Two carabaos fighting


TITLE Two carabaos fighting

SPEAKER Datu Umising Angguling

PLACE Panganan, Bukidnon

DATE March 13, 1990.

CASSETTE MS#7A3 (just over half-way through)

TRANSCRIBED Aurelio Linggan and Robert Hunt


NOTE Recorded in my office

MU231001 001

   Spoken: Ah, rue      pangguhuren            ku.       
   Formal: Ah  rue      pangguhuren            ku        
 Phonemic: ah  du­e1    pa¥guguden             ku        
  Lexemes: ah  du­e1    paN- =gugud     =-en   ku        
  Lex POS: -   psd_v    v_aff=v_rt      =v_aff pron      
Lex Gloss: ah  there_is DISTR=tell_story=ObF   1s_NF(II) 
 Word POS: -   psd_v    n                      pron      
Wrd Gloss: ah  there_is story                  I         

Ah, I have a story.

Ah, I have a story.

MU231001 002

   Spoken: Iyang ku        pangguhuren            se  kalabew,      ne  
   Formal: iyan  ku        pangguhuren            se  kalabew       ne  
 Phonemic: ­ian  ku        pa¥guguden             se  kalabew       ne  
  Lexemes: ­ian  ku        paN- =gugud     =-en   se  kalabew       ne  
  Lex POS: dem   pron      v_aff=v_rt      =v_aff cmk n             lnk 
Lex Gloss: that  1s_NF(II) DISTR=tell_story=ObF   F   water_buffalo LNK 
 Word POS: dem   pron      n                      cmk n             lnk 
Wrd Gloss: that  I         story                  the water_buffalo -   

   Spoken: migpasungsungayey                    te    daruwan        simana kuntee.   
   Formal: migpasungsungayey                    te    daruwa     ne  simana kuntee    
 Phonemic: migpasu¥su¥ayey                      te2   dadua     #ne  simana kunte­e   
  Lexemes: mig- =pA><ey-=rdpCVC-=su¥ey          te2   rdpCa-=dua#ne  simana kunte­e   
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_aff  =v_aff  =n              conj  ***   =num#lnk n      adv       
Lex Gloss: P    =RECIP  =INT    =horn_of_animal while ***   =two#LNK week   now/today 
 Word POS: v                                    conj  n         #lnk n      adv       
Wrd Gloss: fought_each_other                    while two       #-   week   today     

That is my story the carabao that fought each other two weeks today.

My story is about the carabaos that fought each other two weeks ago.

MU231001 003

   Spoken: Seinis     kalabew       ni              Alasiga   ne  kayit    bariyu  
   Formal: seini  se  kalabew       ni              Alasiga   ne  kayi te  bariyu  
 Phonemic: se­ini#se  kalabew       ni              ­Alasigga ne  kai #te1 badiu   
  Lexemes: se­ini#se  kalabew       ni              ­Alasigga ne  kai #te1 badiu   
  Lex POS: pron  #cmk n             cmk             prop_n    lnk dem #cmk n       
Lex Gloss: this  #F   water_buffalo NF(II)_PERS(sg) Alasiga   LNK here#NF  barrio  
 Word POS: pron  #cmk n             cmk             prop_n    lnk dem  cmk n       
Wrd Gloss: this  #the water_buffalo of              Alasiga   -   here at  village 

   Spoken: itahu             su         kayi mat      bariyu  ka  kamuney. 
   Formal: itahu             su         kayi ma   te  bariyu  ka  kamuney  
 Phonemic: ­itagu­           su         kai  ma  #te1 badiu   ka2 kamuney  
  Lexemes: ­i-     =tagu­    su         kai  ma  #te1 badiu   ka2 kamuney  
  Lex POS: v_aff   =v_rt     conj       dem  part#cmk n       cmk n        
Lex Gloss: UnA_AccF=put_away because/so here DIM #NF  barrio  F   owner    
 Word POS: v                 conj       dem  part#cmk n       cmk n        
Wrd Gloss: store             because    here DIM #at  village the owner    

This carabao of Alasiga, was stored here in the barrio because the owner was here in the barrio.

Alasiga's carabao was here in the barrio because its owner was here.

MU231001 004

   Spoken: Seinis     ki               Luis   ne  kalabew       ne  riye  
   Formal: seini  se  ki               Luis   ne  kalabew       ne  riye  
 Phonemic: se­ini#se  ki2              lu­is  ne  kalabew       ne  die­  
  Lexemes: se­ini#se  ki2              lu­is  ne  kalabew       ne  die­  
  Lex POS: pron  #cmk cmk              prop_n lnk n             lnk dem   
Lex Gloss: this  #F   NF(III)_PERS(sg) Luis   LNK water_buffalo LNK there 
 Word POS: pron  #cmk cmk              prop_n lnk n             lnk dem   
Wrd Gloss: this  #the of               Luis   -   water_buffalo -   there 

   Spoken: itahu             te  Buhis  su         riye  mat      unayan      
   Formal: itahu             te  Buhis  su         riye  ma   te  unayan      
 Phonemic: ­itagu­           te1 bugis  su         die­  ma  #te1 ­unayan     
  Lexemes: ­i-     =tagu­    te1 bugis  su         die­  ma  #te1 ­unayan     
  Lex POS: v_aff   =v_rt     cmk prop_n conj       dem   part#cmk n           
Lex Gloss: UnA_AccF=put_away NF  Buhis  because/so there DIM #NF  field_house 
 Word POS: v                 cmk prop_n conj       dem   part#cmk n           
Wrd Gloss: store             at  Buhis  because    there DIM #at  field_house 

   Spoken: mig-ugpe.    
   Formal: mig-ugpe     
 Phonemic: mig­ugpe­    
  Lexemes: mig- =­ugpe­ 
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt   
Lex Gloss: P    =stay   
 Word POS: v            
Wrd Gloss: lived        

This carabao of Luis, was stored there at Buhis because he/it was living in his field house.

