Long Ago I


TITLE Long Ago I

SPEAKER Datu Umising Angguling

PLACE Panganan, Bukidnon

DATE March 27, 1990.

CASSETTE #MS4A3 (follows story about the moon)


AUDIENCE Recorded privately in my office

STYLE Formal

GENRE Narrative

TRANSCRIBED Aurelio Linggan and Robert Hunt


MU173001 001

   Spoken: Iyan panugtulen         ku,       ware  key      pad    naanak      
   Formal: Iyan panugtulen         ku        ware  key      pad    naanak      
 Phonemic: ­ian panugtulen         ku        wade­ key      pad    na­anak     
  Lexemes: ­ian paN- =tugtul=-en   ku        wade­ key      pad    nA-  =­anak 
  Lex POS: dem  v_aff=v_rt  =v_aff pron      adv   pron     part   v_aff=n     
Lex Gloss: that DISTR=tell  =ObF   1s_NF(II) no    1pe_F    INCOMP P_ObF=child 
 Word POS: dem  v                  pron      adv   pron     part   v           
Wrd Gloss: that story              my        not   we(excl) still  born        

   Spoken: te  amey   ney        su         iyam pad    sika se  amey   ney        
   Formal: te  amey   ney        su         iyam pad    sika se  amey   ney        
 Phonemic: te  ­amey  ney        su         ­iam pad    sika se  ­amey  ney        
  Lexemes: te  ­amey  ney        su         ­iam pad    sika se  ­amey  ney        
  Lex POS: cmk n      pron       conj       adj  part   pron cmk n      pron       
Lex Gloss: NF  father 1pe_NF(II) because/so new  INCOMP that F   father 1pe_NF(II) 
 Word POS: cmk n      pron       conj       adj  part   pron cmk n      pron       
Wrd Gloss: -   father ours(excl) because    new  still  that the father ours(excl) 

   Spoken: wey  apu               ney        wey  amey   te  apu               
   Formal: wey  apu               ney        wey  amey   te  apu               
 Phonemic: wey  ­apu­             ney        wey  ­amey  te  ­apu­             
  Lexemes: wey  ­apu­             ney        wey  ­amey  te  ­apu­             
  Lex POS: conj n                 pron       conj n      cmk n                 
Lex Gloss: and  grandparent/child 1pe_NF(II) and  father NF  grandparent/child 
 Word POS: conj n                 pron       conj n      cmk n                 
Wrd Gloss: and  grandparent       ours(excl) and  father of  grandparent       

   Spoken: ney        wey  apu               te  apu               te  amey   
   Formal: ney        wey  apu               te  apu               te  amey   
 Phonemic: ney        wey  ­apu­             te  ­apu­             te  ­amey  
  Lexemes: ney        wey  ­apu­             te  ­apu­             te  ­amey  
  Lex POS: pron       conj n                 cmk n                 cmk n      
Lex Gloss: 1pe_NF(II) and  grandparent/child NF  grandparent/child NF  father 
 Word POS: pron       conj n                 cmk n                 cmk n      
Wrd Gloss: ours(excl) and  grandparent       of  grandparent       of  father 

   Spoken: ney.       
   Formal: ney        
 Phonemic: ney        
  Lexemes: ney        
  Lex POS: pron       
Lex Gloss: 1pe_NF(II) 
 Word POS: pron       
Wrd Gloss: ours(excl) 

This is my story, when we had not yet been conceived by our parents, because those our parents were new and our grandparents, and our grandparents' parents and our fathers' grandparents' grandparents

This is my story, that when we had not yet been conceived by our parents, because our parents were young and our grandparents, and our grandparents' parents and our fathers' grandparents' grandparents

"Amey" literally means "father" but can also mean "parent" (especially if used with a plural marker).

"Naanak" strictly means to have become a person, but English doesn't seem to have a word for that. This is considered to be at birth, rather than at conception.

MU173001 002

   Spoken: Siinis     Panganan, dengan   te  me    ware  key      pad,   dakel    
   Formal: seini  se  Panganan  dengan   te  me    ware  key      pad    dakel    
 Phonemic: se­ini#se  Pa¥anan   de¥an    te  me2   wade­ key      pad    dakel    
  Lexemes: se­ini#se  Pa¥anan   de¥an    te  me2   wade­ key      pad    dakel    
  Lex POS: pron  #cmk prop_n    adj      cmk adt   adv   pron     part   adj      
Lex Gloss: this  #F   Panganan  past     NF  about no    1pe_F    INCOMP big/many 
 Word POS: pron  #cmk prop_n    adj      cmk adt   adv   pron     part   adj      
Wrd Gloss: this  #the Panganan  long_ago -   about not   we(excl) yet    big      

   Spoken: ne  kayu,     balahen, kayit     Panganan. 
   Formal: ne  kayu      balahen  kayi  te  Panganan  
 Phonemic: ne  kayu      balagen  kai  #te  Pa¥anan   
  Lexemes: ne  kayu      balagen  kai  #te  Pa¥anan   
  Lex POS: lnk n         n        dem  #cmk prop_n    
Lex Gloss: LNK tree/wood rattan   here #NF  Panganan  
 Word POS: lnk n         n        dem   cmk prop_n    
Wrd Gloss: -   tree      cane     here  at  Panganan  

This Panganan, long ago before we existed, there were lots of trees and cane here at Panganan.

Long ago before we were born, there were lots of trees and rattan here at Panganan.

Rattan is very important still in house and fence building, rather than using nails.

MU173001 003

   Spoken: Sahing ne  dakel    ne  impamugsu,                     minsan       nekey 
   Formal: Sahing ne  dakel    ne  impamugsu                      minsan nekey -     
 Phonemic: sagi¥  ne  dakel    ne  ­impamugsu                     minsan_nekey -     
  Lexemes: sagi¥  ne  dakel    ne  ­iN-  =pA-  =bugsu             minsan_nekey -     
  Lex POS: n      lnk adj      lnk v_aff =v_aff=v_rt              pron         -     
Lex Gloss: banana LNK big/many LNK P_AccF=CAUS =transplant_banana whatever     -     
 Word POS: n      lnk adj      lnk v                              pron         -     
Wrd Gloss: banana -   many     -   transplanted_banana            whatever     -     

   Spoken: pad    ne  impamula      ne  dakel.   
   Formal: pad    ne  impamula      ne  dakel    
 Phonemic: pad    ne  ­impamula     ne  dakel    
  Lexemes: pad    ne  ­iN-  =pamula ne  dakel    
  Lex POS: part   lnk v_aff =v_rt   lnk adj      
Lex Gloss: INCOMP LNK P_AccF=plant  LNK big/many 
 Word POS: part   lnk v             lnk adj      
Wrd Gloss: still  -   planted       -   many     

Many bananas had been planted, there was lots of whatever else that was planted.

Many bananas had been planted along with lots of everything else.

MU173001 004

   Spoken: Keppi, dakel    ne  keppi  ne  impamula,     niyug,  kakaw, duriyan,     
   Formal: Keppi  dakel    ne  keppi  ne  impamula      niyug   kakaw  duriyan      
 Phonemic: keppi  dakel    ne  keppi  ne  ­impamula     niug    kakaw  dudian       
  Lexemes: keppi  dakel    ne  keppi  ne  ­iN-  =pamula niug    kakaw  dudian       
  Lex POS: n      adj      lnk n      lnk v_aff =v_rt   n       n      n            
Lex Gloss: coffee big/many LNK coffee LNK P_AccF=plant  coconut cacao  durian_fruit 
 Word POS: n      adj      lnk n      lnk v             n       n      n            
Wrd Gloss: coffee many     -   coffee -   planted       coconut cacao  durian_fruit 

   Spoken: mangga, minsan       nekey ne  durabli    kahit      Biseye    ne  
   Formal: mangga  minsan nekey -     ne  durabli    kahi   te  Biseye    ne  
 Phonemic: ma¥ga   minsan_nekey -     ne  durabli    kagi  #te  Biseye­   ne  
  Lexemes: ma¥ga   minsan_nekey -     ne  durabli    kagi  #te  Biseye­   ne  
  Lex POS: n       pron         -     lnk n          v_rt  #cmk n         lnk 
Lex Gloss: mango   whatever     -     LNK fruit_tree speak #NF  Visayan   LNK 
 Word POS: n       pron         -     lnk n          v     #cmk n         lnk 
Wrd Gloss: mango   whatever     -     -   fruit_tree gossip#-   lowlander -   

   Spoken: impamula      ne  rakel    e    ne  nakapamula         kayi. 
   Formal: impamula      ne  dakel    e    ne  nakapamula         kayi  
 Phonemic: ­impamula     ne  dakel    ­e   ne  nakapamula         kai   
  Lexemes: ­iN-  =pamula ne  dakel    ­e   ne  nAkA-      =pamula kai   
  Lex POS: v_aff =v_rt   lnk adj      part lnk v_aff      =v_rt   dem   
Lex Gloss: P_AccF=plant  LNK big/many COMP LNK P_INVOL_AgF=plant  here  
 Word POS: v             lnk adj      part lnk v                  dem   
Wrd Gloss: planted       -   many     COMP -   planted            here  

Coffee, lots of coffee was planted, coconuts, cacao, durian, manggoes, whatever kind of fruit tree ("durabli" as called by the Visayans) was planted and lots was planted here.

Lots of coffee was planted, coconuts, cacao, durian, manggoes, and all sorts of fruit trees ("durabli" as called by the Visayans) were planted here.

MU173001 005

   Spoken: Miggimuma    ka  hulabung te  balit     lalimme      e    ne  tuid  
   Formal: Miggimuma    ka  hulabung te  bali  te  lalimme      e    ne  tuid  
 Phonemic: mighimuma    ka2 hulabu¥  te  bali #te  lalimme      ­e   ne  tu­id 
  Lexemes: mig- =himuma ka2 hulabu¥  te  bali #te  rdpCV-=limma ­e   ne  tu­id 
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt   cmk v_rt     cmk n    #cmk num_af=num   part lnk n     
Lex Gloss: P    =arrive F   drought  NF  price#NF  -     =five  COMP LNK year  
 Word POS: v            cmk v        cmk n    #cmk num          part lnk n     
Wrd Gloss: arrived      the drought  -   price#-   five         COMP -   year  

   Spoken: te  naanak      key      e.   
   Formal: te  naanak      key      e    
 Phonemic: te  na­anak     key      ­e   
  Lexemes: te  nA-  =­anak key      ­e   
  Lex POS: cmk v_aff=n     pron     part 
Lex Gloss: NF  P_ObF=child 1pe_F    COMP 
 Word POS: cmk v           pron     part 
Wrd Gloss: -   born        we(excl) COMP 

The drought arrived worth five years after we had been born.

