Morning Darkness


TITLE Morning Darkness

SPEAKER Datu Umising Angguling

PLACE Panganan, Bukidnon

DATE November 21, 1990.

CASSETTE #MS12B4 (Just over half-way through)

AUDIENCE Recorded in my office

TRANSCRIBED Aurelio Linggan


MU132001 001

   Spoken: Seini se  pangguhureng           ku        te  seini ne  kaseleman.    
   Formal: Seini se  pangguhuren            ku        te  seini ne  kaseleman     
 Phonemic: se­ini se  pa¥guguden             ku        te  se­ini ne  kaseleman     
  Lexemes: se­ini se  paN- =gugud     =-en   ku        te  se­ini ne  kA><an-=selem 
  Lex POS: pron  cmk v_aff=v_rt      =v_aff pron      cmk pron  lnk v_aff  =v_rt  
Lex Gloss: this  F   DISTR=tell_story=ObF   1s_NF(II) NF  this  LNK NOM    =early 
 Word POS: pron  cmk n                      poss_pron cmk pron  lnk n             
Wrd Gloss: this  the story                  my        on  this  -   morning       

This is my story on this morning.

This is my story this morning.

This was later in the morning after it thundered and became dark around 7:00am - very unusual for Panganan.

MU132001 002

   Spoken: Ware  pad    guhuren          te  apu               ney        wey  amey   
   Formal: Ware  pad    guhuren          te  apu               ney        wey  amey   
 Phonemic: wade­  pad    guguden          te  ­apu­               ney        wey  ­amey  
  Lexemes: wade­  pad    gugud     =-en   te  ­apu­               ney        wey  ­amey  
  Lex POS: adv   part   v_rt      =v_aff cmk n                 pron       conj n      
Lex Gloss: no    INCOMP tell_story=ObF   NF  grandparent/child 1pe_NF(II) and  father 
 Word POS: adv   part   n                cmk n                 pron       conj n      
Wrd Gloss: not   still  story            of  grandchild        ours(excl) and  father 

   Spoken: ney        neg libed        ka  marusilem    te  maselem.   
   Formal: ney        ne  eglibed      ka  marusilem    te  maselem    
 Phonemic: ney        ne  ­eglibed      ka2 madusilem    te  maselem    
  Lexemes: ney        ne  ­eg- =libed   ka2 mA1-=dusilem te  mA1-=selem 
  Lex POS: pron       lnk v_aff=v_rt   cmk aff =n_rt    cmk aff =v_rt  
Lex Gloss: 1pe_NF(II) LNK NP   =return F   ADJR=night   NF  ADJR=early 
 Word POS: pron       lnk v            cmk n            cmk n          
Wrd Gloss: ours(excl) -   return       the night        in  morning    

There has not yet been a story of our grandparent and of our father that the night would return in the morning.

Up to now, our grandparents and parents have never said the that darkness would come back in the morning.

MU132001 003

   Spoken: Ware. 
   Formal: Ware  
 Phonemic: wade­ 
  Lexemes: wade­ 
  Lex POS: adv   
Lex Gloss: no    
 Word POS: adv   
Wrd Gloss: none  



MU132001 004

   Spoken: Kunteem      pad    ne  maselem    wey  sikanami  se  me     bate  
   Formal: kunteen      pad    ne  maselem    wey  sikanami  se  me     bate  
 Phonemic: kunte­en      pad    ne  maselem    wey  sikanami  se  me1    bate­ 
  Lexemes: kunte­e  =-N  pad    ne  mA1-=selem wey  sikanami  se  me1    bate­ 
  Lex POS: adv      =– part   lnk aff =v_rt  conj pron      cmk adt    n     
Lex Gloss: now/today=– INCOMP LNK ADJR=early and  1pe_TOPIC F   PLURAL child 
 Word POS: adv          part   lnk n          conj pron      cmk adt    n     
Wrd Gloss: today        still  -   morning    and  we(excl)  the -      child 

   Spoken: naan       de,  me     anak     naan       de   te  amey   ney,       
   Formal: naan       de   me     anak     naan       de   te  amey   ney        
 Phonemic: na­an       de­   me1    ­anak     na­an       de­   te  ­amey   ney        
  Lexemes: na­a   =-N  de­   me1    ­anak     na­a   =-N  de­   te  ­amey   ney        
  Lex POS: part   =– part adt    n        part   =– part cmk n      pron       
Lex Gloss: so/then=– only PLURAL child    so/then=– only NF  father 1pe_NF(II) 
 Word POS: part       part adt    n        part       part cmk n      pron       
Wrd Gloss: then       just -      children then       just of  father ours(excl) 

   Spoken: apu               te  apu               ney,       ne  rue      
   Formal: apu               te  apu               ney        ne  rue      
 Phonemic: ­apu­               te  ­apu­               ney        ne  du­e1    
  Lexemes: ­apu­               te  ­apu­               ney        ne  du­e1    
  Lex POS: n                 cmk n                 pron       lnk psd_v    
Lex Gloss: grandparent/child NF  grandparent/child 1pe_NF(II) LNK there_is 
 Word POS: n                 cmk n                 pron       lnk psd_v    
Wrd Gloss: grandparent       of  grandparent       ours(excl) -   there_is 

   Spoken: kein-inuwan            ney        te  ganna         ne  maselem.   
   Formal: kein-inuwan            ney        te  ganna         ne  maselem    
 Phonemic: ke­in­inuan              ney        te  ganna         ne  maselem    
  Lexemes: kA><an-=rdpCVC-=­inu    ney        te  ganna         ne  mA1-=selem 
  Lex POS: v_aff  =v_aff  =v_rt   pron       cmk adv           lnk aff =v_rt  
Lex Gloss: NOM    =INT    =marvel 1pe_NF(II) NF  earlier_today LNK ADJR=early 
 Word POS: n                      pron       cmk adv           lnk n          
Wrd Gloss: wonder                 we(excl)   -   earlier_today -   morning    

Just today in the morning, just us the children, just the children of our fathers, of the grandfathers of our grandfathers, there was something which amazed us earlier this morning.

Just earlier this morning, we, the descendants of our fathers and great-grandfathers, were totally amazed.

Datu Umising is a grown man with a married son and grandchildren of his own, but here he only thinks of himself as a child of his ancestors.

MU132001 005

   Spoken: Iyan kein-inuwan            ney        ganna,        mania te  
   Formal: Iyan kein-inuwan            ney        ganna         mania te  
 Phonemic: ­ian  ke­in­inuan              ney        ganna         mani­a te  
  Lexemes: ­ian  kA><an-=rdpCVC-=­inu    ney        ganna         mani­a te  
  Lex POS: dem  v_aff  =v_aff  =v_rt   pron       adv           ques  cmk 
Lex Gloss: that NOM    =INT    =marvel 1pe_NF(II) earlier_today why   NF  
 Word POS: dem  n                      pron       adv           ?     cmk 
Wrd Gloss: that wonder                 ours(excl) earlier_today why   -   

   Spoken: miglibed     ka  marusilem    te  maselem    ma?  
   Formal: miglibed     ka  marusilem    te  maselem    ma   
 Phonemic: miglibed     ka2 madusilem    te  maselem    ma   
  Lexemes: mig- =libed  ka2 mA1-=dusilem te  mA1-=selem ma   
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt   cmk aff =n_rt    cmk aff =v_rt  part 
Lex Gloss: P    =return F   ADJR=night   NF  ADJR=early DIM  
 Word POS: v            cmk n            cmk n          part 
Wrd Gloss: returned     the night        -   morning    DIM  

The thing which amazed us earlier is why did the night return when it was morning?

The thing which amazed us earlier is why did the night return when it was morning?