Luis's carabao was there at Buhis because he was living there in his field house.

Buhis is immediately downriver from Panganan, and on the opposite bank of the river.

MU231001 005

   Spoken: Wa    ma   kayi te  bariyu  mig-ugpe     si         Luis.  
   Formal: Wa    ma   kayi te  bariyu  mig-ugpe     si         Luis   
 Phonemic: wa­   ma   kai  te1 badiu   mig­ugpe­    si         lu­is  
  Lexemes: wade­ ma   kai  te1 badiu   mig- =­ugpe­ si         lu­is  
  Lex POS: adv   part dem  cmk n       v_aff=v_rt   cmk        prop_n 
Lex Gloss: no    DIM  here NF  barrio  P    =stay   F_PERS(sg) Luis   
 Word POS: adv   part dem  cmk n       v            cmk        prop_n 
Wrd Gloss: not   DIM  here at  village lived        -          Luis   

Luis wasn't/doesn't live here in the barrio.

Luis doesn't live here in the barrio.

MU231001 006

   Spoken: Taman     te    alas    siyiti - alas    utsu  te    karusileman     
   Formal: Taman     te    alas    siyiti - alas    utsu  te    karusileman     
 Phonemic: taman     te2   ­alas   siyiti - ­alas   ­utsu te2   kadusileman     
  Lexemes: taman     te2   ­alas   siyiti - ­alas   ­utsu te2   kA><an-=dusilem 
  Lex POS: adv       conj  ?       num    - ?       num   conj  v_aff  =n_rt    
Lex Gloss: until     while o'clock seven  - o'clock eight while NOM    =night   
 Word POS: adv       conj  ?       num    - ?       num   conj  n               
Wrd Gloss: as_far_as while o'clock seven  - o'clock eight while night           

   Spoken: duen        egkawangalan                      kayit    bariyu. 
   Formal: duen        egkawangalan                      kayi te  bariyu  
 Phonemic: du­en       ­egkawa¥alan                      kai #te1 badiu   
  Lexemes: du­e1   =-N ­eg- =kA1- =wa¥al          =-an   kai #te1 badiu   
  Lex POS: psd_v   =– v_aff=v_aff=v_rt           =v_aff dem #cmk n       
Lex Gloss: there_is=– NP   =INVOL=cause_commotion=LocF  here#NF  barrio  
 Word POS: psd_v       v                                 dem  cmk n       
Wrd Gloss: there_is    commotion                         here at  village 

At 7 o'clock - 8 o'clock at night, there was a commotion here in the village.

At seven or eight o'clock at night, there was a commotion here in the village.

MU231001 007

   Spoken: Siak, wara  a    kayi te  baley ku        kayit    bariyu, su         
   Formal: Siak  wara  a    kayi te  baley ku        kayi te  bariyu  su         
 Phonemic: si­ak wade­ ­a   kai  te1 baley ku        kai #te1 badiu   su         
  Lexemes: si­ak wade­ ­a   kai  te1 baley ku        kai #te1 badiu   su         
  Lex POS: pron  adv   pron dem  cmk n     pron      dem #cmk n       conj       
Lex Gloss: 1s(?) no    1s_F here NF  house 1s_NF(II) here#NF  barrio  because/so 
 Word POS: pron  adv   pron dem  cmk n     poss_pron dem  cmk n       conj       
Wrd Gloss: I     none  I    here at  house my        here at  village because    

   Spoken: riya  a    te  unayan      ku        sug        aweg                a    
   Formal: riya  a    te  unayan      ku        su         eg-aweg             a    
 Phonemic: die­  ­a   te1 ­unayan     ku        su         ­eg­aweg            ­a   
  Lexemes: die­  ­a   te1 ­unayan     ku        su         ­eg- =­aweg         ­a   
  Lex POS: dem   pron cmk n           pron      conj       v_aff=v_rt          pron 
Lex Gloss: there 1s_F NF  field_house 1s_NF(II) because/so NP   =frighten_away 1s_F 
 Word POS: dem   pron cmk n           poss_pron conj       v                   pron 
Wrd Gloss: there I    at  field_house my        because    frighten_away       I    

   Spoken: te  babuy te   aheley. 
   Formal: te  babuy te   aheley  
 Phonemic: te1 babuy te1  ­ageley 
  Lexemes: te1 babuy te1  ­ageley 
  Lex POS: cmk n     cmk  n       
Lex Gloss: NF  pig   NF   corn    
 Word POS: cmk n     cmk  n       
Wrd Gloss: -   pig   from corn    

Me, I wasn't here at my house here in the barrio because I was there at my field house because I was frightening away the pigs from the corn.

As for me, I wasn't home at my house here in the barrio because I was there at my field house because I was keeping the pigs away from my corn.

MU231001 008

   Spoken: Ne  migdineg    ku        se  egkawangalan                      ne  
   Formal: Ne  migdineg    ku        se  egkawangalan                      ne  
 Phonemic: ne  migdineg    ku        se  ­egkawa¥alan                      ne  
  Lexemes: ne  mig- =dineg ku        se  ­eg- =kA1- =wa¥al          =-an   ne  
  Lex POS: lnk v_aff=v_rt  pron      cmk v_aff=v_aff=v_rt           =v_aff lnk 
Lex Gloss: LNK P    =hear  1s_NF(II) F   NP   =INVOL=cause_commotion=LocF  LNK 
 Word POS: lnk v           pron      cmk v                                 lnk 
Wrd Gloss: -   heard       I         the commotion                         -   

   Spoken: migpallahuy    ad.           
   Formal: migpallahuy    ad            
 Phonemic: migpallaguy    ­ad           
  Lexemes: mig- =pallaguy ­a  =-d       
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt     pron=nonv_aff 
Lex Gloss: P    =run      1s_F=COMPL    
 Word POS: v              pron          
Wrd Gloss: ran            I_COMPL       

And I heard the commotion and I ran.