A five year drought came after we had been born.

MU173001 006

   Spoken: Naamin        napatey     ka  kayu,     ne  impamula      ne  kepi   
   Formal: Naamin        napatey     ka  kayu      ne  impamula      ne  keppi  
 Phonemic: na­amin       napatey     ka2 kayu      ne  ­impamula     ne  keppi  
  Lexemes: nA-  =­amin   nA-  =patey ka2 kayu      ne  ­iN-  =pamula ne  keppi  
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt    v_aff=v_rt  cmk n         lnk v_aff =v_rt   lnk n      
Lex Gloss: P_ObF=consume P_ObF=die   F   tree/wood LNK P_AccF=plant  LNK coffee 
 Word POS: v             v           cmk n         lnk v             lnk n      
Wrd Gloss: used_up       died        the tree      -   planted       -   coffee 

   Spoken: minsan       nekey. 
   Formal: minsan nekey -      
 Phonemic: minsan_nekey -      
  Lexemes: minsan_nekey -      
  Lex POS: pron         -      
Lex Gloss: whatever     -      
 Word POS: pron         -      
Wrd Gloss: whatever     -      

All the trees died, the planted coffee, everything.

All the trees and coffee which had been planted and everything else died.

MU173001 007

   Spoken: Se  karakelan        te  etew   kayit     Panganan ke  
   Formal: Se  karakelan        te  etew   kayi  te  Panganan ke  
 Phonemic: se  kadakelan        te  ­etew  kai  #te  Pa¥anan  ke­ 
  Lexemes: se  kA><an-=dakel    te  ­etew  kai  #te  Pa¥anan  ke­ 
  Lex POS: cmk v_aff  =adj      cmk n      dem  #cmk prop_n   adv 
Lex Gloss: F   NOM    =big/many NF  person here #NF  Panganan not 
 Word POS: cmk n                cmk n      dem   cmk prop_n   adv 
Wrd Gloss: the bigness          of  people here  at  Panganan not 

   Spoken: kud                egbalansiyen        se  tigsalimbekan           
   Formal: kud                egbalansiyen        se  tigsalimbeka        ne  
 Phonemic: kud                ­egbalansien        se  tigsalimbeka       #ne  
  Lexemes: ku       =-d       ­eg- =balansi=-en   se  tig- =<lim>-=sabeka#ne  
  Lex POS: pron     =nonv_aff v_aff=v_rt   =v_aff cmk v_aff=***   =num   #lnk 
Lex Gloss: 1s_NF(II)=COMPL    NP   =balance=ObF   F   from =***   =one   #LNK 
 Word POS: pron               v                   cmk ***                #lnk 
Wrd Gloss: I_COMPL            count_up            the each_one           #-   

   Spoken: etew   sug        pakiyaweng           kut                  baley. 
   Formal: etew   su         egpakiyawen          ku        te         baley  
 Phonemic: ­etew  su         ­egpakiyawen         ku       #te         baley  
  Lexemes: ­etew  su         ­eg- =pakyaw  =-en   ku       #te         baley  
  Lex POS: n      conj       v_aff=n       =v_aff pron     #cmk        n      
Lex Gloss: person because/so NP   =contract=ObF   1s_NF(II)#NF(II/III) house  
 Word POS: n      conj       v                    pron     #cmk        n      
Wrd Gloss: person because    contract             I        #-          house  

The bigness of the people here at Panganan, I couldn't count each person because I do it by house.

I couldn't count the number of individual people here at Panganan, only by the number of houses.

MU173001 008

   Spoken: Hep-at ne  gatus   se  baley ne  nakasasindeg         kayi wey  hep-at 
   Formal: Hep-at ne  gatus   se  baley ne  nakasasindeg         kayi wey  hep-at 
 Phonemic: hep­at ne  gatus   se  baley ne  nakasasindeg         kai  wey  hep­at 
  Lexemes: hep­at ne  gatus   se  baley ne  nAkA-      =sasindeg kai  wey  hep­at 
  Lex POS: num    lnk num     cmk n     lnk v_aff      =v_rt     dem  conj num    
Lex Gloss: four   LNK hundred F   house LNK P_INVOL_AgF=stand    here and  four   
 Word POS: num    lnk num     cmk n     lnk v                    dem  conj num    
Wrd Gloss: four   -   hundred the house -   stood                here and  four   

   Spoken: ne  pulu.
   Formal: ne  pulu  
 Phonemic: ne  pulu­ 
  Lexemes: ne  pulu­ 
  Lex POS: lnk num   
Lex Gloss: LNK tens  
 Word POS: lnk num   
Wrd Gloss: -   tens

Four hundred and forty houses were standing.

There were 440 houses standing here at Panganan.

MU173001 009

   Spoken: Se  baley ne  neyimu        kayit     Panganan te  
   Formal: Se  baley ne  neyimu        kayi  te  Panganan te  
 Phonemic: se  baley ne  nehimu        kai  #te  Pa¥anan  te  
  Lexemes: se  baley ne  nA-  =himu    kai  #te  Pa¥anan  te  
  Lex POS: cmk n     lnk v_aff=v_rt    dem  #cmk prop_n   cmk 
Lex Gloss: F   house LNK P_ObF=make/do here #NF  Panganan NF  
 Word POS: cmk n     lnk v             dem   cmk prop_n   cmk 
Wrd Gloss: the house -   made          here  at  Panganan -   

   Spoken: Panamin                                       sika ne  batasan    ka  
   Formal: Panamin                                       sika ne  batasan    ka  
 Phonemic: Panamin                                       sika ne  batasan    ka2 
  Lexemes: Panamin                                       sika ne  batasan    ka2 
  Lex POS: prop_n                                        pron lnk n          cmk 
Lex Gloss: Presidential_Assistant_On_Cultural_MINorities that LNK custom/law F   
 Word POS: prop_n                                        pron lnk n          cmk 
Wrd Gloss: Panamin                                       that -   custom/law the 

   Spoken: karaan       ne  batasan.   
   Formal: karaan       ne  batasan    
 Phonemic: kada­an      ne  batasan    
  Lexemes: kA2-=da­an   ne  batasan    
  Lex POS: aff =adj     lnk n          
Lex Gloss: NOM =ancient LNK custom/law 
 Word POS: adj          lnk n          
Wrd Gloss: old          -   custom/law 

The houses that were made at Panganan during PANAMIN, that was the old custom.

During the time of PANAMIN, in the old days, houses were made at Panganan.

Elisardi instructed the people in Panganan through Datu Mangwalis to build houses in the barrio, and that when they were finished, they would be paid for it. However, the payment never eventuated.

MU173001 010

   Spoken: Kuntee    warad          duma  amanat     etew   kayi, su         
   Formal: Kuntee    warad          duma  amana  te  etew   kayi  su         
 Phonemic: kunte­e   wadad          duma  ­amana#te  ­etew  kai   su         
  Lexemes: kunte­e   wade­=-d       duma  ­amana#te  ­etew  kai   su         
  Lex POS: adv       adv  =nonv_aff adj   adj   #cmk n      dem   conj       
Lex Gloss: now/today no   =COMPL    other very  #NF  person here  because/so 
 Word POS: adv       adt            n     adj   #cmk n      dem   conj       
Wrd Gloss: now       no_more        other very  #to  people here  because    

   Spoken: masulug     ka  migpatey    te   gulabung te  balit     lalimman         
   Formal: masulug     ka  migpatey    te   gulabung te  bali  te  lalimma      ne  
 Phonemic: masulug     ka2 migpatey    te   hulabu¥  te  bali #te  lalimma     #ne  
  Lexemes: mA1-=sulug  ka2 mig- =patey te   hulabu¥  te  bali #te  rdpCa-=limma#ne  
  Lex POS: aff =adj_rt cmk v_aff=v_rt  cmk  v_rt     cmk n    #cmk ***   =num  #lnk 
Lex Gloss: ADJR=many   F   P    =die   NF   drought  NF  price#NF  ***   =five #LNK 
 Word POS: prop_n      cmk v           cmk  v        cmk n    #cmk num         #lnk 
Wrd Gloss: Masulug     the died        from drought  -   price#-   five        #-   

   Spoken: tuig  kuntee.   
   Formal: tuid  kuntee    
 Phonemic: tu­id kunte­e   
  Lexemes: tu­id kunte­e   
  Lex POS: n     adv       
Lex Gloss: year  now/today 
 Word POS: n     adv       
Wrd Gloss: year  now       

Today, there are no longer lots of companions to the people here, because many died in the drought worth five years.

Today, there are no longer lots of people here because many died in the five year drought.

MU173001 011

   Spoken: Bate  ne  migpatey    e    wey  buyag      ne  migpatey.   
   Formal: Bate  ne  migpatey    e    wey  buyag      ne  migpatey    
 Phonemic: bate­ ne  migpatey    ­e   wey  buyag      ne  migpatey    
  Lexemes: bate­ ne  mig- =patey ­e   wey  buyag      ne  mig- =patey 
  Lex POS: n     lnk v_aff=v_rt  part conj adj        lnk v_aff=v_rt  
Lex Gloss: child LNK P    =die   COMP and  elderly    LNK P    =die   
 Word POS: n     lnk v           part conj n          lnk v           
Wrd Gloss: child -   died        COMP and  old_people -   died        

Children died and elders died.

Both children and adults died.

