Matigsalug Manobo Vernacular Lexicon

ka1 pron. you(sg) pron_COMPL. you (sg) (with completive aspect)


ka2 det. the




kaagi n.

kaanan n. a variety of very thick cane

kaas n. cash

kaaselem 1. adv. tomorrow 2. adv. in the future

kabahalbahal n. a type of (large) insect (with colorful wings)

kabahung n. a type of a big hardwood tree (used for lumber); it is often used as post

kabakaba n. a large reddish type of cockroach

kabakkaba n. mole cricket

kabal n. Mindanao larger flying squirrel

Kabalantian prop_n.

kaban n. trunk; a wooden chest

kabang n. dappled

kabangeg adj. foolish

kabbukelas v. to flower at the top

kabeg 1. n. common Philippine true flying fox 2. n. Philippine yellow-crowned flying fox

kabekelan adj. (for food to be) excessively soft (from overcooking or overripeness)

Kabiawan n. kabiawan river

kabihilbihil n. a type of grey insect

kabil 1. n. a basket for betel nuts 2. n. a back pack type of bag (used by men)

kabiliv Variant of kabli n. a part of a vehicle?

kabiliyav Variant of kabilya n. a steel reinforcing rod

kabilya n. a steel reinforcing rod

kabli n. a part of a vehicle?

kabri n. a string of the saluroy

kabugkul n. Brahminy kite

kabus v. to have been late for something

Kabuyaw prop_n.

Kabuyew prop_n.

kadda adj. each; every

kaddat v. to trot in running

kaddew n. undress in protest v. to undress in protest

kagawad n. a council member

Kaggayan prop_n.

kaglung v. to be loose fitting

kagv Variant of ka2 det. the

kahakaha n. the top ridge of a chicken's back

kahapkap vi. to climb up a steep face using hands and feet

kahat 1. v. to bite something 2. v. to be fond of biting

kahet adj. teeth sound ( grinding ) v. to sound v. to make a sound by their teeth

kahew n. a germ

kahi 1. part. [indicates a reported conversation] 2. v. to say something to someone else v. to play control (on a tape recorder) 3. v. to think something (wrongly) 4. v. to be called

kahil n. a citrus fruit tree

kahis 1. n. the skin of bamboo 2. vt. to scrape something off (for example, the nodes on a stick of wood, bamboo or sugarcane) using something blunt, e.g., a piece of bamboo or a steel bar 3. v. to shave (hair or beard) scrape/shave 4. v. to shred or grate (something such as coconut meat by rubbing or scraping)

kahiskis n. a variety of rattan.

kahù v. to shake (as of dice in gambling)

kahung v. to make sound due te lack of content in the middle

kaingin n. slash burn

kakakv Variant of kakkak1 v. to cluck

kakang n. bridle vt. to put a bridle on a horse

kakaw n. cacao

kakey n. older sibling or cousin

kakkak1 v. to cluck

Kakkak2 n. a very short spirit being who clucks like a chicken and approaches the house with the aim of marrying a woman or eating the inhabitants of the house

kaktus n. cactus

kalaban n. an opponent or enemy

kalabasi n. squash

kalabew n. carabao or water buffalo calfdomestic animal vi. to keep domestic water buffalos

kalabilabi 1. n. dragonfly; damselfly 2. n. insect

kalabira n. bony framework of a person or animal

kalabuyan n. the stem of the alag nut

kalad vt. to slice up something, e.g., vegetables or tobacco leaves into small pieces with a knife

Kalagkalag prop_n. All Saints Day celebration at the beginning of November.

kalahan n. a Muslim metal box lime container

Kalahangan prop_n.