I heard the commotion and I ran.

MU231001 009

   Spoken: Nekeuma            kayi, ne  mig-insa           ad            te  
   Formal: Nekeuma            kayi  ne  mig-insa           ad            te  
 Phonemic: neke­uma           kai   ne  mig­insa­          ­ad           te1 
  Lexemes: nAkA-      =­uma   kai   ne  mig- =­inse­       ­a  =-d       te1 
  Lex POS: v_aff      =v_rt   dem   lnk v_aff=v_rt         pron=nonv_aff cmk 
Lex Gloss: P_INVOL_AgF=arrive here  LNK P    =question/ask 1s_F=COMPL    NF  
 Word POS: v                  dem   lnk v                  pron          cmk 
Wrd Gloss: arrived            here  -   asked              I_COMPL       -   

   Spoken: "Nekey-a    sika?" 
   Formal: Nekey-a     sika   
 Phonemic: nekey­a     sika   
  Lexemes: nekey=-­a   sika   
  Lex POS: pron =v_aff pron   
Lex Gloss: what =QUES  that   
 Word POS: pron        pron   
Wrd Gloss: what        that   

Arriving here, I asked, "What's that?"

When I got here I asked, "What's going on?"

MU231001 010

   Spoken: Ne  miglalag    seini  se  atebey                ku        ne  iney   
   Formal: Ne  miglalag    seini  se  atebey                ku        ne  iney   
 Phonemic: ne  miglalag    se­ini se  ­atebey               ku        ne  ­iney  
  Lexemes: ne  mig- =lalag se­ini se  ­atebey               ku        ne  ­iney  
  Lex POS: lnk v_aff=v_rt  pron   cmk n                     pron      lnk n      
Lex Gloss: LNK P    =say   this   F   female_sibling/cousin 1s_NF(II) LNK mother 
 Word POS: lnk v           pron   cmk n                     poss_pron lnk n      
Wrd Gloss: -   said        this   the sister                my        -   mother 

   Spoken: ni              Aurelio  kahi  "Mangngunteen ta.        
   Formal: ni              Aurelio  kahi  Mangngunteen  ta         
 Phonemic: ni              ­Audelie kagi  ma¥¥unte­en   ta         
  Lexemes: ni              ­Audelie kagi  ma¥¥unte­en   ta         
  Lex POS: cmk             prop_n   v_rt  v_rt          pron       
Lex Gloss: NF(II)_PERS(sg) Aurelio  speak not_know      1pi_NF(II) 
 Word POS: cmk             prop_n   v     v             pron       
Wrd Gloss: of              Aurelio  say   not_know      we(incl)   

And my sister who is Aurelio's mother said, "We don't know.

Amy my sister who is Aurelio's mother said, "I don't know.

MU231001 011

   Spoken: Ware  key      pad    nakanengneng".              
   Formal: Ware  key      pad    nakanengneng                
 Phonemic: wade­ key      pad    nakane¥ne¥                  
  Lexemes: wade­ key      pad    nAkA-      =ne¥ne¥          
  Lex POS: adv   pron     part   v_aff      =v_rt            
Lex Gloss: no    1pe_F    INCOMP P_INVOL_AgF=know/understand 
 Word POS: adv   pron     part   v                           
Wrd Gloss: not   we(excl) yet    knew                        

We(excl) don't know yet."

We don't know yet."

MU231001 012

   Spoken: Intabak       ku        te  "Mat         kene  kew     
   Formal: Intabak       ku        te  ma       te  kene  kew     
 Phonemic: ­intabak      ku        te1 ma­     #te1 kene­ kew     
  Lexemes: ­iN-  =tabak  ku        te1 mani­a  #te1 kene­ kew     
  Lex POS: v_aff =n      pron      cmk ques    #cmk adv   pron    
Lex Gloss: P_AccF=answer 1s_NF(II) NF  why     #NF  not   2p_F    
 Word POS: v             pron      cmk int_pron#cmk neg   pron    
Wrd Gloss: answered      I         -   why     #-   not   you(pl) 

   Spoken: egpakanengneng              su         marani?"    
   Formal: egpakanengneng              su         marani      
 Phonemic: ­egpakane¥ne¥               su         madani      
  Lexemes: ­eg- =pAkA-=ne¥ne¥          su         mA1-=dani   
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_aff=v_rt            conj       aff =adj_rt 
Lex Gloss: NP   =INVOL=know/understand because/so ADJR=close  
 Word POS: v                           conj       adj         
Wrd Gloss: know_something              because    near        

I answered, "Why don't you(pl) know because close?"

I answered, "How come you don't know because you're close?"

MU231001 013

   Spoken: Miglihad      ad            kayi ne  migleus        dutu  te  
   Formal: Miglihad      ad            kayi ne  migleus        dutu  te  
 Phonemic: migligad      ­ad           kai  ne  migle­us       dutu  te1 
  Lexemes: mig- =ligad   ­a  =-d       kai  ne  mig- =le­us    dutu  te1 
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt    pron=nonv_aff dem  lnk v_aff=v_rt     dem   cmk 
Lex Gloss: P    =pass_by 1s_F=COMPL    here LNK P    =continue there NF  
 Word POS: v             pron          dem  lnk v              dem   cmk 
Wrd Gloss: passed        I_COMPL       here -   continued      there at  

   Spoken: ribabe.         
   Formal: dibabe          
 Phonemic: dibabe­         
  Lexemes: di-  =babe­     
  Lex POS: v_aff=prep_rt   
Lex Gloss: POS  =downriver 
 Word POS: n               
Wrd Gloss: downstream      

I passed by here and continued there downriver.

I passed by here and continued on downriver.