MU173001 012

   Spoken: Sika ka  inkasalini                     te  etew   kayit     Panganan 
   Formal: Sika ka  inkasalini                     te  etew   kayi  te  Panganan 
 Phonemic: sika ka2 ­inkasalini                    te  ­etew  kai  #te  Pa¥anan  
  Lexemes: sika ka2 ­iN-  =kA1- =salin   =-i       te  ­etew  kai  #te  Pa¥anan  
  Lex POS: pron cmk v_aff =v_aff=v_rt    =v_aff    cmk n      dem  #cmk prop_n   
Lex Gloss: that F   P_AccF=INVOL=subtract=UnA_LocF NF  person here #NF  Panganan 
 Word POS: pron cmk v                              cmk n      dem   cmk prop_n   
Wrd Gloss: that the caused_subtraction             of  people here  at  Panganan 

   Spoken: ligkat te   hutas  te   hulabung. 
   Formal: ligkat te   gutas  te   hulabung  
 Phonemic: ligkat te   gutas  te   hulabu¥   
  Lexemes: ligkat te   gutas  te   hulabu¥   
  Lex POS: v_rt   cmk  v_rt   cmk  v_rt      
Lex Gloss: source NF   hungry NF   drought   
 Word POS: v      cmk  n      cmk  v         
Wrd Gloss: from   from hunger from drought   

That's what caused the loss of people here at Panganan from hunger from drought.

The hunger from the drought is what caused the loss of people here at Panganan.

Notice that there is no "ligkat" between "hunger" and "drought".

MU173001 013

   Spoken: Su         nahangu    e    seeye      se  kasile       ne  nahangu    
   Formal: su         nahangu    e    seeye      se  kasile       ne  nahangu    
 Phonemic: su         naga¥u     ­e   se­eye­    se  kasile­      ne  naga¥u     
  Lexemes: su         nA-  =ga¥u ­e   se­eye­    se  kasile­      ne  nA-  =ga¥u 
  Lex POS: conj       v_aff=v_rt part dem        cmk n            lnk v_aff=v_rt 
Lex Gloss: because/so P_ObF=dry  COMP that_there F   sweet_potato LNK P_ObF=dry  
 Word POS: conj       v          part dem        cmk n            lnk v          
Wrd Gloss: because    dried_up   COMP there      the sweet_potato -   dried_up   

   Spoken: e    se  aheley, nahangus       paley, sahing, binggala, tire,      ne  
   Formal: e    se  aheley  nahangu    se  paley  sahing  binggala  tire       ne  
 Phonemic: ­e   se  ­ageley naga¥u    #se  paley  sagi¥   bi¥gala   tide­      ne  
  Lexemes: ­e   se  ­ageley nA-  =ga¥u#se  paley  sagi¥   bi¥gala   tide­      ne  
  Lex POS: part cmk n       v_aff=v_rt#cmk n      n       n         n          lnk 
Lex Gloss: COMP F   corn    P_ObF=dry #F   rice   banana  cassava   sugar_cane LNK 
 Word POS: part cmk n       v         #cmk n      n       n         n          lnk 
Wrd Gloss: COMP the corn    dried_up  #the rice   banana  cassava   sugar_cane -   

   Spoken: nahangu    e.   
   Formal: nahangu    e    
 Phonemic: naga¥u     ­e   
  Lexemes: nA-  =ga¥u ­e   
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt part 
Lex Gloss: P_ObF=dry  COMP 
 Word POS: v          part 
Wrd Gloss: dried_up   COMP 

Because that sweet potato withered, and that corn withered, the rice withered, bananas, cassava, sugar-cane withered.

Because the sweet potato, corn, rice, bananas, cassava and sugar cane withered up.

Notice the tendency to have an initial statement (nahangu), details (what withered up) and then to repeat the initial thought again at the end (nahangu).

MU173001 014

   Spoken: Sika ka  igkareeti                     te  etew   kayit     Panganan. 
   Formal: Sika ka  igkareeti                     te  etew   kayi  te  Panganan  
 Phonemic: sika ka2 ­igkade­eti                   te  ­etew  kai  #te  Pa¥anan   
  Lexemes: sika ka2 ­ig-   =kA1- =de­et =-i       te  ­etew  kai  #te  Pa¥anan   
  Lex POS: pron cmk v_aff  =v_aff=adj_rt=v_aff    cmk n      dem  #cmk prop_n    
Lex Gloss: that F   NP_AccF=INVOL=bad   =UnA_LocF NF  person here #NF  Panganan  
 Word POS: pron cmk v                             cmk n      dem   cmk prop_n    
Wrd Gloss: that the make_bad                      -   people here  -   Panganan  

That's what ruined people here at Panganan.

That's what ruined people here at Panganan.

MU173001 015

   Spoken: Se  ruman     etew   miggendiyad             te  Sungkulan, 
   Formal: Se  ruma  ne  etew   miggendiyad             te  Sungkulan  
 Phonemic: se  duma #ne  ­etew  mighendiad              te  Su¥kulan   
  Lexemes: se  duma #ne  ­etew  mig- =hendie­ =-d       te  Su¥kulan   
  Lex POS: cmk adj  #lnk n      v_aff=v_rt    =nonv_aff cmk prop_n     
Lex Gloss: F   other#LNK person P    =go_there=COMPL    NF  Sungkulan  
 Word POS: cmk adj  #lnk n      v                       cmk prop_n     
Wrd Gloss: the other#-   people went_there              to  Sungkulan  

   Spoken: gendiyad          te  Deu,   gendiyet     Sita,  gendiyet     
   Formal: gendiyad          te  Deu    gendiye  te  Sita   gendiye  te  
 Phonemic: hendiad           te  De­u   hendie­ #te  Sita   hendie­ #te  
  Lexemes: hendie­ =-d       te  De­u   hendie­ #te  Sita   hendie­ #te  
  Lex POS: v_rt    =nonv_aff cmk prop_n v_rt    #cmk prop_n v_rt    #cmk 
Lex Gloss: go_there=COMPL    NF  Deu    go_there#NF  Sita   go_there#NF  
 Word POS: v                 cmk prop_n v       #cmk prop_n v       #cmk 
Wrd Gloss: go_there          to  Deu    go_there#to  Sita   go_there#to  

   Spoken: Keusuwagan, gendiyad          te  Simud, gendiyad          te  Kellinan 
   Formal: Keusuwagan  gendiyad          te  Simud  gendiyad          te  Kellinan 
 Phonemic: Ke­usuwagan hendiad           te  Simud  hendiad           te  Kellinan 
  Lexemes: Ke­usuwagan hendie­ =-d       te  Simud  hendie­ =-d       te  Kellinan 
  Lex POS: prop_n      v_rt    =nonv_aff cmk prop_n v_rt    =nonv_aff cmk prop_n   
Lex Gloss: Keusuwagan  go_there=COMPL    NF  Simud  go_there=COMPL    NF  Colinan  
 Word POS: prop_n      v                 cmk prop_n v                 cmk prop_n   
Wrd Gloss: Keusuwagan  go_there          to  Sinuda go_there          to  Colinan  

   Spoken: se  ruma, ne  miggendiyad             e    te  Kabalantian  se  ruma. 
   Formal: se  ruma  ne  miggendiyad             e    te  Kabalantian  se  ruma  
 Phonemic: se  duma  ne  mighendiad              ­e   te  Kabalanti­an se  duma  
  Lexemes: se  duma  ne  mig- =hendie­ =-d       ­e   te  Kabalanti­an se  duma  
  Lex POS: cmk adj   lnk v_aff=v_rt    =nonv_aff part cmk prop_n       cmk adj   
Lex Gloss: F   other LNK P    =go_there=COMPL    COMP NF  Kabalantian  F   other 
 Word POS: cmk n     lnk v                       part cmk prop_n       cmk n     
Wrd Gloss: the other -   went_there              COMP to  Kabalantian  the other 

The other people went there to Sungkulan, went there to Deu, went there to Sita, went there to Keusuwagan, went there to Simud, the others went there to Colinan, the others went there to Kabalantian.

Some people went to Sungkulan, others to Deu, Sita, Keusuwagan, Sinuda, Colinan and some to Kabalantian.

MU173001 016

   Spoken: Ne  sikanami  naan       de   se  nasame          kayit     Panganan. 
   Formal: Ne  sikanami  naan       de   se  nasame          kayi  te  Panganan  
 Phonemic: ne  sikanami  na­an      de­  se  nasame­         kai  #te  Pa¥anan   
  Lexemes: ne  sikanami  na­a   =-N de­  se  nA-  =same­     kai  #te  Pa¥anan   
  Lex POS: lnk pron      part   =– part cmk v_aff=?         dem  #cmk prop_n    
Lex Gloss: LNK 1pe_TOPIC so/then=– only F   P_ObF=left_over here #NF  Panganan  
 Word POS: lnk pron      part       part cmk v               dem   cmk prop_n    
Wrd Gloss: -   we(excl)  then       just the remained        here  at  Panganan  

So only us were left here at Panganan.

So there was only us left here at Panganan.

MU173001 017

   Spoken: Keneg kaayun               neg engkeran            ney        seinis     
   Formal: kene  egkaayun             ne  eg-engkeran         ney        seini  se  
 Phonemic: kene­ ­egka­ayun           ne  ­eg­e¥kedan         ney        se­ini#se  
  Lexemes: kene­ ­eg- =kA1- =­ayun    ne  ­eg- =­e¥ked =-an   ney        se­ini#se  
  Lex POS: adv   v_aff=v_aff=v_rt     lnk v_aff=v_rt   =v_aff pron       pron  #cmk 
Lex Gloss: not   NP   =INVOL=possible LNK NP   =abandon=LocF  1pe_NF(II) this  #F   
 Word POS: adv   v                    lnk v                   pron       pron  #cmk 
Wrd Gloss: not   possible             -   leave_behind        we(excl)   this  #the 

   Spoken: Panganan su         sikanami  iya  ka  kamuney kayit     Panganan. 
   Formal: Panganan su         sikanami  iya  ka  kamuney kayi  te  Panganan  
 Phonemic: Pa¥anan  su         sikanami  ­ia  ka2 kamuney kai  #te  Pa¥anan   
  Lexemes: Pa¥anan  su         sikanami  ­ia  ka2 kamuney kai  #te  Pa¥anan   
  Lex POS: prop_n   conj       pron      part cmk n       dem  #cmk prop_n    
Lex Gloss: Panganan because/so 1pe_TOPIC that F   owner   here #NF  Panganan  
 Word POS: prop_n   conj       pron      part cmk n       dem   cmk prop_n    
Wrd Gloss: Panganan because    we(excl)  that the owner   here  at  Panganan  

It's not possible that we would leave this Panganan because it is us who are the owners here at Panganan.

