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Var. warà
Var. wareg
(a very common contracted form of warè_eg... used in normal speech)
none; not
Wrd.Gloss: none; not; no; didn't; don't; haven't
Inlampesan a te amey ku minsan warè salè ku.
My father belt me eventhough i dont have fault.
Eng. none; not; didn't; without; missing; lacking; absent
DDP: No, not (, Absent (
Online dict status: -
Usage level: G
for someone (egware-warè, migware-warè/inware-warè, agent, eg><ø-rdpRT-) to deny about something true (egware-wareen, inware-warè/migware-warè/pigware-warè, patient, eg><en-rdpRT-)
Eng. deny, to
DDP: No, not (
Online dict status: -
Usage level: B
for someone (egpahunwarè, migpahunwarè/impahunwarè, egpahinwarè, migpahinwarè/impahinwarè, agent, eg-pA><ø-hu, eg-pA><ø-hi) to don't tell the truth or hide the reality; to deny (egpahunwareen, impahunwarè/migpahunwarè/pigpahunwarè, egpahinwareen, impahinwarè/migpahinwarè/pigpahinwarè, patient, eg-pA><en-hu, eg-pA><en-hi)
Eng. hide, to (the reality); deny, to
DDP: No, not (
Online dict status: -
Usage level: M
for someone (egkawaraan, nawaraan, agent, egkA><an-) to be lacking or lost of something
Eng. lacking
Tag. kúlang
Ceb. kulang
Ilo.: kúrang
OCM: Weights and Measures (804)
Online dict status: -
Usage level: R
for something (egkawarè, nawarè, theme, egkA><ø-) to be without
Seini kuntee ne panahun langun ne egkawarè su warè seleppì ne igbeli te me keilangan.
These days we are without everything because there is no money to buy the things we need.
Eng. without
Online dict status: -
Usage level: R
(kaware-warè, kA-rdpRT-) almost none
Wrd.Gloss: almost_none
Kaware-warè ka egkakeen ta te seini ne timpu.
Our consumption of this month is almost none.
Eng. almost none
Online dict status: -
Usage level: R

Last updated: 06/Nov/2015

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