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for someone (eg-engked, mig-engked/in-engked, engked, agent, eg><ø-) to discard, abandon, or stop doing something (eg-engkeran, in-engkeran/mig-engkeran/pig-engkeran, engkeri, location, eg><an-)
Eg-engked ad e ka eggilamun su maapun e amana.
I'll stop now weeding for its getting dark.
Eg-engkeran ku ka lapek.
I am discarding the garbage.
Engkeri niyu ka salè niyu.
Leave aside your sins.
Eg-engked e kuntee ka mekina.
The machine will be stopped later.
Eng. leave; stop; cease; desist; discard; abandon; desert; forsake; neglect; leave behind; left behind; get rid of; throw away
Tag. magtápon; tumígil; pára; hintô; pumánaw; yumáo
Ceb. hunong; lábay; bíyà; panaw sa láing kalibútan
Ilo.: ibélleng; agsárdeng
OCM: Labor and Leisure (461), Acquisition and Relinquishment of Property (425), Dying (763)
Online dict status: -
Usage level: F
for someone (egpekeengked, nekeengked, agent, egpAkA-) to be accidentally left by someone else (egkeengkeran, neengkeran, location, egkA><an-)
Eng. leave, to (accidentally)
OCM: Dying (763)
DDP: Die (2.6.6)
Online dict status: -
Usage level: R
for a couple (egpeg-engkerey, migpeg-engkerey/impeg-engkerey, agent, egpeg><ey-) to separate each other
Impe-engkerey e ka alunggun su warè geyinawa ran te tagsè sabeka.
The couple separated (got a divorce) because they don't love each other.
Eng. separate; divorce; break up
DDP: Divorce (
Online dict status: -
Usage level: M
for someone (egpangengked, migpangengked/impangengked, agent, eg><ø-pA-) to keep on leaving someone (e.g.,wife or husband)
Eng. keep on leaving
Online dict status: -
Usage level: M

Last updated: 03/May/2017

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