It wouldn't be possible for us to leave Panganan because we are the owners here.

MU173001 018

   Spoken: Su         ka  amey   ney        ne  malehet     iya  neg 
   Formal: su         ka  amey   ney        ne  malehet     iya  ne  
 Phonemic: su         ka2 ­amey  ney        ne  maleget     ­ia  ne  
  Lexemes: su         ka2 ­amey  ney        ne  mA1-=leget  ­ia  ne  
  Lex POS: conj       cmk n      pron       lnk aff =adj_rt part lnk 
Lex Gloss: because/so F   father 1pe_NF(II) LNK ADJR=true   that LNK 
 Word POS: conj       cmk n      pron       lnk adj         part lnk 
Wrd Gloss: because    the father ours(excl) -   correct     that -   

   Spoken: kahiyen           te  Biseye    ne  pupural, kamuney kahit      
   Formal: egkahiyen         te  Biseye    ne  pupural  kamuney kahi   te  
 Phonemic: ­egkagien         te  Biseye­   ne  pupudal  kamuney kagi  #te  
  Lexemes: ­eg- =kagi =-en   te  Biseye­   ne  pupudal  kamuney kagi  #te  
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt =v_aff cmk n         lnk adj      n       v_rt  #cmk 
Lex Gloss: NP   =speak=ObF   NF  Visayan   LNK original owner   speak #NF  
 Word POS: v                 cmk n         lnk adj      n       v     #cmk 
Wrd Gloss: say               by  lowlander -   original owner   gossip#-   

   Spoken: Matigsalug               kayit     Panganan ka  amey   ney.       
   Formal: Matigsalug               kayi  te  Panganan ka  amey   ney        
 Phonemic: Matigsalug               kai  #te  Pa¥anan  ka2 ­amey  ney        
  Lexemes: Matigsalug               kai  #te  Pa¥anan  ka2 ­amey  ney        
  Lex POS: prop_n                   dem  #cmk prop_n   cmk n      pron       
Lex Gloss: those_by_the_Salug_river here #NF  Panganan F   father 1pe_NF(II) 
 Word POS: prop_n                   dem   cmk prop_n   cmk n      pron       
Wrd Gloss: Matigsalug               here  at  Panganan the father ours(excl) 

Because our father is the correct original ("pupural" in Visayan) owner here at Matigsalug, here at Panganan, our father.

Because our father is the correct original ("pupural" in Visayan) owner here by the Salug, here at Panganan.

I'm told that "pupural" is genuine Matigsalug and not Visayan.

MU173001 019

   Spoken: Su         sikanami  naan       des      naanak      ne  keneg 
   Formal: su         sikanami  naan       de   se  naanak      ne  kene  
 Phonemic: su         sikanami  na­an      de­ #se  na­anak     ne  kene­ 
  Lexemes: su         sikanami  na­a   =-N de­ #se  nA-  =­anak ne  kene­ 
  Lex POS: conj       pron      part   =– part#cmk v_aff=n     lnk adv   
Lex Gloss: because/so 1pe_TOPIC so/then=– only#F   P_ObF=child LNK not   
 Word POS: conj       pron      part       part#cmk v           lnk adv   
Wrd Gloss: because    we(excl)  then       just#the born        -   not   

   Spoken: kaayun               neg gendiye        key      te  mariyu,     gendiye  
   Formal: egkaayun             ne  eggendiye      key      te  mariyu      gendiye  
 Phonemic: ­egka­ayun           ne  ­eghendie­     key      te  madiyu­     hendie­  
  Lexemes: ­eg- =kA1- =­ayun    ne  ­eg- =hendie­  key      te  mA1-=diyu­  hendie­  
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_aff=v_rt     lnk v_aff=v_rt     pron     cmk aff =adj_rt v_rt     
Lex Gloss: NP   =INVOL=possible LNK NP   =go_there 1pe_F    NF  ADJR=far    go_there 
 Word POS: v                    lnk v              pron     cmk adj         v        
Wrd Gloss: possible             -   go_there       we(excl) to  far         go_there 

   Spoken: key      te  sabekan    inged.  
   Formal: key      te  sabeka ne  inged   
 Phonemic: key      te  sabeka#ne  ­i¥ed   
  Lexemes: key      te  sabeka#ne  ­i¥ed   
  Lex POS: pron     cmk num   #lnk n       
Lex Gloss: 1pe_F    NF  one   #LNK village 
 Word POS: pron     cmk num   #lnk n       
Wrd Gloss: we(excl) to  one   #-   village 

Because only us that are born, it's not possible that we go far away, go away to one place.

Because those of us that are left, it's not possible for us to go to another place far away.

MU173001 020

   Spoken: Su         sikanaming ki               Dikuy, Umilis, wey  siaken   
   Formal: su         sikanami   ki               Dikuy  Umilis  wey  siaken   
 Phonemic: su         sikanami   ki2              Dikuy  ­Umilis wey  si­aken  
  Lexemes: su         sikanami   ki2              Dikuy  ­Umilis wey  si­aken  
  Lex POS: conj       pron       cmk              prop_n prop_n  conj pron     
Lex Gloss: because/so 1pe_TOPIC  NF(III)_PERS(sg) Dicoy  Umilis  and  1s_TOPIC 
 Word POS: conj       pron       cmk              prop_n prop_n  conj pron     
Wrd Gloss: because    we(excl)   -                Dicoy  Umilis  and  myself   

   Spoken: pendiye       te  atebey                ney,       se  anak     ney,       
   Formal: pendiye       te  atebey                ney        se  anak     ney        
 Phonemic: pehendie­     te  ­atebey               ney        se  ­anak    ney        
  Lexemes: pehendie­     te  ­atebey               ney        se  ­anak    ney        
  Lex POS: ?             cmk n                     pron       cmk n        pron       
Lex Gloss: towards_there NF  female_sibling/cousin 1pe_NF(II) F   child    1pe_NF(II) 
 Word POS: adj           cmk n                     pron       cmk n        pron       
Wrd Gloss: towards_there to  sister                ours(excl) the children ours(excl) 

   Spoken: se  apu        ney,       keneg kaayun               neg 
   Formal: se  apu        ney        kene  egkaayun             ne  
 Phonemic: se  ­apu­      ney        kene­ ­egka­ayun           ne  
  Lexemes: se  ­apu­      ney        kene­ ­eg- =kA1- =­ayun    ne  
  Lex POS: cmk n          pron       adv   v_aff=v_aff=v_rt     lnk 
Lex Gloss: F   chickenpox 1pe_NF(II) not   NP   =INVOL=possible LNK 
 Word POS: cmk n          pron       adv   v                    lnk 
Wrd Gloss: the chickenpox ours(excl) not   possible             -   

   Spoken: kaware            kayit     Panganan su         iyan malehet     ne  
   Formal: egkaware          kayi  te  Panganan su         iyan malehet     ne  
 Phonemic: ­egkawade­        kai  #te  Pa¥anan  su         ­ian maleget     ne  
  Lexemes: ­eg- =kA1- =wade­ kai  #te  Pa¥anan  su         ­ian mA1-=leget  ne  
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_aff=adv   dem  #cmk prop_n   conj       dem  aff =adj_rt lnk 
Lex Gloss: NP   =INVOL=no    here #NF  Panganan because/so that ADJR=true   LNK 
 Word POS: v                 dem   cmk prop_n   conj       dem  adj         lnk 
Wrd Gloss: become_none       here  at  Panganan because    that correct     -   

   Spoken: kamuney kayit     Panganan. 
   Formal: kamuney kayi  te  Panganan  
 Phonemic: kamuney kai  #te  Pa¥anan   
  Lexemes: kamuney kai  #te  Pa¥anan   
  Lex POS: n       dem  #cmk prop_n    
Lex Gloss: owner   here #NF  Panganan  
 Word POS: n       dem   cmk prop_n    
Wrd Gloss: owner   here  at  Panganan  

Because Dicoy, Umilis and myself, down to our sisters, our children, our grandchildren, it's not possible to not be here at Panganan because they are the correct owners here at Panganan.

Because it's not possible that Dicoy, Umilis and myself, including our sisters, our children, our grandchildren, to not be here at Panganan because we are the correct owners here at Panganan.

MU173001 021

   Spoken: Su         sikas    amey   ney        ne  keneg kahuhud                
   Formal: su         sika se  amey   ney        ne  kene  egkahuhud              
 Phonemic: su         sika#se  ­amey  ney        ne  kene­ ­egkagugud             
  Lexemes: su         sika#se  ­amey  ney        ne  kene­ ­eg- =kA1- =gugud      
  Lex POS: conj       pron#cmk n      pron       lnk adv   v_aff=v_aff=v_rt       
Lex Gloss: because/so that#F   father 1pe_NF(II) LNK not   NP   =INVOL=tell_story 
 Word POS: conj       pron#cmk n      pron       lnk adv   v                      
Wrd Gloss: because    that#the father ours(excl) -   not   able_to_story          

   Spoken: ne  malehet     ne  matig-Panganan      ka  amey   rin       hantud te  
   Formal: ne  malehet     ne  matig-Panganan      ka  amey   rin       hantud te  
 Phonemic: ne  maleget     ne  matigPa¥anan        ka2 ­amey  din       hantud te  
  Lexemes: ne  mA1-=leget  ne  mA1-=tig- =Pa¥anan  ka2 ­amey  din       hantud te  
  Lex POS: lnk aff =adj_rt lnk aff =v_aff=prop_n   cmk n      pron      conj   cmk 
Lex Gloss: LNK ADJR=true   LNK ADJR=from =Panganan F   father 3s_NF(II) until  NF  
 Word POS: lnk adj         lnk adj                 cmk n      pron      conj   cmk 
Wrd Gloss: -   correct     -   from_Panganan       the father his       until  to  

   Spoken: apu               din,      ne  iyan iya  kamuney. 
   Formal: apu               din       ne  iyan iya  kamuney  
 Phonemic: ­apu­             din       ne  ­ian ­ia  kamuney  
  Lexemes: ­apu­             din       ne  ­ian ­ia  kamuney  
  Lex POS: n                 pron      lnk dem  part n        
Lex Gloss: grandparent/child 3s_NF(II) LNK that that owner    
 Word POS: n                 pron      lnk dem  part n        
Wrd Gloss: grandparent       his       -   that that owner    

Because that our fathers aren't able to say that it is correct that his father was from Panganan as far as his grandfather, and are the owner.