MU132001 006

   Spoken: Sika nakalalag         a    te  me     ruma      ku        te  
   Formal: Sika nakalalag         a    te  me     ruma      ku        te  
 Phonemic: sika nakalalag         ­a    te  me1    duma      ku        te  
  Lexemes: sika nAkA-      =lalag ­a    te  me1    duma      ku        te  
  Lex POS: pron v_aff      =v_rt  pron cmk adt    adj       pron      cmk 
Lex Gloss: that P_INVOL_AgF=say   1s_F NF  PLURAL other     1s_NF(II) NF  
 Word POS: pron v                 pron cmk adt    n         poss_pron cmk 
Wrd Gloss: that said              I    to  -      companion my        -   

   Spoken: tetemeg           kew     sug        dakelen              ka  ebel  
   Formal: tetemeg           kew     su         egdakelen            ka  ebel  
 Phonemic: tetemeg           kew     su         ­egdakelen            ka2 ­ebel 
  Lexemes: rdpCV-=temeg      kew     su         ­eg- =dakel   =-en    ka2 ­ebel 
  Lex POS: ***   =v_rt       pron    conj       v_aff=adj     =v_aff cmk n     
Lex Gloss: ***   =stoke_fire 2p_F    because/so NP   =big/many=ObF   F   smoke 
 Word POS: v                 pron    conj       v                    cmk n     
Wrd Gloss: stoke_fire        you(pl) because    become_big           the smoke 

   Spoken: su         seini kein-inuwan            seini ne  maselem    su         
   Formal: su         seini kein-inuwan            seini ne  maselem    su         
 Phonemic: su         se­ini ke­in­inuan              se­ini ne  maselem    su         
  Lexemes: su         se­ini kA><an-=rdpCVC-=­inu    se­ini ne  mA1-=selem su         
  Lex POS: conj       pron  v_aff  =v_aff  =v_rt   pron  lnk aff =v_rt  conj       
Lex Gloss: because/so this  NOM    =INT    =marvel this  LNK ADJR=early because/so 
 Word POS: conj       pron  n                      pron  lnk n          conj       
Wrd Gloss: because    this  wonder                 this  -   morning    because    

   Spoken: ma       teg latun       es       manuk   weyg kupkup      e    seg 
   Formal: ma       te  eglatun     e    se  manuk   wey  egkupkup    e    se  
 Phonemic: ma­       te  ­eglatun     ­e   #se  manuk   wey  ­egkupkup    ­e    se  
  Lexemes: mani­a    te  ­eg- =latun  ­e   #se  manuk   wey  ­eg- =kupkup ­e    se  
  Lex POS: ques     cmk v_aff=v     part#cmk n       conj v_aff=v_rt  part cmk 
Lex Gloss: why      NF  NP   =roost COMP#F   chicken and  NP   =brood COMP F   
 Word POS: int_pron cmk v           part#cmk n       conj v           part cmk 
Wrd Gloss: why      -   roost       COMP#the chicken and  brood       COMP the 

   Spoken: inahak           ne  manuk   su         marusilem    man-e. 
   Formal: eg-inahak        ne  manuk   su         marusilem    man-e  
 Phonemic: ­eg­inagak         ne  manuk   su         madusilem    man­e  
  Lexemes: ­eg- =­inagak      ne  manuk   su         mA1-=dusilem man­e  
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt       lnk n       conj       aff =n_rt    adv    
Lex Gloss: NP   =watch_over LNK chicken because/so ADJR=night   again  
 Word POS: v                lnk n       conj       n            adv    
Wrd Gloss: lead_young       -   chicken because    night        again  

That's (why) I said to my companions, to stoke up the fires to make lots of smoke because of this wonder this morning because the chickens had nested already and the mother hens had gathered together their chickens that they were leading around because it was dark again.

That's why I said to my companions, "Stoke up your fires to make lots of smoke," because of this event thait it became dark again and the chickens nested again and the mother hens gathered together their chickens that they had been leading around.

The fires would have been dying out after the completion of the morning meal. Because we are used to erratic weather in our home country, we had not noticed anything unusual except that it was a darkish morning. The old people believe that the smoke will keep away the evil spirits.

MU132001 007

   Spoken: Sika kag kahuhud                ku        su         ware  
   Formal: Sika ka  egkahuhud              ku        su         ware  
 Phonemic: sika ka2 ­egkagugud              ku        su         wade­ 
  Lexemes: sika ka2 ­eg- =kA1- =gugud       ku        su         wade­ 
  Lex POS: pron cmk v_aff=v_aff=v_rt       pron      conj       adv   
Lex Gloss: that F   NP   =INVOL=tell_story 1s_NF(II) because/so no    
 Word POS: pron cmk v                      pron      conj       adv   
Wrd Gloss: that the able_to_story          I         because    no    

   Spoken: guhuren          te  amey   ney        ne  miglibed     ka  marusilem    
   Formal: guhuren          te  amey   ney        ne  miglibed     ka  marusilem    
 Phonemic: guguden          te  ­amey  ney         ne  miglibed     ka2 madusilem    
  Lexemes: gugud     =-en   te  ­amey  ney         ne  mig- =libed  ka2 mA1-=dusilem 
  Lex POS: v_rt      =v_aff cmk n      pron       lnk v_aff=v_rt   cmk aff =n_rt    
Lex Gloss: tell_story=ObF   NF  father 1pe_NF(II) LNK P    =return F   ADJR=night   
 Word POS: n                cmk n      pron       lnk v            cmk n            
Wrd Gloss: story            of  father ours(excl) -   returned     the night        

   Spoken: teg kaliwaswas          e.   
   Formal: te  egkaliwaswas        e    
 Phonemic: te  ­egkaliwaswas        ­e   
  Lexemes: te  ­eg- =ka1- =liwaswas ­e   
  Lex POS: cmk v_aff=v_aff=v_rt    part 
Lex Gloss: NF  NP   =INVOL=dawn    COMP 
 Word POS: cmk v                   part 
Wrd Gloss: -   dawn                COMP 

That was what I said because there is no story of our father that the night returned when already dawn.

That was what I said because our father had never told us that the night returned after dawn.

MU132001 008

   Spoken: Kunteem      pad,   ne  neinu-inu           key.     
   Formal: kunteen      pad    ne  neinu-inu           key      
 Phonemic: kunte­en      pad    ne  ne­inu­inu          key      
  Lexemes: kunte­e   =-N pad    ne  nA-  =rdpRT-=­inu   key      
  Lex POS: adv      =– part   lnk v_aff=v_aff =v_rt   pron     
Lex Gloss: now/today=– INCOMP LNK P_ObF=INT   =marvel 1pe_F    
 Word POS: adv          part   lnk v                   pron     
Wrd Gloss: now          still  -   amazed              we(excl) 

Just today and we were amazed.

It was the first time today and we were amazed.

MU132001 009

   Spoken: Iyan neisip      ku        se  migpanubad           a    diye  te  
   Formal: Iyan neisip      ku        se  migpanubad           a    diye  te  
 Phonemic: ­ian  ne­isip     ku        se  migpanubad           ­a   die­  te  
  Lexemes: ­ian  nA-  =­isip ku        se  mig- =panubad        ­a   die­  te  
  Lex POS: dem  v_aff=v_rt  pron      cmk v_aff=v_rt           pron dem   cmk 
Lex Gloss: that P_ObF=think 1s_NF(II) F   P    =pray/sacrifice 1s_F there NF  
 Word POS: dem  v           pron      cmk v                    pron dem   cmk 
Wrd Gloss: that thought     I         the prayed/sacrificed    I    there -   

   Spoken: atubangan    te  Manama su       eyew kene  key      
   Formal: tangkaan     te  Manama su eyew  -    kene  key      
 Phonemic: ta¥ka­an     te  Manama su_­eyew -    kene­ key      
  Lexemes: ta¥ke­=-an   te  Manama su_­eyew -    kene­ key      
  Lex POS: adj   =v_aff cmk prop_n conj     -    adv   pron     
Lex Gloss: front =LocF  NF  God    so_that  -    not   1pe_F    
 Word POS: prep         cmk n      conj     -    neg   pron     
Wrd Gloss: front        of  God    so_that  -    not   we(excl) 

   Spoken: egkareetan               wey  ke  key      egkabehayan             te  
   Formal: egkareetan               wey  ke  key      egkabehayan             te  
 Phonemic: ­egkade­etan             wey  ke­ key      ­egkabegayan            te  
  Lexemes: ­eg- =kA1- =de­et =-an   wey  ke­ key      ­eg- =kA1- =begey=-an   te  
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_aff=adj_rt=v_aff conj adv pron     v_aff=v_aff=v_rt =v_aff cmk 
Lex Gloss: NP   =INVOL=bad   =LocF  and  not 1pe_F    NP   =INVOL=give =LocF  NF  
 Word POS: v                        conj adv pron     v                       cmk 
Wrd Gloss: become_bad               and  not we(excl) give                    -   

   Spoken: mareet      ne  lawa wey  mareet      ne  geyinawa. 
   Formal: mareet      ne  lawa wey  mareet      ne  geyinawa  
 Phonemic: made­et     ne  lawa wey  made­et     ne  geinawa   
  Lexemes: mA1-=de­et  ne  lawa wey  mA1-=de­et  ne  geinawa   
  Lex POS: aff =adj_rt lnk n    conj aff =adj_rt lnk n         
Lex Gloss: ADJR=bad    LNK body and  ADJR=bad    LNK breath    
 Word POS: adj         lnk n    conj adj         lnk n         
Wrd Gloss: bad         -   body and  bad         -   feeling   

I thought I'd pray there in front of God so that we wouldn't be destroyed and wouldn't be given a bad body and bad feelings.

