A Father Tells His Children about School


TITLE A Father Tells His Children about School

SPEAKER Datu Umising Angguling

PLACE Panganan, Bukidnon

DATE August 7, 1990.

CASSETTE #MS2A (almost half-way through)


INTERLINEARIZED March 1991 (RH) - Redone May91

GENRE Hortatative

NOTE Recorded privately in my office

MU861001 001

   Spoken: Se  keddin         ipanulu          ki               Inday  teg 
   Formal: Se  keddi      ne  ipanulu          ki               Inday  te  
 Phonemic: se  keddi­    #ne  ­ipanulu­        ki2              ­Inday te  
  Lexemes: se  keddi­    #ne  ­i-     =panulu­ ki2              ­Inday te  
  Lex POS: cmk pron      #lnk v_aff   =v_rt    cmk              prop_n cmk 
Lex Gloss: F   1s_NF(III)#LNK UnA_AccF=teach   NF(III)_PERS(sg) Inday  NF  
 Word POS: cmk pron      #lnk v                cmk              prop_n cmk 
Wrd Gloss: the my        #-   will_teach       to               Inday  -   

   Spoken: iskwila        wey  si         Punsu. 
   Formal: eg-iskwila     wey  si         Punsu  
 Phonemic: ­eg­iskwila    wey  si         Punsu  
  Lexemes: ­eg- =­iskwila wey  si         Punsu  
  Lex POS: v_aff=n_rt     conj cmk        prop_n 
Lex Gloss: NP   =school   and  F_PERS(sg) Punsu  
 Word POS: v              conj cmk        prop_n 
Wrd Gloss: attend_school  and  -          Punsu  

My teaching to Inday about going to school and Punsu.

This is what I teach Inday and Punsu about going to school.

These are two of Datu Umising's children.

MU861001 002

   Spoken: "Emun   eg-iskwila     kew     ne  ke    kew     eg-apul      ke   
   Formal: Emun    eg-iskwila     kew     ne  ke    kew     eg-apul      ke   
 Phonemic: ­emun   ­eg­iskwila    kew     ne  ke­   kew     ­eg­apul     ke   
  Lexemes: ­emun   ­eg- =­iskwila kew     ne  ke­   kew     ­eg- =­apul  ke   
  Lex POS: conj    v_aff=n_rt     pron    lnk adv   pron    v_aff=v_rt   conj 
Lex Gloss: if/when NP   =school   2p_F    LNK not   2p_F    NP   =refuse if   
 Word POS: conj    v              pron    lnk adv   pron    v            conj 
Wrd Gloss: when    attend_school  you(pl) -   don't you(pl) deny/refuse  if   

   Spoken: rue      suhu    te  meistara        niyu      su         sika iya  
   Formal: rue      suhu    te  meistara        niyu      su         sika iya  
 Phonemic: du­e1    sugu­   te  me­istada       niu       su         sika ­ia  
  Lexemes: du­e1    sugu­   te  me­istada       niu       su         sika ­ia  
  Lex POS: psd_v    v_rt    cmk n_rt            pron      conj       pron part 
Lex Gloss: there_is order   NF  teacher(female) 2p_NF(II) because/so that that 
 Word POS: psd_v    n       cmk n               pron      conj       pron part 
Wrd Gloss: there_is command of  teacher(female) you(pl)   because    that that 

   Spoken: ka  malehet     ne  pakapanulu    kaniyu.    
   Formal: ka  malehet     ne  pakapanulu    kaniyu     
 Phonemic: ka2 maleget     ne  pakapanulu­   kaniu      
  Lexemes: ka2 mA1-=leget  ne  pAkA-=panulu­ kaniu      
  Lex POS: cmk aff =adj_rt lnk v_aff=v_rt    pron       
Lex Gloss: F   ADJR=true   LNK INVOL=teach   2p_NF(III) 
 Word POS: cmk adj         lnk v             pron       
Wrd Gloss: the correct     -   able_to_teach you(pl)    

When you(pl) are having school, don't refuse if there is a command of the teacher to you because that is the correct way to teach you.

When you are at school, don't disobey the teacher's command because that is how she teaches you.

MU861001 003

   Spoken: Su         neyimu        e    ne  iney   niyu      regma sika se  me     
   Formal: su         neyimu        e    ne  iney   niyu      regma sika se  me     
 Phonemic: su         nehimu        ­e   ne  ­iney  niu       degma sika se  me1    
  Lexemes: su         nA-  =himu    ­e   ne  ­iney  niu       degma sika se  me1    
  Lex POS: conj       v_aff=v_rt    part lnk n      pron      adt   pron cmk adt    
Lex Gloss: because/so P_ObF=make/do COMP LNK mother 2p_NF(II) also  that F   PLURAL 
 Word POS: conj       v             part lnk n      poss_pron adt   pron cmk adt    
Wrd Gloss: because    made          COMP -   mother your(pl)  also  that the -      

   Spoken: meistara.       
   Formal: meistara        
 Phonemic: me­istada       
  Lexemes: me­istada       
  Lex POS: n_rt            
Lex Gloss: teacher(female) 
 Word POS: n               
Wrd Gloss: teacher(female) 

Because (they) become also your mother, those teachers.

Because the teachers are also like your mother.

MU861001 004

   Spoken: Emun    eg-uli                 kew     rinit        keddi,     keg  
   Formal: Emun    eg-uli                 kew     rini     te  keddi      ke   
 Phonemic: ­emun   ­eg­uli­               kew     dini    #te  keddi­     ke   
  Lexemes: ­emun   ­eg- =­uli­            kew     dini    #te  keddi­     ke   
  Lex POS: conj    v_aff=v_rt             pron    loc_pron#cmk pron       conj 
Lex Gloss: if/when NP   =return_home/heal 2p_F    here    #NF  1s_NF(III) if   
 Word POS: conj    v                      pron    loc_pron#cmk pron       conj 
Wrd Gloss: when    return_home            you(pl) here    #at  me         if   

   Spoken: takas           kew     kag iskwila        ne  rue      igpanulu        
   Formal: egtakas         kew     ka  eg-iskwila     ne  rue      igpanulu        
 Phonemic: ­egtakas        kew     ka2 ­eg­iskwila    ne  du­e1    ­igpanulu­      
  Lexemes: ­eg- =takas     kew     ka2 ­eg- =­iskwila ne  du­e1    ­ig-   =panulu­ 
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt      pron    cmk v_aff=n_rt     lnk psd_v    v_aff  =v_rt    
Lex Gloss: NP   =exit_room 2p_F    F   NP   =school   LNK there_is NP_AccF=teach   
 Word POS: v               pron    cmk v              lnk psd_v    v               
Wrd Gloss: exit_room       you(pl) the attend_school  -   there_is will_teach      

   Spoken: ku        kaniyu.    
   Formal: ku        kaniyu     
 Phonemic: ku        kaniu      
  Lexemes: ku        kaniu      
  Lex POS: pron      pron       
Lex Gloss: 1s_NF(II) 2p_NF(III) 
 Word POS: pron      pron       
Wrd Gloss: I         to_you(pl) 

When you(pl) return here home to me, if you are let out of class, the ones who attend school there is something I want to teach you.

When you return home to me after class is out, there is something I want to teach you.

MU861001 005

   Spoken: Iyan ku        ipanulu          niyu      Inday  wey  sikeykew   Punsu, 
   Formal: Iyan ku        ipanulu          niyu      Inday  wey  sikeykew   Punsu  
 Phonemic: ­ian ku        ­ipanulu­        niu       ­Inday wey  sikeykew   Punsu  
  Lexemes: ­ian ku        ­i-     =panulu­ niu       ­Inday wey  sikeykew   Punsu  
  Lex POS: dem  pron      v_aff   =v_rt    pron      prop_n conj pron       prop_n 
Lex Gloss: that 1s_NF(II) UnA_AccF=teach   2p_NF(II) Inday  and  2s_TOPIC   Punsu  
 Word POS: dem  pron      v                pron      prop_n conj pron       prop_n 
Wrd Gloss: that I         will_teach       you(pl)   Inday  and  as_for_you Punsu  

This is what I will teach you Inday and you Punsu.

This I what I will teach you Inday and Punsu.

   Spoken: "Kene kewg    apul         keg  suhuen            te  iney   nu.       
   Formal: Kene  kew     eg-apul      ke   egsuhuen          te  iney   nu        
 Phonemic: kene­ kew     ­eg­apul     ke   ­egsugu­en        te  ­iney  nu        
  Lexemes: kene­ kew     ­eg- =­apul  ke   ­eg- =sugu­=-en   te  ­iney  nu        
  Lex POS: adv   pron    v_aff=v_rt   conj v_aff=v_rt =v_aff cmk n      pron      
Lex Gloss: not   2p_F    NP   =refuse if   NP   =order=ObF   NF  mother 2s_NF(II) 
 Word POS: adv   pron    v            conj v                 cmk n      poss_pron 
Wrd Gloss: don't you(pl) deny/refuse  if   command           -   mother your(sg)  

Don't you(pl) disobey if commanded by your(sg) mother.

Don't disobey the commands of your mother.

Notice switch from plural to singular pronoun.

MU861001 007

   Spoken: Kene  kewg    apul         keg  suhuen            kus       keykew.    
   Formal: Kene  kew     eg-apul      ke   egsuhuen          ku        sikeykew   
 Phonemic: kene­ kew     ­eg­apul     ke   ­egsugu­en        ku        sikeykew   
  Lexemes: kene­ kew     ­eg- =­apul  ke   ­eg- =sugu­=-en   ku        sikeykew   
  Lex POS: adv   pron    v_aff=v_rt   conj v_aff=v_rt =v_aff pron      pron       
Lex Gloss: not   2p_F    NP   =refuse if   NP   =order=ObF   1s_NF(II) 2s_TOPIC   
 Word POS: adv   pron    v            conj v                 pron      pron       
Wrd Gloss: don't you(pl) deny/refuse  if   command           I         as_for_you 

Don't you(pl) disobey if I command you(sg).

Don't disobey what I tell you.

Repetition of pronoun plurality switch. Check 'kus' on tape (was 'kes').