kalaling v. to be just pregnant

kalamag n. wind typhoon vi. to be windy v. to blow constantly but not strongly v. to be exposed to the wind or air because of something (e.g. opening the door, going outside) adj. windy

kalamantis n. tomato

kalamayu n. a sickness where a pregnant mother's genitals swell v. to have swollen genitals

kalambag n. an intersection or meeting of paths

kalambug n. cashew

kalamet v. to clear a field of low grasses and weeds by chopping from side to side with a sharp bolo (ugpit)

kalan 1. n. cogon grass 2. n. a short variety of cogon grass n. thatch

kalangan v. to wander

kalangyawan n. a bitter herb cane plants

kalanù n. a type of tree

kalapenit 1. n. small long-tongued fruit bat 2. n. greater Philippine short-nosed or dog-faced bat

kalaru adj. clear

kalaruv Variant of klaru adj. clear

Kalasag prop_n. kalasag (shield) mountain which is located at the west side of Sinuda

kalasag n. a shield

kalasanen n. wild chicken

kalasiv Variant of klasi 1. adj. different 2. n. a class or group or category 3. n. another kind 4. n. class; type adj. one type of a thing

kalasrumv Variant of klasrum n. a room for teaching

kalatan1 n. a plant that climbs trees and has a black bean like a mungus but less round

kalatan2 n. a member of the Dyangan tribe

kalatiu1 n. Everett's white-eye

kalatiu2 n. an ornamental shrub

kalatkat n. a piece of wood leaning against a high house with a special opening cut in the house so that a dog, or more especially, a puppy can enter and leave the house

kalawag 1. n. turmeric 2. adj. yellow 3. adj. pale-skinned vi. to go pale v. to be all orange with drizzle (at sunset)

kalawe-lawè n. spider cobweb (lit. house of spider)

kalawit n. a barbed spear barbless spear n. harpoon tip

kalayam adj. normal


kalè1 v. to give a gift to a datù in order to request his assistance in solving a problem

kalè2 1. n. a frying pan or wok 2. vi. to boil v. to cause something boiling, or to be a thing which causes something boiling

Kalebeg n. kalebeg falls

kalenep n. a small edible frog which live in water

kali n. a hole in the ground resulting from a person digging v. to dig up somewhere

kalibangbang 1. n. butterfly 2. n. purple heron n. (any small variety of) moth

kalibatang n. an orange poisonous fungus

kalibeng n. a type of small snail shell (used for making lime)

kalibutan n. the world adj. pertaining to this world, as distinct from the spiritual world n. a person who lives in this world, as distinct from people who have died

kalii vi. to not be able to make a catch when hunting

kalimmaan ne pulùv Variant of lalimmampulù num. fifty

kalindar n. calendar

kalingking n. (black-necked or) eared grebe

kalinsawi n. a small black bird which eats insects and calls during the nighttime

kalisew n. a nut used in chewing

kaliskis 1. n. scabies v. v. to cause scabies n. scaby 2. n. a wild dwarf variety of betel palm

kalitkit n. used of lawaan (and mahogany) seeds which rotate like helicopters as they fall n. sawdust or rat gnawings

kaliyawa n. rufous hornbill v. to keep butting in on each other's speech

kalkal v. to scratch at the ground in search of food

Kallayag1 prop_n. a good spirit; a benevolent deity responsible for plant caring

kallayag2 v. to inform

kalù n. a hat

kalubang n. pigeon pea

kalud v. to drag

kaluhey-luhey n. glossy swiftlet

kaluhu n. wart

kalumenga n. a type of edible fern

kalungat n. firm nasal mucus v. to remove nasal mucus

kalungkung n. Oriental screech owl

kalupkup1 v. to hide her babies under her wings

kalupkup2 n. a peanut skin

kalus n. a rake n. a scratch v. to scratch at each other (e.g. children fighting)

kalusisi n. Philippine hanging parakeet

kalut v. to dig something (e.g. cassava (binggala), or just dirt (tanè) using something (e.g. shovel, digging bar (bara, or the hands) v. to be holed v. to dig in the ground

kama n. a bed


kamad-an n. a field

kamalilis n. a cross-piece of a roof above the rafters

kamanga n. a sharpening stone v. to sharpen something (an implement) with sharpener

kamasi n. seeded breadfruit

kambì n. leafhopper

kambil v. to put their leg on someone

kambing n. goat

kambiyada n. gear lever/gearshift

kambiyu n. change from a transaction

kamel n. the attachment (of a knife blade to the handle) bolo v. to hold tight someone or something

kamemeu n. hand; back of the hand

kames adj. damp (of the ground or wood, from rain or water on the surface) wetdry v. to be damp adj. very wet

kamet 1. n. a field (cleared by burning part of the forest) v. to clear brush and weeds from an area with a bolo (ugpit) in order to make a field 2. n. clearing season

kamey 1. vi. to wave (the hand) 2. vi. to beckon (with a wave)