Because our fathers can't say that their fathers and grandfathers were from Panganan and are the owners.

i.e. they are deceased.

MU173001 022

   Spoken: Si         ame   Angguling nakapangasawa            ne  malehet     
   Formal: Si         ame   Angguling nakapangasawa            ne  malehet     
 Phonemic: si         ­ame­ ­A¥guli¥  nakapa¥asawa             ne  maleget     
  Lexemes: si         ­ame­ ­A¥guli¥  nAkA-      =paN- =­asawa ne  mA1-=leget  
  Lex POS: cmk        n     prop_n    v_aff      =v_aff=n      lnk aff =adj_rt 
Lex Gloss: F_PERS(sg) daddy Angguling P_INVOL_AgF=DISTR=spouse LNK ADJR=true   
 Word POS: cmk        n     prop_n    v                        lnk adj         
Wrd Gloss: -          dad   Angguling married_out              -   correct     

   Spoken: ki               ame   Gabew, te  amey   ni              Mangguwalis ne  
   Formal: ki               ame   Gabew  te  amey   ni              Mangguwalis ne  
 Phonemic: ki2              ­ame­ Gabew  te  ­amey  ni              Ma¥gualis   ne  
  Lexemes: ki2              ­ame­ Gabew  te  ­amey  ni              Ma¥gualis   ne  
  Lex POS: cmk              n     prop_n cmk n      cmk             prop_n      lnk 
Lex Gloss: NF(III)_PERS(sg) daddy Gabew  NF  father NF(II)_PERS(sg) Mangguwalis LNK 
 Word POS: cmk              n     prop_n cmk n      cmk             prop_n      lnk 
Wrd Gloss: -                dad   Gabew  -   father of              Mangguwalis -   

   Spoken: seeye      mig-ugpe     te  Pamulunan, matig-Lanipew           sikandan. 
   Formal: seeye      mig-ugpe     te  Pamulunan  matig-Lanipew           sikandan  
 Phonemic: se­eye­    mig­ugpe­    te  Pamulunan  matigLanipew            sikandan  
  Lexemes: se­eye­    mig- =­ugpe­ te  Pamulunan  mA1-=tig- =Lanipew      sikandan  
  Lex POS: dem        v_aff=v_rt   cmk prop_n     aff =v_aff=n            pron      
Lex Gloss: that_there P    =stay   NF  Pamulunan  ADJR=from =lanipew_tree 3p_F      
 Word POS: dem        v            cmk prop_n     adj                     pron      
Wrd Gloss: there      lived        at  Pamulunan  from_Lanipew            they      

Father Angguling truly married out to Father Gabew, to the father of Mangguwalis that lived there at Pamuluan, they were from Lanipew.

Father Angguling truly married out to Father Gabew, to the father of Mangguwalis that lived there at Pamuluan, they were from Lanipew.

MU173001 023

   Spoken: Si         ame   iya  ka  malehet     ne  matig-Panganan,     malehet     
   Formal: Si         ame   iya  ka  malehet     ne  matig-Panganan      malehet     
 Phonemic: si         ­ame­ ­ia  ka2 maleget     ne  matigPa¥anan        maleget     
  Lexemes: si         ­ame­ ­ia  ka2 mA1-=leget  ne  mA1-=tig- =Pa¥anan  mA1-=leget  
  Lex POS: cmk        n     part cmk aff =adj_rt lnk aff =v_aff=prop_n   aff =adj_rt 
Lex Gloss: F_PERS(sg) daddy that F   ADJR=true   LNK ADJR=from =Panganan ADJR=true   
 Word POS: cmk        n     part cmk adj         lnk adj                 adj         
Wrd Gloss: -          dad   that the correct     -   from_Panganan       correct     

   Spoken: ne  nakapangasawa,           iling   te  ware  nakapangasawa            
   Formal: ne  nakapangasawa            iling   te  ware  nakapangasawa            
 Phonemic: ne  nakapa¥asawa             ­ili¥   te  wade­ nakapa¥asawa             
  Lexemes: ne  nAkA-      =paN- =­asawa ­ili¥   te  wade­ nAkA-      =paN- =­asawa 
  Lex POS: lnk v_aff      =v_aff=n      v_rt    cmk adv   v_aff      =v_aff=n      
Lex Gloss: LNK P_INVOL_AgF=DISTR=spouse be_like NF  no    P_INVOL_AgF=DISTR=spouse 
 Word POS: lnk v                        adj     cmk adv   v                        
Wrd Gloss: -   married_out              like    -   no    married_out              

   Spoken: su         hentew ka  migdumaan         enni            ame   Gabew, ka  
   Formal: su         hentew ka  migdumaan         enni            ame   Gabew  ka  
 Phonemic: su         hentew ka2 migdumaan         ­enni           ­ame­ Gabew  ka2 
  Lexemes: su         hentew ka2 mig- =duma =-an   ­enni           ­ame­ Gabew  ka2 
  Lex POS: conj       pron   cmk v_aff=adj  =v_aff cmk             n     prop_n cmk 
Lex Gloss: because/so who    F   P    =other=LocF  NF(II)_PERS(pl) daddy Gabew  F   
 Word POS: conj       pron   cmk v                 cmk             n     prop_n cmk 
Wrd Gloss: because    who    the accompanied       by              dad   Gabew  the 

   Spoken: Masulug,    ka  ameyt      Masulug     ensi       Mangguwalis, si         
   Formal: Masulug     ka  amey   te  Masulug     ensi       Mangguwalis  si         
 Phonemic: Masulug     ka2 ­amey #te  Masulug     ­ensi      Ma¥gualis    si         
  Lexemes: mA1-=sulug  ka2 ­amey #te  mA1-=sulug  ­ensi      Ma¥gualis    si         
  Lex POS: aff =adj_rt cmk n     #cmk aff =adj_rt cmk        prop_n       cmk        
Lex Gloss: ADJR=many   F   father#NF  ADJR=many   F_PERS(pl) Mangguwalis  F_PERS(sg) 
 Word POS: prop_n      cmk n     #cmk prop_n      cmk        prop_n       cmk        
Wrd Gloss: Masulug     the father#of  Masulug     -          Mangguwalis  -          

   Spoken: ame.  
   Formal: ame   
 Phonemic: ­ame­ 
  Lexemes: ­ame­ 
  Lex POS: n     
Lex Gloss: daddy 
 Word POS: n     
Wrd Gloss: dad   

Father is the true one from Panganan, the one who truly married out, like one who didn't marry out, because who was the companion of Father Gabew, Masulug, and the father of Masulug and Mangguwalis, father.

Father is the true one from Panganan, the true one who married out but (stayed here) like one who didn't marry out and accompanied Gabew, Masulug, Masulug's father, and Mangguwalis.

Gabew, Masulug and Mangguwalis were powerful datus. Masulug means "many" and was a nickname because of his many wives.

It is the custom for a man to live and work for his parents-in-law. It would seem that Datu Umising was able to remain with his parents because his parents-in-law were so close.

MU173001 024

   Spoken: Su         miggendini      mig-uli                si         amet      
   Formal: su         miggendini      mig-uli                si         ame   te  
 Phonemic: su         mighendini      mig­uli­               si         ­ame­#te  
  Lexemes: su         mig- =hendini   mig- =­uli­            si         ­ame­#te  
  Lex POS: conj       v_aff=v_rt      v_aff=v_rt             cmk        n    #cmk 
Lex Gloss: because/so P    =come_here P    =return_home/heal F_PERS(sg) daddy#NF  
 Word POS: conj       v               v                      cmk        n    #cmk 
Wrd Gloss: because    came_here       returned_home          -          dad  #to  

   Spoken: kandin     ne  inged   kayit     Panganan ne  migdumaan         te  
   Formal: kandin     ne  inged   kayi  te  Panganan ne  migdumaan         te  
 Phonemic: kandin     ne  ­i¥ed   kai  #te  Pa¥anan  ne  migdumaan         te  
  Lexemes: kandin     ne  ­i¥ed   kai  #te  Pa¥anan  ne  mig- =duma =-an   te  
  Lex POS: pron       lnk n       dem  #cmk prop_n   lnk v_aff=adj  =v_aff cmk 
Lex Gloss: 3s_NF(III) LNK village here #NF  Panganan LNK P    =other=LocF  NF  
 Word POS: pron       lnk n       dem   cmk prop_n   lnk v                 cmk 
Wrd Gloss: his        -   village here  -   Panganan -   accompanied       -   

   Spoken: anuhang       din,      me     ipag                           din,      
   Formal: anuhang       din       me     ipag                           din       
 Phonemic: ­anuga¥       din       me1    ­ipag                          din       
  Lexemes: ­anuga¥       din       me1    ­ipag                          din       
  Lex POS: n             pron      adt    n                              pron      
Lex Gloss: parent-in-law 3s_NF(II) PLURAL sibling-in-law_of_opposite_sex 3s_NF(II) 
 Word POS: n             pron      adt    n                              pron      
Wrd Gloss: parent_in_law his       -      brother-in-law                 his       

   Spoken: me     uyang                  din.      
   Formal: me     uyang                  din       
 Phonemic: me1    ­uya¥                  din       
  Lexemes: me1    ­uya¥                  din       
  Lex POS: adt    n                      pron      
Lex Gloss: PLURAL brother-in-law_of_male 3s_NF(II) 
 Word POS: adt    n                      pron      
Wrd Gloss: -      brother-in-law         his       

Because father returned home here to his village here at Panganan accompanied by his parents-in-law, his sisters-in-law, his brothers-in-law.

