v. to be self-sown

tubù2 vi. to bend over, e.g., when weeding

tubù3 n. a bad sweet potato (too watery)

tubung adj. to have plenty of food vi. to have plenty of food lacking food

tubus v. to save or redeem

tudling n. something that make a line

tued 1. n. stump of a tree adj. for a field to still have stumps of trees left after it has been burned off because it was not cut close enough to the ground v. to pierce something from below, e.g. with a knife 2. n. injection vi. to be scratched (e.g. their skin)

tuen1 n. knowledge vi. to know something or how to do something v. to be easy by someone to do v. to be done accurately

tuen2 vi. to arrive in a specific place and stay for a short time

tuen3 v. to be amused or elated v. to be able to amused someone or something

tugbung n. bud or shoot (of a plant) vi. to shoot (leaves)

tugganul v. to care or treat someone or something

tugging n. a sharp pointed tool (used in basket making)

tugkeling n. coleto bird

tugnak 1. vi. to feel hungry (sometime after eating) for a reason 2. v. to take or to drink that your full gone 3. v. to have rested after eating

tugpa 1. v. to begin to form fruit on the flower stalk 2. v. to descend somewhere 3. v. to transfer the leading spirit to another person

tugpang n. a tall bamboo shoot

tugtug n. Tailor bird

tuha v. to try performing a new skill

tuhal1 n. the gully where the bases of two hills or mountains meet adj. having many gullies at the base (of hills or mountains) n. mountain or hill which have many gullies at their bases v. to for a ravine

tuhal2 v. to hunt birds by setting a trap with a sticky substance and then imitating the bird call

Tuhawè prop_n. a male servant of Meibulan

tuhen v. a meal of cooked chicken and rice which a bride and groom feed each other as part of the wedding ceremony to share food off the same leaf

tuhes vi. to do something alone

tuhibeen adj. for a baby to have green faeces

tuhisen n. a wild fruit

tuhul v. to weave something (e.g., a basket or winnowing tray) out of a material v. to spend a lot of time weaving something out of a material

tuhun 1. v. to reach one's destination; to go as far as the end of the field when planting v. to reach a goal on a journey or in an activity 2. n. to dock (a boat)

tuhut vt. to allow someone else to do something

tuhuwisen n. a type of fruit tree

tuid n. year

tuig n. year adj. annual (e.g., party,

tukè n. the clitoric

tuked n. a walking stick vi. to walk with a staff v. to issue someone else a stick for walking

tukeg n. vertical support for the ridge beam of a roof v. to support something a wood or stick to keep on always hang and open v. to be hanging

tukes adj. full (of the moon) vi. to be full

tukiyas n. a cross-piece of a house roof v. to put a rafter supports v. to still working in rafter supports (e.g., in building houses)

tukmu n. spotted dove n. a chicken without long tail feathers. The tail may be covered with feathers, but they turn under close to the body

tuktuk n. the bill (of a bird) v. to peck something v. to keep on pecking something somewhere v. to be accidentally peck by animals

tukù vt. to push slowly and firmly v. to be pushed by someone or something else vi. to wrestle each other (arms only)

tukud n. a post used as support

tukuwan n. anatomical stomach

tulak n. scar v. to form a scar v. to have scar

Tulalang1 prop_n. a man who lived in ancient times

tulalang2 vi. to sing a traditional song which narrates a fictional story

tulalang3 n. a large brown flightless bird with white neck, which eat earthworm and live in a wet areas (Greater Painted-Snipe Male)

tulalug 1. n. (scab,bamboo,metal or plastic) pipe (for water) 2. v. (for a liquid) to flow at something else e.g., scab or pipe v. to build a pipe for the water to flow somewhere n. a flow (with banana scab or pipe spring) v. a place where the water flows over an overhang

tulan vi. to drop in and visit someone

tul-an n. bone adj. bony n. bone marrow

tulang n. the sides of an open fireplace Ref.Gloss: firebox n. firewood

tulanged adj. kind; taughtful

tul-an te manuk n. a type of weed

tularè n. law?; ruling?; a type of song?