I decided that I'd pray there in front of God so that we wouldn't be destroyed and wouldn't have our bodies made bad.

The Anit spirit causes thunder and storms if people offend it by laughing at animals, and can strike people with lightning or cause them to become hunchbacks. This is probably what they were afraid of.

MU132001 010

   Spoken: Su         iyan igkabehey           kanamit         Manama ne  ka  
   Formal: su         iyan igkabehey           kanami      te  Manama ne  ka  
 Phonemic: su         ­ian ­igkabegey          kanami     #te  Manama ne  ka2 
  Lexemes: su         ­ian ­ig-   =kA1- =begey kanami     #te  Manama ne  ka2 
  Lex POS: conj       dem  v_aff  =v_aff=v_rt  pron       #cmk prop_n lnk cmk 
Lex Gloss: because/so that NP_AccF=INVOL=give  1pe_NF(III)#NF  God    LNK F   
 Word POS: conj       dem  v                   pron       #cmk n      lnk cmk 
Wrd Gloss: so_that    that will_give           we(excl)   #by  God    -   the 

   Spoken: meupiya.    
   Formal: meupiya     
 Phonemic: me­upia     
  Lexemes: mA1-=­upia  
  Lex POS: aff =adj_rt 
Lex Gloss: ADJR=good   
 Word POS: v           
Wrd Gloss: good        

So that what God would give us would be the good.

So that what God would give us would be something good.

MU132001 011

   Spoken: Sikak    pangguhureng           ku        ne  miggen-gen   at       ahung 
   Formal: sika ka  pangguhuren            ku        ne  miggen-gen   a    te  ahung 
 Phonemic: sika#ka2 pa¥guguden             ku        ne  miggengen    ­a  #te  ­agu¥ 
  Lexemes: sika#ka2 paN- =gugud     =-en   ku        ne  mig- =gengen ­a  #te  ­agu¥ 
  Lex POS: pron#cmk v_aff=v_rt      =v_aff pron      lnk v_aff=v_rt   pron#cmk n     
Lex Gloss: that#F   DISTR=tell_story=ObF   1s_NF(II) LNK P    =hold   1s_F#NF  gong  
 Word POS: pron#cmk n                      poss_pron lnk v            pron#cmk n     
Wrd Gloss: that#the story                  my        -   held         I   #-   gong  

   Spoken: su         migbahung    at       ahung su         iyang ku        
   Formal: su         migbahung    a    te  ahung su         iyan  ku        
 Phonemic: su         migbagu¥     ­a  #te  ­agu¥ su         ­ian  ku        
  Lexemes: su         mig- =bagu¥  ­a  #te  ­agu¥ su         ­ian  ku        
  Lex POS: conj       v_aff=v_rt   pron#cmk n     conj       dem   pron      
Lex Gloss: because/so P    =strike 1s_F#NF  gong  because/so that  1s_NF(II) 
 Word POS: conj       v            pron#cmk n     conj       dem   pron      
Wrd Gloss: because    struck       I   #-   gong  because    that  I         

   Spoken: in-aahung           su       eyew seeye      se  mareet      ne  timpu neg 
   Formal: in-aahung           su eyew  -    seeye      se  mareet      ne  timpu ne  
 Phonemic: ­in­a­agu¥          su_­eyew -    se­eye­    se  made­et     ne  timpu ne  
  Lexemes: ­iN-  =rdpCV-=­agu¥ su_­eyew -    se­eye­    se  mA1-=de­et  ne  timpu ne  
  Lex POS: v_aff =***   =n     conj     -    dem        cmk aff =adj_rt lnk n     lnk 
Lex Gloss: P_AccF=***   =gong  so_that  -    that_there F   ADJR=bad    LNK time  LNK 
 Word POS: v                   conj     -    dem        cmk adj         lnk n     lnk 
Wrd Gloss: reason_gonged       so_that  -    there      the bad         -   time  -   

   Spoken: libed        se  marusilem    te  maselem    ne  meupiyak        geyinawa, 
   Formal: eglibed      se  marusilem    te  maselem    ne  meupiya     ka  geyinawa  
 Phonemic: ­eglibed     se  madusilem    te  maselem    ne  me­upia    #ka2 geinawa   
  Lexemes: ­eg- =libed  se  mA1-=dusilem te  mA1-=selem ne  mA1-=­upia #ka2 geinawa   
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt   cmk aff =n_rt    cmk aff =v_rt  lnk aff =adj_rt#cmk n         
Lex Gloss: NP   =return F   ADJR=night   NF  ADJR=early LNK ADJR=good  #F   breath    
 Word POS: v            cmk n            cmk n          lnk v          #cmk n         
Wrd Gloss: return       the night        in  morning    -   good       #the feeling   

   Spoken: meupiyak        isip    tenged     te  due      kalipayan     neg 
   Formal: meupiya     ka  isip    tenged     te  due      keelaan       ne  
 Phonemic: me­upia    #ka2 ­isip   te¥ed      te  du­e1    kehela­an     ne  
  Lexemes: mA1-=­upia #ka2 ­isip   te¥ed      te  du­e1    kA><an-=hele­ ne  
  Lex POS: aff =adj_rt#cmk v_rt    conj       cmk psd_v    v_aff  =v_rt  lnk 
Lex Gloss: ADJR=good  #F   think   concerning NF  there_is NOM    =happy LNK 
 Word POS: v          #cmk n       conj       cmk psd_v    n             lnk 
Wrd Gloss: good       #the thought concerning -   there_is happiness     -   

   Spoken: karineg           dini     te  seled  te  kantan          baley. 
   Formal: egkarineg         dini     te  seled  te  kanta       ne  baley  
 Phonemic: ­egkadineg        dini     te  seled  te  kanta      #ne  baley  
  Lexemes: ­eg- =kA1- =dineg dini     te  seled  te  kanta      #ne  baley  
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_aff=v_rt  loc_pron cmk n      cmk pron       #lnk n      
Lex Gloss: NP   =INVOL=hear  here     NF  inside NF  1pi_NF(III)#LNK house  
 Word POS: v                 loc_pron cmk n      cmk poss_pron  #lnk n      
Wrd Gloss: hear              here     -   inside of  our(incl)  #-   house  

That is my story and I held the gong because I struck the brass gong because the reason that I gonged was so that that in that evil time when night returned in the morning there would be good feelings and good thoughts since there was happiness heard here inside our house.

That's my story and I held the brass gong and struck it so that in that evil time when darkness returned in the morning, they would be good feelings and thoughts since there happiness could be heard inside our house.

The striking of the gong is to get the attention of Manama/God. The brass gongs have never been manufactured by Matigsalugs, but were bought further south off Muslim groups for horses.

MU132001 013

   Spoken: Sika mig-aahung         a    te  kararuwa             a    
   Formal: Sika mig-aahung         a    te  kararuwa             a    
 Phonemic: sika mig­a­agu¥         ­a   te  kadadua              ­a   
  Lexemes: sika mig- =rdpCV-=­agu¥ ­a   te  kA3-     =rdpCa-=dua ­a   
  Lex POS: pron v_aff=***   =n     pron cmk v_aff    =***   =num pron 
Lex Gloss: that P    =***   =gong  1s_F NF  ITERATIVE=***   =two 1s_F 
 Word POS: pron v                  pron cmk num                  pron 
Wrd Gloss: that gonged             I    -   two_times            I    

   Spoken: mig-aahung.        
   Formal: mig-aahung         
 Phonemic: mig­a­agu¥         
  Lexemes: mig- =rdpCV-=­agu¥ 
  Lex POS: v_aff=***   =n     
Lex Gloss: P    =***   =gong  
 Word POS: v                  
Wrd Gloss: gonged             

That's (why) I gonged - I gonged twice.

That's why I sounded the gong twice.

This doesn't mean two strikes, but rather two series of strikes.