Because father returned home here to his place here at Panganan accompanied by his parents-in-law and his brothers and sisters in-law.

MU173001 025

   Spoken: Sug        patulin           te  bate  kayit     Panganan, sit        
   Formal: su         egpatulin         te  bate  kayi  te  Panganan  si     te  
 Phonemic: su         ­egpatulin        te  bate­ kai  #te  Pa¥anan   se­ini#te  
  Lexemes: su         ­eg- =pA-  =tulin te  bate­ kai  #te  Pa¥anan   se­ini#te  
  Lex POS: conj       v_aff=v_aff=v_rt  cmk n     dem  #cmk prop_n    pron  #cmk 
Lex Gloss: because/so NP   =CAUS =grow  NF  child here #NF  Panganan  this  #NF  
 Word POS: conj       v                 cmk n     dem   cmk prop_n    pron  #cmk 
Wrd Gloss: because    cause_to_grow     -   child here  at  Panganan  this  #at  

   Spoken: Salug         su         migduruheng            si         ame   te  
   Formal: Salug         su         migduruheng            si         ame   te  
 Phonemic: Salug         su         migduduge¥             si         ­ame­ te  
  Lexemes: Salug         su         mig- =rdpCV-=duge¥     si         ­ame­ te  
  Lex POS: prop_n        conj       v_aff=v_aff =n         cmk        n     cmk 
Lex Gloss: Salug         because/so P    =-     =fish_trap F_PERS(sg) daddy NF  
 Word POS: prop_n        conj       v                      cmk        n     cmk 
Wrd Gloss: Salug_(river) because    made_fish_traps        -          dad   on  

   Spoken: Salug,        migtulin    langun ka  me     uyang                  
   Formal: Salug         migtulin    langun ka  me     uyang                  
 Phonemic: Salug         migtulin    la¥un  ka2 me1    ­uya¥                  
  Lexemes: Salug         mig- =tulin la¥un  ka2 me1    ­uya¥                  
  Lex POS: prop_n        v_aff=v_rt  adj    cmk adt    n                      
Lex Gloss: Salug         P    =grow  all    F   PLURAL brother-in-law_of_male 
 Word POS: prop_n        v           adj    cmk adt    n                      
Wrd Gloss: Salug_(river) grew_bigger all    the -      brother-in-law         

   Spoken: din,      me     ipag                           din.      
   Formal: din       me     ipag                           din       
 Phonemic: din       me1    ­ipag                          din       
  Lexemes: din       me1    ­ipag                          din       
  Lex POS: pron      adt    n                              pron      
Lex Gloss: 3s_NF(II) PLURAL sibling-in-law_of_opposite_sex 3s_NF(II) 
 Word POS: pron      adt    n                              pron      
Wrd Gloss: his       -      brother-in-law                 his       

Because he brought up the children here at Panganan, (by) this Salug, because father built fish traps on the Salug, and all his brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law grew bigger.

Because he brought up his children here at Panganan beside the Salug River, and he built fish traps on the river, and all his brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law grew bigger.

MU173001 026

   Spoken: Sika ka  keneg karuwa-ruwa                ne  malehet     ne  
   Formal: Sika ka  kene  egkaruwa-ruwa              ne  malehet     ne  
 Phonemic: sika ka2 kene­ ­egkaduadua                ne  maleget     ne  
  Lexemes: sika ka2 kene­ ­eg- =kA1- =rdpRT-=dua     ne  mA1-=leget  ne  
  Lex POS: pron cmk adv   v_aff=v_aff=v_aff =num     lnk aff =adj_rt lnk 
Lex Gloss: that F   not   NP   =INVOL=INT   =two     LNK ADJR=true   LNK 
 Word POS: pron cmk adv   v                          lnk adj         lnk 
Wrd Gloss: that the not   change_mind_back_and_forth -   correct     -   

   Spoken: matig-Panganan      si         ame.  
   Formal: matig-Panganan      si         ame   
 Phonemic: matigPa¥anan        si         ­ame­ 
  Lexemes: mA1-=tig- =Pa¥anan  si         ­ame­ 
  Lex POS: aff =v_aff=prop_n   cmk        n     
Lex Gloss: ADJR=from =Panganan F_PERS(sg) daddy 
 Word POS: adj                 cmk        n     
Wrd Gloss: from_Panganan       -          dad   

That's why (I) can't change (my) mind back and forwards that dad was truly from Panganan.

That's why I don't change my story back and forth as to whether dad really came from Panganan.

MU173001 027

   Spoken: Purisu     sikanami  se  anak     ne  mig-iling     key      re   due.  
   Formal: Purisu     sikanami  se  anak     ne  mig-iling     key      re   due   
 Phonemic: pudisu     sikanami  se  ­anak    ne  mig­ili¥      key      de­  du­e2 
  Lexemes: pudisu     sikanami  se  ­anak    ne  mig- =­ili¥   key      de­  du­e2 
  Lex POS: conj       pron      cmk n        lnk v_aff=v_rt    pron     part pron  
Lex Gloss: because_of 1pe_TOPIC F   child    LNK P    =be_like 1pe_F    only there 
 Word POS: conj       pron      cmk n        lnk v             pron     part pron  
Wrd Gloss: because_of we(excl)  the children -   copied        we(excl) just there 

Therefore, we the children, just copy that there.

Therefore, we the children, just follow that.

MU173001 028

   Spoken: Mabehat     key      neg ugpe         kayit     Panganan. 
   Formal: Mabehat     key      ne  eg-ugpe      kayi  te  Panganan  
 Phonemic: mabegat     key      ne  ­eg­ugpe­    kai  #te  Pa¥anan   
  Lexemes: mA1-=begat  key      ne  ­eg- =­ugpe­ kai  #te  Pa¥anan   
  Lex POS: aff =adj_rt pron     lnk v_aff=v_rt   dem  #cmk prop_n    
Lex Gloss: ADJR=heavy  1pe_F    LNK NP   =stay   here #NF  Panganan  
 Word POS: adj         pron     lnk v            dem   cmk prop_n    
Wrd Gloss: heavy       we(excl) -   live         here  at  Panganan  

We lived "heavily" here at Panganan.

We lived consistently (lit. heavily) here at Panganan.

The meaning is that they didn't move around, but were born in Panganan, lived there and died there.

MU173001 029

   Spoken: Wey  natuenan          ney        ka  ruheng    te  miggimu       
   Formal: Wey  natuenan          ney        ka  duheng    te  miggimu       
 Phonemic: wey  natu­enan         ney        ka2 duge¥     te  mighimu       
  Lexemes: wey  nA-  =tu­en=-an   ney        ka2 duge¥     te  mig- =himu    
  Lex POS: conj v_aff=v_rt =v_aff pron       cmk n         cmk v_aff=v_rt    
Lex Gloss: and  P_ObF=know =LocF  1pe_NF(II) F   fish_trap NF  P    =make/do 
 Word POS: conj v                 pron       cmk n         cmk v             
Wrd Gloss: and  knew_a_fact       we(excl)   the fish_trap -   made          

   Spoken: mig-iling     key      te  amey   ney        ne  
   Formal: mig-iling     key      te  amey   ney        ne  
 Phonemic: mig­ili¥      key      te  ­amey  ney        ne  
  Lexemes: mig- =­ili¥   key      te  ­amey  ney        ne  
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt    pron     cmk n      pron       lnk 
Lex Gloss: P    =be_like 1pe_F    NF  father 1pe_NF(II) LNK 
 Word POS: v             pron     cmk n      pron       lnk 
Wrd Gloss: copied        we(excl) to  father ours(excl) -   

   Spoken: maruruheng,                  su         langun teg kateu            neg 
   Formal: maruruheng                   su         langun te  egkateu          ne  
 Phonemic: maduduge¥                    su         la¥un  te  ­egkate­u        ne  
  Lexemes: mA2-     =rdpCV-=duge¥       su         la¥un  te  ­eg- =kA1- =te­u ne  
  Lex POS: v_aff    =v_Aff =n           conj       adj    cmk v_aff=v_aff=v_rt lnk 
Lex Gloss: INVOL_UnA=-     =fish_trap   because/so all    NF  NP   =INVOL=know LNK 
 Word POS: adj                          conj       adj    cmk v                lnk 
Wrd Gloss: know_how_to_build_fish_traps because    all    -   know_how         -   

   Spoken: duruheng               mig-iling     de   ki               ame.  
   Formal: egduruheng             mig-iling     de   ki               ame   
 Phonemic: ­egduduge¥             mig­ili¥      de­  ki2              ­ame­ 
  Lexemes: ­eg- =rdpCV-=duge¥     mig- =­ili¥   de­  ki2              ­ame­ 
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_aff =n         v_aff=v_rt    part cmk              n     
Lex Gloss: NP   =-     =fish_trap P    =be_like only NF(III)_PERS(sg) daddy 
 Word POS: v                      v             part cmk              n     
Wrd Gloss: make_fish_traps        copied        just -                dad   

And our knowledge about the fish traps, we copied our father who knew how to build fish traps, because everyone who knows how to build a fish trap, just copied father.

And our know-how about the fish traps came from copying our father who knew how to build fish traps, because everyone who knows how to build one just copied father.

A "duheng" is a large fish trap which effectively dams the full width of the river. There are a number of bamboo canals which the water is diverted through. The fish fall on the bamboo floor of the canal as the water rushes through and simply have to be picked up. Because of the massive size of the structure, the fish trap is a community project. Datu Umising lead the people of Panganan to construct one in 1990, but it only lasted a couple of months before being destroyed by a flood.

