Matigsalug Manobo Vernacular Lexicon

ki1 pron. we(incl); us(incl) pron_COMPL. we(incl); us(incl) (with completive aspect)

ki2 det. non-focus personal singular clausal determiner

kiang adj. man walking unsual

kiay v. to sway

Kibeggawan prop_n.

kibel n. a (dark) rain cloud v. to be dark clouds in the sky adj. overcast

Kibendè kibende mountain

kibì 1. adj. twisted mouth 2. v. to be out of level 3. v. to have a twisted mouth

Kidapawan prop_n.

kiddil n. bank of a river or creek

kignat vi. to suddenly jump or move their body, because they were surprised by something

kihet v. to squeak as a result of friction v. to keep squeaking

kihù v. to shake something that has no lid in order to mix up the contents or cause them to settle

kii ???. the call of men when spearing a pig

Kiindang prop_n. a mountain


kikim vi. to put up the hem on something with something, e.g., a needle and thread

kikkik vi. to squeak or click like the noise of a mouse

kilala v. to greet someone

kilap 1. v. to catch a glimpse of something 2. v. to hallucinate

kilat n. lightning vi. to be lightning

kilaw v. to marinate something (e.g. fish) usually in a mixture of sugar and peppers

kilem v. to be far away and therefore hard to see

kiles 1. vi. (for a leaf) to shrivel up v. to shrivel up 2. vi. to have a mild fever

kiley n. eyebrow adj. thick or bushy eyebrows

kilid 1. n. side; edge 2. n. location beside something 3. v. be lying on their side, or to lie down on their side somewhere 4. v. to be caused to slope or be on its side by someone or something unintentionally v. to cause someone or something recline, or to be the thing which causes them recline 5. n. the side of a matchbox (used to light matches)

kiling v. to tip over due to improper weight distribution

kiling te keunturan adj. approx. 1:00 pm

kilinikv Variant of klinik n. clinic

kilkil v. to sit down vibrating one leg up and down

kilu1 v. troubled; unpleasant feeling

kilu2 n. kilogram

kilumitru n. kilometer

kilumkilum adj. mostly dark

kimbis n. a disposable diaper diaper

kimpud vi. to jerk their backside forward, e.g., if poked in the backside

kimut v. to block or constrict v. to close up because one stopped wearing earrings v. to close (a book)


kinabuhì n. life

kinantay adj. watchful

kinawew n. a container to carry a chicken

kinawewv Variant of kinawwew n. a basket for chicken

kinawwew n. a basket for chicken

kindi n. candy

kinebbuung n. cooked corn (mature)

kingkinam v. to wait in anticipation for something to happen

kingking1 vi. to hop (on one foot)

kingking2 n. a type of very small bird

Kingunguan prop_n.

kinsi num. fifteen

kintaki n. beans variety

kipes vi. to contract

kiput-kiput n. twitch

kiristuv Variant of Kristu prop_n. Christ prop_n. Christian

kirubin n. an angel

kisami n. ceiling

kiseng v. to wipe their eyes

kiskis vt. to scrape or shave off something using something sharp, e.g., a knife or razor scrape

kisu n. cheese

kita 1. n. sense of sight 2. v. to see something v. to be found or noticed v. to go to see someone v. to show or reveal something

kitek v. to tickle someone else

Kitewtew prop_n.

kitkit v. to lead someone else by taking their hand

Kitubed n. kitubed mountain

kitukkituk v. moving in the grass

Kiulem prop_n.

Kiulum prop_n.

kiw pron. us

kiwan n. a type of tree

kiyab n. a hand fan n. a hand fan v. to fan something (e.g., a fire or a person ) with something (e.g., a winnowing tray nihu) to fan something (e.g., a fire or a person ) with something (e.g., a winnowing tray nihu) many times

kiyal v. to harrow by means of force or electricity

kiyang vi. to be scared of falling from a height, e.g., from a tree or from an aeroplane

kiyew?? v. to bark or yap

kiyk n. A food, usually sweet, made by baking a mixture of flour, eggs, etc., often coated with icing.

kiyud vi. to move their backside back and forward

kiyum v. to have one's legs or feet together

klaru adj. clear

klasi 1. adj. different 2. n. a class or group or category 3. n. another kind 4. n. class; type adj. one type of a thing

klasrum n. a room for teaching

klima n. climate

klinik n. clinic

klusing v. the end of school year ceremony when ribbons are awarded

Krismas prop_n.