tulas vt. to hurt one's tongue

tulay 1. n. a bridge v. to build a bridge using wood or logs v. to keep on building a bridge using wood or logs 2. prop_n. the name of a sitio village of Sinuda, Kitaotao, Bukidnon

tulayas v. to flow somewhere v. to dribble or run down in a stream e.g., water running down a hill after a heavy rain

tulduk n. a period; a full-stop

tuleddu v. to get on well together

tul-ek v. to offer food to someone else first v. to do something ahead of others, especially used of eating first. This is considered very bad by Matigsalugs and indicates a greedy person

tulekuk v. to call or yell out, e.g., if lost or to see if anyone is home when passing by a house

tulen 1. v. to grab occassionally (e.g, time or opportunity) 2. v. to move animals into pasture

tulendu adj. get on together??? get on together

tuleng v. to strike someone or an animal to beat across the head with a rod with intent to kill. This was used as a way to slaughter animals such as dogs, or even large animals like a horse (blindfolded first with leaves) v. to be beaten on the head

tulenus v. to do something unplanned v. to do something, e.g., accidentally fall asleep

Tuleren prop_n. Tuleren stream

tulewuk v. to unexpectedly discover something v. to stumble onto something hidden v. to happen to see something when passing by v. to pass somewhere even without way or passage

tuli adj. deaf n. someone who is unable to hear because of having wax blocking the ears v. to have water in ones ear n. a smelly plug of wax or pus which blocks the ears and causes loss of hearing v. to remove earwax

tulì vt. to circumcise someone else vi. to become circumcised v. to circumcise someone

tulid n. a small metal bell

tul-id 1. adj. straight 2. v. to straighten something adj. prostate

tulik vi. to follow instructions or to be honest adj. dignified; submissive; honest

tulimpas v. to go off course (e.g. when trying to sew straight)

tulin 1. adj. prosperous v. to grow v. raised, as a parent raised a child v. to be individually growing n. a rising agent 2. v. to increase (e.g., weight etc.)

tulis1 v. to tattoo v. to tattoo adj. to have stripes v. to write out a list

tulis2 v. to steal by forcing someone

tulisuk n. a young leaves any plants

tulitù v. to know or find the right way or place vi. to find out who each other is

tuliyuk 1. n. rufous-capped canegrass warbler striated grassbird 2. v. to dip their head (not their body) in water

tulu v. to pound rice together

tulu1 adj. close to the point of touching v. to pound alternately

tulu2 n. a type of tree

tulud v. to push someone in the right direction

tulungtulung n. a type of grasshopper which talk during nighttime and it calls "tululung, tululung"

tulus1 adv. suddenly adv. suddenly

tulus2 adj. divine; sacred; holy; all-powerful n. a good spiritual power; sinless adj. powerful

tuluu n. religion

tuluy 1. v. to be carried away by a flow of water v. to carry (a load) 2. v. to stop somewhere on the way to pick up something or someone

tuma n. a body louse v. to have body lice

tuman 1. vt. to obey or carry out someone's wishes adj. faithful 2. vi. to be fulfilled 3. v. to insist the rules and regulation to be followed v. enforce 4. n. religion or faith adj. genuine, correct, pure v. to agree with the decision

Tumanud1 prop_n. a benevolent spirit; the Holy Spirit

tumanud2 n. spirit of God n. a prophet v. to request leading spirit

tumbaha n. copper; bronze

tumbangel n. the breeze of earth

tumbew n. a protruded forehead forehead v. to put protrude on their forehead adj. a person with a protruded forehead

tumbuk adj. something equivalent to something

tumbul n. a ramp for a tree v. to make a ramp

tumi v. to be a symbol, e.g., a red chicken sacrified to the evil deity, Meibulan, is a symbol of blood or fighting v. to derived

Tumibay prop_n.

tummew adj. for a hunter to be an accurate shooter

tumpeung v. to be gathered in a paticular place

tumpì vt. to flatten down something

tumpis 1. adj. generous 2. v. to keep on (doing something) 3. n. debt of gratitude 4. v. to be generous with each other v. (for two or more people) to be generous to each other

tumuled n.

tumung n. a purpose

tunas n. the growth sprouting from the pused (navel) at the node of damuluwan bamboo vi. to sprout offshoots when planted in the ground

tundan n. tundan banana

tundè v.