MU861001 008

   Spoken: Su         rutun    kew     man-e migligkat    te  iskwilaan      ne  
   Formal: su         rutun    kew     man-e migligkat    te  iskwilaan      ne  
 Phonemic: su         dutun    kew     man­e migligkat    te  ­iskwilaan     ne  
  Lexemes: su         dutu =-N kew     man­e mig- =ligkat te  ­iskwila=-an   ne  
  Lex POS: conj       dem  =– pron    adv   v_aff=v_rt   cmk n_rt    =v_aff lnk 
Lex Gloss: because/so there=– 2p_F    again P    =source NF  school  =LocF  LNK 
 Word POS: conj       dem      pron    adv   v            cmk n              lnk 
Wrd Gloss: because    there    you(pl) again came_from    -   school         -   

   Spoken: natuenan          niyud                ka  batasan    teg iskwila.       
   Formal: natuenan          niyud                ka  batasan    te  eg-iskwila     
 Phonemic: natu­enan         niud                 ka2 batasan    te  ­eg­iskwila    
  Lexemes: nA-  =tu­en=-an   niu      =-d         ka2 batasan    te  ­eg- =­iskwila 
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt =v_aff pron     =nonv_aff   cmk n          cmk v_aff=n_rt     
Lex Gloss: P_ObF=know =LocF  2p_NF(II)=COMPLETIVE F   custom/law NF  NP   =school   
 Word POS: v                 pron                 cmk n          cmk v              
Wrd Gloss: knew_a_fact       you(pl)/COMPL        the custom/law -   attend_school  

Because there you(pl) come again from school and you know the customs about going to school.

Because you come from school and the know about going to school.

MU861001 009

   Spoken: Emun    eg-apul      ki       ne  kene  kig      kareyrey              
   Formal: Emun    eg-apul      ki       ne  kene  ki       egkareyrey            
 Phonemic: ­emun   ­eg­apul     ki1      ne  kene­ ki1      ­egkadeydey           
  Lexemes: ­emun   ­eg- =­apul  ki1      ne  kene­ ki1      ­eg- =kA1- =deydey    
  Lex POS: conj    v_aff=v_rt   pron     lnk adv   pron     v_aff=v_aff=v_rt      
Lex Gloss: if/when NP   =refuse 1pi_F    LNK not   1pi_F    NP   =INVOL=encourage 
 Word POS: conj    v            pron     lnk adv   pron     v                     
Wrd Gloss: when    deny/refuse  we(incl) -   don't we(incl) be_encouraged         

   Spoken: te  meistara        ne  buutang       ka  me     etew.  
   Formal: te  meistara        ne  buutan        ka  me     etew   
 Phonemic: te  me­istada       ne  bu­utan       ka2 me1    ­etew  
  Lexemes: te  me­istada       ne  bu­ut  =-an   ka2 me1    ­etew  
  Lex POS: cmk n_rt            lnk v_rt   =v_aff cmk adt    n      
Lex Gloss: NF  teacher(female) LNK command=LocF  F   PLURAL person 
 Word POS: cmk n               lnk v             cmk adt    n      
Wrd Gloss: to  teacher(female) -   command       the -      people 

If we(incl) disobey then we won't encourage the teacher who commands the people.

If we don't obey then we won't encourage the teacher who tells the people what to do.

Notice how the teacher is in a powerful and esteemed position even though she is often just a young single girl.

MU861001 010

   Spoken: Buutan        ke   Biseye    emun    sikanami        se  
   Formal: Buutan        ke   Biseye    emun    sikanami        se  
 Phonemic: bu­utan       ke   Biseye­   ­emun   sikanami        se  
  Lexemes: bu­ut  =-an   ke   Biseye­   ­emun   sikanami        se  
  Lex POS: v_rt   =v_aff conj n         conj    pron            cmk 
Lex Gloss: command=LocF  if   Visayan   if/when 1pe_TOPIC       F   
 Word POS: v             conj n         conj    pron            cmk 
Wrd Gloss: command       if   lowlander if      as_for_us(excl) the 

   Spoken: Matigsalug               ne  maaliali,               meiyaliyal.        
   Formal: Matigsalug               ne  maaliali                meiyaliyal         
 Phonemic: Matigsalug               ne  ma­ali­ali­             me­ial­ial         
  Lexemes: Matigsalug               ne  mA1-=rdpRT-=­ali­       mA1-=rdpRT-=­ial   
  Lex POS: prop_n                   lnk aff =v_aff =adj_rt      aff =v_aff =adj_rt 
Lex Gloss: those_by_the_Salug_river LNK ADJR=INT   =considerate ADJR=INT   =fast   
 Word POS: prop_n                   lnk adj                     v                  
Wrd Gloss: Matigsalug               -   polite                  speedy             

Bright if Visayan, if us Matigsalugs industrious and fast.

Bright as the Visayans say, for us Matigsalugs, industrious and quick.

MU861001 011

   Spoken: Sika ka  meupiya     ne  batasanen        teg iskwila.       
   Formal: Sika ka  meupiya     ne  batasanen        te  eg-iskwila     
 Phonemic: sika ka2 me­upia     ne  batasanen        te  ­eg­iskwila    
  Lexemes: sika ka2 mA1-=­upia  ne  batasan   =-en   te  ­eg- =­iskwila 
  Lex POS: pron cmk aff =adj_rt lnk n         =v_aff cmk v_aff=n_rt     
Lex Gloss: that F   ADJR=good   LNK custom/law=ObF   NF  NP   =school   
 Word POS: pron cmk v           lnk n                cmk v              
Wrd Gloss: that the good        -   customs          -   attend_school  

That is the good custom of those who attend school.

That is the good way for those who attend school to behave.

MU861001 012

   Spoken: Emun    due      lapek, Inday, kayit     lama       ne  sikeykew   
   Formal: Emun    due      lapek  Inday  kayi  te  lama       ne  sikeykew   
 Phonemic: ­emun   du­e1    lapek  ­Inday kai  #te  lama       ne  sikeykew   
  Lexemes: ­emun   du­e1    lapek  ­Inday kai  #te  lama       ne  sikeykew   
  Lex POS: conj    psd_v    n      prop_n dem  #cmk n          lnk pron       
Lex Gloss: if/when there_is litter Inday  here #NF  front_yard LNK 2s_TOPIC   
 Word POS: conj    psd_v    n      prop_n dem   cmk n          lnk pron       
Wrd Gloss: if      there_is litter Inday  here  in  front_yard -   as_for_you 

   Spoken: kag kateu            neg pitew       neg limas       su         eyew    
   Formal: ka  egkateu          ne  egpitew     ne  eglimas     su         eyew    
 Phonemic: ka2 ­egkate­u        ne  ­egpitew    ne  ­eglimas    su         ­eyew   
  Lexemes: ka2 ­eg- =kA1- =te­u ne  ­eg- =pitew ne  ­eg- =limas su         ­eyew   
  Lex POS: cmk v_aff=v_aff=v_rt lnk v_aff=v_rt  lnk v_aff=n     conj       conj    
Lex Gloss: F   NP   =INVOL=know LNK NP   =look  LNK NP   =broom because/so so_that 
 Word POS: cmk v                lnk v           lnk v           conj       conj    
Wrd Gloss: the know_how         -   look        -   sweep       because    so_that 

   Spoken: meupiya     ka  lama       - ware  lapek. 
   Formal: meupiya     ka  lama       - ware  lapek  
 Phonemic: me­upia     ka2 lama       - wade­ lapek  
  Lexemes: mA1-=­upia  ka2 lama       - wade­ lapek  
  Lex POS: aff =adj_rt cmk n          - adv   n      
Lex Gloss: ADJR=good   F   front_yard - no    litter 
 Word POS: v           cmk n          - adv   n      
Wrd Gloss: good        the front_yard - no    litter 

If there is litter, Inday, here in the yard, you are the one who knows how to look and sweep so that the yard is good - no litter.

If there is litter, Inday, here in the yard, you are the one who should notice and sweep it so that the yard is tidy - no litter.

MU861001 013

   Spoken: Ne  ke    kag     apul         sug        uya        ka      - egkahi      
   Formal: Ne  ke    ka      eg-apul      su         eg-uya     ka      - egkahi      
 Phonemic: ne  ke­   ka1     ­eg­apul     su         ­eg­uya    ka1     - ­egkagi     
  Lexemes: ne  ke­   ka1     ­eg- =­apul  su         ­eg- =­uya ka1     - ­eg- =kagi  
  Lex POS: lnk adv   pron    v_aff=v_rt   conj       v_aff=adv  pron    - v_aff=v_rt  
Lex Gloss: LNK not   2s_F    NP   =refuse because/so NP   =yes  2s_F    - NP   =speak 
 Word POS: lnk adv   pron    v            conj       v          pron    - v           
Wrd Gloss: -   don't you(sg) deny/refuse  because    say_yes    you(sg) - say         

   Spoken: ka      te, 'Uya, ame,  eglimasang        ku        su         eyew    
   Formal: ka      te  uya   ame   eglimasan         ku        su         eyew    
 Phonemic: ka1     te  ­uya  ­ame­ ­eglimasan        ku        su         ­eyew   
  Lexemes: ka1     te  ­uya  ­ame­ ­eg- =limas=-an   ku        su         ­eyew   
  Lex POS: pron    cmk adv   n     v_aff=n    =v_aff pron      conj       conj    
Lex Gloss: 2s_F    NF  yes   daddy NP   =broom=LocF  1s_NF(II) because/so so_that 
 Word POS: pron    cmk adv   n     v                 pron      conj       conj    
Wrd Gloss: you(sg) -   yes   dad   sweep             I         because    so_that 

   Spoken: meupiya     ka  lama.      
   Formal: meupiya     ka  lama       
 Phonemic: me­upia     ka2 lama       
  Lexemes: mA1-=­upia  ka2 lama       
  Lex POS: aff =adj_rt cmk n          
Lex Gloss: ADJR=good   F   front_yard 
 Word POS: v           cmk n          
Wrd Gloss: good        the front_yard 

Don't disobey but say yes - say, "Yes, dad, I will sweep it so that the yard is good.

Don't disobey but say yes - say, "Yes, dad, I will sweep the yard so that it is tidy."

MU861001 014

   Spoken: Ke   rue      etew   neg lepew        neg panumbaley            
   Formal: Ke   rue      etew   ne  eglepew      ne  egpanumbaley          
 Phonemic: ke   du­e1    ­etew  ne  ­eglepew     ne  ­egpanumbaley         
  Lexemes: ke   du­e1    ­etew  ne  ­eg- =lepew  ne  ­eg- =paN- =sumbaley  
  Lex POS: conj psd_v    n      lnk v_aff=v_rt   lnk v_aff=v_aff=n         
Lex Gloss: if   there_is person LNK NP   =appear LNK NP   =DISTR=neighbour 
 Word POS: conj psd_v    n      lnk v            lnk v                     
Wrd Gloss: if   there_is people -   appear       -   visit                 

   Spoken: kayit     kanta       ne  meupiya     se  pegtengteng  kayi te  
   Formal: kayi  te  kanta       ne  meupiya     se  pegtengteng  kayi te  
 Phonemic: kai  #te  kanta       ne  me­upia     se  pegte¥te¥    kai  te  
  Lexemes: kai  #te  kanta       ne  mA1-=­upia  se  peg- =te¥te¥ kai  te  
  Lex POS: dem  #cmk pron        lnk aff =adj_rt cmk v_aff=v_rt   dem  cmk 
Lex Gloss: here #NF  1pi_NF(III) LNK ADJR=good   F   NMR  =stare  here NF  
 Word POS: dem   cmk pron        lnk v           cmk n            dem  cmk 
Wrd Gloss: here  at  ours(incl)  -   good        the view         here at  

   Spoken: lama       ta."       
   Formal: lama       ta         
 Phonemic: lama       ta         
  Lexemes: lama       ta         
  Lex POS: n          pron       
Lex Gloss: front_yard 1pi_NF(II) 
 Word POS: n          poss_pron  
Wrd Gloss: front_yard our(incl)  

If there are people that appear to visit here with us, the view here in our yard will be good.