Kristu prop_n. Christ prop_n. Christian

krus n. cross

krusing n. an intersection

ku pron. I; by me pron_COMPL. I; by me (with completive aspect) poss_pron. my

kua v. to take from

kuan v. to place something (e.g. to place the tinder on a flint stone)

kubayan v. take a sword or bolo

kubing n. a bamboo jews' harp made from laak bamboo vi. to play the jews' harp. This can be danced to

kubkub n. small house in field

kubla1 n. a chicken with no feathers on its neck

kubla2 v. to have a proper demand on money (e.g. wages due)

kubul n. grave

kudak n. a photograph vt. to take lots of photos v. to get a photo taken of them

kuddè n. a horse vi. to keep domestic horses for riding for a purpose v. to ride a horse for a reason

kudkud n. a grater v. to grate coconut on a grater

kuen 1. v. to get something 2. v. to accept something

kugingkuging n. tailbone

kuglung n. a two-stringed lute vi. to play the two-stringed lute

kuhì n. a tiny type of poisonous frog; it calls 'kuhi' during rainy days

kuhita n. cuttlefish

kui part. to give

ku-kù v. to become partially paralysed

kukuk n. A small black bird with brown wings, and it calls 'kukuk'. v. to talk

kukul n. a rat burrow v. to burrow in the ground

kukum v. to judge a case n. judgement; settlement

kukumapey n. a kind of chanted song

kukumban n. unlined white paper

kukuwè n. a cucumber like vegetable

kukuy vi. to let out a yell of joy, e.g., when reaching the top of a hill adj. used of a person who always yells at the top of a hill

kulab v. to swing the chicken feather to fan out

kulagsuy adj. the brownish color of the horse hair

kulahu n. screech owl; oriental owl

Kulaman prop_n.

kulambit n. the stitching near the top of a basket

kulambu n. a mosquito net

kulang adj. lacking adj. idiotic

kulap n. cataract (on the eye) v. to have a cataract or blurred vision

kulaput 1. n. the inside of a bamboo joint (white) or the inner skin of a rice grain 2. n. the white covering of a boil (buu) - when removed the pus (nanè) is able to come out.

kulaseg n. disease v. to be diseased and hardened so as to be inedible

kulasug v. to become diseased - they are black inside

kulat n. a type of wild mushroom that grows in old trees - some are poisonous (e.g. those on baluhu trees) but most of them may be eaten. The difference can usually be detected by smelling them.

kulayen n. color

kulehang n. an itchy throat

kulehung n. a sweet yellow-skinned banana, eaten cooked

kulepa v. to spit out unrespectful something somewhere hard or liquid v. to spit out unrespectful repeatedly or many times

kuleping n. a female deer deera buck, a male deer

kules v. to be continually doing something (e.g. yawning)

kulewut vi. to gouge out an eye

kuleyì a loud sound that someone makes (usually children) vi. to yell to express bad emotion vi. to scream; to let out a yell of alarm, e.g. when an animal is loose - causes a worried reaction, or a release of boredom when working hard, or a shout of joy or excitement such as at a horsefight.

kuleyien n. bush variety

kuli vi. to waggle

kulì vt. to peel back the skin or pod of something, e.g., peas, beans, or corn

kuli2 n. skin on bamboo shoots

kulibew vt. to stir something

kulibù 1. vt. to circle something vi. to circle something many times 2. vt. to stir something

kulibuhan n. a kind of snake that eat eggs by swallowing it

kulibul vt. to stir something round and round in a circular motion with something

kulihi n. asiatic honey buzzard v. to sing ( talking, saying )

kulilang? ?. to plant rice again in the same year

kulilew n. a small type of fish, it has a pointed head and usually found in fresh water

kulimbas vt. to cut something but not exactly straight down the middle, e.g., to cut crookedly or diagonally

kulimel n. remaining particle v. to use up remaining particle like burnt rice

kulimug vi. to rinse out one's mouth with water (such as after waking in the morning or after eating)

kuling1 v. to touch something; tease an animal n. toy

kulingtang n. Muslim gong

kulintang n. a small Muslim gong

kulintè v. to click one's tongue (against the roof of the mouth) to signal someone else

kulis 1. n. palm lines 2. v. to predict someone's fortune by looking their palms lines

kulisap vi. to eat hurriedly without chewing properly

kulisung vt. to wash out a pot

kulit n. the surface of water v. to sculpt a form

kulitek v. to stir something e.g., coffee or milk v. to screw the hole. e.g. using finger in ears

kulitut n. anus, but maybe also the buttocks

kuliyak v. to yell because of something

kulkul vt. to scrape out the burnt rice (sanig) at the bottom of the pot (kendiru)

kulu v. to wash the hair

kulugmut n. thick bush v. to cover something

kulukug n. an enclosed spherical basket woven from cane balahen or banana leaves, often used for protection of young chicks

kulung n. a pen (for animals) vt. to corner something (e.g., animals)

kulungkulung n. a rattle with a hole in the middle for attaching to a spear

kulusingv Variant of klusing v. the end of school year ceremony when ribbons are awarded

kulut adj. curly frizzy (used of hair) n. a curl (e.g. in the hair) v. to be curly n. a curl of the hair; to curl the hair adj. curly

kuluwang n. Philippine hawk owl

kumadri?v Variant of kumpari? n. co-father

kumandir n. commander

kumang n. crab

kumapeney n. the second offspring of a bitch

kumapey v. to sing

kumari?v Variant of kumpari? n. co-father

kumbalè n. an upper garment such as a shirt or blouse vi. to wear a shirt or blouse

kumbetul vi. to protrude

kumbey n. a jet plane

kumbung vt. to wrap something, e.g., a blanket around the shoulders (maybe including the head also)

kumbut n. mosquito net v. to put mosquito net to someone from avoiding mosquito

kumbuy1 n. a pleasant sound

kumbuy2 n. an jet aeroplane

kumeng prop_n. chest

kumì vi. to become stretched, e.g. a Tupperware lid

Kuminaweng prop_n.