MU173001 030

   Spoken: Si         ame   iya  ka  malehet     ne  maruruheng                   
   Formal: Si         ame   iya  ka  malehet     ne  maruruheng                   
 Phonemic: si         ­ame­ ­ia  ka2 maleget     ne  maduduge¥                    
  Lexemes: si         ­ame­ ­ia  ka2 mA1-=leget  ne  mA2-     =rdpCV-=duge¥       
  Lex POS: cmk        n     part cmk aff =adj_rt lnk v_aff    =v_aff =n           
Lex Gloss: F_PERS(sg) daddy that F   ADJR=true   LNK INVOL_UnA=-     =fish_trap   
 Word POS: cmk        n     part cmk adj         lnk adj                          
Wrd Gloss: -          dad   that the correct     -   know_how_to_build_fish_traps 

   Spoken: wey  malehet     ne  masulug     se  natuenan,         seg 
   Formal: wey  malehet     ne  masulug     se  natuenan          se  
 Phonemic: wey  maleget     ne  masulug     se  natu­enan         se  
  Lexemes: wey  mA1-=leget  ne  mA1-=sulug  se  nA-  =tu­en=-an   se  
  Lex POS: conj aff =adj_rt lnk aff =adj_rt cmk v_aff=v_rt =v_aff cmk 
Lex Gloss: and  ADJR=true   LNK ADJR=many   F   P_ObF=know =LocF  F   
 Word POS: conj adj         lnk prop_n      cmk v                 cmk 
Wrd Gloss: and  correct     -   Masulug     the knew_a_fact       the 

   Spoken: pamalatik,             seg paniyal,             seg panahasu,            
   Formal: egpamalatik            se  egpaniyal            se  egpanahasu           
 Phonemic: ­egpamalatik           se  ­egpanial            se  ­egpanagasu          
  Lexemes: ­eg- =paN- =balatik    se  ­eg- =paN- =sial     se  ­eg- =panagasu       
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_aff=n          cmk v_aff=v_aff=v        cmk v_aff=v_rt           
Lex Gloss: NP   =DISTR=spear-trap F   NP   =DISTR=trap_pig F   NP   =hunt_with_dogs 
 Word POS: v                      cmk v                    cmk v                    
Wrd Gloss: make_spear_traps       the trap_pigs            the hunt_with_dogs       

   Spoken: ne  natuenan          ni              ame.  
   Formal: ne  natuenan          ni              ame   
 Phonemic: ne  natu­enan         ni              ­ame­ 
  Lexemes: ne  nA-  =tu­en=-an   ni              ­ame­ 
  Lex POS: lnk v_aff=v_rt =v_aff cmk             n     
Lex Gloss: LNK P_ObF=know =LocF  NF(II)_PERS(sg) daddy 
 Word POS: lnk v                 cmk             n     
Wrd Gloss: -   knew_a_fact       of              dad   

Father was the one who really knew how to make fish traps, and who truly knew a lot of things - how to make spear traps, buried traps, and hunting with dogs was the knowledge of father.

Father was the one who really knew how to make fish traps, and who truly knew a lot of things. e.g. how to make spear traps and buried traps and how to hunt with dogs.

Usually pigs are what is being hunted, although in the old time, there would have been a lot more deer and monkeys.

MU173001 031

   Spoken: Bebaley      te  rakel,   neg kamet       te  maluag      ne  
   Formal: Bebaley      te  dakel    ne  egkamet     te  maluag      ne  
 Phonemic: bebaley      te  dakel    ne  ­egkamet    te  malu­ag     ne  
  Lexemes: rdpCV-=baley te  dakel    ne  ­eg- =kamet te  mA1-=lu­ag  ne  
  Lex POS: v_aff =n     cmk adj      lnk v_aff=n     cmk aff =adj_rt lnk 
Lex Gloss: -     =house NF  big/many LNK NP   =field NF  ADJR=wide   LNK 
 Word POS: v            cmk adj      lnk v           cmk adj         lnk 
Wrd Gloss: build        -   big      -   clear_field -   wide        -   

   Spoken: natuenan          din  wey  egpanganuhang             sikandin te  
   Formal: natuenan          din  wey  egpanganuhang             sikandin te  
 Phonemic: natu­enan         din  wey  ­egpa¥anuga¥              sikandin te  
  Lexemes: nA-  =tu­en=-an   din  wey  ­eg- =paN- =­anuga¥       sikandin te  
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt =v_aff pron conj v_aff=v_aff=n             pron     cmk 
Lex Gloss: P_ObF=know =LocF  3s_F and  NP   =DISTR=parent-in-law 3s_F     NF  
 Word POS: v                 pron conj v                         pron     cmk 
Wrd Gloss: knew_a_fact       his  and  serve_parents-in-law      he       to  

   Spoken: anuhang       din, neg pangipag                                   te  
   Formal: anuhang       din  ne  egpangipag                                 te  
 Phonemic: ­anuga¥       din  ne  ­egpa¥ipag                                 te  
  Lexemes: ­anuga¥       din  ne  ­eg- =paN- =­ipag                          te  
  Lex POS: n             pron lnk v_aff=v_aff=n                              cmk 
Lex Gloss: parent-in-law 3s_F LNK NP   =DISTR=sibling-in-law_of_opposite_sex NF  
 Word POS: n             pron lnk v                                          cmk 
Wrd Gloss: parent_in_law his  -   be_kind_to_sibling-in-law                  to  

   Spoken: ipag                           din,      minsan       nekey neg 
   Formal: ipag                           din       minsan nekey -     ne  
 Phonemic: ­ipag                          din       minsan_nekey -     ne  
  Lexemes: ­ipag                          din       minsan_nekey -     ne  
  Lex POS: n                              pron      pron         -     lnk 
Lex Gloss: sibling-in-law_of_opposite_sex 3s_NF(II) whatever     -     LNK 
 Word POS: n                              pron      pron         -     lnk 
Wrd Gloss: brother-in-law                 his       whatever     -     -   

   Spoken: keutel             din       ne  ngalap      ne  reisek  ne  
   Formal: egkeutel           din       ne  ngalap      ne  deisek  ne  
 Phonemic: ­egke­utel         din       ne  ¥alap       ne  de­isek ne  
  Lexemes: ­eg- =kA1- =­utel  din       ne  ¥alap       ne  de­isek ne  
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_aff=v_rt   pron      lnk n           lnk adj     lnk 
Lex Gloss: NP   =INVOL=obtain 3s_NF(II) LNK animal/meat LNK small   LNK 
 Word POS: v                  pron      lnk n           lnk adj     lnk 
Wrd Gloss: able_to_catch      he        -   meat        -   little  -   

   Spoken: igpakabehey         te  anuhang       din.      
   Formal: igpakabehey         te  anuhang       din       
 Phonemic: ­igpakabegey        te  ­anuga¥       din       
  Lexemes: ­ig-   =pAkA-=begey te  ­anuga¥       din       
  Lex POS: v_aff  =v_aff=v_rt  cmk n             pron      
Lex Gloss: NP_AccF=INVOL=give  NF  parent-in-law 3s_NF(II) 
 Word POS: v                   cmk n             pron      
Wrd Gloss: give                to  parent_in_law his       

Building a big house, clearing wide fields was his knowledge, and he served his parents-in-law and he was kind to his sisters-in-law - whatever little meat he was able to catch he would give to his parents-in-law.

He knew how to build a big house, clear wide fields, and he served his parents-in-law and was kind to his sisters-in-law - whatever little meat he was able to catch he would give to his parents-in-law.

MU173001 032

   Spoken: Sikak    panugtulen         kuk                        mengeanak eyew    
   Formal: sika ka  panugtulen         ku        ki               mengeanak eyew    
 Phonemic: sika#ka2 panugtulen         ku       #ki2              me¥e­anak ­eyew   
  Lexemes: sika#ka2 paN- =tugtul=-en   ku       #ki2              me¥e­anak ­eyew   
  Lex POS: pron#cmk v_aff=v_rt  =v_aff pron     #cmk              n         conj    
Lex Gloss: that#F   DISTR=tell  =ObF   1s_NF(II)#NF(III)_PERS(sg) nephew    so_that 
 Word POS: pron#cmk v                  poss_pron#cmk              n         conj    
Wrd Gloss: that#the story              my       #to               nephew    so_that 

   Spoken: katuenan          keureme   keg  uli                    diyet     
   Formal: katuenan          keureme   ke   eg-uli                 diye  te  
 Phonemic: katu­enan         ke­udeme­ ke   ­eg­uli­               die­ #te  
  Lexemes: kA1- =tu­en=-an   ke­udeme­ ke   ­eg- =­uli­            die­ #te  
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt =v_aff adv       conj v_aff=v_rt             dem  #cmk 
Lex Gloss: INVOL=know =LocF  future    if   NP   =return_home/heal there#NF  
 Word POS: v                 adv       conj v                      dem  #cmk 
Wrd Gloss: know              in_future if   return_home            there#at  

   Spoken: Nasilan     sikandin neg man-e katuenan          se  huhuren          
   Formal: Nasilan     sikandin ne  man-e katuenan          se  guhuren          
 Phonemic: Nasilan     sikandin ne  man­e katu­enan         se  guguden          
  Lexemes: Nasilan     sikandin ne  man­e kA1- =tu­en=-an   se  gugud     =-en   
  Lex POS: prop_n      pron     lnk adv   v_aff=v_rt =v_aff cmk v_rt      =v_aff 
Lex Gloss: New_Zealand 3s_F     LNK again INVOL=know =LocF  F   tell_story=ObF   
 Word POS: prop_n      pron     lnk adv   v                 cmk n                
Wrd Gloss: New_Zealand he       -   again know              the story            

   Spoken: te    Matigsalug               ligkat te   apu,              te   iney,  
   Formal: te    Matigsalug               ligkat te   apu               te   iney   
 Phonemic: te    Matigsalug               ligkat te   ­apu­             te   ­iney  
  Lexemes: te    Matigsalug               ligkat te   ­apu­             te   ­iney  
  Lex POS: cmk   prop_n                   v_rt   cmk  n                 cmk  n      
Lex Gloss: NF    those_by_the_Salug_river source NF   grandparent/child NF   mother 
 Word POS: cmk   prop_n                   v      cmk  n                 cmk  n      
Wrd Gloss: about Matigsalug               from   from grandparent       from mother 

   Spoken: te   apu               pad    te  apu               ney        te  seini  
   Formal: te   apu               pad    te  apu               ney        te  seini  
 Phonemic: te   ­apu­             pad    te  ­apu­             ney        te  se­ini 
  Lexemes: te   ­apu­             pad    te  ­apu­             ney        te  se­ini 
  Lex POS: cmk  n                 part   cmk n                 pron       cmk pron   
Lex Gloss: NF   grandparent/child INCOMP NF  grandparent/child 1pe_NF(II) NF  this   
 Word POS: cmk  n                 part   cmk n                 pron       cmk pron   
Wrd Gloss: from grandparent       still  of  grandparent       ours(excl) -   this   

   Spoken: bes      ka  panugtulen         te  Matigsalug.              
   Formal: bes      ka  panugtulen         te  Matigsalug               
 Phonemic: bes      ka2 panugtulen         te  Matigsalug               
  Lexemes: bes      ka2 paN- =tugtul=-en   te  Matigsalug               
  Lex POS: part     cmk v_aff=v_rt  =v_aff cmk prop_n                   
Lex Gloss: surprise F   DISTR=tell  =ObF   NF  those_by_the_Salug_river 
 Word POS: part     cmk v                  cmk prop_n                   
Wrd Gloss: SURPISE  the story              of  Matigsalug               

This is my story to nephew so that he knows in the future, if he returns there to New Zealand then he knows again the story of the Matigsalugs, from grandparents of mother, grandparents of our grandparents that this amazingly is the story of the Matigsalugs.