If anyone shows up here to see us, our yard will look good.

MU861001 015

   Spoken: Ne  seinit     seled  te  baley - seeg  - limasi         nu        Inday. 
   Formal: Ne  seini  te  seled  te  baley - seeg  - limasi         nu        Inday  
 Phonemic: ne  se­ini#te  seled  te  baley - se­eg - limasi         nu        ­Inday 
  Lexemes: ne  se­ini#te  seled  te  baley - se­eg - limas=-i       nu        ­Inday 
  Lex POS: lnk pron  #cmk n      cmk n     - n     - n    =v_aff    pron      prop_n 
Lex Gloss: LNK this  #NF  inside NF  house - floor - broom=UnA_LocF 2s_NF(II) Inday  
 Word POS: lnk pron  #cmk n      cmk n     - n     - v              pron      prop_n 
Wrd Gloss: -   this  #at  inside of  house - floor - sweep          you(sg)   Inday  

This inside of the house - floor - sweep it Inday.

The inside of the house - the floor - sweep it Inday.

MU861001 016

   Spoken: Sikak    panulu   ku        ki               Inday  teg   iskwila.       
   Formal: sika ka  panulu   ku        ki               Inday  te    eg-iskwila     
 Phonemic: sika#ka2 panulu­  ku        ki2              ­Inday te    ­eg­iskwila    
  Lexemes: sika#ka2 panulu­  ku        ki2              ­Inday te    ­eg- =­iskwila 
  Lex POS: pron#cmk v_rt     pron      cmk              prop_n cmk   v_aff=n_rt     
Lex Gloss: that#F   teach    1s_NF(II) NF(III)_PERS(sg) Inday  NF    NP   =school   
 Word POS: pron#cmk v        poss_pron cmk              prop_n cmk   v              
Wrd Gloss: that#the teaching my        for              Inday  about attend_school  

That is my teaching to Inday about attending school.

That is what I teach Inday about going to school.

MU861001 017

   Spoken: Su         ke   rue      eglepew      ne  etew   kayi te  seled  
   Formal: su         ke   rue      eglepew      ne  etew   kayi te  seled  
 Phonemic: su         ke   du­e1    ­eglepew     ne  ­etew  kai  te  seled  
  Lexemes: su         ke   du­e1    ­eg- =lepew  ne  ­etew  kai  te  seled  
  Lex POS: conj       conj psd_v    v_aff=v_rt   lnk n      dem  cmk n      
Lex Gloss: because/so if   there_is NP   =appear LNK person here NF  inside 
 Word POS: conj       conj psd_v    v            lnk n      dem  cmk n      
Wrd Gloss: because    if   there_is appear       -   people here to  inside 

   Spoken: te  baley ta         ne  meupiya     ka  pegpitew    su         ware  
   Formal: te  baley ta         ne  meupiya     ka  pegpitew    su         ware  
 Phonemic: te  baley ta         ne  me­upia     ka2 pegpitew    su         wade­ 
  Lexemes: te  baley ta         ne  mA1-=­upia  ka2 peg- =pitew su         wade­ 
  Lex POS: cmk n     pron       lnk aff =adj_rt cmk v_aff=v_rt  conj       adv   
Lex Gloss: NF  house 1pi_NF(II) LNK ADJR=good   F   NMR  =look  because/so no    
 Word POS: cmk n     poss_pron  lnk v           cmk v           conj       adv   
Wrd Gloss: of  house our(incl)  -   good        the view        because    no    

   Spoken: lapek." 
   Formal: lapek   
 Phonemic: lapek   
  Lexemes: lapek   
  Lex POS: n       
Lex Gloss: litter  
 Word POS: n       
Wrd Gloss: litter  

Because if there are people appear here at our house, the view will be good because there is no litter.

So if people show up here at our house, it will look good because there is no litter.

MU861001 018

   Spoken: Ne  si         Punsu  regma ne  iyan ku        iglalag       "Sikeykew  
   Formal: Ne  si         Punsu  regma ne  iyan ku        iglalag       Sikeykew   
 Phonemic: ne  si         Punsu  degma ne  ­ian ku        ­iglalag      sikeykew   
  Lexemes: ne  si         Punsu  degma ne  ­ian ku        ­ig-   =lalag sikeykew   
  Lex POS: lnk cmk        prop_n adt   lnk dem  pron      v_aff  =v_rt  pron       
Lex Gloss: LNK F_PERS(sg) Punsu  also  LNK that 1s_NF(II) NP_AccF=say   2s_TOPIC   
 Word POS: lnk cmk        prop_n adt   lnk dem  pron      v             pron       
Wrd Gloss: -   -          Punsu  also  -   that my        say           as_for_you 

   Spoken: se  lukes neg iskwila.       
   Formal: se  lukes ne  eg-iskwila     
 Phonemic: se  lukes ne  ­eg­iskwila    
  Lexemes: se  lukes ne  ­eg- =­iskwila 
  Lex POS: cmk n     lnk v_aff=n_rt     
Lex Gloss: F   male  LNK NP   =school   
 Word POS: cmk n     lnk v              
Wrd Gloss: the boy   -   attend_school  

Now Punsu also this is what I will say, "You are the boy who attends school.

Now to Punsu also I will say this, "You are the boy who attends school.

MU861001 019

   Spoken: Kene  ka      egkelag     ke   riye  ka      te  iskwilaan.     
   Formal: Kene  ka      egkelag     ke   riye  ka      te  iskwilaan      
 Phonemic: kene­ ka1     ­egkelag    ke   die­  ka1     te  ­iskwilaan     
  Lexemes: kene­ ka1     ­eg- =kelag ke   die­  ka1     te  ­iskwila=-an   
  Lex POS: adv   pron    v_aff=v_rt  conj dem   pron    cmk n_rt    =v_aff 
Lex Gloss: not   2s_F    NP   =play  if   there 2s_F    NF  school  =LocF  
 Word POS: adv   pron    v           conj dem   pron    cmk n              
Wrd Gloss: don't you(sg) play        if   there you(sg) at  school         

Don't play if you are there at school.

Don't play if you are there at school.

MU861001 020

   Spoken: Keg  panuluen            kew     te  meistara        niyu      ne  ke    
   Formal: ke   egpanuluen          kew     te  meistara        niyu      ne  ke    
 Phonemic: ke   ­egpanulu­en        kew     te  me­istada       niu       ne  ke­   
  Lexemes: ke   ­eg- =panulu­=-en   kew     te  me­istada       niu       ne  ke­   
  Lex POS: conj v_aff=v_rt   =v_aff pron    cmk n_rt            pron      lnk adv   
Lex Gloss: if   NP   =teach  =ObF   2p_F    NF  teacher(female) 2p_NF(II) LNK not   
 Word POS: conj v                   pron    cmk n               poss_pron lnk adv   
Wrd Gloss: if   teach               you(pl) -   teacher(female) your(pl)  -   don't 

   Spoken: kag     kelag.      
   Formal: ka      egkelag     
 Phonemic: ka1     ­egkelag    
  Lexemes: ka1     ­eg- =kelag 
  Lex POS: pron    v_aff=v_rt  
Lex Gloss: 2s_F    NP   =play  
 Word POS: pron    v           
Wrd Gloss: you(sg) play        

If you(pl) are being taught by your teacher, don't you(sg) play.

If you are being taught by the teacher, don't fool around.

MU861001 021

   Spoken: Dutun    ka      tengteng te  igsulat              te  meistara        
   Formal: Dutun    ka      tengteng te  igsulat              te  meistara        
 Phonemic: dutun    ka1     te¥te¥   te  ­igsulat             te  me­istada       
  Lexemes: dutu =-N ka1     te¥te¥   te  ­ig-   =sulat        te  me­istada       
  Lex POS: dem  =– pron    v_rt     cmk v_aff  =v_rt?        cmk n_rt            
Lex Gloss: there=– 2s_F    stare    NF  NP_AccF=write/letter NF  teacher(female) 
 Word POS: dem      pron    v        cmk v                    cmk n               
Wrd Gloss: there    you(sg) look_at  at  write                by  teacher(female) 

   Spoken: niyu      eyew    katuenan          nu."      
   Formal: niyu      eyew    katuenan          nu        
 Phonemic: niu       ­eyew   katu­enan         nu        
  Lexemes: niu       ­eyew   kA1- =tu­en=-an   nu        
  Lex POS: pron      conj    v_aff=v_rt =v_aff pron      
Lex Gloss: 2p_NF(II) so_that INVOL=know =LocF  2s_NF(II) 
 Word POS: poss_pron conj    v                 pron      
Wrd Gloss: your(pl)  so_that know              you(sg)   

Look there at the your(pl) teacher's writing so that you understand.

Watch the teacher's writing so that you learn.

MU861001 022

   Spoken: Sikak    keddin         igpanulu        ki               Punsu. 
   Formal: sika ka  keddi      ne  igpanulu        ki               Punsu  
 Phonemic: sika#ka2 keddi­    #ne  ­igpanulu­      ki2              Punsu  
  Lexemes: sika#ka2 keddi­    #ne  ­ig-   =panulu­ ki2              Punsu  
  Lex POS: pron#cmk pron      #lnk v_aff  =v_rt    cmk              prop_n 
Lex Gloss: that#F   1s_NF(III)#LNK NP_AccF=teach   NF(III)_PERS(sg) Punsu  
 Word POS: pron#cmk pron      #lnk v               cmk              prop_n 
Wrd Gloss: that#the my        #-   will_teach      for              Punsu  

That is my teaching for Punsu.

That is what I will teach Punsu.