tunè n. a narrow lake or trapped pool of water vi. to wallow in a pool of muddy water vi. to keep on wallowing in a pool of muddy water

tunew v. to melt something in something (e.g a tin can or pot) v. to become melted dissolve adj. able to be dissolved adj. easily melted

tunga n. half adj. half v. to split in half; to divide into two equal portions

tungdan n. position; duties n. employment responsibility

tungè adj. loose-fitting

tungel1 v. lazy???

tungenu n. dead wood in a tree that is still standing vi. to have died but still be standing

tungep 1. vi. to go somewhere 2. vt. to retrieve something that was stored as an investment, e.g. buried bananas or hidden salt

tungew-tungew n. a small type of a tree that produces blue beautiful flowers

tungguhuk n. gray heron

tungkè v. to die from a poisonous snakebite as a result of not eating food

tungkig n. the hip bone; bottom of spine

tungkik n. tailbone

tungkù v. to talk with someone who has come to talk to you.

tungkulit n. tree shrew–a long toothed rodent

tungtung n. a firefly

tungug n. a certain tree and its bark, probably Ceriops Roxsburghiana.

tungyab n. pineapple

tuntun vt. to lower something vi. to droop

tunud n. a two or three tipped tipped arrow

tunung v. to be complicated by an unexpected, bad event (e.g., sickness, bad weather)

tupag vi. to be likely to die because of certain attributes such as being bright vi. to be upset because of what someone else did to them

tupak vt. to repair something adj. patched; mended n. a repairman

tupang vi. to descend a hill or slope adj. downward-sloping (of land)

tupi n. a vine, the trunk of which is used as a chew ingredient. The flavor comes from the bitter sap

tupù adj. matching

turey vi. to stand up against things for support

turi n. a derogatory term for the labia

turil 1. n. a corral or enclosure for large animals 2. n. barbed wire

turta n. a kind of viand; eggplant and egg

turu n. a male animal such as a carabao, cow, or goat (but not a horse, pig or dog) female animal

turul vt. to push out something vi. for someone to be reinforced by another

turumpa n. a trumpet

turunuv Variant of trunu n. throne

turupa vt. to attack an enemy

turu-turù vi. to be uncertain or hesitant about something, especially about saying something to someone

tusì n. a pointed instrument made of bamboo and it used to harvest corn

tustus v. to drop ready in preparation for birth vi. to droop; to descend

tutulalang vi. to chant a fictional story unaccompanied. May hold a spear (deldeg) and shield (kalasag)

tutung 1. n. a fire (i.e., a destructive burning, as of a building) 2. v. to burn something 3. v. to be burned (by fire or heat)

tuu 1. v. to believe in something or someone 2. v. to accept something adj. agreeable 3. n. belief; faith n. belief; doctrine; religion 4. n. law of a country 5. n. believer

tuù vt. to briefly push something or someone

tuud 1. v. to admire; to respect 2. v. that is effective to cure something

tuug1 vt. to roast something (often corn on the cob) (over embers) vt. to keep on roasting something (often corn on the cob) (over embers) v. to bake corn in the fire v. to be ready or good for roasted

tuug2 adj. soft (used of corn)

tuus n. a sign or distinguishing mark, often to show the correct trail; to distinguish; to recognize something for what it is

tuwadlakew vi. to walk haltingly

tuwal v. to be bounced around by a rough river (due to a rapids heavy flow) v. to go down of a sloping water or a slope area of water n. rapids or rough water in a river n. a river that full of slope area of water

tuwalyav Variant of tualya n. towel

tuwang vt. to drink a fluid which is being poured out v. to make a bell

tuwas v. to be slanted

tuwek n. a lie v. to lie to someone

tuwey ij. using when amaze

tuwil1 v. to open the sore or boil

tuwil2 v. to plant rice (paley) by making a hole in the ground with a stick held in one hand and dropping the seed in the hole with the other hand

tuyù n. purpose v. to do something intentionally

tuyu n. soy sauce

tuyuk vt. to lead someone or something else (especially a domestic animal) usually on a rope

tuyun v. to fast or to abstain (from something) in order to die

tuyung v. to doze