kumkum v. to make a circular fence of vertical posts as part of a trap for animals such as rats. There is only one small entrance into this enclosure

kumpadri?v Variant of kumpari? n. co-father

kumpaniya n. a group an organization

kumpari? n. co-father

kumpay n. a coarse grass used as a horse feed

kumpeniya n.

kumpeniyav Variant of kumpaniya n. a group an organization

kumpiansa v. to lend out

kumpilituv Variant of kumplitu adj. complete vt. to be able to complete something

kumpiyutilv Variant of kumpyutir n. computer vi. to use a computer

kumplite adj. complete

kumplitu adj. complete vt. to be able to complete something

kumpyutir n. computer vi. to use a computer

kumù 1. vi. to squat down with arms around their legs (i.e., crumpled up), usually to keep warm in the mornings 2. v. to crumple something (e.g. a piece of paper) in their hands

kumu-kumù 1. n. hermit crab 2. vi. to squat down with their arms around their legs

kumun adj. common

kumusta1 v. to shake hands with someone else

kumusta2 ques. how are (you) v. to send regards

kun 1. part. it was said 2. part. please

kuna pron. you(sg)

kunaleg conj. whereas

kundawasan n. very deep cliff

kundisiyunv Variant of kundisyun n. someone's condition

kundisyun n. someone's condition

kunduktul n. the conductor on public transport

kundung n. a long-sleeved shirt or jacket

kunè ???. great or terrible

kuneen part. to mistakingly assume

kunihu n. rabbit

Kunsing prop_n.

kunsinsiya n. conscience

kunsinsyav Variant of kunsinsiya n. conscience

Kunsita prop_n.

kunsiyal n. a council member

kuntak v. to contact


kuntee 1. adv. now 2. adv. today just now 3. adv. nowadays; at the present time; in this age

kunteen pad See kuntee adj. just now

kunterè 1. n. an enemy or opponent v. to oppose someone else 2. v. versus v. compare with

kuntis v. to contest in gaining points

kunturul v. to control something

kupa n. sulphur

kupasang n. the shell (of a egg or peanut, etc.)

kupesang n. egg shell

kupkup vt. to gather her chickens underneath her

kuplas n. dried coconut meat

kurag adj. burlesk

kurat adj. good; excellent; an appreciation of being good in doing something


kuren n. a cooking pot, traditionally made of clay, but more commonly made of aluminium or steel now

kurintu n. a place a group of people

kuriput adj. stingy

kuriruy n. A small black bird and also called as star bird because it calls during the nighttime when the stars appearing in the sky. It calls 'kuriruy'.

kurnalina n. a kind of precious stone

kurta n. pen knife

kurti n. a court of law

kurtina n. a curtain

kuru n. the chorus of a song or hymn

kuruk v. to call chicken to approach

kurul n. back bone adj. skinny, i.e., the back bone sticks out

kuruna n. a crown

kurusingv Variant of krusing n. an intersection

kurusv Variant of krus n. cross

kusapeng n. a female monkey

kusina n. a place in the house where cooking materials place

kusu vt. to rub something (e.g. medicine on the skin, soap onto clothes) into something else or to rub together in their hands 1. v. to wipe with a towel; to rub medicine into the skin v. to wipe onto the skin



kutè n. a place where the soldiers exist (detacthment)

kutel v. to call

kutkut1 v. to scratch something (with one's fingernails) v. scratch

kutkut2 n. front teeth which are in between of fangs

kutsara n. spoon

kutsi n. a kind of vehicle which is good for three or four passanger

kutsun n. foam; mattress

kutu1 1. n. a head louse body lousenit v. to have head lice 2. n. flea (infesting furred animals) 3. v. to delouse v. to ask someone to remove lice from one's head n. tick See babuy

kutu2 n. a spark from a fire

kuuk n. a popular soft-drink


kuwa1 v. to get something v. to be acquired v. to be able to achieve or acquired something

kuwa2 v. to leave; to depart

kuwa3 n. a word that can be used to stand for any other word or name which can't be recalled right at the moment. lnk. whatever; thingy (used when one cannot think of the correct word)

kuwadradu n. equal sides and four right angle

kuwarinta num. forty

kuwatru num. four

kuwaturuv Variant of kuwatru num. four

kuwinta n. payment

kuwit 1. n. a metal spatula for getting lime out of a container 2. vt. to flick something up by placing the end of a stick underneath it v. to flick away rubbish with a wide implement like a stock broom

kuwitis n. a plants growing in a swampy areas

kuya prop_n.

kuyap v. to faint

kuyumbù v. to put a cloak or blanket around someone's shoulders

kwatruv Variant of kuwatru num. four