MU861001 023

   Spoken: "Wey ke    kag     alukuy        te  ruma      nu        keg  
   Formal: Wey  ke    ka      eg-alukuy     te  ruma      nu        ke   
 Phonemic: wey  ke­   ka1     ­eg­alukuy    te  duma      nu        ke   
  Lexemes: wey  ke­   ka1     ­eg- =­alukuy te  duma      nu        ke   
  Lex POS: conj adv   pron    v_aff=n       cmk adj       pron      conj 
Lex Gloss: and  not   2s_F    NP   =friend  NF  other     2s_NF(II) if   
 Word POS: conj adv   pron    v             cmk n         poss_pron conj 
Wrd Gloss: and  don't you(sg) be_friends    to  companion your(sg)  if   

   Spoken: istapan        kew     te  meistara        niyu,     meyi 
   Formal: eg-istapan     kew     te  meistara        niyu      meyi 
 Phonemic: ­eg­istapan    kew     te  me­istada       niu       mei­ 
  Lexemes: ­eg- =­istapan kew     te  me­istada       niu       mei­ 
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt     pron    cmk n_rt            pron      conj 
Lex Gloss: NP   =stop     2p_F    NF  teacher(female) 2p_NF(II) if   
 Word POS: v              pron    cmk n               poss_pron conj 
Wrd Gloss: stop           you(pl) by  teacher(female) your(pl)  if   

   Spoken: Matigsalug               egtakas         kag     panulu        ne  ke    
   Formal: Matigsalug               egtakas         ka      egpanulu      ne  ke    
 Phonemic: Matigsalug               ­egtakas        ka1     ­egpanulu­    ne  ke­   
  Lexemes: Matigsalug               ­eg- =takas     ka1     ­eg- =panulu­ ne  ke­   
  Lex POS: prop_n                   v_aff=v_rt      pron    v_aff=v_rt    lnk adv   
Lex Gloss: those_by_the_Salug_river NP   =exit_room 2s_F    NP   =teach   LNK not   
 Word POS: prop_n                   v               pron    v             lnk adv   
Wrd Gloss: Matigsalug               exit_room       you(sg) teach         -   don't 

   Spoken: kag     alukuy.       
   Formal: ka      eg-alukuy     
 Phonemic: ka1     ­eg­alukuy    
  Lexemes: ka1     ­eg- =­alukuy 
  Lex POS: pron    v_aff=n       
Lex Gloss: 2s_F    NP   =friend  
 Word POS: pron    v             
Wrd Gloss: you(sg) be_friends    

And don't make friends of your companions if the teacher has stopped (teaching), if Matigsalug, if the one teaching has left the room don't make friends.

And don't play with your friends if school has finished.

The ka after egtakas could be the pronoun 'you' or the focus maker.

MU861001 024

   Spoken: Biseye    neg istapan.       
   Formal: Biseye    ne  eg-istapan     
 Phonemic: Biseye­   ne  ­eg­istapan    
  Lexemes: Biseye­   ne  ­eg- =­istapan 
  Lex POS: n         lnk v_aff=v_rt     
Lex Gloss: Visayan   LNK NP   =stop     
 Word POS: n         lnk v              
Wrd Gloss: lowlander -   stop           

"Istapan" is Visayan.

"Istapan" is Visayan.

Note he uses "Biseye" not "Biniseye".

MU861001 025

   Spoken: Iyan nu        kene  ig-alukuy       su         ke  ka      
   Formal: Iyan nu        kene  ig-alukuy       su         ke  ka      
 Phonemic: ­ian nu        kene­ ­ig­alukuy      su         ke­ ka1     
  Lexemes: ­ian nu        kene­ ­ig-   =­alukuy su         ke­ ka1     
  Lex POS: dem  pron      adv   v_aff  =n       conj       adv pron    
Lex Gloss: that 2s_NF(II) not   NP_AccF=friend  because/so not 2s_F    
 Word POS: dem  pron      adv   v               conj       adv pron    
Wrd Gloss: that you(sg)   don't make_friends    because    not you(sg) 

   Spoken: egpakapitew       rut       insulat             te  meistara        
   Formal: egpakapitew       ru    te  insulat             te  meistara        
 Phonemic: ­egpakapitew      du   #te  ­insulat            te  me­istada       
  Lexemes: ­eg- =pAkA-=pitew dutu #te  ­iN-  =sulat        te  me­istada       
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_aff=v_rt  dem  #cmk v_aff =v_rt?        cmk n_rt            
Lex Gloss: NP   =INVOL=look  there#NF  P_AccF=write/letter NF  teacher(female) 
 Word POS: v                 dem  #cmk v                   cmk n               
Wrd Gloss: able_to_see       there#at  written             by  teacher(female) 

   Spoken: diye  te  seled  te  iskwilaan      diyet     blakbud.   
   Formal: diye  te  seled  te  iskwilaan      diye  te  blakbud    
 Phonemic: die­  te  seled  te  ­iskwilaan     die­ #te  blakbud    
  Lexemes: die­  te  seled  te  ­iskwila=-an   die­ #te  blakbud    
  Lex POS: dem   cmk n      cmk n_rt    =v_aff dem  #cmk n          
Lex Gloss: there NF  inside NF  school  =LocF  there#NF  blackboard 
 Word POS: dem   cmk n      cmk n              dem  #cmk n          
Wrd Gloss: there in  inside of  school         there#on  blackboard 

Don't do that making friends because you won't be able to see the writing there of the teacher there inside the school - there in the blackboard.

Don't be making friends because you won't follow the teacher's writing there inside the school - on the blackboard.

MU861001 026

   Spoken: Iyan nu        pitawa        se  insulat             ne  bebasbas        
   Formal: Iyan nu        pitawa        se  insulat             ne  bebasbas        
 Phonemic: ­ian nu        pitawa        se  ­insulat            ne  bebasbas        
  Lexemes: ­ian nu        pitew=-a      se  ­iN-  =sulat        ne  rdpCV-=basbas   
  Lex POS: dem  pron      v_rt =v_aff   cmk v_aff =v_rt?        lnk v_aff =v_rt     
Lex Gloss: that 2s_NF(II) look =UnA_ObF F   P_AccF=write/letter LNK ***   =practise 
 Word POS: dem  pron      v             cmk v                   lnk v               
Wrd Gloss: that you(sg)   look_at       the written             -   practice        

   Spoken: ka.     
   Formal: ka      
 Phonemic: ka1     
  Lexemes: ka1     
  Lex POS: pron    
Lex Gloss: 2s_F    
 Word POS: pron    
Wrd Gloss: you(sg) 

You should be looking at that writing that you are studying.

You should be watching the writing that you are studying.

MU861001 027

   Spoken: Basa wey  kanta       kayi te  kantan          baley su       eyewg 
   Formal: Basa wey  kanta       kayi te  kanta       ne  baley su eyew  -     
 Phonemic: basa wey  kanta       kai  te  kanta      #ne  baley su_­eyew -     
  Lexemes: basa wey  kanta       kai  te  kanta      #ne  baley su_­eyew -     
  Lex POS: v_rt conj pron        dem  cmk pron       #lnk n     conj     -     
Lex Gloss: read and  1pi_NF(III) here NF  1pi_NF(III)#LNK house so_that  -     
 Word POS: v    conj v           dem  cmk poss_pron  #lnk n     conj     -     
Wrd Gloss: read and  sing        here at  our(incl)  #-   house so_that  -     

   Spoken: meupiya           se  pegbasa    nu."      
   Formal: egmeupiya         se  pegbasa    nu        
 Phonemic: ­egme­upia        se  pegbasa    nu        
  Lexemes: ­eg- =mA1-=­upia  se  peg- =basa nu        
  Lex POS: v_aff=aff =adj_rt cmk v_aff=v_rt pron      
Lex Gloss: NP   =ADJR=good   F   NMR  =read 2s_NF(II) 
 Word POS: v                 cmk n          poss_pron 
Wrd Gloss: become_good       the reading    your(sg)  

Read and sing here at our house so that your reading will become good.

Read and sing here at home so that your reading will improve.

MU861001 028

   Spoken: Sika keddin         igpanulu        ki               Punsu. 
   Formal: Sika keddi      ne  igpanulu        ki               Punsu  
 Phonemic: sika keddi­    #ne  ­igpanulu­      ki2              Punsu  
  Lexemes: sika keddi­    #ne  ­ig-   =panulu­ ki2              Punsu  
  Lex POS: pron pron      #lnk v_aff  =v_rt    cmk              prop_n 
Lex Gloss: that 1s_NF(III)#LNK NP_AccF=teach   NF(III)_PERS(sg) Punsu  
 Word POS: pron pron      #lnk v               cmk              prop_n 
Wrd Gloss: that my        #-   will_teach      to               Punsu  

That is what I will teach to Punsu.

That's what I teach Punsu.

MU861001 029

   Spoken: "Sikeykew  Punsu, lukes ka.     
   Formal: Sikeykew   Punsu  lukes ka      
 Phonemic: sikeykew   Punsu  lukes ka1     
  Lexemes: sikeykew   Punsu  lukes ka1     
  Lex POS: pron       prop_n n     pron    
Lex Gloss: 2s_TOPIC   Punsu  male  2s_F    
 Word POS: pron       prop_n n     pron    
Wrd Gloss: as_for_you Punsu  male  you(sg) 

As for you Punsu, you are a male.

As for you Punsu, you are a male.

MU861001 030

   Spoken: Due      sulat        neg ligkat       te   Munisipie    te  Kitewtew. 
   Formal: Due      sulat        ne  egligkat     te   Munisipie    te  Kitewtew  
 Phonemic: du­e1    sulat        ne  ­egligkat    te   munisipi­e   te  Kitewtew  
  Lexemes: du­e1    sulat        ne  ­eg- =ligkat te   munisipi­e   te  Kitewtew  
  Lex POS: psd_v    v_rt?        lnk v_aff=v_rt   cmk  n            cmk prop_n    
Lex Gloss: there_is write/letter LNK NP   =source NF   municipality NF  Kitaotao  
 Word POS: psd_v    n            lnk v            cmk  n            cmk prop_n    
Wrd Gloss: there_is letter       -   came_from    from municipality of  Kitaotao  

There is a letter which came from the municipality of Kitaotao.

There is a letter which came from the municipality of Kitaotao.

MU861001 031

   Spoken: Keg  kateu            kad            keureme   ne  sikeykew   ka  
   Formal: ke   egkateu          kad            keureme   ne  sikeykew   ka  
 Phonemic: ke   ­egkate­u        kad            ke­udeme­ ne  sikeykew   ka2 
  Lexemes: ke   ­eg- =kA1- =te­u ka2=-d         ke­udeme­ ne  sikeykew   ka2 
  Lex POS: conj v_aff=v_aff=v_rt cmk=nonv_aff   adv       lnk pron       cmk 
Lex Gloss: if   NP   =INVOL=know F  =COMPLETIVE future    LNK 2s_TOPIC   F   
 Word POS: conj v                pron           adv       lnk pron       cmk 
Wrd Gloss: if   know_how         you(sg)/COMPL  in_future -   as_for_you the 

   Spoken: egbasa.    
   Formal: egbasa     
 Phonemic: ­egbasa    
  Lexemes: ­eg- =basa 
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt 
Lex Gloss: NP   =read 
 Word POS: v          
Wrd Gloss: read       

If you know how in the future, you are the one who will read it.