This is my story to nephew so that if he returns to New Zealand he knows the story of the Matigsalugs, from mother's grandparents to our grandparents' grandparents.

MU173001 033

   Spoken: Sein    naa     kuntee    siinis     Panganan perem    meupiye     e    
   Formal: Sein    naa     kuntee    seini  se  Panganan perem    meupiye     e    
 Phonemic: se­in   na­a    kunte­e   se­ini#se  Pa¥anan  pedem    me­upie     ­e   
  Lexemes: se­i=-N na­a    kunte­e   se­ini#se  Pa¥anan  pedem    mA1-=­upia  ­e   
  Lex POS: dem =– part    adv       pron  #cmk prop_n   part     aff =adj_rt part 
Lex Gloss: this=– so/then now/today this  #F   Panganan good_but ADJR=good   COMP 
 Word POS: dem     part    adv       pron  #cmk prop_n   part     adj         part 
Wrd Gloss: this    then    now       this  #the Panganan wish     good        COMP 

   Spoken: neg pitawen           su         langun te  nekeyn    impamula      
   Formal: ne  egpitawen         su         langun te  nekey ne  impamula      
 Phonemic: ne  ­egpitawen        su         la¥un  te  nekey#ne  ­impamula     
  Lexemes: ne  ­eg- =pitew=-en   su         la¥un  te  nekey#ne  ­iN-  =pamula 
  Lex POS: lnk v_aff=v_rt =v_aff conj       adj    cmk pron #lnk v_aff =v_rt   
Lex Gloss: LNK NP   =look =ObF   because/so all    NF  what #LNK P_AccF=plant  
 Word POS: lnk v                 conj       adj    cmk pron #lnk v             
Wrd Gloss: -   look              because    all    of  what #-   planted       

   Spoken: nakapamule         e    piru natengeran             te  aldew   ne  
   Formal: nakapamule         e    piru natengeran             te  aldew   ne  
 Phonemic: nakapamule         ­e   pidu nate¥edan              te  ­aldew  ne  
  Lexemes: nAkA-      =pamula ­e   pidu nA-  =te¥ed     =-an   te  ­aldew  ne  
  Lex POS: v_aff      =v_rt   part conj v_aff=conj      =v_aff cmk n       lnk 
Lex Gloss: P_INVOL_AgF=plant  COMP but  P_ObF=concerning=LocF  NF  sun/day LNK 
 Word POS: v                  part conj v                      cmk n       lnk 
Wrd Gloss: planted            COMP but  concerning             -   sun     -   

   Spoken: nasilaban         te  hapuy langun ne  naware      hantud kuntee,   
   Formal: nasilaban         te  hapuy langun ne  naware      hantud kuntee    
 Phonemic: nasilaban         te  hapuy la¥un  ne  nawade­     hantud kunte­e   
  Lexemes: nA-  =silab=-an   te  hapuy la¥un  ne  nA-  =wade­ hantud kunte­e   
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt =v_aff cmk n     adj    lnk v_aff=adv   conj   adv       
Lex Gloss: P_ObF=burn =LocF  NF  fire  all    LNK P_ObF=no    until  now/today 
 Word POS: v                 cmk n     adj    lnk v           conj   adv       
Wrd Gloss: burnt             -   fire  all    -   all_gone    until  today     

   Spoken: eg-iling      buwa  sis        aldew.  
   Formal: eg-iling      buwa  si     se  aldew   
 Phonemic: ­eg­ili¥      bua   se­ini#se  ­aldew  
  Lexemes: ­eg- =­ili¥   bua   se­ini#se  ­aldew  
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt    part  pron  #cmk n       
Lex Gloss: NP   =be_like maybe this  #F   sun/day 
 Word POS: v             part  pron  #cmk n       
Wrd Gloss: copy          maybe this  #the sun     

So just this now, this Panganan would have been already good to look at because whatever could have been planted had been planted, but due to the sun and being burnt by fire, all is gone until now this sun is perhaps copying again.

So Panganan would have already been good to look at by now because whatever could have been planted had been planted, but due to the sun and being burnt by fire, all is gone and now it looks like the sun is perhaps going to repeat it again.

At the time of taping this story, it was very dry.

MU173001 034

   Spoken: Sikan   naa     ka  igpakalalag         ku        ki               
   Formal: Sikan   naa     ka  igpakalalag         ku        ki               
 Phonemic: sikan   na­a    ka2 ­igpakalalag        ku        ki2              
  Lexemes: sika=-N na­a    ka2 ­ig-   =pAkA-=lalag ku        ki2              
  Lex POS: pron=– part    cmk v_aff  =v_aff=v_rt  pron      cmk              
Lex Gloss: that=– so/then F   NP_AccF=INVOL=say   1s_NF(II) NF(III)_PERS(sg) 
 Word POS: dem     part    cmk v                   pron      cmk              
Wrd Gloss: that    then    the want_to_say         I         to               

   Spoken: mengeanak te  sikeykew   seg kaayun               neg pakabehey         
   Formal: mengeanak te  sikeykew   se  egkaayun             ne  egpakabehey       
 Phonemic: me¥e­anak te  sikeykew   se  ­egka­ayun           ne  ­egpakabegey      
  Lexemes: me¥e­anak te  sikeykew   se  ­eg- =kA1- =­ayun    ne  ­eg- =pAkA-=begey 
  Lex POS: n         cmk pron       cmk v_aff=v_aff=v_rt     lnk v_aff=v_aff=v_rt  
Lex Gloss: nephew    NF  2s_TOPIC   F   NP   =INVOL=possible LNK NP   =INVOL=give  
 Word POS: n         cmk pron       cmk v                    lnk v                 
Wrd Gloss: nephew    -   as_for_you the possible             -   able_to_give      

   Spoken: ke   rueg     buyuen              ku,       su       eyewg 
   Formal: ke   due      egbuyuen            ku        su eyew  -     
 Phonemic: ke   du­e1    ­egbuyu­en          ku        su_­eyew -     
  Lexemes: ke   du­e1    ­eg- =buyu­  =-en   ku        su_­eyew -     
  Lex POS: conj psd_v    v_aff=v_rt   =v_aff pron      conj     -     
Lex Gloss: if   there_is NP   =ask_for=ObF   1s_NF(II) so_that  -     
 Word POS: conj psd_v    v                   pron      conj     -     
Wrd Gloss: if   there_is request             I         so_that  -     

   Spoken: kagastu           ku        teg gimu          igdesen              
   Formal: egkagastu         ku        te  eggimu        igdesen              
 Phonemic: ­egkagastu        ku        te  ­eghimu       ­igdesen             
  Lexemes: ­eg- =kA1- =gastu ku        te  ­eg- =himu    ­ig-   =desen        
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_aff=?     pron      cmk v_aff=v_rt    v_aff  =v_rt         
Lex Gloss: NP   =INVOL=spend 1s_NF(II) NF  NP   =make/do NP_AccF=feed_workers 
 Word POS: v                 pron      cmk v             v                    
Wrd Gloss: feed_others       I         for make/do       feed                 

   Spoken: ku        teg gimu.         
   Formal: ku        te  eggimu        
 Phonemic: ku        te  ­eghimu       
  Lexemes: ku        te  ­eg- =himu    
  Lex POS: pron      cmk v_aff=v_rt    
Lex Gloss: 1s_NF(II) NF  NP   =make/do 
 Word POS: pron      cmk v             
Wrd Gloss: I         for make/do       

Just that is what I want to say to nephew, because you are the one who is possible to help if there is something I ask you for so that I can feed others who work - something to feed the workers.

That's what I want to say to nephew, because you can help if there's something I ask you for so that I can pay workers (in the field) by feeding them.

Datu Umising sees us as a source of wealth which he can just tap into - in Matigsalug culture, whoever has wealth is obliged to share it.

Note the pronoun shift to become more personal - originally he was perhaps speaking to the tape recorder, and I was "nephew" and then suddenly it became "you".

MU173001 035

   Spoken: Dueng    ku        re   igtaman.      
   Formal: duen     ku        re   igtaman       
 Phonemic: du­en    ku        de­  ­igtaman      
  Lexemes: du­e2=-N ku        de­  ­ig-   =taman 
  Lex POS: pron =– pron      part v_aff  =adv   
Lex Gloss: there=– 1s_NF(II) only NP_AccF=until 
 Word POS: dem      pron      part v             
Wrd Gloss: there    I         just finish        

There I will finish.

I will finish there.

A conventional ending.

MU173001 036

   Spoken: Meupiya     ne  meudtu.     
   Formal: meupiya     ne  meudtu      
 Phonemic: me­upia     ne  me­udtu     
  Lexemes: mA1-=­upia  ne  mA1-=­udtu  
  Lex POS: aff =adj_rt lnk aff =n      
Lex Gloss: ADJR=good   LNK ADJR=zenith 
 Word POS: v           lnk n           
Wrd Gloss: good        -   noon        

Good noon.

Good day.