Kamilyu n. camel

kamisun n. chemise; slip

kamiyatmiyat n. a long-legged flying insect

kampet 1. v. to wrap their arms or fingers all the way around something 2. v. to spread and cover an area

kampilan n. a dagger, often with spurs on the tip

kampilù n. a carrying basket with a lid

kampit n. a small digging tool used mostly by women for weeding

kamprag n. an exotic frog which scaly skin; it appear nighttime

kampu n. military camp v. to make camp

kamugla n. a plant, the root of which can be worn on a necklace to keep away evil spirits, and the root could also be burnt as part of the sacrifice because the pungent odor would keep away evil spirits

kamulu1 conj. while (simultaneous events)

kamulu2 n. a type of cane the root of which is chewed to make the teeth black, although the black comes off in about three days permanent stain

kamuney 1. n. owner 2. v. to accept to own something v. to be the temporary owner v. to become the owner of something

kanakan n. unmarried man v. to begin his life as a bachelor

kanal n. channel v. someone make a canal

kanami pron. we; us; ours pron. our (excl) pron. ours (incl); our place

kanat vi. to stretch out by standing on ones toes, as if to reach something high vt. to stretch out something elastic

kandan pron. they; them poss_pron. their poss_pron. theirs


kandilav Variant of kendila n. candle

kandin pron. him; her; he; she; it poss_pron. his; her; its poss_pron. his; hers

kangey n. a head of grain (usually refering to rice)

kangga n. sledge

kangkung n. kangkung camote

kangkuwa adv. later today

kangù n. Mindanao lorikeet

kani v?. long ago

kaningag n. a type of small tree; and the leaves are medicine

kaniyu pron. you (pl); to you(pl) pron_COMPL. you (pl); to you(pl) (with completive aspect) poss_pron. your (pl) poss_pron. yours (pl)

kankan vi. to erode away

kankanawan1 n. the clear sky (when there are no clouds); the space between earth and heaven

kankanawan2 n. the middle of rocky slope

kanlabkanlab vi. to jump up high into the air vi. to be very angry

kanta1 pron. we (incl); us (incl) pron. our (incl); pron. ours (incl); our place (incl)

kanta2 v. to sing a song

kapalili n. a type of fruit tree


kapangkalan n. cliff

kapat vi. to climb up something

kapayas1 n. papaya

kapayas2 n. creamy white skinned sweet potato - the flesh is also white

kapayawi n. a type of tree, the wood is used for making a coffin

kapet v. to hold tight to someone or something or to attach something

kapey n. body fins of the fish

kapik n. the binding (for a knife sheath) sheath

kapitulu n. chapter

kapituwan ne pulùv Variant of pitumpulù num. seventy

kapkap n. a small edible froglike animal found in streams

kaplì v. to attach something on someone's body or something else

kapuk n. kapok n. cotton wool

karagtung n. a vine used as a substitute for betel pepper in the betel chew

Karang prop_n. the benevolent spirit incharge of love and marriage

karangag n. blue-naped parrot

Karang ne Isusuluk prop_n. the bad god who encourages immorality in married people

karas n. harrow v. to harrow a field

kariis n. a fruit like a santol but smooth skinned. Normally the flesh is eaten, but the skin can also be eaten.

karingagv Variant of kaningag n. a type of small tree; and the leaves are medicine

