Matigsalug Manobo Vernacular Lexicon


na conj. now then part. so; then





naas vi. to whisper something mutter vi. to whisper to each other

naat n. fate v. to be warned of bad fate

naayan v. to be astonished about something or to exclaim in astonishment about something

nahud adt. [uncertainty??]

nahud dè n. for example in the hope that

nahud dè ke See nahud_dè conj. in the hope that






nakurik v.

naleg n. green leafy vegetable

Nalingawan n. Nalingawan river

nalnal adj. clear path way; smooth v. to become clear and smooth

nama v. to refuse to follow the good advice of a subordinate v. to be offended because someone else refused to accept a gift vi. to be concerned about something that might happen



namistik v.

namu n. a smoky torch used to smoke and subdue a nest of bees


nanahen n. a type of tree


nanam 1. n. taste 2. n. sense of taste 3. adj. delicious; tasty; spicy v. to become tasty n. taste

nanè n. pus v. to be pusy adj. pusy; ulcerous


naney 1 adj. slow vi. to move slowly adj. lingering

naney2 v. to seek help from someone else

nanga n. a type of thick cane

nangaran v. to be aware v. to be aware

nangen 1. v. to inform someone else of something adj. used of a person who always informs someone else of their activity 2. v. to think something (wrongly)

nangka n. jackfruit

nanib n. a lone monkey which stays away from the rest of the group


napù n. a plain; edges of a river adj. flat land

napul n. a rag - usually a discarded piece of clothing

nara n. a type of tree (with hard, red wood, highly prized - used for furniture-making)

naranghita? n. tangerine

Nasamalang prop_n. a mountain which was not covered by the water when the flood covered the earth long ago

nasì part. but despite that part. added to v. to continue on (to sin even after being reprimanded or warned)

nasud n. country; nation

nasud n. country

natal n. vegetable

natek natek camote

nati adj. the young of all big animals which are walking with four legs such as cow, carabao, horse or goat) n. the mother and offspring of a pasture animal such as a cow, carabao, horse or goat

natù n. egg yolk

nav Variant of ne5s conj. and

nayè n. a trail or impression left in the foliage by a person or animal moving past

nayilunv Variant of naylun n. nylon rope or fishing line

naylun n. nylon rope or fishing line


ne1b lnk. (linker between descriptive and head noun)

ne1g lnk. (linker between possessor and head noun)

ne1v lnk. (linker between adverb and verb)


ne2b lnk. (relative clause introducer - precedes the head noun)


ne4 lnk. (inversion particle)

ne5c conj. and

ne5p conj. and

ne5r conj. then

ne5s conj. and

ne6 lnk. (apposition marker)

neem 1. v. to try to sense the taste of something in their mouth, e.g. a child who has just tasted candy for the first time v. to feel the taste 2. v. to feel suffering

Neetiyan n. Neetiyan river

neg1a Variant of ne1a lnk. (linker between head noun and descriptive)

neg2a Variant of ne2a lnk. (relative clause introducer - follows the head noun)

neg3 Variant of ne3 lnk. (complement clause marker)

nekal 1. adj. strong; diligent; zealous adj. very strong v. to be strong 2. adj. well; alive 3. v. to use their strength or energy to achieve something or survive difficulties for a reason v. to enforce someone or something else 4. v. to recover (esp. from sickness)

nekani adv. previously


nekey pron. what whatever

Nelda prop_n.


nengneng vt. to find out something vt. to become aware of something


ney pron. we (exclusive); by us (exclusive) poss_pron. our (exclusive); of ours (exclusive)


ngalap 1. n. a generic name of all edible animals caught 2. n. hunter 3. v. to hunt adj. fishy

ngalap ne baka See ngalap See baka n. beef

ngalap te dahat n. an edible animal live in the sea

ngalap te weyig See weyig n. a generic name of all edible fish and some animals live in the water

ngangang n. a loud sound that someone makes vi. to suddenly start crying (or yelping), being obviously upset or in pain adj. keep on shouting v. to shout forcely because of sudden pain or bad event

ngaran n. name v. to give someone else a name or to use the name of someone else v. to name somebody

ngareg 1. v. to be smelly 2. n. a smell 3. n. a stink; bad odor 4. n. sense of smell 5. adj. malodorous v. to become smelly v. to be smelled out by a bad smell

ngasaley adj. for a woman to be hard-working

ngasè v. to grow bigger on the cob

ngasel vi. to speak unwell (have a short tongue)

ngasngas 1. v. scrape 2. v. to force someone to work

ngegngeg vi. to whimper quietly because of something

ngelngel vt. to kill something (a chicken, a pig or a person) by cutting its throat

ngeris vi. to frown or screw up their face such as when eating something bitter

ngesnges vi. to whine

ngetnget vi. to throb with pain

ngeyngey n. a generic names of all types of cicada

ngilam v. to be alert, especially when a revenge killing is likely v. to be cautious adj. alertful; watchful

ngilit vi. to smile at something adj. refers to a smiling person

ngilu v. to be sensitive to a grating sound

ngilus v. fertilization to the rice

ngingi n. saliva v. to cause someone or something to salivate v. to dribble; to salivate v. to produce saliva

ngipen 1. n. tooth v. to teethe 2. n. tooth of a gear or a serated edge, or the tread on a tire

ngisaw v. to twist mouth in any direction (when eating hot or sticky food)

ngisi 1. vi. laugh at something 2. v. to laugh and laugh with a joke or something n. a comic adj. funny n. a comedy; a joke adj. humorous; ludicrous; ridiculous adj. can make laugh

ngisngis adj. humorous

ngiyeng v. to buzz

ngiyew vi. to meow

ngugngug v. to hit oneself on something

ngulngul1 vi. to call n. a microphone

ngulngul2 vi. to throb with pain

nguweg n. watery mucous v. to cause someone to have runny nose vi. to have a runny nose

ni det. of

nigusiyantiv Variant of nigusyanti n. businessman or woman

nigusyanti n. businessman or woman

nigusyu n. business v. to have a business

nihu n. a traditional rectangular Matigsalug bamboo winnowing tray

nikandan pron. they; by them

nikandin pron. he; by him; she; by her

nikaniyu pron. you(pl); by you(pl)

nikeykew pron. you (sg); by you (sg)

nikeykewv Variant of nikuna pron. you (sg); by you (sg)

nikuna pron. you (sg); by you (sg)

nikunav Variant of nikeykew pron. you (sg); by you (sg)

nimbelek adj. (of medicine) strong; powerful acting

Nining prop_n.

ninis n. a pointed young cogon grass

nipa? n. nipa palm

nipis adj. thin (in depth); flat; slender

niyu pron. you (plural); by you (plural) pron_COMPL. you(pl); by you(pl) (with completive aspect) poss_pron. your (plural); of yours

niyug n. coconut

nu pron. you (sg) pron_COMPL. you (sg) (with completive aspect) poss_pron. your (sg); of yours (sg)

Nubimbri prop_n. November

nubinta num. ninety

nuhun n. a prized possession; to set one's heart on a certain possession v. to be possessive or protective about something

numiru n. digit; number

nunubuk??? n. a moth???

nuta v. to not give something to someone because of a past disappointing experience with them.

nutnut v. to suck milk

Nuwi prop_n.

nuwibi num. nine