MU231001 014

   Spoken: Nekeuma            a,   mat          kalabew       neg 
   Formal: Nekeuma            a    ma       te  kalabew       ne  
 Phonemic: neke­uma           ­a   ma­     #te1 kalabew       ne  
  Lexemes: nAkA-      =­uma   ­a   mani­a  #te1 kalabew       ne  
  Lex POS: v_aff      =v_rt   pron ques    #cmk n             lnk 
Lex Gloss: P_INVOL_AgF=arrive 1s_F why     #NF  water_buffalo LNK 
 Word POS: v                  pron int_pron#cmk n             lnk 
Wrd Gloss: arrived            I    why     #-   water_buffalo -   

   Spoken: pasungsungayey.                      
   Formal: egpasungsungayey                     
 Phonemic: ­egpasu¥su¥ayey                      
  Lexemes: ­eg- =pA><ey-=rdpCVC-=su¥ey          
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_aff  =v_aff  =n              
Lex Gloss: NP   =RECIP  =INT    =horn_of_animal 
 Word POS: v                                    
Wrd Gloss: fighting_each_other                  

I got there and why there were carabaos fighting each other.

I got there and there were two carabaos fighting each other.

MU231001 015

   Spoken: Ne  miglalag    ad            te  "Mania te  nakaawe                  
   Formal: Ne  miglalag    ad            te  Mania  te  nakaawe                  
 Phonemic: ne  miglalag    ­ad           te1 mani­a te1 naka­awe­                
  Lexemes: ne  mig- =lalag ­a  =-d       te1 mani­a te1 nAkA-      =­awe­        
  Lex POS: lnk v_aff=v_rt  pron=nonv_aff cmk ques   cmk v_aff      =v_rt         
Lex Gloss: LNK P    =say   1s_F=COMPL    NF  why    NF  P_INVOL_AgF=remove/leave 
 Word POS: lnk v           pron          cmk ?      cmk v                        
Wrd Gloss: -   said        I_COMPL       -   why    -   removed                  

   Spoken: sikas    kalabew?"     
   Formal: sika se  kalabew       
 Phonemic: sika#se  kalabew       
  Lexemes: sika#se  kalabew       
  Lex POS: pron#cmk n             
Lex Gloss: that#F   water_buffalo 
 Word POS: pron#cmk n             
Wrd Gloss: that#the water_buffalo 

And I said, "Why did that carabao get loose."

And I said, "Why did that carabao get loose."

MU231001 016

   Spoken: Migtabak     si         Luis   "Iyan impakaawe                 su         
   Formal: Migtabak     si         Luis   Iyan  impakaawe                 su         
 Phonemic: migtabak     si         lu­is  ­ian  ­impaka­awe­              su         
  Lexemes: mig- =tabak  si         lu­is  ­ian  ­iN-  =pAkA-=­awe­        su         
  Lex POS: v_aff=n      cmk        prop_n dem   v_aff =v_aff=v_rt         conj       
Lex Gloss: P    =answer F_PERS(sg) Luis   that  P_AccF=INVOL=remove/leave because/so 
 Word POS: v            cmk        prop_n dem   v                         conj       
Wrd Gloss: answered     -          Luis   that  reason_got_loose          because    

   Spoken: mahebu      ek       hiket  di             nabugtus.    
   Formal: mahebu      e    ka  hiket  di             nabugtus     
 Phonemic: magebu­     ­e  #ka2 hiket  di­            nabugtus     
  Lexemes: mA1-=gebu­  ­e  #ka2 hiket  di­            nA-  =bugtus 
  Lex POS: aff =adj_rt part#cmk n      conj           v_aff=v_rt   
Lex Gloss: ADJR=weak   COMP#F   tie_up but/as_long_as P_ObF=snap   
 Word POS: adj         part#cmk n      conj           v            
Wrd Gloss: weak        COMP#the tether but            snapped      

Luis answered, "That's the reason it got loose because the tether was already weak, but it snapped.

Luis answered, "It got loose because the tether rope was already weak - in fact it snapped.

MU231001 017

   Spoken: Ne  impallahuy      es       kalabew       ne  miggendini      te  bariyu  
   Formal: Ne  impallahuy      e    se  kalabew       ne  miggendini      te  bariyu  
 Phonemic: ne  ­impallaguy     ­e  #se  kalabew       ne  mighendini      te1 badiu   
  Lexemes: ne  ­iN-  =pallaguy ­e  #se  kalabew       ne  mig- =hendini   te1 badiu   
  Lex POS: lnk v_aff =v_rt     part#cmk n             lnk v_aff=v_rt      cmk n       
Lex Gloss: LNK P_AccF=run      COMP#F   water_buffalo LNK P    =come_here NF  barrio  
 Word POS: lnk v               part#cmk n             lnk v               cmk n       
Wrd Gloss: -   ran             COMP#the water_buffalo -   came_here       to  village 

   Spoken: su         natuenan          ma   ne  due      kalabew       ne  
   Formal: su         natuenan          ma   ne  due      kalabew       ne  
 Phonemic: su         natu­enan         ma   ne  du­e1    kalabew       ne  
  Lexemes: su         nA-  =tu­en=-an   ma   ne  du­e1    kalabew       ne  
  Lex POS: conj       v_aff=v_rt =v_aff part lnk psd_v    n             lnk 
Lex Gloss: because/so P_ObF=know =LocF  DIM  LNK there_is water_buffalo LNK 
 Word POS: conj       v                 part lnk psd_v    n             lnk 
Wrd Gloss: because    knew_a_fact       DIM  -   there_is water_buffalo -   

   Spoken: turu        kayit    bariyu, ne  kalabew       ni              Alasiga". 
   Formal: turu        kayi te  bariyu  ne  kalabew       ni              Alasiga   
 Phonemic: tudu        kai #te1 badiu   ne  kalabew       ni              ­Alasigga 
  Lexemes: tudu        kai #te1 badiu   ne  kalabew       ni              ­Alasigga 
  Lex POS: n           dem #cmk n       lnk n             cmk             prop_n    
Lex Gloss: male_animal here#NF  barrio  LNK water_buffalo NF(II)_PERS(sg) Alasiga   
 Word POS: n           dem  cmk n       lnk n             cmk             prop_n    
Wrd Gloss: male_animal here at  village -   water_buffalo of              Alasiga   

And the carabao ran and came to the barrio because it knew that there was a male carabao here in the barrio, Alasiga's carabao.