MU132001 014

   Spoken: Igkatelu            ne  himu    ku        ne  eyew    
   Formal: Igkatelu            ne  himu    ku        ne  eyew    
 Phonemic: ­igkatelu           ne  himu    ku        ne  ­eyew   
  Lexemes: ­igkA-       =telu  ne  himu    ku        ne  ­eyew   
  Lex POS: v_aff        =num   lnk v_rt    pron      lnk conj    
Lex Gloss: NP_INVOL_AccF=three LNK make/do 1s_NF(II) LNK so_that 
 Word POS: ***                 lnk n       poss_pron lnk conj    
Wrd Gloss: thirdly             -   make/do my        -   so_that 

   Spoken: igkameupiyat                  geyinawa teg uyan        dutu  te  
   Formal: igkameupiya               te  geyinawa te  eg-uyan     dutu  te  
 Phonemic: ­igkame­upia             #te  geinawa  te  ­eg­uyan    dutu  te  
  Lexemes: ­ig-   =kA1- =mA1-=­upia #te  geinawa  te  ­eg- =­uyan dutu  te  
  Lex POS: v_aff  =v_aff=aff =adj_rt#cmk n        cmk v_aff=v_rt  dem   cmk 
Lex Gloss: NP_AccF=INVOL=ADJR=good  #NF  breath   NF  NP   =carry there NF  
 Word POS: v                        #cmk n        cmk v           dem   cmk 
Wrd Gloss: will_become_good         #-   feeling  to  bring       there -   

   Spoken: marusilem    neg pakarereet                kanta       ne  
   Formal: marusilem    ne  egpakarereet              kanta       ne  
 Phonemic: madusilem    ne  ­egpakadede­et            kanta       ne  
  Lexemes: mA1-=dusilem ne  ­eg- =pAkA-=rdpCV-=de­et  kanta       ne  
  Lex POS: aff =n_rt    lnk v_aff=v_aff=***   =adj_rt pron        lnk 
Lex Gloss: ADJR=night   LNK NP   =INVOL=***   =bad    1pi_NF(III) LNK 
 Word POS: n            lnk v                         pron        lnk 
Wrd Gloss: night        -   do_bad                    us(incl)    -   

   Spoken: migseut                at       kalasag, kulungkulung su       eyew 
   Formal: migseut                a    te  kalasag  kulungkulung su eyew  -    
 Phonemic: migse­ut               ­a  #te  kalasag  kulu¥kulu¥   su_­eyew -    
  Lexemes: mig- =se­ut            ­a  #te  kalasag  kulu¥kulu¥   su_­eyew -    
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt             pron#cmk n        n            conj     -    
Lex Gloss: P    =dance_with_spear 1s_F#NF  shield   rattle       so_that  -    
 Word POS: v                      pron#cmk n        n            conj     -    
Wrd Gloss: danced_with_spear      I   #-   shield   rattle       so_that  -    

   Spoken: meupiyak        geyinawa te  Manama ne  miggimu       kayit    tane,  
   Formal: meupiya     ka  geyinawa te  Manama ne  miggimu       kayi te  tane   
 Phonemic: me­upia    #ka2 geinawa  te  Manama ne  mighimu       kai #te  tane­  
  Lexemes: mA1-=­upia #ka2 geinawa  te  Manama ne  mig- =himu    kai #te  tane­  
  Lex POS: aff =adj_rt#cmk n        cmk prop_n lnk v_aff=v_rt    dem #cmk n      
Lex Gloss: ADJR=good  #F   breath   NF  God    LNK P    =make/do here#NF  earth  
 Word POS: adj        #cmk n        cmk n      lnk v             dem  cmk n      
Wrd Gloss: good       #the feeling  of  God    -   made          here -   ground 

   Spoken: miggimut          langit,    wey  egbantey     kanta       te  anak     
   Formal: miggimu       te  langit     wey  egbantey     kanta       te  anak     
 Phonemic: mighimu      #te  la¥it      wey  ­egbantey    kanta       te  ­anak    
  Lexemes: mig- =himu   #te  la¥it      wey  ­eg- =bantey kanta       te  ­anak    
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt   #cmk n          conj v_aff=v_rt   pron        cmk n        
Lex Gloss: P    =make/do#NF  sky/heaven and  NP   =watch  1pi_NF(III) NF  child    
 Word POS: v            #cmk n          conj v            pron        cmk n        
Wrd Gloss: made         #-   sky        and  look_after   us(incl)    -   children 

   Spoken: din       kayit    ampew  te  tane.  
   Formal: din       kayi te  ampew  te  tane   
 Phonemic: din       kai #te  ­ampew te  tane­  
  Lexemes: din       kai #te  ­ampew te  tane­  
  Lex POS: pron      dem #cmk n      cmk n      
Lex Gloss: 3s_NF(II) here#NF  top    NF  earth  
 Word POS: pron      dem  cmk n      cmk n      
Wrd Gloss: his       here on  top    of  ground 

The third thing I did to make the one who carries the darkness and was doing us bad feel good, was to dance with a spear and shield, rattle, so that the feeling of Manama was good, who made us his children here on top of the world.

The third thing that I did was to dance with a spear with a rattle and a shield so that the one who carries the darkness and was do bad to us would feel good, and also God who made us, his children, here on earth.

The rattle is attached to the blunt end of the spear and the sound effects add to the aura.

MU132001 015

   Spoken: Sika ka  pangguhureng           ku        ne  ware  pad    minsan        
   Formal: Sika ka  pangguhuren            ku        ne  ware  pad    minsan hentew 
 Phonemic: sika ka2 pa¥guguden             ku        ne  wade­ pad    minsan_hentew 
  Lexemes: sika ka2 paN- =gugud     =-en   ku        ne  wade­ pad    minsan_hentew 
  Lex POS: pron cmk v_aff=v_rt      =v_aff pron      lnk adv   part   pron          
Lex Gloss: that F   DISTR=tell_story=ObF   1s_NF(II) LNK no    INCOMP whoever       
 Word POS: pron cmk n                      poss_pron lnk adv   part   pron          
Wrd Gloss: that the story                  my        -   no    yet    whoever       

   Spoken: hentew ne  etew   ne  nakalibut            kayit    kalibutan mig-ugpe     
   Formal: -      ne  etew   ne  nakalibut            kayi te  kalibutan mig-ugpe     
 Phonemic: -      ne  ­etew  ne  nakalibut            kai #te  kalibutan mig­ugpe­    
  Lexemes: -      ne  ­etew  ne  nAkA-      =libut    kai #te  kalibutan mig- =­ugpe­ 
  Lex POS: -      lnk n      lnk v_aff      =v_rt     dem #cmk n         v_aff=v_rt   
Lex Gloss: -      LNK person LNK P_INVOL_AgF=encircle here#NF  world     P    =stay   
 Word POS: -      lnk n      lnk v                    dem  cmk n         v            
Wrd Gloss: -      -   person -   encircled            here -   world     lived        

   Spoken: kayi te  seled  te  kalibutan ne  migpangguhud           te  maselem    
   Formal: kayi te  seled  te  kalibutan ne  migpangguhud           te  maselem    
 Phonemic: kai  te  seled  te  kalibutan ne  migpa¥gugud            te  maselem    
  Lexemes: kai  te  seled  te  kalibutan ne  mig- =paN- =gugud      te  mA1-=selem 
  Lex POS: dem  cmk n      cmk n         lnk v_aff=v_aff=v_rt       cmk aff =v_rt  
Lex Gloss: here NF  inside NF  world     LNK P    =DISTR=tell_story NF  ADJR=early 
 Word POS: dem  cmk n      cmk n         lnk v                      cmk n          
Wrd Gloss: here in  inside of  world     -   told_story             -   morning    

   Spoken: ne  migluluhung.         
   Formal: ne  migluluhung          
 Phonemic: ne  miglulugu¥           
  Lexemes: ne  mig- =rdpCV-=lugu¥   
  Lex POS: lnk v_aff=***   =n       
Lex Gloss: LNK P    =***   =thunder 
 Word POS: lnk v                    
Wrd Gloss: -   thundered            

That is my story and no one yet, not anyone who has encircled the world or who lives inside this world has told a story about thundering in the morning.

That's my story, and no person who has been around the world or lives inside this world has ever yet said that it could thunder in the morning.

The original Matigsalug world view what that of a flat world with giants near the edges. This is rapidly changing with modern teaching, although they still have very little awareness of other customs, cultures and climates.

