Matigsalug Manobo Student Dictionary

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Def.: hendei
MS: hendei
You use where to ask or talk about a place.
Where did you see her?
Hendei nu nakita sikandin?
We don't know where he is.
Ware key nakataha ke hendei sikandin.
Sem.Dom.: adverbs
pron-rel, conj.

Def.: ke hendei; ne
MS: ke hendei; ne
You use where to say something about a place.
This is the town where I was born.
Seini ka lungsud ke hendei a ilesut / Seini ka lungsud ne inlesutan ku.
Manila, where I was born, is a big city.
Dakel ne siyudad ka Menila ne inlesutan ku.
Sem.Dom.: relative pronouns; conjunctions; GSL0076-0100
Status: ready

Last updated: 18/Jan/2012