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Def.: te (sikan dè ne timpu; iling ded ne timpu)
MS: sikan ne timpu; iling ded ne timpu; te
at the same time.
As I walked into the room, I heard a noise.
Te peggipanew ku diyè te sinabeng, nakarineg a te dahing.

Def.: su
MS: su
She is unable to go, as she is sick.
Kenè egpekeendiyè [egpeke͡endiyè] sikandin, su inderalu sikandin.
Sem.Dom.: conjunctions

Def.: isip
MS: isip
You use as to say what something is.
As a teacher, he has a big responsibility.
Isip meistra, due dakel ne katenged din.

Def.: iling te pamaahi
MS: iling te pamaahi
in the same way.
She loves me as her own daughter.
Inggeyinawaan a nikandin iling te pamaahi te peggeyinawa rin te anak din.
Sem.Dom.: prepositions; GSL0001-0025
Def.: Egkahamit seini ne lalag ke egpeg-iling ka te minsan nekey
Used to compare things.
He isn't as tall as I am.
Kenè ne malayat sikandin ne iling te kalayat ku.
Sem.Dom.: conjunctions

as if, as though
Def.: hendue te; iling te
MS: hendue te; iling te
You use as if or as though to say what something looks like.
She talks as if she wants to stay here. Is that true?
Ka lalag din iling kun te egkeupian sikandin ne eg-ugpè kayi, malehet naa sika?
She talks as though she wants to stay here. Is that true?
Ka lalag te malitan hendue te egkeupian sikandin ne kayi eg-ugpè, malehet naa sika?
Sem.Dom.: conjunctions
Status: ready

Last updated: 18/Jan/2012