Matigsalug Manobo Vernacular Lexicon

blakburd n. blackboard

brip n. men's underpants or briefs

brunsi n. bronze v. to have a bronze color

buang1 v. to split something (e.g. papaya, pumpkin, squash, firewood) adj. broke apart

buang2 n. gum disease

buang3 v. to articulate a thought

Buaya prop_n. the name of a constellation

buaya1 n. crocodile

buaya2 vi. to cease fighting and run away

bubu n. a (bamboo) fish trap n. fish trap (made of split bamboo)

bubual vi. to want his own way and throw a tantrum in order to persuade the mother

bubul v. to drop rice seed (paley) or sometimes corn (aheley) in a cultivated field

bubun n. thigh

bubungan n. a hill or mountain mountain vi. to live in the mountains vi. to be in the form of a mountain

bubun te bakbak See bakbak n. various spp. of orchids (with leaves and stems resembling frog legs)

budbud v. to plant small seeds, e.g. eggplant (sehutung), wet-rice seed by sprinkling them

Budda prop_n.

buddang v. to put down something that produces a strong sound somewhere v. to slide down on the groud heavily

budiga n. a small room used as a rice store

bueg v. to wrestle (each other)

buel n. a knee v. to kneel at someone else

bugbug v. to be still sleepy

bugguy n. a professional thief

bugiyungv Variant of bugyung n. trumpet v. Variant of bugyung to blow the horn

bugkalew n. a (medium high) type of grass

bugkè n. lansones; a type of fruit tree; cultivated fruit trees

bugkut v. in fighting for someone to cease fighting and run away

bugsi vt. to pierce something with something

bugsù v. to transplant a banana seedling somewhere by digging a hole and then standing it in the hole v. to keep on transplanting bananas

bugsung vt. to wrap something (e.g. rice or eggs) up in a cloth and tie it into a small bundle, or to put a software into vi. to become wrapped up

bugtul n. the area of the stomach below the navel n. the umbilical cord; the afterbirth

bugtung adj. the only child or only offspring of an animal

bugtus vi. to snap or break vt. to snap or break something

bugyung n. trumpet v. to blow the horn

buha n. a small type of mudfish - a small aluan

buhal n. a generation; descendant v. to multiply?; to increase?

buhat adj. dainty

buheng adj. for bamboo to be thick-walled. i.e., the hole is small

buhis1 n. a type of hardwood tree

Buhis2 prop_n.

buhù v. to be sleepy; not quite awake

buhuk1 n. an egg in the nest which is not fertile and is abandoned by the hen when the others hatch

buhuk2 adj. dumb

buka1 v. to request a marriage partner

buka2 n. the barrel (of a gun)

bukad n. a flower, usually referring to the flowers of trees in blossom v. to blossom

bukag n. a type of basket

bukal 1. n. a spring 2. v. to boil

bukalas vt. to unroll something unroll matwrap up Ref.Gloss: unroll

bukal-bukal v.

bukale adj. strict

bukalkal 1. v. to pull something unrolled v. to open up 2. v. to be noticed or published

bukalle adj. unfriendly

bukayat 1. vt. to unfold or spread out something fold vi. to become spread out 2. vi. to be revealed

bukbuk1 n. a fine powder such as insecticide or flour vt. to sprinkle a fine powder such as flour or insecticide onto something

bukbuk2 1. n. weevil 2. n. a woodboring insect

bukbuk3 n. sugarcane juice

bukè 1. n. froth, e.g., the froth that settles around the top of a pot when cooking rice vi. to froth or foam adj. frothy (esp. of soap) 2. v. to open up

buked 1. n. forehead 2. v. to sing ahead of time by someone's journey in order to give an information either it is good or bad

bukelad n. a type of palm

bukelas v. to unwrap something unroll sleeping mat

bukelè v. to open up something (e.g., umbrella) or to be opened (e.g., flowers)

bukelud n. a flax variety, the leaves of which are used for making sleeping mats (ikam). This grows about waist height