If one day you know how, you will be able to read it.

MU861001 032

   Spoken: Nangen kad            keddi      te, 'Ame, seini  ka  tahu     
   Formal: nangen kad            keddi      te  Ame   seini  ka  tahu     
 Phonemic: na¥en  kad            keddi­     te  ­ame­ se­ini ka2 tagu­    
  Lexemes: na¥en  ka2=-d         keddi­     te  ­ame­ se­ini ka2 tagu­    
  Lex POS: v_rt   cmk=nonv_aff   pron       cmk n     pron   cmk v_rt     
Lex Gloss: tell   F  =COMPLETIVE 1s_NF(III) NF  daddy this   F   put_away 
 Word POS: v      pron           pron       cmk n     pron   cmk v        
Wrd Gloss: inform you(sg)_COMPL  me         -   dad   this   the put_away 

   Spoken: kayit     sulat        neg ligkat       te   episina  riyet     Kitewtew. 
   Formal: kayi  te  sulat        ne  egligkat     te   episina  riye  te  Kitewtew  
 Phonemic: kai  #te  sulat        ne  ­egligkat    te   ­episina die­ #te  Kitewtew  
  Lexemes: kai  #te  sulat        ne  ­eg- =ligkat te   ­episina die­ #te  Kitewtew  
  Lex POS: dem  #cmk v_rt?        lnk v_aff=v_rt   cmk  n        dem  #cmk prop_n    
Lex Gloss: here #NF  write/letter LNK NP   =source NF   office   there#NF  Kitaotao  
 Word POS: dem   cmk n            lnk v            cmk  n        dem  #cmk prop_n    
Wrd Gloss: here  in  letter       -   came_from    from office   there#at  Kitaotao  

You will tell me, "Dad, this is what is hidden here in the letter that comes from the office there in Kitaotao.

You will tell me, "Dad, this is what the letter says that came from the office in Kitaotao.

MU861001 033

   Spoken: Peendiyeen               ka      te  seini  ne  pitsa - pitsa 
   Formal: Peendiyeen               ka      te  seini  ne  pitsa - pitsa 
 Phonemic: pehendie­en              ka1     te  se­ini ne  pitsa - pitsa 
  Lexemes: pA-      =hendie­ =-en   ka1     te  se­ini ne  pitsa - pitsa 
  Lex POS: v_aff    =v_rt    =v_aff pron    cmk pron   lnk n_rt  - n_rt  
Lex Gloss: CAUS     =go_there=ObF   2s_F    NF  this   LNK date  - date  
 Word POS: v                        pron    cmk pron   lnk n     - n     
Wrd Gloss: go_there                 you(sg) on  this   -   date  - date  

   Spoken: binti-singku te  Hunyu.' 
   Formal: binti-singku te  Hunyu   
 Phonemic: bintisi¥ku   te  Hunyu   
  Lexemes: binti =si¥ku te  Hunyu   
  Lex POS: num   =num   cmk prop_n  
Lex Gloss: twenty=five  NF  June    
 Word POS: num          cmk prop_n  
Wrd Gloss: twenty-five  of  June    

Go there on this date - the 25th of June."

go there on such and such a date - the 25th of June."

MU861001 034

   Spoken: Sikak    iglalag       kuk                        Punsu. 
   Formal: sika ka  iglalag       ku        ki               Punsu  
 Phonemic: sika#ka2 ­iglalag      ku       #ki2              Punsu  
  Lexemes: sika#ka2 ­ig-   =lalag ku       #ki2              Punsu  
  Lex POS: pron#cmk v_aff  =v_rt  pron     #cmk              prop_n 
Lex Gloss: that#F   NP_AccF=say   1s_NF(II)#NF(III)_PERS(sg) Punsu  
 Word POS: pron#cmk v             pron     #cmk              prop_n 
Wrd Gloss: that#the say           my       #to               Punsu  

That is what I will say to Punsu.

That's what I have to say to Punsu.

MU861001 035

   Spoken: Ne  su       eyew pakanengneng          ka      neg gipanew       
   Formal: Ne  su eyew  -    pakanengneng          ka      ne  eggipanew     
 Phonemic: ne  su_­eyew -    pakane¥ne¥            ka1     ne  ­eghipanew    
  Lexemes: ne  su_­eyew -    pAkA-=ne¥ne¥          ka1     ne  ­eg- =hipanew 
  Lex POS: lnk conj     -    v_aff=v_rt            pron    lnk v_aff=v_rt    
Lex Gloss: LNK so_that  -    INVOL=know/understand 2s_F    LNK NP   =go/walk 
 Word POS: lnk conj     -    v                     pron    lnk v             
Wrd Gloss: -   so_that  -    able_to_understand    you(sg) -   go/walk       

   Spoken: ad,             gendiya  ad              te  episina  sug        
   Formal: ad              gendiya  ad              te  episina  su         
 Phonemic: ­ad             hendia   ­ad             te  ­episina su         
  Lexemes: ­a  =-d         hendie­  ­a  =-d         te  ­episina su         
  Lex POS: pron=nonv_aff   v_rt     pron=nonv_aff   cmk n        conj       
Lex Gloss: 1s_F=COMPLETIVE go_there 1s_F=COMPLETIVE NF  office   because/so 
 Word POS: pron            v        pron            cmk n        conj       
Wrd Gloss: I_COMPL         go_there I_COMPL         to  office   because    

   Spoken: leuyen                 ku        ke   nekey ka  impasulat                 
   Formal: egleuyen               ku        ke   nekey ka  impasulat                 
 Phonemic: ­egle­uyen             ku        ke   nekey ka2 ­impasulat                
  Lexemes: ­eg- =le­uy     =-en   ku        ke   nekey ka2 ­iN-  =pA-  =sulat        
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt      =v_aff pron      conj adv   cmk v_aff =v_aff=v_rt?        
Lex Gloss: NP   =go_and_see=ObF   1s_NF(II) if   what  F   P_AccF=CAUS =write/letter 
 Word POS: v                      pron      conj pron  cmk v                         
Wrd Gloss: go_and_see             I         if   what  the written                   

   Spoken: keddi      dini     te  kanta       ne  baranggay. 
   Formal: keddi      dini     te  kanta       ne  baranggay  
 Phonemic: keddi­     dini     te  kanta       ne  bada¥gay   
  Lexemes: keddi­     dini     te  kanta       ne  bada¥gay   
  Lex POS: pron       loc_pron cmk pron        lnk n          
Lex Gloss: 1s_NF(III) here     NF  1pi_NF(III) LNK village    
 Word POS: pron       loc_pron cmk poss_pron   lnk n          
Wrd Gloss: me         here     at  our(incl)   -   village    

So that you know that I'm going - going to the office to see it, what is written to me here in our baranggay.

Just so that you know, I'm going to the office to see about what was written to me here in the village.

MU861001 036

   Spoken: Sikak    igpanulu        ku        ki               Punsu. 
   Formal: sika ka  igpanulu        ku        ki               Punsu  
 Phonemic: sika#ka2 ­igpanulu­      ku        ki2              Punsu  
  Lexemes: sika#ka2 ­ig-   =panulu­ ku        ki2              Punsu  
  Lex POS: pron#cmk v_aff  =v_rt    pron      cmk              prop_n 
Lex Gloss: that#F   NP_AccF=teach   1s_NF(II) NF(III)_PERS(sg) Punsu  
 Word POS: pron#cmk v               pron      cmk              prop_n 
Wrd Gloss: that#the will_teach      I         to               Punsu  

That is what I will teach to Punsu.

That is what I will teach to Punsu.

MU861001 037

   Spoken: Wey  keg  timbang      ki       te  aheley, Punsu, ne  kene  kig      
   Formal: Wey  ke   egtimbang    ki       te  aheley  Punsu  ne  kene  ki       
 Phonemic: wey  ke   ­egtimba¥    ki1      te  ­ageley Punsu  ne  kene­ ki1      
  Lexemes: wey  ke   ­eg- =timba¥ ki1      te  ­ageley Punsu  ne  kene­ ki1      
  Lex POS: conj conj v_aff=v_rt   pron     cmk n       prop_n lnk adv   pron     
Lex Gloss: and  if   NP   =weigh  1pi_F    NF  corn    Punsu  LNK not   1pi_F    
 Word POS: conj conj v            pron     cmk n       prop_n lnk adv   pron     
Wrd Gloss: and  if   weigh        we(incl) of  corn    Punsu  -   won't we(incl) 

   Spoken: kalimbungan              su         sikeykew   egkateu          ka      
   Formal: egkalimbungan            su         sikeykew   egkateu          ka      
 Phonemic: ­egkalimbu¥an            su         sikeykew   ­egkate­u        ka1     
  Lexemes: ­eg- =kA1- =limbu¥=-an   su         sikeykew   ­eg- =kA1- =te­u ka1     
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_aff=v_rt  =v_aff conj       pron       v_aff=v_aff=v_rt pron    
Lex Gloss: NP   =INVOL=cheat =LocF  because/so 2s_TOPIC   NP   =INVOL=know 2s_F    
 Word POS: v                        conj       pron       v                pron    
Wrd Gloss: cheat                    because    as_for_you know_how         you(sg) 

   Spoken: neg balansi       - egseel      te  seleppi. 
   Formal: ne  egbalansi     - egseel      te  seleppi  
 Phonemic: ne  ­egbalansi    - ­egse­el    te  seleppi­ 
  Lexemes: ne  ­eg- =balansi - ­eg- =se­el te  seleppi­ 
  Lex POS: lnk v_aff=v_rt    - v_aff=v_rt  cmk n        
Lex Gloss: LNK NP   =balance - NP   =count NF  money    
 Word POS: lnk v             - v           cmk n        
Wrd Gloss: -   calculate     - count       -   money    

And if we are weighing corn, Punsu, then we won't be cheated because you, you will know how to calculate - count the money.

And if we are selling corn, Punsu, then we won't be cheated because you will be able to check the money paid.