Karlitu prop_n. Carlito

karni n. meat

karniru n. a sheep

karpa n. a soft and tender flesh fish which seems like a milkfish (carp)

karsadav Variant of kelesadda n. road or street vi. to walk on the road

karsunsilya n. (male or female) underpants

kartun n. a cardboard carton

karumaan te amey n. father's side

karumaan te iney n. mother's side

karumata n. a flat cart (without a roof) pulled by a water buffalo

karusa n. a sledge (which is pulled by a water buffalo)

karuwahiv Variant of karwahi n. a carriage with a roof pulled by a horse

karwahi n. a carriage with a roof pulled by a horse

kasakasa n. an insect (perhaps a cicada) that makes a noise in the late afternoon

kasal n. wedding v. to facilitate the marriage

kasangkapan n. a possession such as clothing or blankets, or an appliance such as a radio v. to acquire possession

kasen v. to be vulgar; to be immodest adj. flippant

kasiba n. enforcer of regulations

kasilè n. sweet potato

kasili n. eel

kasisang n. fragrant leaves which can be used as a vegetable

kasi-sì ka kaliwaswasan adj. almost dawn - approx 5:00 am

kasit n. a tape-recorder

kasiyaman ne pulùv Variant of siyam_ne_pulù num. ninety

kasiyawan ne pulùv Variant of siyam_ne_pulù num. ninety

kaspa n. dandruff

kasu n. a case between two parties

kasya n. a harness (for a carabbao)

katag v. to spread

katagbungan n. Philippine dawn bat

katal n. a snare to catch the foot of a wild chicken

katammanan ne aldew See aldew n. the last day of the month

katarengan n. reason; alibi v. to reason or to make reason v. to be able to make reason or alibi

katenged n. authority

katig n. an outrigger

katigbung n. ringworm bush and shrub

katiyan n. bait

katkat vt. to pull down or root up something, esp. a vine

katri n. a bed

katted n. an edible grub that is found in fallen trees

katul n. a mosquito coil

Katuliku prop_n. the Roman Catholic faith

katursi num. fourteen

katut vi. to take a step upwards, e.g. to the next rung on a ladder or onto higher ground

kawad n. a large fishing hook for big fishes

kawaluwan ne pulù num. Ref.Gloss: eighty

kawaluwan ne pulùv Variant of walumpulù num. eighty

kawanan n. right side

kawayan n. spiny bamboo

kawè-kawè vi. to wave their arms about adj. to be very busy

kawihi n. an arm of chicken (bone where feathers are still attached)

kawilì n. a type of rodent which live in the forest farm rodent

kawkawangan n. the clear sky (when there are no clouds); the space between earth and heaven n. middle between earth and heaven

kawkawanganv Variant of kankanawan1 n. the clear sky (when there are no clouds); the space between earth and heaven


kaya 1. v. to be able to do or action something 2. n. a moving joint such as the knee or elbow, knuckles, etc. 3. n. work or plan

kayab n. a small shelter a bigger shelter v. to build a small temporary shelter, especially for domestic animals

kayaha n. a type of tree, has a yellowish bark and small oval red berries

kayamat n. severe war

kayametan n. writhed-billed hornbill

kayepkep n. a type of insect like a small cockroach which lives on the underside of rocks in rough waters such as rapids and waterfalls

kayew vt. to raise up something e.g., an arm or leg, or an instrument like a staff or bolo

kayi1 loc_pron. here

kayi2 dem_det. this; of this (non-focus) dem_pron. this; of this (non-focus)

kayi te det. [LocF Marker]

kaykayasi n. lark

kayu n. tree; wood v. to gather firewood

ke1 conj. if; when

kebbit vi. to pull the trigger of a gun or similar by curling one's finger tight

kebbuley n. an upper long hair of a horse neck mane

kebel n. power; invulnerability

kebeng1 vt. to pinch someone or something with one's fingers v. to pinch each other

kebeng2 n. the hoof of an animal?