bukeun vt. serve up something from something

bukew n. the bit for a horse's mouth

buksing n. a kind of sport

buku n. a node or joint such as that of bamboo, sugarcane or a joint of the finger adj. having a lot of nodes or joints

buku-buku n. unkle

bukus n. bandage vt. to wrap up something with something vi. to be in the foetal position

bula n. a ball

bula-bula n. thread

bulad n. a salted dried fish

bulagtan n. a wild vine with tomato sized fruit, green when unripe but yellow when ripe

bulak n. a flower v. to bear flowers v. to be flowering

bulalu n. a ladle vi. to cook rice porridge – i.e., a little bit of rice with a lot of water, usually for children n. rice porridge

bulan 1. n. moon 2. n. month vi. to be in a certain state (e.g. being owned, being lost) for exactly a month vi. to be in a certain state or place for nearly a month adv. next month 3. vi. to menstruate; to have a monthly period 4. n. a type of stinging plants that cause you one month to suffer for pain 5. n. a Matigsalug game perform during full moon evening 6. n. shield middle part

bulanan n. the center part of a shield

bulang v. ? v. to be in bed at night without any other sleeping companions.

bulanti n. a water pump

bularut n. the root of a boil

bulawan1 n. gold v. to have a gold color v. to become golden adj. golden

bulawan2 n. bracelet

bulaya n. a type of insect on the crops

bulbul n. hair, feathers, fur, or wool of a person or animal, but not including the pubic hair adj. feathery v. to pluck the feathers out of something

buldung n. a hard large type of a tree that oftenly used as house walls; has a red bark

buldut vi. for eyes to stare or pop-out, i.e., to have big eyes v. to warning someone else to keep on doing something

bulè n. rice water

buleg n. a small particle in the eye v. to be temporarily blinded by something in the eye (e.g. sawdust)

bulegtak v. to be an energetic and merciful stare

bulehak adj. raise eyed vi. to raise their eyes to someone

bulekè n. a misfortune that hits someone usually as a result of speaking back to an older person

bulekew n. a variety of bamboo

bulengù vi. to become bent over vt. to bend something

bulew v. to have defective eyes

buleynen ???. xxxxxxxxx

buli adj. disgruntled

buliburan n. the place of the head where hair begins from

bulig1 1. vi. to help someone v. to help harvesting someone's else field to after a share v. to be helped of someone else adj. helpful v. to cooperate 2. adj. the target of both bad and good actions 3. n. usually used name for the puppy which is the only female or male among the group

bulig2 n. a wild banana with many seeds in its' fruits and usually eaten by wild cat

bulilii n. a largish red ant that has a moderately painful bite

bulinew n. anchovy fish

buling adj. for an animal to be a mixture of colors v. to be a mixture of colors

bulingat 1. v. to pop their eye v. to become pop-eyed 2. v. to open up something v. to be open

bulingkug vi. to become bent back and forth

buling ne laku See laku n. striped civet cat

bulit 1. n. medicine which is roasted by the fire to become charcoal 2. vt. to place a prepared herbal medicine around the site of an infection, especially a boil (buu) with something 3. vt. to put a layer of something, e.g., paint over something else, e.g. a box

buliyew 1. vt. to stir (food in a pot) 2. vt. to stir up the ocean

bullas 1. v. to replace (something); to repay 2. v. to exchange (money) 3. v. to correct (by erasing and rewriting)

bulrung n. bulrung camote

bultus n. wig

bulu n. a variety of bamboo

bulubulu n. a variety of rattan regarded as a weed

bul-ug v. to attempt something v. to be disappointed because something didn't happen; to have unknowingly bought stolen property

bulukù n. a curl of hair vi. to curl up and lie down somewhere

bulun1 v. for blood to want to come out (such as when somebody cuts their arm) but not be able because their is no break in the skin

bulun2 n. a brown nut chew ingredient

bulung adj. full (of a person or animal) vi. to feed a person or animal in order to make them full v. to be going to be full v. to be satisfied from eating v. to feed a person or animal to make them full