MU861001 038

   Spoken: Ne  ibehey         kanta       te  Biseye    ka  seleppi  ne  kene  
   Formal: Ne  ibehey         kanta       te  Biseye    ka  seleppi  ne  kene  
 Phonemic: ne  ­ibegey        kanta       te  Biseye­   ka2 seleppi­ ne  kene­ 
  Lexemes: ne  ­i-     =begey kanta       te  Biseye­   ka2 seleppi­ ne  kene­ 
  Lex POS: lnk v_aff   =v_rt  pron        cmk n         cmk n        lnk adv   
Lex Gloss: LNK UnA_AccF=give  1pi_NF(III) NF  Visayan   F   money    LNK not   
 Word POS: lnk v              pron        cmk n         cmk n        lnk adv   
Wrd Gloss: -   give           we(incl)    to  lowlander the money    -   won't 

   Spoken: kid                         kalimbungan        su         rue      ke   
   Formal: kid                         kalimbungan        su         rue      ke   
 Phonemic: kid                         kalimbu¥an         su         du­e1    ke   
  Lexemes: ki2             =-d         kA1- =limbu¥=-an   su         du­e1    ka1  
  Lex POS: cmk             =nonv_aff   v_aff=v_rt  =v_aff conj       psd_v    pron 
Lex Gloss: NF(III)_PERS(sg)=COMPLETIVE INVOL=cheat =LocF  because/so there_is 2s_F 
 Word POS: pron                        v                  conj       psd_v    pron 
Wrd Gloss: we(incl)_COMPL              cheat              because    there_is you  

   Spoken: ma  ka  nekeiskwila.          
   Formal: ma  ka  nekeiskwila           
 Phonemic: ma  ka2 neke­iskwila          
  Lexemes: ma  ka2 nAkA-      =­iskwila  
  Lex POS: adt cmk v_aff      =n_rt      
Lex Gloss: ADJ F   P_INVOL_AgF=school    
 Word POS: adt cmk v                     
Wrd Gloss: DIM the able_to_attend_school 

If we give the money to the Visayans, we won't be cheated because you are there - the one who went to school.

If we give the money to the lowlanders, we won't be cheated because you are there - the one who went to school.

MU861001 039

   Spoken: Sika naa     ka  iglalag       ku        keykew     Punsu  ne  kene  
   Formal: Sika naa     ka  iglalag       ku        keykew     Punsu  ne  kene  
 Phonemic: sika na­a    ka2 ­iglalag      ku        keykew     Punsu  ne  kene­ 
  Lexemes: sika na­a    ka2 ­ig-   =lalag ku        keykew     Punsu  ne  kene­ 
  Lex POS: pron part    cmk v_aff  =v_rt  pron      pron       prop_n lnk adv   
Lex Gloss: that so/then F   NP_AccF=say   1s_NF(II) 2s_NF(III) Punsu  LNK not   
 Word POS: pron part    cmk v             pron      pron       prop_n lnk adv   
Wrd Gloss: that then    the say           I         you(sg)    Punsu  -   don't 

   Spoken: kag     wali-wali               wey  ke    kag     kelag       keg  
   Formal: ka      egwali-wali             wey  ke    ka      egkelag     ke   
 Phonemic: ka1     ­egwali­wali­           wey  ke­   ka1     ­egkelag    ke   
  Lexemes: ka1     ­eg- =rdpRT-=wali­      wey  ke­   ka1     ­eg- =kelag ke   
  Lex POS: pron    v_aff=v_aff =v_rt       conj adv   pron    v_aff=v_rt  conj 
Lex Gloss: 2s_F    NP   =INT   =be_naughty and  not   2s_F    NP   =play  if   
 Word POS: pron    v                       conj adv   pron    v           conj 
Wrd Gloss: you(sg) be_mischievious         and  don't you(sg) play        if   

   Spoken: iskwila.       
   Formal: eg-iskwila     
 Phonemic: ­eg­iskwila    
  Lexemes: ­eg- =­iskwila 
  Lex POS: v_aff=n_rt     
Lex Gloss: NP   =school   
 Word POS: v              
Wrd Gloss: attend_school  

That then is what I will tell you Punsu - don't be mischievious and don't play if you are at school.

That then is what I'll tell you Punsu - so don't fool around at school.

MU861001 040

   Spoken: Seeye      ka  keddi      ne  iglalag       te  keddin         me     
   Formal: Seeye      ka  keddi      ne  iglalag       te  keddi      ne  me     
 Phonemic: se­eye­    ka2 keddi­     ne  ­iglalag      te  keddi­    #ne  me1    
  Lexemes: se­eye­    ka2 keddi­     ne  ­ig-   =lalag te  keddi­    #ne  me1    
  Lex POS: dem        cmk pron       lnk v_aff  =v_rt  cmk pron      #lnk adt    
Lex Gloss: that_there F   1s_NF(III) LNK NP_AccF=say   NF  1s_NF(III)#LNK PLURAL 
 Word POS: dem        cmk poss_pron  lnk v             cmk poss_pron #lnk adt    
Wrd Gloss: there      the my         -   say           to  my        #-   -      

   Spoken: anak,    si         Inday, si         Punsu. 
   Formal: anak     si         Inday  si         Punsu  
 Phonemic: ­anak    si         ­Inday si         Punsu  
  Lexemes: ­anak    si         ­Inday si         Punsu  
  Lex POS: n        cmk        prop_n cmk        prop_n 
Lex Gloss: child    F_PERS(sg) Inday  F_PERS(sg) Punsu  
 Word POS: n        cmk        prop_n cmk        prop_n 
Wrd Gloss: children -          Inday  -          Punsu  

That is what I will say to my children, Inday, Punsu.

So that's what I'll tell my children - Inday and Punsu.

MU861001 041

   Spoken: Iyan ku        igkeupii                      ne  keneg 
   Formal: Iyan ku        igkeupii                      ne  kene  
 Phonemic: ­ian ku        ­igke­upi­i                   ne  kene­ 
  Lexemes: ­ian ku        ­ig-   =kA1- =­upi­ =-i       ne  kene­ 
  Lex POS: dem  pron      v_aff  =v_aff=v_rt  =v_aff    lnk adv   
Lex Gloss: that 1s_NF(II) NP_AccF=INVOL=desire=UnA_LocF LNK not   
 Word POS: dem  pron      v                             lnk adv   
Wrd Gloss: that my        like                          -   don't 

   Spoken: pekeiling           keddi      te  wara   a    nakapabulus          
   Formal: egpekeiling         keddi      te  wara   a    nakapabulus          
 Phonemic: ­egpeke­ili¥        keddi­     te  wade­  ­a   nakapabulus          
  Lexemes: ­eg- =pAkA-=­ili¥   keddi­     te  wade­  ­a   nAkA-      =pabulus  
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_aff=v_rt    pron       cmk adv    pron v_aff      =v_rt     
Lex Gloss: NP   =INVOL=be_like 1s_NF(III) NF  no     1s_F P_INVOL_AgF=continue 
 Word POS: v                   pron       cmk adv    pron v                    
Wrd Gloss: become_like         me         -   didn't I    continued            

   Spoken: te  mig-iskwila.   
   Formal: te  mig-iskwila    
 Phonemic: te  mig­iskwila    
  Lexemes: te  mig- =­iskwila 
  Lex POS: cmk v_aff=n_rt     
Lex Gloss: NF  P    =school   
 Word POS: cmk v              
Wrd Gloss: to  went_to_school 

This is my desire - don't be like me who didn't continue attending school.

It is my desire that you be like me who didn't continue my schooling.

MU861001 042

   Spoken: Ne  angin                naa     te  lalag  ku        ne  meupiya     
   Formal: Ne  angin                naa     te  lalag  ku        ne  meupiya     
 Phonemic: ne  ­a¥in                na­a    te  lalag  ku        ne  me­upia     
  Lexemes: ne  ­a¥in                na­a    te  lalag  ku        ne  mA1-=­upia  
  Lex POS: lnk conj                 part    cmk v_rt   pron      lnk aff =adj_rt 
Lex Gloss: LNK would_have_been_good so/then NF  say    1s_NF(II) LNK ADJR=good   
 Word POS: lnk conj                 part    cmk n      poss_pron lnk v           
Wrd Gloss: -   would_have_been_good then    -   speech my        -   good        

   Spoken: ke   riye  te  episina  wey  riyet     miting. 
   Formal: ke   riye  te  episina  wey  riye  te  miting  
 Phonemic: ke   die­  te  ­episina wey  die­ #te  miti¥   
  Lexemes: ke   die­  te  ­episina wey  die­ #te  miti¥   
  Lex POS: conj dem   cmk n        conj dem  #cmk n       
Lex Gloss: if   there NF  office   and  there#NF  meeting 
 Word POS: conj dem   cmk n        conj dem  #cmk n       
Wrd Gloss: if   there at  office   and  there#at  meeting 

It would have been good at the office and there at the meeting if it had been like I said.

It would have been good at the office and there at the meeting if it had been like I said.

MU861001 043

   Spoken: Ne  meupiyak         lalag  ku        su         iyan 
   Formal: Ne  meupiya      ka  lalag  ku        su         iyan 
 Phonemic: ne  me­upia     #ka2 lalag  ku        su         ­ian 
  Lexemes: ne  mA1-=­upia  #ka2 lalag  ku        su         ­ian 
  Lex POS: lnk aff =adj_rt #cmk  v_rt   pron     conj       dem  
Lex Gloss: LNK ADJR=good   #F    say   1s_NF(II) because/so that 
 Word POS: lnk v           #cmk n      poss_pron conj       dem  
Wrd Gloss: -   good        #the speech my        because    that 

   Spoken: igkareeti                     te  lalag  ku        su         kena  a    
   Formal: igkareeti                     te  lalag  ku        su         kena  a    
 Phonemic: ­igkade­eti                   te  lalag  ku        su         kena­ ­a   
  Lexemes: ­ig-   =kA1- =de­et =-i       te  lalag  ku        su         kene­ ­a   
  Lex POS: v_aff  =v_aff=adj_rt=v_aff    cmk v_rt   pron      conj       adv   pron 
Lex Gloss: NP_AccF=INVOL=bad   =UnA_LocF NF  say    1s_NF(II) because/so not   1s_F 
 Word POS: v                             cmk n      poss_pron conj       adv   pron 
Wrd Gloss: make_bad                      -   speech my        because    can't I    

   Spoken: pakabasa     wey  kena  a    pakasulat.         
   Formal: pakabasa     wey  kena  a    pakasulat          
 Phonemic: pakabasa     wey  kena­ ­a   pakasulat          
  Lexemes: pAkA-=basa   wey  kene­ ­a   pAkA-=sulat        
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt   conj adv   pron v_aff=v_rt?        
Lex Gloss: INVOL=read   and  not   1s_F INVOL=write/letter 
 Word POS: v            conj adv   pron v                  
Wrd Gloss: able_to_read and  can't I    able_to_write      

What I said was good but what is bad is that I cannot read and I cannot write.

What I said was good, but what is bad is that I cannot read or write.