And so that carabao ran off and came to the barrio because it knew that there was another male carabao here in the barrio, Alasiga's carabao.

MU231001 018

   Spoken: Ne  nekey se  neyimu        migpasungsungayey                    
   Formal: Ne  nekey se  neyimu        migpasungsungayey                    
 Phonemic: ne  nekey se  nehimu        migpasu¥su¥ayey                      
  Lexemes: ne  nekey se  nA-  =himu    mig- =pA><ey-=rdpCVC-=su¥ey          
  Lex POS: lnk pron  cmk v_aff=v_rt    v_aff=v_aff  =v_aff  =n              
Lex Gloss: LNK what  F   P_ObF=make/do P    =RECIP  =INT    =horn_of_animal 
 Word POS: lnk pron  cmk v             v                                    
Wrd Gloss: -   what  the made          fought_each_other                    

   Spoken: sis        kalabew.      
   Formal: si     se  kalabew       
 Phonemic: se­ini#se  kalabew       
  Lexemes: se­ini#se  kalabew       
  Lex POS: pron  #cmk n             
Lex Gloss: this  #F   water_buffalo 
 Word POS: pron  #cmk n             
Wrd Gloss: this  #the water_buffalo 

What then did they do, these carabaos fought each other.

So what did they do, these carabaos fought each other.

MU231001 019

   Spoken: Nekeuma            se  masulug     ne  etew   ne  migtabangan       
   Formal: Nekeuma            se  masulug     ne  etew   ne  migtabangan       
 Phonemic: neke­uma           se  masulug     ne  ­etew  ne  migtaba¥an        
  Lexemes: nAkA-      =­uma   se  mA1-=sulug  ne  ­etew  ne  mig- =taba¥=-an   
  Lex POS: v_aff      =v_rt   cmk aff =adj_rt lnk n      lnk v_aff=v_rt =v_aff 
Lex Gloss: P_INVOL_AgF=arrive F   ADJR=many   LNK person LNK P    =help =LocF  
 Word POS: v                  cmk prop_n      lnk n      lnk v                 
Wrd Gloss: arrived            the Masulug     -   people -   helped            

   Spoken: sis        kalabew       su         piggelang                       e    
   Formal: si     se  kalabew       su         piggelang                       e    
 Phonemic: se­ini#se  kalabew       su         piggela¥                        ­e   
  Lexemes: se­ini#se  kalabew       su         pig- =gela¥                     ­e   
  Lex POS: pron  #cmk n             conj       v_aff=v_rt                      part 
Lex Gloss: this  #F   water_buffalo because/so ObF_P=separate_fighting_animals COMP 
 Word POS: pron  #cmk n             conj       v                               part 
Wrd Gloss: this  #the water_buffalo because    pulled_apart                    COMP 

   Spoken: ka  kalabew.      
   Formal: ka  kalabew       
 Phonemic: ka2 kalabew       
  Lexemes: ka2 kalabew       
  Lex POS: cmk n             
Lex Gloss: F   water_buffalo 
 Word POS: cmk n             
Wrd Gloss: the water_buffalo 

Many people arrived and helped these carabao so the carabaos were pulled apart.

Many people arrived and helped pull the carabaos apart.

MU231001 020

   Spoken: Ne  nahen-genan        warad          migweil     sis        kalabew.      
   Formal: Ne  nahen-genan        warad          migweil     si     se  kalabew       
 Phonemic: ne  nagengenan         wadad          migwe­il    se­ini#se  kalabew       
  Lexemes: ne  nA-  =gengen=-an   wade­=-d       mig- =we­il se­ini#se  kalabew       
  Lex POS: lnk v_aff=v_rt  =v_aff adv  =nonv_aff v_aff=v_rt  pron  #cmk n             
Lex Gloss: LNK P_ObF=hold  =LocF  no   =COMPL    P    =move  this  #F   water_buffalo 
 Word POS: lnk v                  adt            v           pron  #cmk n             
Wrd Gloss: -   held               no_more        moved       this  #the water_buffalo 

Then they were held and these carabaos didn't move again.

Then they were held and they didn't move.

MU231001 021

   Spoken: Miglalag    ak                    Luis   "Sinaas            kalabew       
   Formal: Miglalag    a    ki               Luis   seini  naa     se  kalabew       
 Phonemic: miglalag    ­a  #ki2              lu­is  se­ini#na­a   #se  kalabew       
  Lexemes: mig- =lalag ­a  #ki2              lu­is  se­ini#na­a   #se  kalabew       
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt  pron#cmk              prop_n pron  #part    cmk n             
Lex Gloss: P    =say   1s_F#NF(III)_PERS(sg) Luis   this  #so/then F   water_buffalo 
 Word POS: v           pron#cmk              prop_n pron  #part    cmk n             
Wrd Gloss: said        I   #to               Luis   this  #then    the water_buffalo 

   Spoken: nu,       hiketi          nu        te   meupiyan        hiket  su       
   Formal: nu        hiketi          nu        te   meupiya     ne  hiket  su eyew  
 Phonemic: nu        hiketi          nu        te1  me­upia    #ne  hiket  su_­eyew 
  Lexemes: nu        hiket =-i       nu        te1  mA1-=­upia #ne  hiket  su_­eyew 
  Lex POS: pron      n     =v_aff    pron      cmk  aff =adj_rt#lnk n      conj     
Lex Gloss: 2s_NF(II) tie_up=UnA_LocF 2s_NF(II) NF   ADJR=good  #LNK tie_up so_that  
 Word POS: poss_pron v               pron      cmk  adj        #lnk n      conj     
Wrd Gloss: you(sg)   tether          you(sg)   with good       #-   tether so_that  

   Spoken: eyew keneg pakaawe.                 
   Formal: -    kene  egpakaawe                
 Phonemic: -    kene­ ­egpaka­awe­             
  Lexemes: -    kene­ ­eg- =pAkA-=­awe­        
  Lex POS: -    adv   v_aff=v_aff=v_rt         
Lex Gloss: -    not   NP   =INVOL=remove/leave 
 Word POS: -    neg   v                        
Wrd Gloss: -    not   able_to_get_loose        

I said to Luis, "This carabao of yours, tie it up with a good tether so that it can't get loose.