MU132001 016

   Spoken: Mig-awe            dutu  teg luluhung             neg karusilem           
   Formal: Mig-awe            dutu  te  egluluhung           ne  egkarusilem         
 Phonemic: mig­awe­           dutu  te  ­eglulugu¥           ne  ­egkadusilem        
  Lexemes: mig- =­awe­        dutu  te  ­eg- =rdpCV-=lugu¥   ne  ­eg- =kA1- =dusilem 
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt         dem   cmk v_aff=***   =n       lnk v_aff=v_aff=n_rt    
Lex Gloss: P    =remove/leave there NF  NP   =***   =thunder LNK NP   =INVOL=night   
 Word POS: v                  dem   cmk v                    lnk v                   
Wrd Gloss: removed            there -   thunder              -   become_dark         

   Spoken: e,   egkasagkup          e.   
   Formal: e    egkasagkup          e    
 Phonemic: ­e   ­egkasagkup         ­e   
  Lexemes: ­e   ­eg- =kA1- =sagkup  ­e   
  Lex POS: part v_aff=v_aff=v_rt    part 
Lex Gloss: COMP NP   =INVOL=to_dusk COMP 
 Word POS: part v                   part 
Wrd Gloss: COMP become_dark         COMP 

After the thunder is removed, it becomes night - becomes dusk.

After the thunder stops, it usually becomes dark.

This refers to the fact that it often thunders late afternoon.

MU132001 017

   Spoken: Neg kaliwaswas           man-e perem    ne  ma       teg 
   Formal: ne  egkaliwaswas         man-e perem    ne  ma       te  
 Phonemic: ne  ­egkaliwaswas        man­e pedem    ne  ma­      te  
  Lexemes: ne  ­eg- =ka1- =liwaswas man­e pedem    ne  mani­a   te  
  Lex POS: lnk v_aff=v_aff=v_rt     adv   part     lnk ques     cmk 
Lex Gloss: LNK NP   =INVOL=dawn     again good_but LNK why      NF  
 Word POS: lnk v                    adv   part     lnk int_pron cmk 
Wrd Gloss: -   dawn                 again wish     -   why      -   

   Spoken: kaayun               ne  egmarusilem.       
   Formal: egkaayun             ne  egmarusilem        
 Phonemic: ­egka­ayun           ne  ­egmadusilem       
  Lexemes: ­eg- =kA1- =­ayun    ne  ­eg- =mA1-=dusilem 
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_aff=v_rt     lnk v_aff=aff =n_rt    
Lex Gloss: NP   =INVOL=possible LNK NP   =ADJR=night   
 Word POS: v                    lnk v                  
Wrd Gloss: possible             -   become_night       

Then it dawns again so why is it possible to become night.

Then a new day dawns again so how come it's possible to become dark again.

MU132001 018

   Spoken: Sikan   naa     ka  kene  ne  sikeddi   de   se  neinu-inu           
   Formal: Sikan   naa     ka  kene  ne  sikeddi   de   se  neinu-inu           
 Phonemic: sikan   na­a    ka2 kene­ ne  sikeddi­  de­  se  ne­inu­inu          
  Lexemes: sika=-N na­a    ka2 kene­ ne  sikeddi­  de­  se  nA-  =rdpRT-=­inu   
  Lex POS: pron=– part    cmk adv   lnk pron      part cmk v_aff=v_aff =v_rt   
Lex Gloss: that=– so/then F   not   LNK 1s_TOPIC  only F   P_ObF=INT   =marvel 
 Word POS: dem     part    cmk neg   lnk pron      part cmk v                   
Wrd Gloss: that    then    the not   -   as_for_me just the amazed              

   Spoken: su         minsan        hentew, buyag      ne  
   Formal: su         minsan hentew -       buyag      ne  
 Phonemic: su         minsan_hentew -       buyag      ne  
  Lexemes: su         minsan_hentew -       buyag      ne  
  Lex POS: conj       pron          -       adj        lnk 
Lex Gloss: because/so whoever       -       elderly    LNK 
 Word POS: conj       pron          -       n          lnk 
Wrd Gloss: because    whoever       -       old_people -   

   Spoken: nakanengneng                pad    te  rengam   pad    ne  batasan    ne  
   Formal: nakanengneng                pad    te  rengan   pad    ne  batasan    ne  
 Phonemic: nakane¥ne¥                  pad    te  de¥an    pad    ne  batasan    ne  
  Lexemes: nAkA-      =ne¥ne¥          pad    te  de¥an    pad    ne  batasan    ne  
  Lex POS: v_aff      =v_rt            part   cmk adj      part   lnk n          lnk 
Lex Gloss: P_INVOL_AgF=know/understand INCOMP NF  past     INCOMP LNK custom/law LNK 
 Word POS: v                           part   cmk adj      part   lnk n          lnk 
Wrd Gloss: knew                        still  -   long_ago still  -   custom/law -   

   Spoken: neinu-inu           regma minsan   anggam Menugpal se  rengan   de   ne  
   Formal: neinu-inu           regma minsan   anggam Menugpal se  rengan   de   ne  
 Phonemic: ne­inu­inu          degma minsan   ­a¥gam menugpal se  de¥an    de­  ne  
  Lexemes: nA-  =rdpRT-=­inu   degma minsan   ­a¥gam menugpal se  de¥an    de­  ne  
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_aff =v_rt   adt   conj     n      prop_n   cmk adj      part lnk 
Lex Gloss: P_ObF=INT   =marvel also  even     uncle  Menugpal F   past     only LNK 
 Word POS: v                   adt   conj     n      prop_n   cmk adj      part lnk 
Wrd Gloss: amazed              also  although uncle  Menugpal the long_ago just -   

   Spoken: ratu       ne  nekeinu-inu               pad.   
   Formal: datu       ne  nekeinu-inu               pad    
 Phonemic: datu­      ne  neke­inu­inu              pad    
  Lexemes: datu­      ne  nAkA-      =rdpRT-=­inu   pad    
  Lex POS: n          lnk v_aff      =v_aff =v_rt   part   
Lex Gloss: chief/rich LNK P_INVOL_AgF=INT   =marvel INCOMP 
 Word POS: n          lnk v                         part   
Wrd Gloss: chieftain  -   amazed                    still  

So then it wasn't just me that was amazed because everyone - old people who still understand the old customs were also amazed - even Uncle Menugpal the former datu was still amazed.

But it wasn't just me who was amazed. Everyone, even the old people who still understand the old ways, and the former datu, Uncle Menugpal, were amazed.

Menugpal is probably the oldest living person in Panganan - maybe sixty years old.

MU132001 019

   Spoken: Emun    naag    kaliwaswas           e    su         egsile      es       
   Formal: emun    naa     egkaliwaswas         e    su         egsile      e    se  
 Phonemic: ­emun   na­a    ­egkaliwaswas        ­e   su         ­egsile­    ­e  #se  
  Lexemes: ­emun   na­a    ­eg- =ka1- =liwaswas ­e   su         ­eg- =sile­ ­e  #se  
  Lex POS: conj    part    v_aff=v_aff=v_rt     part conj       v_aff=v_rt  part#cmk 
Lex Gloss: if/when so/then NP   =INVOL=dawn     COMP because/so NP   =rise  COMP#F   
 Word POS: conj    part    v                    part conj       v           part#cmk 
Wrd Gloss: if      then    dawn                 COMP because    rise        COMP#the 

   Spoken: aldew.  
   Formal: aldew   
 Phonemic: ­aldew  
  Lexemes: ­aldew  
  Lex POS: n       
Lex Gloss: sun/day 
 Word POS: n       
Wrd Gloss: day     

Then it dawned because the sun rose.

Then it became dawn (again) because the sun rose.

MU132001 020

   Spoken: Seeye      mule       se  naliwaswas     ne  ma       teg 
   Formal: Seeye      mule       se  naliwaswas     ne  ma       te  
 Phonemic: se­eye­    mule­      se  naliwaswas     ne  ma­      te  
  Lexemes: se­eye­    mule­      se  nA-  =liwaswas ne  mani­a   te  
  Lex POS: dem        adt        cmk v_aff=v_rt     lnk ques     cmk 
Lex Gloss: that_there OPPOSITION F   P_ObF=dawn     LNK why      NF  
 Word POS: dem        adt        cmk v              lnk int_pron cmk 
Wrd Gloss: there      OPPOSITION the dawned         -   why      -   

   Spoken: kasagkup            e?
   Formal: egkasagkup          e    
 Phonemic: ­egkasagkup         ­e   
  Lexemes: ­eg- =kA1- =sagkup  ­e   
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_aff=v_rt    part 
Lex Gloss: NP   =INVOL=to_dusk COMP 
 Word POS: v                   part 
Wrd Gloss: become_dark         COMP 

That on the other hand it had dawned so why did it become dark?

