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Var. forwards
Def.: egpabulus
MS: egpabulus
If someone moves forward, they move in the same direction that they are facing.
The motorbike rolled forward down the hill.
Pabulus ne nalilid ka mutur patupang te labungtud.

Def.: te kewun-aan [kewun-a͡an]
MS: kewun-aan, te
If something is located forward, it is close to the front.
She always sits far forward, because her eyes are not strong.
Layun egpinnuu sikandin diyè te kewun-aan, su kenè egpakameleg-meleg sikandin.
Sem.Dom.: adverbs

Def.: pewun-a
MS: pewun-a
If the direction of something is forward, it is moving or facing towards the front.
a forward look
pewun-a ne tengteng

Def.: mapewun-a-hun-a
MS: mapewun-a-hun-a
If someone is forward, they like to tell people what they think and want, even if they shouldn't. They are happy for many people to see and hear them, and they are not respectful. This is a negative word.
She is very forward, and is always telling me what to do, even though we are not close friends.
Amanan mapewun-a-hun-a sikandin, wey layun egpanugtul sikandin keddì ke nekey ka eggimuwen ku, minsan kenè key ne telek ne talag-alukuy.

Def.: impaleus
MS: impaleus
If you forward a letter or email to someone, you receive it and then send it to them.
He forwarded me the text message that his brother sent him.
Impaleus din ipasa ka tiks te suled din kayi te keddì.
Sem.Dom.: GSL0876-0900
Status: ready

Last updated: 18/Jan/2012