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Egbebegkey ki pad man-e su mananam ka bakbak.
We will catching frog (by slashing around the area) again because frog is delicious.
Behayi e te timpu man-e.
Give me one more time.
Gramm. repetitive adjunct
Wrd.Gloss: again
Eng. again; once more
Tag. mulî
Ceb. usab
OCM: Numeration (802)
Online dict status: -
Usage level: B

also (as in "He did this and he also did something else.")
Wrd.Gloss: also
O. Syn. degma
Wey sikeykew man-e.
And you also.
Eng. also
Online dict status: -
Usage level: B

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Last updated: 12/Sep/2009

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