But it had already dawned so why did it become dark?

MU132001 021

   Spoken: Ne  sika ka  kein-inuwan            te  sikanta   kuntee    se  me     
   Formal: Ne  sika ka  kein-inuwan            te  sikanta   kuntee    se  me     
 Phonemic: ne  sika ka2 ke­in­inuan            te  sikanta   kunte­e   se  me1    
  Lexemes: ne  sika ka2 kA><an-=rdpCVC-=­inu   te  sikanta   kunte­e   se  me1    
  Lex POS: lnk pron cmk v_aff  =v_aff  =v_rt   cmk pron      adv       cmk adt    
Lex Gloss: LNK that F   NOM    =INT    =marvel NF  1pi_TOPIC now/today F   PLURAL 
 Word POS: lnk pron cmk n                      cmk pron      adv       cmk adt    
Wrd Gloss: -   that the wonder                 of  as_for_us now       the -      

   Spoken: anak     naan       de   ne  nakabullas           nekeugpe           kayi 
   Formal: anak     naan       de   ne  nakabullas           nekeugpe           kayi 
 Phonemic: ­anak    na­an      de­  ne  nakabullas           neke­ugpe­         kai  
  Lexemes: ­anak    na­a   =-N de­  ne  nAkA-      =bullas   nAkA-      =­ugpe­ kai  
  Lex POS: n        part   =– part lnk v_aff      =v_rt     v_aff      =v_rt   dem  
Lex Gloss: child    so/then=– only LNK P_INVOL_AgF=exchange P_INVOL_AgF=stay   here 
 Word POS: n        part       part lnk v                    v                  dem  
Wrd Gloss: children then       just -   replaced             live               here 

   Spoken: te  kalibutan te  warad          ka  me     buyag      ne  amey   
   Formal: te  kalibutan te  warad          ka  me     buyag      ne  amey   
 Phonemic: te  kalibutan te  wadad          ka2 me1    buyag      ne  ­amey  
  Lexemes: te  kalibutan te  wade­=-d       ka2 me1    buyag      ne  ­amey  
  Lex POS: cmk n         cmk adv  =nonv_aff cmk adt    adj        lnk n      
Lex Gloss: NF  world     NF  no   =COMPL    F   PLURAL elderly    LNK father 
 Word POS: cmk n         cmk adt            cmk adt    adj        lnk n      
Wrd Gloss: on  world     -   no_more        the -      old_people -   father 

   Spoken: ta         wey  apu               ta.        
   Formal: ta         wey  apu               ta         
 Phonemic: ta         wey  ­apu­             ta         
  Lexemes: ta         wey  ­apu­             ta         
  Lex POS: pron       conj n                 pron       
Lex Gloss: 1pi_NF(II) and  grandparent/child 1pi_NF(II) 
 Word POS: poss_pron  conj n                 poss_pron  
Wrd Gloss: our(incl)  and  grandparent       our(incl)  

So that's what amazed us today, the children that replaced the ones living here in the world now that our old fathers and grandfathers are no longer.

So that's what amazed us today, us who are just the children of our old parents and grandparents and have replaced them on this earth.

It is possible to see from this the amount of respect that is given to the old people - I sense that the speaker although a grandfather himself feels lost without the knowledge that died with his ancestors.

MU132001 022

   Spoken: Ne  ware  ma   seeye      se  pangguhuren            dengan   te  me     
   Formal: Ne  ware  ma   seeye      se  pangguhuren            dengan   te  me     
 Phonemic: ne  wade­ ma   se­eye­    se  pa¥guguden             de¥an    te  me1    
  Lexemes: ne  wade­ ma   se­eye­    se  paN- =gugud     =-en   de¥an    te  me1    
  Lex POS: lnk adv   part dem        cmk v_aff=v_rt      =v_aff adj      cmk adt    
Lex Gloss: LNK no    DIM  that_there F   DISTR=tell_story=ObF   past     NF  PLURAL 
 Word POS: lnk adv   part dem        cmk n                      adj      cmk adt    
Wrd Gloss: -   not   DIM  there      the story                  long_ago -   -      

   Spoken: apu               ta.        
   Formal: apu               ta         
 Phonemic: ­apu­             ta         
  Lexemes: ­apu­             ta         
  Lex POS: n                 pron       
Lex Gloss: grandparent/child 1pi_NF(II) 
 Word POS: n                 poss_pron  
Wrd Gloss: grandparent       our(incl)  

There was no story like that long ago in the time of our grandparents.

There was no story like that long ago in the time of our grandparents.

MU132001 023

   Spoken: Kuntee    masulug     e    ka  kein-inuwan            su         rue      
   Formal: Kuntee    masulug     e    ka  kein-inuwan            su         rue      
 Phonemic: kunte­e   masulug     ­e   ka2 ke­in­inuan            su         du­e1    
  Lexemes: kunte­e   mA1-=sulug  ­e   ka2 kA><an-=rdpCVC-=­inu   su         du­e1    
  Lex POS: adv       aff =adj_rt part cmk v_aff  =v_aff  =v_rt   conj       psd_v    
Lex Gloss: now/today ADJR=many   COMP F   NOM    =INT    =marvel because/so there_is 
 Word POS: adv       prop_n      part cmk n                      conj       psd_v    
Wrd Gloss: now       Masulug     COMP the wonder                 because    there_is 

   Spoken: ka  egkahiyen         neg lekep         egkasagkup          kahit     
   Formal: ka  egkahiyen         ne  eglekep       egkasagkup          kahi  te  
 Phonemic: ka2 ­egkagien         ne  ­eglekep      ­egkasagkup         kagi #te  
  Lexemes: ka2 ­eg- =kagi =-en   ne  ­eg- =lekep   ­eg- =kA1- =sagkup  kagi #te  
  Lex POS: cmk v_aff=v_rt =v_aff lnk v_aff=v_rt    v_aff=v_aff=v_rt    v_rt #cmk 
Lex Gloss: F   NP   =speak=ObF   LNK NP   =eclipse NP   =INVOL=to_dusk speak#NF  
 Word POS: cmk v                 lnk v             v                   v    #cmk 
Wrd Gloss: the say               -   eclipse       become_dark         say  #-   

   Spoken: Matigsalug.              
   Formal: Matigsalug               
 Phonemic: Matigsalug               
  Lexemes: Matigsalug               
  Lex POS: prop_n                   
Lex Gloss: those_by_the_Salug_river 
 Word POS: prop_n                   
Wrd Gloss: Matigsalug               

Now there are many wonders because there is what's called eclipsing, becoming dark in Matigsalug.

There are many wonders, because there is also what's called an eclipse.

"eglekep" is Matigsalug so I don't know why he redefines it.

MU132001 024

   Spoken: Ne  malehet     ma   seeye      sug        sinugdan     ma   mule       
   Formal: Ne  malehet     ma   seeye      su         egbunsud     ma   mule       
 Phonemic: ne  maleget     ma   se­eye­    su         ­egbunsud    ma   mule­      
  Lexemes: ne  mA1-=leget  ma   se­eye­    su         ­eg- =bunsud ma   mule­      
  Lex POS: lnk aff =adj_rt part dem        conj       v_aff=v_rt   part adt        
Lex Gloss: LNK ADJR=true   DIM  that_there because/so NP   =begin  DIM  OPPOSITION 
 Word POS: lnk adj         part dem        conj       v            part adt        
Wrd Gloss: -   correct     DIM  there      because    begin        DIM  OPPOSITION 

   Spoken: te  uras  te  aldew,  egbunsud     kahit     Matigsalug               
   Formal: te  uras  te  aldew   egbunsud     kahi  te  Matigsalug               
 Phonemic: te  ­udas te  ­aldew  ­egbunsud    kagi #te  Matigsalug               
  Lexemes: te  ­udas te  ­aldew  ­eg- =bunsud kagi #te  Matigsalug               
  Lex POS: cmk n     cmk n       v_aff=v_rt   v_rt #cmk prop_n                   
Lex Gloss: NF  hour  NF  sun/day NP   =begin  speak#NF  those_by_the_Salug_river 
 Word POS: cmk n     cmk n       v            v    #cmk prop_n                   
Wrd Gloss: -   time  of  sun     begin        say  #-   Matigsalug               

   Spoken: egsinugdan   Biseye    pirug bunsud       Matigsalug.              
   Formal: egbunsud     Biseye    piru  egbunsud     Matigsalug               
 Phonemic: ­egbunsud    Biseye­   pidu  ­egbunsud    Matigsalug               
  Lexemes: ­eg- =bunsud Biseye­   pidu  ­eg- =bunsud Matigsalug               
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt   n         conj  v_aff=v_rt   prop_n                   
Lex Gloss: NP   =begin  Visayan   but   NP   =begin  those_by_the_Salug_river 
 Word POS: v            n         conj  v            prop_n                   
Wrd Gloss: begin        lowlander but   begin        Matigsalug               

Because it's correct that the time for the sun/day had started. ("sinugdan" in Cebuano but "bunsud" in Matigsalug).