bulungus v. to hang limp

bulus 1. v. to continue (doing a task) v. to continue v. to keep on doing something adj. sustainable 2. v. to waste their time for doing unpredictable useless thing 3. adj. result 4. v. to continue (doing a task) adj. continuous 5. n. the fast forward control (on a tape recorder) 6. n. destination

bulusù n. a shell bracelet

bulut adj. bold; fierce; cruel; aggressive v. to be brave at someone else somewhere n. courage; ferocity

buluwing n. red-winged crested cuckoo n. blue monarch n. yellowish white eye

bul-uy v. to search for wild game

bumba v. to be bombed

bumbay 1. n. a large type of goat 2. n. a large type of red onion

bumbiliyav Variant of bumbilya n. a light-bulb

bumbilya n. a light-bulb

bumilan n. a rotating drum used to separate gold ore from rocks

bunag vt. to spread out something e.g., grain on a mat

bunayuk n. stomach flab adj. a person with a flabby stomach

bunbun n. a cover (placed directly on top of something) v. to cover something v. to be covered adj. veiled v. to be convered or buried

bundul v. to hit something with long piece of something e.g., wood or metal v. to strike against something e.g., wall vi. to collide with a fixed object

bunduy n. a small type of a tree which is useful for fencing and medicine

buneg n. rabies v. to be rabid

bunel v. to fill in a pit

bunes-ek adj. full (or rigid)

bungan adj. idyllic

bungat n. a type of poison used long ago to put into food or vegetables so that if they are stolen and consumed by a thief, he will lose one of his eyes. v. to poison or to curse somene else through poisonous medicine or incantation

bungbuangan n. the soft spot on a baby's head

bungbung n. a bamboo-like weed 1. n. a variety of rice that is small

bungew vi. to be forgetful

bungeyew n. a kind of a rattan fruit

bunggalu n. bunggalu house form

bungget v. to ask something forcely

bunggù 1. v. to deliver a still-born baby v. still born 2. v. to be bend

bungkag 1. v. to put corn through the first pass in the grinder 2. v. to shatter

bungketut n. a fresh-water shrimp

bungug vt. to bake (vegetables or fish) by wrapping the prepared food in banana leaves and placing amongst the embers

bungulan n. a (long, sweet, green-colored) type of banana

Buni1 prop_n.

buni2 n. a type of skin disease

buniyagv Variant of bunyag v. to dedicate a child dedicate

bunlis v. to get angry with someone who has annoyed them and so kill them somewhere v. to get angry because they weren't given something they wanted. A child might throw a tantrum, an older person might become angry somewhere

bunlud n. a wave of water – usually an up-and-down type swell vi. to have waves vi. to have many waves adj. wavy (of water)

bunsilew n. a sore or sty under one's eyelid v. to have sore under eyelid

bunsud 1. v. to begin something n. the foundation stones of a house n. topic; title adj. beginning n. a capital letter v. to begin a process 2. n. the foundation of something

bunsuwit vi. to whistle

buntel vi. to having aching thighs

Buntetalèv Variant of Bahuntetalè n. a morning star

buntug vt. to throw something with two hands at something else

buntuk n. hammer

bunù v. to kill someone else v. to fight; to war n. a habitual murderer; a fighting cock which always wins

bunut v. to draw lots

bunut te niyug n. coconut husk

bunuwit n. a (large) fish hook vi. to be caught on a hook v. to go fishing for fish

bunyag v. to dedicate a child dedicate

burakan n. a variety of vine plants which was used by old Matigsalug people to make their hair longer; it is common in Sita river and usually wide leaves; it produce white sap n. one of the famous Matigsalug dance which was imitated from wild cat v. to perform a buburakan dance

burì n. the ovaries of a fish

buring n. a loose woman who sleeps around v. to have find loose woman somewhere

burun n. bee larva which is eaten as a delicacy

burunsiv Variant of brunsi n. bronze v. to have a bronze color

burusa n. a pocket v. to put the hands into pocket

burutburut n. a small variety of fish that live in canals and along rivers; most of them are big abdomen

bus n. a bus

busagsag vi. to become scattered

Busawen1 n.