I said to Luis, "This carabao of yours, tether it on a good rope so that it can't get loose.

MU231001 022

   Spoken: Meyi keneg giketan            te   iyam ne  hiket, egpakabugtus       
   Formal: meyi kene  eggiketan          te   iyam ne  hiket  egpakabugtus       
 Phonemic: mei­ kene­ ­eggiketan         te1  ­iam ne  hiket  ­egpakabugtus      
  Lexemes: mei­ kene­ ­eg- =hiket =-an   te1  ­iam ne  hiket  ­eg- =pAkA-=bugtus 
  Lex POS: conj adv   v_aff=n     =v_aff cmk  adj  lnk n      v_aff=v_aff=v_rt   
Lex Gloss: if   not   NP   =tie_up=LocF  NF   new  LNK tie_up NP   =INVOL=snap   
 Word POS: conj neg   v                  cmk  adj  lnk n      v                  
Wrd Gloss: if   not   tie_a_knot         with new  -   tether able_to_snap       

   Spoken: man-e seini  eglibed      egpanlusud         neg patey       ka  
   Formal: man-e seini  eglibed      egpanlusud         ne  egpatey     ka  
 Phonemic: man­e se­ini ­eglibed     ­egpanlusud        ne  ­egpatey    ka2 
  Lexemes: man­e se­ini ­eg- =libed  ­eg- =paN- =lusud  ne  ­eg- =patey ka2 
  Lex POS: adv   pron   v_aff=v_rt   v_aff=v_aff=v_rt   lnk v_aff=v_rt  cmk 
Lex Gloss: again this   NP   =return NP   =DISTR=attack LNK NP   =die   F   
 Word POS: adv   pron   v            v                  lnk v           cmk 
Wrd Gloss: again this   return       attack             -   die         the 

   Spoken: ki               Alasigan      kalabew,      neg lusuran            keg  
   Formal: ki               Alasiga   ne  kalabew       ne  eglusuran          ke   
 Phonemic: ki2              ­Alasigga#ne  kalabew       ne  ­eglusudan         ke   
  Lexemes: ki2              ­Alasigga#ne  kalabew       ne  ­eg- =lusud =-an   ke   
  Lex POS: cmk              prop_n   #lnk n             lnk v_aff=v_rt  =v_aff conj 
Lex Gloss: NF(III)_PERS(sg) Alasiga  #LNK water_buffalo LNK NP   =attack=LocF  if   
 Word POS: cmk              prop_n   #lnk n             lnk v                  conj 
Wrd Gloss: of               Alasiga  #-   water_buffalo -   attack             if   

   Spoken: pakaawe.                 
   Formal: egpakaawe                
 Phonemic: ­egpaka­awe­             
  Lexemes: ­eg- =pAkA-=­awe­        
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_aff=v_rt         
Lex Gloss: NP   =INVOL=remove/leave 
 Word POS: v                        
Wrd Gloss: able_to_get_loose        

If it's not tied up with a new rope, it will break again, return, attack and the carabao of Alasiga will die that is attacked if it is able to get loose."

If it's not tied up with a new rope, then the rope will break again and the carabao will return and attack. Alasiga's carabao will die if the other carabao is able to get loose and attack again."

MU231001 023

   Spoken: Sikak    iglalag       ku        kaniyu     te  rue      kalabew.      
   Formal: sika ka  iglalag       ku        kaniyu     te  rue      kalabew       
 Phonemic: sika#ka2 ­iglalag      ku        kaniu      te1 du­e1    kalabew       
  Lexemes: sika#ka2 ­ig-   =lalag ku        kaniu      te1 du­e1    kalabew       
  Lex POS: pron#cmk v_aff  =v_rt  pron      pron       cmk psd_v    n             
Lex Gloss: that#F   NP_AccF=say   1s_NF(II) 2p_NF(III) NF  there_is water_buffalo 
 Word POS: pron#cmk v             pron      pron       cmk psd_v    n             
Wrd Gloss: that#the say           I         to_you(pl) -   there_is water_buffalo 

That is what I say to you(pl) that have carabaos.

That's what I tell you who have carabaos.

MU231001 024

   Spoken: Ne  seinis     keykew     degma Alasig,              hiketi          
   Formal: Ne  seini  se  keykew     degma Alasig               hiketi          
 Phonemic: ne  se­ini#se  keykew     degma ­alasig              hiketi          
  Lexemes: ne  se­ini#se  keykew     degma ­alasig              hiket =-i       
  Lex POS: lnk pron  #cmk pron       adt   prop_n               n     =v_aff    
Lex Gloss: LNK this  #F   2s_NF(III) also  nickname_for_Alasiga tie_up=UnA_LocF 
 Word POS: lnk pron  #cmk pron       adt   prop_n               v               
Wrd Gloss: -   this  #the you(sg)    also  Alasiga              tether          

   Spoken: nu        regma ka  keykew     ne  kalabew       te   meupiyan        
   Formal: nu        regma ka  keykew     ne  kalabew       te   meupiya     ne  
 Phonemic: nu        degma ka2 keykew     ne  kalabew       te1  me­upia    #ne  
  Lexemes: nu        degma ka2 keykew     ne  kalabew       te1  mA1-=­upia #ne  
  Lex POS: pron      adt   cmk pron       lnk n             cmk  aff =adj_rt#lnk 
Lex Gloss: 2s_NF(II) also  F   2s_NF(III) LNK water_buffalo NF   ADJR=good  #LNK 
 Word POS: pron      adt   cmk pron       lnk n             cmk  adj        #lnk 
Wrd Gloss: you(sg)   also  the you(sg)    -   water_buffalo with good       #-   

   Spoken: hiket. 
   Formal: hiket  
 Phonemic: hiket  
  Lexemes: hiket  
  Lex POS: n      
Lex Gloss: tie_up 
 Word POS: n      
Wrd Gloss: tether 

Now this carabao of yours also, Alasig, tie your carabao up also with a good rope.