Because it was the proper time for the day to start.

MU132001 025

   Spoken: Kuntee    ne  dakel    iyak     kein-inuwan            su         
   Formal: Kuntee    ne  dakel    iya  ka  kein-inuwan            su         
 Phonemic: kunte­e   ne  dakel    ­ia #ka2 ke­in­inuan            su         
  Lexemes: kunte­e   ne  dakel    ­ia #ka2 kA><an-=rdpCVC-=­inu   su         
  Lex POS: adv       lnk adj      part#cmk v_aff  =v_aff  =v_rt   conj       
Lex Gloss: now/today LNK big/many that#F   NOM    =INT    =marvel because/so 
 Word POS: adv       lnk adj      part#cmk n                      conj       
Wrd Gloss: now       -   big      that#the wonder                 because    

   Spoken: egkaliwaswas         neg libed        egkasagkup.         
   Formal: egkaliwaswas         ne  eglibed      egkasagkup          
 Phonemic: ­egkaliwaswas        ne  ­eglibed     ­egkasagkup         
  Lexemes: ­eg- =ka1- =liwaswas ne  ­eg- =libed  ­eg- =kA1- =sagkup  
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_aff=v_rt     lnk v_aff=v_rt   v_aff=v_aff=v_rt    
Lex Gloss: NP   =INVOL=dawn     LNK NP   =return NP   =INVOL=to_dusk 
 Word POS: v                    lnk v            v                   
Wrd Gloss: dawn                 -   return       become_dark         

Today, the amazement was big because it dawned and it returned to become dusk.

Today, it was very amazing because it was dawn and then the darkness returned again.

MU132001 026

   Spoken: Sikak    kene  tag        in-inuwen                  su         
   Formal: sika ka  kene  ta         eg-in-inuwen               su         
 Phonemic: sika#ka2 kene­ ta         ­eg­in­inuen               su         
  Lexemes: sika#ka2 kene­ ta         ­eg- =rdpCVC-=­inu  =-en   su         
  Lex POS: pron#cmk adv   pron       v_aff=v_aff  =v_rt  =v_aff conj       
Lex Gloss: that#F   not   1pi_NF(II) NP   =INT    =marvel=ObF   because/so 
 Word POS: pron#cmk neg   pron       v                          conj       
Wrd Gloss: that#the not   we(incl)   marvel                     because    

   Spoken: egngaranan        sika te  igpeila            te  Manama te  kandin     
   Formal: egngaranan        sika te  igpeila            te  Manama te  kandin     
 Phonemic: ­eg¥adanan        sika te  ­igpe­ila          te  Manama te  kandin     
  Lexemes: ­eg- =¥adan=-an   sika te  ­ig-   =pA-  =­ila te  Manama te  kandin     
  Lex POS: v_aff=n    =v_aff pron cmk v_aff  =v_aff=v_rt cmk prop_n cmk pron       
Lex Gloss: NP   =name =LocF  that NF  NP_AccF=CAUS =know NF  God    NF  3s_NF(III) 
 Word POS: v                 pron cmk v                  cmk n      cmk pron       
Wrd Gloss: named             that -   caused_to_know     by  God    -   his        

   Spoken: ne  geem, kandin     ne  kanekalan      ne  igpakita           
   Formal: ne  geem  kandin     ne  kanekalan      ne  igpakita           
 Phonemic: ne  gehem kandin     ne  kanekalan      ne  ­igpakita          
  Lexemes: ne  gehem kandin     ne  kA><an-=nekal  ne  ­ig-   =pA-  =kita 
  Lex POS: lnk n     pron       lnk v_aff  =adj_rt lnk v_aff  =v_aff=v_rt 
Lex Gloss: LNK power 3s_NF(III) LNK NOM    =strong LNK NP_AccF=CAUS =see  
 Word POS: lnk n     pron       lnk n              lnk v                  
Wrd Gloss: -   power his        -   strength       -   cause_to_see       

   Spoken: kantat          mig-ugpe     kayit    tibuuk kayit    kalibutan ne  
   Formal: kanta       te  mig-ugpe     kayi te  langun kayi te  kalibutan ne  
 Phonemic: kanta      #te  mig­ugpe­    kai #te  la¥un  kai #te  kalibutan ne  
  Lexemes: kanta      #te  mig- =­ugpe­ kai #te  la¥un  kai #te  kalibutan ne  
  Lex POS: pron       #cmk v_aff=v_rt   dem #cmk adj    dem #cmk n         lnk 
Lex Gloss: 1pi_NF(III)#NF  P    =stay   here#NF  all    here#NF  world     LNK 
 Word POS: pron       #cmk v            dem  cmk adj    dem  cmk n         lnk 
Wrd Gloss: we(incl)   #-   lived        here -   all    here -   world     -   

   Spoken: kandin     sika ne  paagi.      
   Formal: kandin     sika ne  pabaye      
 Phonemic: kandin     sika ne  pabaye­     
  Lexemes: kandin     sika ne  pA-  =baye­ 
  Lex POS: pron       pron lnk v_aff=v_rt  
Lex Gloss: 3s_NF(III) that LNK CAUS =pass  
 Word POS: pron       pron lnk n           
Wrd Gloss:            that -   way         

That was why we didn't marvel because that was called God causing us to know his power, causing us who live here on all the earth to see his strength, his ways.

We didn't marvel at it because it was god causing us here on earth to known his power and to see his strength.

Datu Umising has a tendency to say what he feels we want to hear. This afterthought which contradicts what he said before may be in order to impress us.

MU132001 027

   Spoken: Ignangen      kanta       ne  eyew    matuman         ta         ka  
   Formal: Ignangen      kanta       ne  eyew    matuman         ta         ka  
 Phonemic: ­igna¥en      kanta       ne  ­eyew   matuman         ta         ka2 
  Lexemes: ­ig-   =na¥en kanta       ne  ­eyew   mA2-     =tuman ta         ka2 
  Lex POS: v_aff  =v_rt  pron        lnk conj    v_aff    =v_rt  pron       cmk 
Lex Gloss: NP_AccF=tell  1pi_NF(III) LNK so_that INVOL_UnA=obey  1pi_NF(II) F   
 Word POS: v             pron        lnk conj    v               pron       cmk 
Wrd Gloss: will_inform   we(incl)    -   so_that obey            we(incl)   the 

   Spoken: meupiyan        pegpamatasan,          matuman         tak            
   Formal: meupiya     ne  pegpamatasan           matuman         ta         ka  
 Phonemic: me­upia    #ne  pegpamatasan           matuman         ta        #ka2 
  Lexemes: mA1-=­upia #ne  peg- =paN- =batasan    mA2-     =tuman ta        #ka2 
  Lex POS: aff =adj_rt#lnk v_aff=v_aff=n          v_aff    =v_rt  pron      #cmk 
Lex Gloss: ADJR=good  #LNK NMR  =DISTR=custom/law INVOL_UnA=obey  1pi_NF(II)#F   
 Word POS: adj        #lnk n                      v               pron      #cmk 
Wrd Gloss: good       #-   customs                obey            we(incl)  #the 

   Spoken: meupiya     ne  pegsabeka    wey  pegtuman    te  balaud, pegtuman    te  
   Formal: meupiya     ne  pegsabeka    wey  pegtuman    te  balaud  pegtuman    te  
 Phonemic: me­upia     ne  pegsabeka    wey  pegtuman    te  bala­ud pegtuman    te  
  Lexemes: mA1-=­upia  ne  peg- =sabeka wey  peg- =tuman te  bala­ud peg- =tuman te  
  Lex POS: aff =adj_rt lnk v_aff=num    conj v_aff=v_rt  cmk n       v_aff=v_rt  cmk 
Lex Gloss: ADJR=good   LNK NMR  =one    and  NMR  =obey  NF  law     NMR  =obey  NF  
 Word POS: adj         lnk n            conj n           cmk n       n           cmk 
Wrd Gloss: good        -   unity        and  obeying     of  law     obeying     -   

   Spoken: lalag te  Manama. 
   Formal: lalag te  Manama  
 Phonemic: lalag te  Manama  
  Lexemes: lalag te  Manama  
  Lex POS: v_rt  cmk prop_n  
Lex Gloss: say   NF  God     
 Word POS: n     cmk n       
Wrd Gloss: word  of  God     

To tell us to obey the good customs, to obey good unity and obedience of the law, obedience of the word God.