busayè vi. to burst out

busbus 1. vt. to pour out a liquid or non-liquid somewhere (e.g., container or box) v. to be accidentally wet by water or liquid 2. v. to have a miscarriage

busenggeyet n. a name of a witch

busew1 1. n. a generic name of all evil spirits adj. a well known place for evil spirit 2. v. to play tag 3. n. shaman; a person has a third eye

busew2 adj. crazy; insane v. to cause someone to be crazy to become crazy n. imbecile adj. idiotic

busi-sì adj. slowly apart/burst

busug n. a single-tipped arrow - made with luwey cane but tipped with laak bamboo or bulu.

bus-ug 1. n. dipper v. to water plants v. to keep on watering plants v. to use dipper for taking a bathe 2. adj. brave (easily crying in anger)

busuwak 1. n. a weeping skin sore v. to weep or ooze 2. v. to flow very strong 3. v. to flow strongly from a body (e.g.,skin)

busuwè v. burst out somewhere

butaku n. a black cloud (whether due to a storm to pollution)

butal v. to vote or elect an official

butas n. boots

butbut vt. for someone or something to pierce something e.g., for a chicken to peck a hole in an egg vi. to become pierced n. a patch on a piece of cloth to patch cloth

buteng n. a horse fight v. to be fighting v. (for children) to fight each other v. to fight each other

butibut n. a type of leaf

butig n. a mole or raised lump on the skin wart v. to have moles

butiki n. a poisonous frog which inhabits small streams in the forest

butiliyav Variant of butilya n. a bottle

butilya n. a bottle

butinis1 n. button v. to do up buttons on, or to sew buttons onto, a garment

butitì n. tadpole

butittil n. pygmy woodpecker

butù n. testicle n. scrotum n. the growing part inside a mature coconut

butu-butù n. a very large, black type of ant that lives in the grass

butud1 adj. a blind person v. to lose an eye

butud2 1. v. to cause someone's belly to swell with excess wind 2. n. a small variety of fish that live in canals and along rivers; most of them are big abdomen

butung n. a coconut young fruit

Buù prop_n. the name of a constellation

buu n. a boil v. to be inflicted with boils v. to swell

buuk n. a unit or piece

buung 1. v. to return 2. v. to swell with excess wind

buut v. to command someone else

buutan v. fixed married;

buv Variant of buwa part. maybe; perhaps

buwa part. maybe; perhaps

buwad n. a salted dried fish

buwad n. descendant/multiply/increase

buwalew n. a type of poisonous tree (used for fishing)

buwanv Variant of buwa part. maybe; perhaps

buwas n. a traditional medicine for treating someone who is no longer completely sane (busawen) v. to treat someone by the used of a traditional medicine (usually an oil lana) with incantation especially if suffering from a curse or poison (eglambusan)

buwat v. to gather up wood so as to clear a field ready to plant with something

buwè1 v. to cause someone to cough v. to let theirselves to cough

buwè2 1. n. kidney 2. n. kidney stone

buwed adj. crazy or inconsistent

buwet adj. genial

buwis n. tax

buyag1 1. n. old person, mature person 2. adj. decrepit or senile 3. adj. wise or distinguished 4. n. elder adj. moderately old n. the old people; ancestors v. to become older 5. n. to swing using a cane that usually attach to anykind of trees as you stranded at the center 6. v. to cause someone's appearance to be look older 7. v. to become sick or painful

buyag2 adj. to be enlarged or swollen

buyù v. to ask to be given something v. to be asked by someone adj. always asking something to someone

buyu-buyù n. a small type of tree which is good for firewood and the fruit is eaten by birds and wild cat

buyukung n. a kind of small land snail which is good for making lime

buyung-buyung v. to touch and massage the part of the body which is hit by something

buyuwan 1. n. argument or small dispute, e.g. between husband and wife 2. vi. to let them cry until they cry and cry