And you too Alasiga - tie up your carabao also with a good rope.

MU231001 025

   Spoken: Hireseni         nu        su       eyew keneg pakaawe                  
   Formal: Hireseni         nu        su eyew  -    kene  egpakaawe                
 Phonemic: hideseni         nu        su_­eyew -    kene­ ­egpaka­awe­             
  Lexemes: hidesen=-i       nu        su_­eyew -    kene­ ­eg- =pAkA-=­awe­        
  Lex POS: v_rt   =v_aff    pron      conj     -    adv   v_aff=v_aff=v_rt         
Lex Gloss: secure =UnA_LocF 2s_NF(II) so_that  -    not   NP   =INVOL=remove/leave 
 Word POS: v                pron      conj     -    neg   v                        
Wrd Gloss: secure           you(sg)   so_that  -    not   able_to_get_loose        

   Spoken: su         meyig pakaawe                  neg panlusud           te  
   Formal: su         meyi  egpakaawe                ne  egpanlusud         te  
 Phonemic: su         mei­  ­egpaka­awe­             ne  ­egpanlusud        te1 
  Lexemes: su         mei­  ­eg- =pAkA-=­awe­        ne  ­eg- =paN- =lusud  te1 
  Lex POS: conj       conj  v_aff=v_aff=v_rt         lnk v_aff=v_aff=v_rt   cmk 
Lex Gloss: because/so if    NP   =INVOL=remove/leave LNK NP   =DISTR=attack NF  
 Word POS: conj       conj  v                        lnk v                  cmk 
Wrd Gloss: because    if    able_to_get_loose        -   attack             to  

   Spoken: ruman     kalabew.      
   Formal: ruma  ne  kalabew       
 Phonemic: duma #ne  kalabew       
  Lexemes: duma #ne  kalabew       
  Lex POS: adj  #lnk n             
Lex Gloss: other#LNK water_buffalo 
 Word POS: adj  #lnk n             
Wrd Gloss: other#-   water_buffalo 

Secure it so that it can't get loose because if it gets loose, it will attack the other carabaos.

Secure it so that it can't get loose because if it gets loose, it will attack the other carabaos.

MU231001 026

   Spoken: Sika ka  egkeyimu            ne  samuk         ta         kayi te  
   Formal: Sika ka  egkeyimu            ne  samuk         ta         kayi te  
 Phonemic: sika ka2 ­egkehimu           ne  samuk         ta         kai  te1 
  Lexemes: sika ka2 ­eg- =kA1- =himu    ne  samuk         ta         kai  te1 
  Lex POS: pron cmk v_aff=v_aff=v_rt    lnk v_rt          pron       dem  cmk 
Lex Gloss: that F   NP   =INVOL=make/do LNK cause_trouble 1pi_NF(II) here NF  
 Word POS: pron cmk v                   lnk n             poss_pron  dem  cmk 
Wrd Gloss: that the make                -   commotion     our(incl)  here in  

   Spoken: Panganan. 
   Formal: Panganan  
 Phonemic: Pa¥anan   
  Lexemes: Pa¥anan   
  Lex POS: prop_n    
Lex Gloss: Panganan  
 Word POS: prop_n    
Wrd Gloss: Panganan  

That is what makes our fights here in Panganan.

That is what causes trouble here in Panganan.

MU231001 027

   Spoken: Iyan meupiya     ne  ware  samuk         ta         te    
   Formal: Iyan meupiya     ne  ware  samuk         ta         te    
 Phonemic: ­ian me­upia     ne  wade­ samuk         ta         te1   
  Lexemes: ­ian mA1-=­upia  ne  wade­ samuk         ta         te1   
  Lex POS: dem  aff =adj_rt lnk adv   v_rt          pron       cmk   
Lex Gloss: that ADJR=good   LNK no    cause_trouble 1pi_NF(II) NF    
 Word POS: dem  adj         lnk adv   n             pron       cmk   
Wrd Gloss: that good        -   no    fight         our(incl)  about 

   Spoken: ayam                ta,        su         riyet     meupiya     ne  
   Formal: ayam                ta         su         riye  te  meupiya     ne  
 Phonemic: ­ayam               ta         su         die­ #te1 me­upia     ne  
  Lexemes: ­ayam               ta         su         die­ #te1 mA1-=­upia  ne  
  Lex POS: n                   pron       conj       dem  #cmk aff =adj_rt lnk 
Lex Gloss: domesticated-animal 1pi_NF(II) because/so there#NF  ADJR=good   LNK 
 Word POS: n                   poss_pron  conj       dem  #cmk adj         lnk 
Wrd Gloss: domestic_animal     our(incl)  because    there#-   good        -   

   Spoken: kasabutan          ta         te  langun ne  rue      kalabew".     
   Formal: kasabutan          ta         te  langun ne  rue      kalabew       
 Phonemic: kasabutan          ta         te1 la¥un  ne  du­e1    kalabew       
  Lexemes: kA><an-=sabut      ta         te1 la¥un  ne  du­e1    kalabew       
  Lex POS: v_aff  =v_rt       pron       cmk adj    lnk psd_v    n             
Lex Gloss: NOM    =understand 1pi_NF(II) NF  all    LNK there_is water_buffalo 
 Word POS: n                  poss_pron  cmk adj    lnk psd_v    n             
Wrd Gloss: understanding      our(incl)  -   all    -   there_is water_buffalo 

It is good if we have no trouble about our domestic animals, because there will be a good understanding of all who have carabaos.