kebet1 vi. to have wrinkled skin v. to become wrinkled or withered up

kebet2 n. the stitching around the top rim of a basket

kebig n. crater of the volcanoes, e.g. the mouth of the hole

kebkeb vt. to chew up something (e.g. a sweet or coconut flesh)

kebpew n. lower part of abdomen

kebpewv Variant of kegpew n. lower part of abdomen

kebuley n. the mane of a horse

kebulutut n. a kind of small swelling

keddangan n. sooty woodpecker

keddekù n. centavo

keddel v. to walk quickly taking long strides

keddì pron. I; me poss_pron. my poss_pron. mine

keddiey pron. I; me poss_pron. my poss_pron. mine n. menstruation

keddiey1 pron. I; me; my; mine

keddiey2 pron. I; me; mine

keddieyv Variant of keddì pron. I; me poss_pron. my poss_pron. mine

keddieyv Variant of siaken pron. as for me

keddieyv Variant of sikeddiey pron. as for me

keddina n. a chain

keddìv Variant of keddiey pron. I; me poss_pron. my poss_pron. mine n. menstruation

keddìv Variant of keddiey1 pron. I; me; my; mine

keddìv Variant of keddiey2 pron. I; me; mine

kedked1 vt. to bundle up something and tie it with cane (balahen)

kedked2 n. dove orchid

keen 1. vt. to eat something with an instrument or part of their body or for a reason somewhere vt. to be able to eat something vt. to be able to eat something vt. to feed another person or animal with food vt. to eat something for a reason 2. v. to share food with each other 3. n. food 4. n. eating place v. to be available to eat by someone v. to eat individually (maybe together or maybe at separate times), even if they weren't expected to eat.

keen-eman ne pulùv Variant of hen-em_ne_pulù num. sixty

keep-atan ne pulùv Variant of hep-at_ne_pulù num. forty

keepukan n. back

kegpew n. lower part of abdomen

kegpewv Variant of kebpew n. lower part of abdomen

kegsik n. Western Mindanao pygmy squirrel

kegv Variant of ke1 conj. if; when

kehal adj. tough; hard; stiff v. to become stiff adj. stable; firm adj. inarticulate adj. stubborn (following their own idea without recognizing other)

kehang n. skin sore

kehè v. to hesitate to do something for a reason (perhaps because you unsure, afraid of making a mistake, or afraid of the consequences) v. to hesitate to do something for a reason v. to cause someone to hesitate, or to be the thing which causes someone to hesitate adj. hesitant

kehes n. a hairpiece

kehil v. to feel something (e.g., thorn by touching) v. to be detected by touching

kehud 1. n. deep hole or gully caused by water v. to create a deep hole or gully, or to be the thing which creates a deep hole or gully v. to become deep due to strong flowing of water caused by heavy rain 2. v. to shred something (e.g coconut) using something

kehun n. a rectangular shape n. a box or carton n. a rectangular field

keilangan n. need vt. to need something

ke kenè conj. but rather

kelaab n. a (not very good) type of spear

kelaak vi. to clear something out of their throat

kelab2 1. v. to blaze 2. v. to feel as if it is burning

kelad n. phlegm

kelad1 n. phlegm vi. to have phlegm in the throat

kelag v. to play; to joke?; to tease? n. a toy adj. playful adj. playful

kelè v. to open up someone to open up with someone v. to be opened up, e.g., by someone

keleb 1. vi. have a fold in it, e.g. the arms and legs of a fat baby, or an animal that has been tethered for a long time 2. n. a kinds of plants that the seeds are used as necklace

kelebusu n. jail

keleg1 vi. to stiffen vt. to stiffen part of their body

keleg2 n. a jungle vine

keleiti n. a small bird that lives in the forest

kelek n. a kind of insect which lives in water and bites

kelekes v. to wrap itself around something else (e.g. the snake's prey, a tree)

kelekitek n. a thin white edible type of frog with a long leg and usually found in the leaves of bananas and trees

kelelapa n. a very large, black type of ant living in trees

kelelek n. water boatman insect n. an insect that lives under rocks in water. It has a painful bite.