To tell us to follow the good ways, being unified and obeying the law and the word of God.

MU132001 028

   Spoken: Su         ke   ma   keg  libed        ka  Manama kayit    kalibutan ne  
   Formal: su         ke   ma   ke   eglibed      ka  Manama kayi te  kalibutan ne  
 Phonemic: su         ke   ma   ke   ­eglibed     ka2 Manama kai #te  kalibutan ne  
  Lexemes: su         ke   ma   ke   ­eg- =libed  ka2 Manama kai #te  kalibutan ne  
  Lex POS: conj       conj part conj v_aff=v_rt   cmk prop_n dem #cmk n         lnk 
Lex Gloss: because/so if   DIM  if   NP   =return F   God    here#NF  world     LNK 
 Word POS: conj       conj part conj v            cmk n      dem  cmk n         lnk 
Wrd Gloss: because    if   DIM  if   return       the God    here to  world     -   

   Spoken: kene  kig      keyimun                 anak     din,      kene  kig      
   Formal: kene  ki       egkeyimu            ne  anak     din       kene  ki       
 Phonemic: kene­ ki1      ­egkehimu          #ne  ­anak    din       kene­ ki1      
  Lexemes: kene­ ki1      ­eg- =kA1- =himu   #ne  ­anak    din       kene­ ki1      
  Lex POS: adv   pron     v_aff=v_aff=v_rt   #lnk n        pron      adv   pron     
Lex Gloss: not   1pi_F    NP   =INVOL=make/do#LNK child    3s_NF(II) not   1pi_F    
 Word POS: neg   pron     v                  #lnk n        pron      neg   pron     
Wrd Gloss: not   we(incl) make               #-   children his       not   we(incl) 

   Spoken: kaayun               neetew,      etew   kin      kandin    tenged     te  
   Formal: egkaayun             neetew       etew   ki       nikandin  tenged     te  
 Phonemic: ­egka­ayun           ne­etew      ­etew  ki1      nikandin  te¥ed      te  
  Lexemes: ­eg- =kA1- =­ayun    nA-  =­etew  ­etew  ki1      nikandin  te¥ed      te  
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_aff=v_rt     v_aff=n      n      pron     pron      conj       cmk 
Lex Gloss: NP   =INVOL=possible P_ObF=person person 1pi_F    3s_NF(II) concerning NF  
 Word POS: v                    v            n      pron     pron      conj       cmk 
Wrd Gloss: possible             born         people we(incl) he        concerning -   

   Spoken: kene  tag        katuman           ka  meupiya.    
   Formal: kene  ta         egkatuman         ka  meupiya     
 Phonemic: kene­ ta         ­egkatuman        ka2 me­upia     
  Lexemes: kene­ ta         ­eg- =kA1- =tuman ka2 mA1-=­upia  
  Lex POS: adv   pron       v_aff=v_aff=v_rt  cmk aff =adj_rt 
Lex Gloss: not   1pi_NF(II) NP   =INVOL=obey  F   ADJR=good   
 Word POS: neg   pron       v                 cmk adj         
Wrd Gloss: not   we(incl)   obey              the good        

Because if God returns here to the earth and if we are not being his children, we won't be able to become people, he won't make us people because we didn't obey the good.

Because if God returns here to the earth, and if we are not being his children, we won't be made people because we didn't obey what is good.

MU132001 029

   Spoken: Sika rueng    ku        re   igtaman       ka  keddin         
   Formal: Sika duen     ku        re   igtaman       ka  keddi      ne  
 Phonemic: sika du­en    ku        de­  ­igtaman      ka2 keddi­    #ne  
  Lexemes: sika du­e2=-N ku        de­  ­ig-   =taman ka2 keddi­    #ne  
  Lex POS: pron pron =– pron      part v_aff  =adv   cmk pron      #lnk 
Lex Gloss: that there=– 1s_NF(II) only NP_AccF=until F   1s_NF(III)#LNK 
 Word POS: pron dem      pron      part v             cmk poss_pron #lnk 
Wrd Gloss: that there    I         just finish        the my        #-   

   Spoken: pangguhuren            su         neinu-inu           key      langun te  
   Formal: pangguhuren            su         neinu-inu           key      langun te  
 Phonemic: pa¥guguden             su         ne­inu­inu          key      la¥un  te  
  Lexemes: paN- =gugud     =-en   su         nA-  =rdpRT-=­inu   key      la¥un  te  
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt      =v_aff conj       v_aff=v_aff =v_rt   pron     adj    cmk 
Lex Gloss: DISTR=tell_story=ObF   because/so P_ObF=INT   =marvel 1pe_F    all    NF  
 Word POS: n                      conj       v                   pron     adj    cmk 
Wrd Gloss: story                  because    amazed              we(excl) all    on  

   Spoken: seinin     kaseleman     su         neyimun           nasagkup      te  
   Formal: seini  ne  kaseleman     su         neyimu        ne  nasagkup      te  
 Phonemic: se­ini#ne  kaseleman     su         nehimu       #ne  nasagkup      te  
  Lexemes: se­ini#ne  kA><an-=selem su         nA-  =himu   #ne  nA-  =sagkup  te  
  Lex POS: pron  #lnk v_aff  =v_rt  conj       v_aff=v_rt   #lnk v_aff=v_rt    cmk 
Lex Gloss: this  #LNK NOM    =early because/so P_ObF=make/do#LNK P_ObF=to_dusk NF  
 Word POS: pron  #lnk n             conj       v            #lnk v             cmk 
Wrd Gloss: this  #-   morning       because    made         #-   dusk          -   

   Spoken: maselem    e.   
   Formal: maselem    e    
 Phonemic: maselem    ­e   
  Lexemes: mA1-=selem ­e   
  Lex POS: aff =v_rt  part 
Lex Gloss: ADJR=early COMP 
 Word POS: n          part 
Wrd Gloss: morning    COMP 

There I will finish my story because we were all amazed at this morning because it became dusk in the morning.

I will finish my story there about how we were all amazed this morning at how it became dusk in the morning.

MU132001 030

   Spoken: Ware  pad    guhuren          te  me     buyag.     
   Formal: Ware  pad    guhuren          te  me     buyag      
 Phonemic: wade­ pad    guguden          te  me1    buyag      
  Lexemes: wade­ pad    gugud     =-en   te  me1    buyag      
  Lex POS: adv   part   v_rt      =v_aff cmk adt    adj        
Lex Gloss: no    INCOMP tell_story=ObF   NF  PLURAL elderly    
 Word POS: adv   part   n                cmk adt    n          
Wrd Gloss: no    yet    story            of  -      old_people 

There is no story yet from the old people.

The old people had never talked about this.

MU132001 031

   Spoken: Dueng    ku        re   igtaman       ka  keddi      ne  
   Formal: duen     ku        re   igtaman       ka  keddi      ne  
 Phonemic: du­en    ku        de­  ­igtaman      ka2 keddi­     ne  
  Lexemes: du­e2=-N ku        de­  ­ig-   =taman ka2 keddi­     ne  
  Lex POS: pron =– pron      part v_aff  =adv   cmk pron       lnk 
Lex Gloss: there=– 1s_NF(II) only NP_AccF=until F   1s_NF(III) LNK 
 Word POS: dem      pron      part v             cmk poss_pron  lnk 
Wrd Gloss: there    I         just finish        the my         -   

   Spoken: panugtulen         teg   kasagkup            perem    kuntee.   
   Formal: panugtulen         te    egkasagkup          perem    kuntee    
 Phonemic: panugtulen         te    ­egkasagkup         pedem    kunte­e   
  Lexemes: paN- =tugtul=-en   te    ­eg- =kA1- =sagkup  pedem    kunte­e   
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt  =v_aff cmk   v_aff=v_aff=v_rt    part     adv       
Lex Gloss: DISTR=tell  =ObF   NF    NP   =INVOL=to_dusk good_but now/today 
 Word POS: v                  cmk   v                   part     adv       
Wrd Gloss: story              about become_dark         wish     today     

There I will finish my story about how it wanted to become dark today.

There I will finish my story about how it wanted to become dark again today.