It is good if we have no trouble concering our domestic animals since all of us who have carabaos have an understanding.

MU231001 028

   Spoken: Sikak    pangguhuren            ku        neg dinehen           te  
   Formal: sika ka  pangguhuren            ku        ne  egdinehen         te  
 Phonemic: sika#ka2 pa¥guguden             ku        ne  ­egdinegen        te1 
  Lexemes: sika#ka2 paN- =gugud     =-en   ku        ne  ­eg- =dineg=-en   te1 
  Lex POS: pron#cmk v_aff=v_rt      =v_aff pron      lnk v_aff=v_rt =v_aff cmk 
Lex Gloss: that#F   DISTR=tell_story=ObF   1s_NF(II) LNK NP   =hear =ObF   NF  
 Word POS: pron#cmk n                      poss_pron lnk v                 cmk 
Wrd Gloss: that#the story                  my        -   hear              by  

   Spoken: mariyu      ne  etew   ke   rueg     dineg       ne  riye  te  Amirika  
   Formal: mariyu      ne  etew   ke   due      egdineg     ne  riye  te  Amirika  
 Phonemic: madiu­      ne  ­etew  ke   du­e1    ­egdineg    ne  die­  te1 ­amirika 
  Lexemes: mA1-=diu­   ne  ­etew  ke   du­e1    ­eg- =dineg ne  die­  te1 ­amirika 
  Lex POS: aff =adj_rt lnk n      conj psd_v    v_aff=v_rt  lnk dem   cmk prop_n   
Lex Gloss: ADJR=far    LNK person if   there_is NP   =hear  LNK there NF  America  
 Word POS: adj         lnk n      conj psd_v    v           lnk dem   cmk prop_n   
Wrd Gloss: far         -   people if   there_is hear        -   there at  America  

   Spoken: wey  diyet     Manila, diyet     Sibu   egkaayun             neg 
   Formal: wey  diye  te  Manila  diye  te  Sibu   egkaayun             ne  
 Phonemic: wey1 die­ #te1 Manila  die­ #te1 sibu   ­egka­ayun           ne  
  Lexemes: wey1 die­ #te1 Manila  die­ #te1 sibu   ­eg- =kA1- =­ayun    ne  
  Lex POS: conj dem  #cmk prop_n  dem  #cmk prop_n v_aff=v_aff=v_rt     lnk 
Lex Gloss: and  there#NF  Manila  there#NF  Cebu   NP   =INVOL=possible LNK 
 Word POS: conj dem  #cmk prop_n  dem  #cmk prop_n v                    lnk 
Wrd Gloss: and  there#at  Manila  there#at  Cebu   possible             -   

   Spoken: paminehen           su         intahu          kayi te  kasit         ne  
   Formal: egpaminehen         su         intahu          kayi te  kasit         ne  
 Phonemic: ­egpaminegen        su         ­intagu­        kai  te1 kasit         ne  
  Lexemes: ­eg- =pamineg=-en   su         ­iN-  =tagu­    kai  te1 kasit         ne  
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt   =v_aff conj       v_aff =v_rt     dem  cmk n             lnk 
Lex Gloss: NP   =listen =ObF   because/so P_AccF=put_away here NF  tape-recorder LNK 
 Word POS: v                   conj       v               dem  cmk n             lnk 
Wrd Gloss: listen              because    stored          here in  tape-recorder -   

   Spoken: pangguhuren            ku        sika kayit    Panganan. 
   Formal: pangguhuren            ku        sika kayi te  Panganan  
 Phonemic: pa¥guguden             ku        sika kai #te1 Pa¥anan   
  Lexemes: paN- =gugud     =-en   ku        sika kai #te1 Pa¥anan   
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt      =v_aff pron      pron dem #cmk prop_n    
Lex Gloss: DISTR=tell_story=ObF   1s_NF(II) that here#NF  Panganan  
 Word POS: n                      poss_pron pron dem  cmk prop_n    
Wrd Gloss: story                  my        that here at  Panganan  

That is my story that can be heard by people far away if there is those who will hear there in America and there in Manila, there in Cebu, it is possible that they can listen to it because my story is stored here in the tape recorder here at Panganan.

That is my story and it can be heard by people far away if there is anyone who will here it in America, or Manila, or Cebu. They will be able to listen to my story because it is recorder on this tape recorder here in Panganan.

MU231001 029

   Spoken: Sika ka  pangguhuren            ku.       
   Formal: Sika ka  pangguhuren            ku        
 Phonemic: sika ka2 pa¥guguden             ku        
  Lexemes: sika ka2 paN- =gugud     =-en   ku        
  Lex POS: pron cmk v_aff=v_rt      =v_aff pron      
Lex Gloss: that F   DISTR=tell_story=ObF   1s_NF(II) 
 Word POS: pron cmk n                      poss_pron 
Wrd Gloss: that the story                  my        

That is my story.

That is my story.

MU231001 030

   Spoken: Ne  rueng    ku        re   igtaman.      
   Formal: Ne  duen     ku        re   igtaman       
 Phonemic: ne  du­en    ku        de­  ­igtaman      
  Lexemes: ne  du­e2=-N ku        de­  ­ig-   =taman 
  Lex POS: lnk pron =– pron      part v_aff  =adv   
Lex Gloss: LNK there=– 1s_NF(II) only NP_AccF=until 
 Word POS: lnk dem      pron      part v             
Wrd Gloss: -   there    I         just finish        

And just there I will finish.

And so I'll finish there.