MU861001 044

   Spoken: Punsu, ne  sika ka  igkeenduena                       te  mareet      
   Formal: Punsu  ne  sika ka  igkeenduena                       te  mareet      
 Phonemic: Punsu  ne  sika ka2 ­igkehendu­ena                    te  made­et     
  Lexemes: Punsu  ne  sika ka2 ­ig-   =kA1- =hendu­e =-N=-a      te  mA1-=de­et  
  Lex POS: prop_n lnk pron cmk v_aff  =v_aff=v_rt    =–=v_aff   cmk aff =adj_rt 
Lex Gloss: Punsu  LNK that F   NP_AccF=INVOL=go_there=–=UnA_ObF NF  ADJR=bad    
 Word POS: prop_n lnk pron cmk v                                 cmk adj         
Wrd Gloss: Punsu  -   that the be_like_this                      -   bad         

   Spoken: dinit        keddi      su         ke    kug       
   Formal: dini     te  keddi      su         ke    ku        
 Phonemic: dini    #te  keddi­     su         ke­   ku        
  Lexemes: dini    #te  keddi­     su         ke­   ku        
  Lex POS: loc_pron#cmk pron       conj       adv   pron      
Lex Gloss: here    #NF  1s_NF(III) because/so not   1s_NF(II) 
 Word POS: loc_pron#cmk pron       conj       adv   pron      
Wrd Gloss: here    #at  I          because    don't I         

   Spoken: kanengnengan                      ke   nekey ka  tahut        
   Formal: egkanengnengan                    ke   nekey ka  tahu     te  
 Phonemic: ­egkane¥ne¥an                     ke   nekey ka2 tagu­   #te  
  Lexemes: ­eg- =kA1- =ne¥ne¥         =-an   ke   nekey ka2 tagu­   #te  
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_aff=v_rt           =v_aff conj adv   cmk v_rt    #cmk 
Lex Gloss: NP   =INVOL=know/understand=LocF  if   what  F   put_away#NF  
 Word POS: v                                 conj pron  cmk n       #cmk 
Wrd Gloss: understand                        if   what  the put_away#in  

   Spoken: sulat.       
   Formal: sulat        
 Phonemic: sulat        
  Lexemes: sulat        
  Lex POS: v_rt?        
Lex Gloss: write/letter 
 Word POS: n            
Wrd Gloss: letter       

Punsu, that it was causes bad here with me because I don't understand what it put into the letter.

Punsu, that what bugs me is that I don't understand the contents of a letter.

MU861001 045

   Spoken: Meupiya     pad    ke   egpabulus            kew     neg iskwila        
   Formal: meupiya     pad    ke   egpabulus            kew     ne  eg-iskwila     
 Phonemic: me­upia     pad    ke   ­egpabulus           kew     ne  ­eg­iskwila    
  Lexemes: mA1-=­upia  pad    ke   ­eg- =pA-  =bulus    kew     ne  ­eg- =­iskwila 
  Lex POS: aff =adj_rt part   conj v_aff=v_aff=v_rt     pron    lnk v_aff=n_rt     
Lex Gloss: ADJR=good   INCOMP if   NP   =CAUS =continue 2p_F    LNK NP   =school   
 Word POS: v           part   conj v                    pron    lnk v              
Wrd Gloss: good        still  if   continue             you(pl) -   attend_school  

   Spoken: keureme   su         sikaniyud           kag nangen      keddi      Inday, 
   Formal: keureme   su         sikaniyud           ka  egnangen    keddi      Inday  
 Phonemic: ke­udeme­ su         sikaniud            ka2 ­egna¥en    keddi­     ­Inday 
  Lexemes: ke­udeme­ su         sikaniu =-d         ka2 ­eg- =na¥en keddi­     ­Inday 
  Lex POS: adv       conj       pron    =nonv_aff   cmk v_aff=v_rt  pron       prop_n 
Lex Gloss: future    because/so 2p_TOPIC=COMPLETIVE F   NP   =tell  1s_NF(III) Inday  
 Word POS: adv       conj       pron                cmk v           pron       prop_n 
Wrd Gloss: in_future because    you(pl)/COMPL       the inform      me         Inday  

   Spoken: Punsu  te, 'Ame, seini  ka  nakalimbung        keykew     ne  seini  
   Formal: Punsu  te  Ame   seini  ka  nakalimbung        keykew     ne  seini  
 Phonemic: Punsu  te  ­ame­ se­ini ka2 nakalimbu¥         keykew     ne  se­ini 
  Lexemes: Punsu  te  ­ame­ se­ini ka2 nAkA-      =limbu¥ keykew     ne  se­ini 
  Lex POS: prop_n cmk n     pron   cmk v_aff      =v_rt   pron       lnk pron   
Lex Gloss: Punsu  NF  daddy this   F   P_INVOL_AgF=cheat  2s_NF(III) LNK this   
 Word POS: prop_n cmk n     pron   cmk v                  pron       lnk pron   
Wrd Gloss: Punsu  -   dad   this   the cheated            you(sg)    -   this   

   Spoken: ka  ware   nakalimbung        keykew     su         malehet.'   
   Formal: ka  ware   nakalimbung        keykew     su         malehet     
 Phonemic: ka2 wade­  nakalimbu¥         keykew     su         maleget     
  Lexemes: ka2 wade­  nAkA-      =limbu¥ keykew     su         mA1-=leget  
  Lex POS: cmk adv    v_aff      =v_rt   pron       conj       aff =adj_rt 
Lex Gloss: F   no     P_INVOL_AgF=cheat  2s_NF(III) because/so ADJR=true   
 Word POS: cmk adv    v                  pron       conj       adj         
Wrd Gloss: the didn't cheated            you(sg)    because    correct     

It is better that you(pl) continue going to school in the future because you(pl) will be the ones to tell me, Inday, Punsu, that, "Dad, this is the one who cheated you and this is the one who didn't cheat you because it was correct.

It is best that you both continue your schooling Inday and Punsu because you will be the ones to tell me who is and isn't cheating me.

MU861001 046

   Spoken: Ne  igbayad         e    keykew     seini. 
   Formal: Ne  igbayad         e    keykew     seini  
 Phonemic: ne  ­igbayad        ­e   keykew     se­ini 
  Lexemes: ne  ­ig-   =bayad   ­e   keykew     se­ini 
  Lex POS: lnk v_aff  =n       part pron       pron   
Lex Gloss: LNK NP_AccF=payment COMP 2s_NF(III) this   
 Word POS: lnk v               part pron       pron   
Wrd Gloss: -   will_pay        COMP you(sg)    this   

So you will be payed this.

So you will be payed this.

MU861001 047

   Spoken: Ware  nasame          diye  te  tindaan             ne  seleppi  
   Formal: Ware  nasame          diye  te  tindaan             ne  seleppi  
 Phonemic: wade­ nasame­         die­  te  tindaan             ne  seleppi­ 
  Lexemes: wade­ nA-  =same­     die­  te  tinda        =-an   ne  seleppi­ 
  Lex POS: adv   v_aff=?         dem   cmk v_rt         =v_aff lnk n        
Lex Gloss: no    P_ObF=left_over there NF  operate_store=LocF  LNK money    
 Word POS: adv   v               dem   cmk v                   lnk n        
Wrd Gloss: no    remained        there at  store               -   money    

   Spoken: su         imbehey      keykew     ka  kentidad - bali  rue   te  
   Formal: su         imbehey      keykew     ka  kentidad - bali  rue   te  
 Phonemic: su         ­imbegey     keykew     ka2 kentidad - bali  du­e2 te  
  Lexemes: su         ­iN-  =begey keykew     ka2 kentidad - bali  du­e2 te  
  Lex POS: conj       v_aff =v_rt  pron       cmk n        - n     dem   cmk 
Lex Gloss: because/so P_AccF=give  2s_NF(III) F   payment  - price there NF  
 Word POS: conj       v            pron       cmk n        - n     psd_v cmk 
Wrd Gloss: because    gave         you(sg)    the payment  - price there of  

   Spoken: aheley  nu.       
   Formal: aheley  nu        
 Phonemic: ­ageley nu        
  Lexemes: ­ageley nu        
  Lex POS: n       pron      
Lex Gloss: corn    2s_NF(II) 
 Word POS: n       pron      
Wrd Gloss: corn    your(sg)  

No left-over money there at the store, because the amount was given to you - the payment for your corn.

There will be no money left at the store, because the (proper) payment for the corn will be given to you.

MU861001 048

   Spoken: Sikak    keddin         igkeupii.                     
   Formal: sika ka  keddi      ne  igkeupii                      
 Phonemic: sika#ka2 keddi­    #ne  ­igke­upi­i                   
  Lexemes: sika#ka2 keddi­    #ne  ­ig-   =kA1- =­upi­ =-i       
  Lex POS: pron#cmk pron      #lnk v_aff  =v_aff=v_rt  =v_aff    
Lex Gloss: that#F   1s_NF(III)#LNK NP_AccF=INVOL=desire=UnA_LocF 
 Word POS: pron#cmk pron      #lnk v                             
Wrd Gloss: that#the my        #-   like                          

That is what I desire.

That's what I'd like.

MU861001 049

   Spoken: Ne  egkeuma            keureme   seg sukuren            ka  tane  ne  
   Formal: Ne  egkeuma            keureme   se  egsukuren          ka  tane  ne  
 Phonemic: ne  ­egke­uma          ke­udeme­ se  ­egsukuden         ka2 tane­ ne  
  Lexemes: ne  ­eg- =kA1- =­uma   ke­udeme­ se  ­eg- =sukud =-en   ka2 tane­ ne  
  Lex POS: lnk v_aff=v_aff=v_rt   adv       cmk v_aff=v_rt  =v_aff cmk n     lnk 
Lex Gloss: LNK NP   =INVOL=arrive future    F   NP   =survey=ObF   F   earth LNK 
 Word POS: lnk v                  adv       cmk v                  cmk n     lnk 
Wrd Gloss: -   arrive             in_future the survey             the land  -   

   Spoken: kena  ag   pakakahi          te  "Nalimbungan       a."  
   Formal: kena  a    egpakakahi        te  Nalimbungan        a    
 Phonemic: kena­ ­a   ­egpakakagi       te  nalimbu¥an         ­a   
  Lexemes: kene­ ­a   ­eg- =pAkA-=kagi  te  nA-  =limbu¥=-an   ­a   
  Lex POS: adv   pron v_aff=v_aff=v_rt  cmk v_aff=v_rt  =v_aff pron 
Lex Gloss: not   1s_F NP   =INVOL=speak NF  P_ObF=cheat =LocF  1s_F 
 Word POS: adv   pron v                 cmk v                  pron 
Wrd Gloss: won't I    able_to_say       -   cheated            me   

If the one who surveys that land arrives in the future, I won't be able to say that I was cheated.

If a surveyor comes in the future, I won't be able to say that I was cheated.