kelemunggay n. horse raddish tree

keleng vt. to twist something around, e.g., the top of a pen to twist it off, or to tune a kuglung by twisting the tuning peg n. steering wheel vi. to become twisted around, e.g., the tuning peg of a kuglung if the peg is not a tight fit in the hole vt. to twist something, e.g., one's head or a door knob back and forth

kelep1 n. goosebumps v. to feel coldness vt. to cause someone cold, or to be a thing which makes them cold

kelep2 n. an edible or unedible mushroom

keles vt. to wring out the water of something

kelesadda n. road or street vi. to walk on the road

kelesuddè n. a platform such as a porch or a raised bench for sleeping n. a porch or balcony

keleuu n. an insect that eats plants and its urine stinks

kelibutanv Variant of kalibutan n. the world adj. pertaining to this world, as distinct from the spiritual world n. a person who lives in this world, as distinct from people who have died

kelid v. to massage the abdomen of a woman in order to facilitate birth v. to request massage their abdomen to someone in order to facilitate birth

kelikam adj. a red face of a person when they angry

kelikisa v. to scrape (e.g. coconut out of its shell)

kelilit1 n. Philippine Woodpecker

kelilit2 n. blue-naped parrot

keling n. a type of bamboo

kelit1 1. vt. to gently touch someone else on the side so as to attract their attention 2. n. a pick for plucking the kuglung. It usually consists of a small piece of bamboo which is bound to the thumb by string n. musical note vt. to strum a kuglung vi. to keep on strumming a kuglung with a pick

kelit2 n. racket-tailed parrot

kelkel vi. to shake involuntarily

kelubang n. Solanum tuberosum

keluk v. to make a protective clucking sound, e.g., when protecting its eggs or chicks

kelulung n. a smallish blackish type of cockroach

kelut n. a type of yam (containing poison)

keluuy n. lesser tree swift

kema conj. perhaps

kemà n. mattress

kema ke conj. in the hope that

kembang n. a head sore adj. to have head sores

kemel 1. n. finger 2. n. toe

kemes n. footprint; track

kemet vt. to hold or crush something in a clenched fist

kemey v. to be hungry and dying

kemi n. Mindanao cinnamon tree

kemì 1. n. flat basket 2. v. to flatten something with something v. to be dented (especially by using the hands)

kemisita n. sleeveless T-shirt

kemkem n. a bunch or handful v. to hold something (in the hand) v. to grasp something (having the hand wrapped around it)

kemù 1. n. fist vt. to crumple up something including making the hand into a fist 2. vt. to form something into a ball with their hands especially cooked rice when theres a wedding

kemumutul n. a black largest ant which has a painful bite

kemumutuy v. to be entered by an Agkey spirit and continually laughing and tickling others until they die

kemunista n. a communist

kemusta v. to shake hands

kemutul n. a very large brown ant with a painful bite

kemuyut n. purse

kenàv Variant of kenè adv. no; not adv. no more, no longer v. to prohibit v. to not want adj. forbidden v. prevent

kendaddu n. a padlock

kendaduv Variant of kendaddu n. a padlock

kendas n. mountain shrike

kendila n. candle

kendiru n. a pot or kettle v. to eat out of the pot

kendulì n. red skinned sweet potato - the flesh is white

kenè adv. no; not adv. no more, no longer v. to prohibit v. to not want adj. forbidden v. prevent

kenè egkuen n. taboo

kenenduen v. to be disappointed and sulk

kenè ne malehet See leget adj. incorrect

kenenuppu n. praying mantis; puaying mantids

kenet v. to become wrinkled

kengkeng vt. to bend their leg backwards at the knee vi. to become bent back at the elbow or knee

keniniya v. to move slow

kenken vt. to bring washing or grain in out of the sun

kenseng v. to warp when placed close to the fire

kensud v. to hunch up something, especially one's shoulders v. to hunch up repeatedly

kentidadv Variant of kentiddad n. payment or price

kentiddad n. payment or price

ken-u pron. when

kenua n. an immature frog, one which has just grown out of the pollywog stage

ke-nuv Variant of ken-u pron. when

kepa vi. just wait for a while

kepal adj. thick (in depth)

kepatas n. a supervisor

kepis v. to shrink or contract vi. to pull their stomach in

kepitan n. a (barrio) captain


kepkep 1. v. to cuddle someone in their arms 2. v. to attach something on someone's body or something else 3. adj. flat-chested (of a girl who has not yet developed breasts)

