What I'll do Tomorrow


TITLE What I'll do Tomorrow

SPEAKER Mrs. Linda (Leyagan) Tanug

PLACE Panganan, Bukidnon

DATE May 14, 1990.

CASSETTE #MS3A4 (Two-thirds through)



GENRE Narrative

NOTE Recorded in my office. I asked Linda what she was going to do tomorrow.

MU512002 001

   Spoken: Kaaselem  ne  aldew   eg-uugpa            a    sug        
   Formal: Kaaselem  ne  aldew   eg-uugpa            a    su         
 Phonemic: ka­aselem ne  ­aldew  ­eg­u­ugpa­         ­a   su         
  Lexemes: ka­aselem ne  ­aldew  ­eg- =rdpCV-=­ugpe­ ­a   su         
  Lex POS: adv       lnk n       v_aff=v_aff =v_rt   pron conj       
Lex Gloss: tomorrow  LNK sun/day NP   =-     =stay   1s_F because/so 
 Word POS: adv       lnk n       v                   pron conj       
Wrd Gloss: tomorrow  -   day     stay_home           I    because    

   Spoken: desen              a    ki               Udung  teg kamet       
   Formal: egdesen            a    ki               Udung  te  egkamet     
 Phonemic: ­egdesen           ­a   ki2              ­Udu¥  te  ­egkamet    
  Lexemes: ­eg- =desen        ­a   ki2              ­Udu¥  te  ­eg- =kamet 
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt         pron cmk              prop_n cmk v_aff=n     
Lex Gloss: NP   =feed_workers 1s_F NF(III)_PERS(sg) Udung  NF  NP   =field 
 Word POS: v                  pron cmk              prop_n cmk v           
Wrd Gloss: feed_workers       I    for              Udung  -   clear_field 

   Spoken: teg ahelayanen                ney        weyg gaat               a    
   Formal: te  eg-ahelayanen             ney        wey  eggaat             a    
 Phonemic: te  ­eg­agelayanen            ney        wey  ­eggaat            ­a   
  Lexemes: te  ­eg- =­ageley=-an  =-en   ney        wey  ­eg- =gaat         ­a   
  Lex POS: cmk v_aff=n      =v_aff=v_aff pron       conj v_aff=v_rt         pron 
Lex Gloss: NF  NP   =corn   =LocF =ObF   1pe_NF(II) and  NP   =take_care_of 1s_F 
 Word POS: cmk v                         pron       conj v                  pron 
Wrd Gloss: -   prepare_a_cornfield       ours(excl) and  look_after         I    

   Spoken: te  bate. 
   Formal: te  bate  
 Phonemic: te  bate­ 
  Lexemes: te  bate­ 
  Lex POS: cmk n     
Lex Gloss: NF  child 
 Word POS: cmk n     
Wrd Gloss: -   child 

Tomorrow I will stay home because I will feed Udung to clear the field to prepare to plant corn and I will watch over the children.

Tomorrow I'll stay home because I will feed Udung who is clearing a field so we can plant corn, and I'll look after the children.

Udung is Leyagan's husband.

MU512002 002

   Spoken: Sikan   de   iya. 
   Formal: Sikan   de   iya  
 Phonemic: sikan   de­  ­ia  
  Lexemes: sika=-N de­  ­ia  
  Lex POS: pron=– adt  part 
Lex Gloss: that=– only that 
 Word POS: dem     adt  part 
Wrd Gloss: that    just that 

That's that.

That's all.

This text was much briefer than I expected.