MU861001 050

   Spoken: Su         sikaniyu kag kateu            ne  egseel      te  seini  
   Formal: su         sikaniyu ka  egkateu          ne  egseel      te  seini  
 Phonemic: su         sikaniu  ka2 ­egkate­u        ne  ­egse­el    te  se­ini 
  Lexemes: su         sikaniu  ka2 ­eg- =kA1- =te­u ne  ­eg- =se­el te  se­ini 
  Lex POS: conj       pron     cmk v_aff=v_aff=v_rt lnk v_aff=v_rt  cmk pron   
Lex Gloss: because/so 2p_TOPIC F   NP   =INVOL=know LNK NP   =count NF  this   
 Word POS: conj       pron     cmk v                lnk v           cmk pron   
Wrd Gloss: because    you(pl)  the know_how         -   count       -   this   

   Spoken: ka  igbayad         ame   te  asis     ne  seinik     igbayad         
   Formal: ka  igbayad         ame   te  asis     ne  seini  ka  igbayad         
 Phonemic: ka2 ­igbayad        ­ame­ te  ­asis    ne  se­ini#ka2 ­igbayad        
  Lexemes: ka2 ­ig-   =bayad   ­ame­ te  ­asis    ne  se­ini#ka2 ­ig-   =bayad   
  Lex POS: cmk v_aff  =n       n     cmk n        lnk pron  #cmk v_aff  =n       
Lex Gloss: F   NP_AccF=payment daddy NF  assessor LNK this  #F   NP_AccF=payment 
 Word POS: cmk v               n     cmk n        lnk pron  #cmk v               
Wrd Gloss: the will_pay        dad   to  assessor -   this  #the will_pay        

   Spoken: teg katituluwan    ka  tane  nu        - kantan          tane  
   Formal: te  katituluwan    ka  tane  nu        - kanta       ne  tane  
 Phonemic: te  katituluan     ka2 tane­ nu        - kanta      #ne  tane­ 
  Lexemes: te  kA><an-=titulu ka2 tane­ nu        - kanta      #ne  tane­ 
  Lex POS: cmk v_aff  =n      cmk n     pron      - pron       #lnk n     
Lex Gloss: NF  NOM    =title  F   earth 2s_NF(II) - 1pi_NF(III)#LNK earth 
 Word POS: cmk n              cmk n     poss_pron - poss_pron  #lnk n     
Wrd Gloss: for title          the land  your(sg)  - our(incl)  #-   land  

   Spoken: kayit     Panganan. 
   Formal: kayi  te  Panganan  
 Phonemic: kai  #te  Pa¥anan   
  Lexemes: kai  #te  Pa¥anan   
  Lex POS: dem  #cmk prop_n    
Lex Gloss: here #NF  Panganan  
 Word POS: dem   cmk prop_n    
Wrd Gloss: here  at  Panganan  

Because you are the ones who will know how to count this - the amount to pay, Dad, to the assessor - this is the payment to titling the land - our land here in Panganan.

You will know how to work out the amount to pay the assessor for titling our land here in Panganan.

MU861001 051

   Spoken: Ne  seeye      katuenan          ku        piru ke   ke    kug       
   Formal: Ne  seeye      katuenan          ku        piru ke   ke    ku        
 Phonemic: ne  se­eye­    katu­enan         ku        pidu ke   ke­   ku        
  Lexemes: ne  se­eye­    kA1- =tu­en=-an   ku        pidu ke   ke­   ku        
  Lex POS: lnk dem        v_aff=v_rt =v_aff pron      conj conj adv   pron      
Lex Gloss: LNK that_there INVOL=know =LocF  1s_NF(II) but  if   not   1s_NF(II) 
 Word POS: lnk dem        v                 pron      conj conj adv   pron      
Wrd Gloss: -   there      know              I         but  if   don't I         

   Spoken: pabulus              eg-iskwila,    keg   wali-wali               kew     
   Formal: egpabulus            eg-iskwila     kene  egwali-wali             kew     
 Phonemic: ­egpabulus           ­eg­iskwila    kene­ ­egwali­wali­           kew     
  Lexemes: ­eg- =pA-  =bulus    ­eg- =­iskwila kene­ ­eg- =rdpRT-=wali­      kew     
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_aff=v_rt     v_aff=n_rt     adv   v_aff=v_aff =v_rt       pron    
Lex Gloss: NP   =CAUS =continue NP   =school   not   NP   =INT   =be_naughty 2p_F    
 Word POS: v                    v              adv   v                       pron    
Wrd Gloss: continue             attend_school  don't be_mischievious         you(pl) 

   Spoken: neg iskwila        wey  ke    kewg    tulik,      kene  kewg    
   Formal: ne  eg-iskwila     wey  ke    kew     egtulik     kene  kew     
 Phonemic: ne  ­eg­iskwila    wey  ke­   kew     ­egtulik    kene­ kew     
  Lexemes: ne  ­eg- =­iskwila wey  ke­   kew     ­eg- =tulik kene­ kew     
  Lex POS: lnk v_aff=n_rt     conj adv   pron    v_aff=v_rt  adv   pron    
Lex Gloss: LNK NP   =school   and  not   2p_F    NP   =obey  not   2p_F    
 Word POS: lnk v              conj adv   pron    v           adv   pron    
Wrd Gloss: -   attend_school  and  don't you(pl) obey        don't you(pl) 

   Spoken: nengneng              Punsu, Inday, ne  sikanta   
   Formal: egnengneng            Punsu  Inday  ne  sikanta   
 Phonemic: ­egne¥ne¥             Punsu  ­Inday ne  sikanta   
  Lexemes: ­eg- =ne¥ne¥          Punsu  ­Inday ne  sikanta   
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt            prop_n prop_n lnk pron      
Lex Gloss: NP   =know/understand Punsu  Inday  LNK 1pi_TOPIC 
 Word POS: v                     prop_n prop_n lnk pron      
Wrd Gloss: understand            Punsu  Inday  -   as_for_us 

   Spoken: egkalimbungang           ki       te  pegtetane.         
   Formal: egkalimbungan            ki       te  pegtetane          
 Phonemic: ­egkalimbu¥an            ki1      te  pegtetane­         
  Lexemes: ­eg- =kA1- =limbu¥=-an   ki1      te  peg- =rdpCV-=tane­ 
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_aff=v_rt  =v_aff pron     cmk v_aff=v_aff =n     
Lex Gloss: NP   =INVOL=cheat =LocF  1pi_F    NF  NMR  =***   =earth 
 Word POS: v                        pron     cmk n                  
Wrd Gloss: cheat                    we(incl) -   buying_land        

And that I know but if you don't continue schooling, if you be naughty in schooling and if you don't obey, you won't know, Punsu, Inday, that we are being cheated in buying land.

And I know that if you don't continue at school, if you fool around and don't obey, you won't know, Punsu and Inday, that we are being cheated in buying land.

check 'kug' on tape.

MU861001 052

   Spoken: Neg kalimbungang             ki       te    minsan       nekey ne  
   Formal: ne  egkalimbungan            ki       te    minsan nekey -     ne  
 Phonemic: ne  ­egkalimbu¥an            ki1      te    minsan_nekey -     ne  
  Lexemes: ne  ­eg- =kA1- =limbu¥=-an   ki1      te    minsan_nekey -     ne  
  Lex POS: lnk v_aff=v_aff=v_rt  =v_aff pron     cmk   pron         -     lnk 
Lex Gloss: LNK NP   =INVOL=cheat =LocF  1pi_F    NF    whatever     -     LNK 
 Word POS: lnk v                        pron     cmk   pron         -     lnk 
Wrd Gloss: -   cheat                    we(incl) about whatever     -     -   

   Spoken: beligye  ta         ke   sikanta   se  kayi te  Panganan, wey  siak  
   Formal: beligye  ta         ke   sikanta   se  kayi te  Panganan  wey  siak  
 Phonemic: beligye­ ta         ke   sikanta   se  kai  te  Pa¥anan   wey  si­ak 
  Lexemes: beligye­ ta         ke   sikanta   se  kai  te  Pa¥anan   wey  si­ak 
  Lex POS: v_rt     pron       conj pron      cmk dem  cmk prop_n    conj pron  
Lex Gloss: sell     1pi_NF(II) if   1pi_TOPIC F   here NF  Panganan  and  1s(?) 
 Word POS: v        pron       conj pron      cmk dem  cmk prop_n    conj pron  
Wrd Gloss: sell     we(incl)   if   as_for_us the here at  Panganan  and  me    

   Spoken: se  amey   niyu.     
   Formal: se  amey   niyu      
 Phonemic: se  ­amey  niu       
  Lexemes: se  ­amey  niu       
  Lex POS: cmk n      pron      
Lex Gloss: F   father 2p_NF(II) 
 Word POS: cmk n      poss_pron 
Wrd Gloss: the father your(pl)  

We are cheated on whatever we sell, if us here at Panganan and me your father.

Us here at Panganan and me your father are being cheated on whatever we sell.

MU861001 054

   Spoken: Ne  sikan   de   ka  keddin         panugtulen             ne  
   Formal: Ne  sikan   de   ka  keddi      ne  panugtulen             ne  
 Phonemic: ne  sikan   de­  ka2 keddi­    #ne  panugtulen             ne  
  Lexemes: ne  sika=-N de­  ka2 keddi­    #ne  paN-     =tugtul=-en   ne  
  Lex POS: lnk pron=– adt  cmk pron      #lnk v_aff    =v_rt  =v_aff lnk 
Lex Gloss: LNK that=– only F   1s_NF(III)#lnk DISTR    =tell  =ObF   LNK 
 Word POS: lnk dem     adt  cmk pron      #lnk v                      lnk 
Wrd Gloss: -   that    just the my        #-   story                  -   

   Spoken: igpanulu        ku        te  keddin         anak  neg iskwila.       
   Formal: igpanulu        ku        te  keddi      ne  anak  ne  eg-iskwila     
 Phonemic: ­igpanulu­      ku        te  keddi­    #ne  ­anak ne  ­eg­iskwila    
  Lexemes: ­ig-   =panulu­ ku        te  keddi­    #ne  ­anak ne  ­eg- =­iskwila 
  Lex POS: v_aff  =v_rt    pron      cmk pron      #lnk n     lnk v_aff=n_rt     
Lex Gloss: NP_AccF=teach   1s_NF(II) NF  1s_NF(III)#lnk child LNK NP   =school   
 Word POS: v               pron      cmk pron      #lnk n     lnk v              
Wrd Gloss: will_teach      I         -   my        #-   child -   attend_school  

Just that is my story that I teach to my children that attend school.

That's all of my story that I teach my children that attend school.

MU861001 055

   Spoken: Dueng    ku        re   igtaman.      
   Formal: duen     ku        re   igtaman       
 Phonemic: du­en    ku        de­  ­igtaman      
  Lexemes: du­e2=-N ku        de­  ­ig-   =taman 
  Lex POS: dem  =– pron      adt  v_aff  =adv   
Lex Gloss: there=– 1s_NF(II) only NP_AccF=until 
 Word POS: pron     pron      adt  v             
Wrd Gloss: there    I         just finish        

I'll just go as far as that.

Now I've finished.