keppes v. to shrink in size

keppi 1. n. a coffee tree 2. n. (a beverage made from) coffee (beans)

keppitirà 1. n. coffee pot 2. n. water pitcher

keppu n. grass owl

kepulan n. brass beetlenut

kepun adj. castrated (of a male animal) vt. to castrate an animal

keput v. to pop up like the bottom of horse after defecating

kerè n. a pleat in clothing v. to make a pleat in material

keregedul v. to carry produce for payment of a fee

kerel v. to press with their toe - usually to signal something to someone they are standing close to See tinduk

kerenila n. the traditional patterned skirt

keret v. to wrinkle up or to be wavy. This includes a person who is frowning or someone with wavy hair

keretula n. sign board

kerew n. a traditional device for counting off a fixed number of days. vi. to count off a fixed number of days

kerì v. (for cooking rice) to have a little water left on top

kerid n. (intestinal) roundworm

kerit vi. to stop vi. to wait for the rain to stop

keritun n. a cart (usually drawn by a carabao)

kerudu n. diesel oil v. to put diesel into a tank

kerumata n. an open, wheeled wagon drawn by a water buffalo (kalabaw) horse-drawn carriage

keruwahiv Variant of karwahi n. a carriage with a roof pulled by a horse

kesangga n. assistant

keseg n. strength n. muscle adj. strong or well adj. healthy v. to expand their muscles or to strengthen the group by something

kesel v. to be stiff

keseng v. to squirm in their sleep but not awaken

kestila n. a Spanish colonialist

ketal1 1. vt. to place something to bridge a short gully or canal bridge (short) 2. vt. to lie down on their back somewhere as though dead 3. v. to block the way 4. n. a type of design used in weaving v. to weave a colorful strip across the middle of a plain background

ketal2 n. fare

ketang v. to lie down in a funeral

keteng 1. vt. to straighten something out 2. vt. to put many trap straight as a line

ketes n. leaf of the nanga cane

ketey n. a traditional medicine (made from a root?) n. fetched herbal vt. to fetch medicine adj. fond of fetching medicine

ketiketi n. a (very small biting) gnat

ketipà n. a black, slippery fish; it has two pointed poisonous horn; it lives in a fresh water

ketiyà n. a bottle

ketket vt. to gnaw away at something

kettes n. the leaves of tubu cane, used for making walls

ketù v. to pluck grains off the stalk

ketu-ketù vi. to twitch

ketul vi. to form a lump; to swell; for a pregnant woman to enlarge; for a girl to grow breasts v. to be uneven vt. to push their stomach out to look fat

keub vt. to put two halves together to form a whole, e.g, a sliced piece of fruit, or two pieces of bread to make a sandwich

keupiyanan te lawa n. health

keuremè adv. future in time

Keusuwagan prop_n.

kev Variant of ka1 pron. you(sg) pron_COMPL. you (sg) (with completive aspect)

v Variant of kenè adv. no; not adv. no more, no longer v. to prohibit v. to not want adj. forbidden v. prevent

kew pron. you (plural)

kewengetè n. discussion or trouble v. to discuss themselves

kewiwang n. a largest type of spider which has a poisonous bite

key pron. we(excl); us(excl)

keyebeg v. to shudder

keyemet vi. to be deformed

keyemitu n. star apple

keyempirì n. a backpack, usually made of bagtek and balahen

keyil v. to rake through grain drying in the sun in order to turn it over

keyimitu n. star apple

keyimtang adj. situation

keyis 1. v. to push something or someone aside v. to sweep away rubbish - not the normally sweeping action but much coarser as in removing a pile of rubbish with a stick broom 2. v. to struggle and resist something, e.g. a child who doesn't want to take medicine so kicks his feet and fights

keykew pron. you (singular) poss_pron. your poss_pron. yours (singular)

keykewv Variant of kuna pron. you(sg)

keyubena n. soursop

keyyeheng n. a stoutish basket with a narrowish neck and usually having a lid

keyyey ij. Oh! [exclamation of pain, grief, or great joy]