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prep, adv.
Def.: dibabew; te dibabew; ampew; te ampew
MS: dibabew, te; ampew, te
If something moves over something else, it moves above it from one side of it to the other. If it is over something else it is directly higher than it.
There are some big branches over our house.
Due derakel ne sugpang diyè te ampew te baley ta.
The bird flew over our house.
Miglayang ka bayaku ampew te baley ta.

Def.: te (meyitenged te tel-eb wey ke terung)
MS: te
If something is over something else, it is covering it.
There is a cover over the computer.
Due tel-eb te kumpyutir.
She put a cloth over the food.
Intel-eban din te manggad ka keenen.

Def.: due katenged te
MS: due katenged te
If you are over someone else, you have responsibility and authority to tell them what to do.
My husband is over six other people in his company.
Ka asawa ku due katenged te hen-em ne me duma rin diyè te kumpanya.

Def.: dibdibabew te; subla te
MS: dibdibabew te; subla te
If a certain number is over another number, it is more than that other number.
There are over 100 workers in that company.
Due subla te sabeka ne gatus ne trabaanti [traba͡anti] te sika ne kumpanya.

Def.: taman te
MS: taman te
If something happens over a certain period of time, that is the period of time when it happens.
I'll teach you that program over the next three weeks.
Egpanuluen ku si kuna sika ne prugrama taman te tatelu ne simana.

Def.: neulian
MS: neulian
If you are over something such as an illness, you do not have that illness any more.

Def.: egkabalikid; egkabalintuad
MS: egkabalikid; egkabalintuad
If something turns over, it moves so that the other side is on top.
The car rolled over in the accident.
Nabalikid ka terak te pegkaaksidinti.

Def.: egkapeled
MS: egkapeled
If something falls over, it suddenly moves from standing up to lying down.
The post fell over in the strong wind.
Napeled ka pes-ek te makeseg ne kalamag.

Def.: neimpusan
MS: neimpusan
If something is over, it is finished.
Fiesta will start on Sunday and will be over by Friday.
Egbunsud te Duminggu ka pista wey egkeimpusan te Birnis.
Sem.Dom.: prepositions; adverbs; GSL0076-0100
Status: ready

Last updated: 14/Jul/2012